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Wolfsbane and Mirage

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Somewhere in Colorado

Mirage and Wolfsbane head to Colorado to investigate some missing persons reports. They find out Demon Bear is behind it.

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-----Somewhere in Colorado-----

Date: July 16, 2012

Having arrived quickly to the Moonstar home outside of Boulder, Colorado, the heroines, Rahne, and Danielle, took a couple of days to rest and relax before getting down to the business that had brought the two to Dani's ancestoral home. That business, missing people. Luckily most had shown back up days after thier disappearance, near death and with no memory of what had happened to them. One young man is still missing though and another had gone missing the day before their arrival, having never returned from his fishing trip.

Dani has laid a map of the surrounding area on the hood of the car the two used to get drive out to where the latest person disappeared. The map has penned circles indicating where other people have went missing and were found. All of the seem to be near groupings of old mines used during the 19th century gold rush.

Getting away from the mansion seemed a good thing right now, following that Danger Room session gone wrong. The injury Wolfsbane took hasn't fully healed yet but it's close. She's brought her costume just in case it was needed for anything, worn beneath a plaid button-up shirt and jeans. The news of the disappearing people, later to return in terrible shape, has been very concerning. "What do ye think it has tae do with th' mines?" she wonders as they look at the info they've worked out so far. "Do ye think someone's hiding oot in them an' waiting tae snatch people up when they get near?"

Drawing a small circle where the latest man disappeared, Dani nods as she looks up from the map, "That would be my guess. Or they are just wandering into the mines. Who knows what kind of poisonous gases could be filling some of those caverns. Though that wouldn't explain why there are so many. One or two maybe, but so close together? Something is not right." she taps her map, "This is the closest mine to where he disappeared we should start our search where he disappeared and head in the direction of that mine.

Wolfsbane shakes her head, a suspicion coming out. "All these people, an' it's just th' same kind o' accidents in each one o' them? I think there's more tae it than tha'," she says, sounding sure of it. As the mine in question is pointed out she asks, "How close do ye think we are from it?"

"I agree. Search parties haven't found much of anything useful." Dani eyes the map again at the distance question "About five miles to the mine. Three to the stream where his fishing gear was found." she grabs her backpack with her hiking gear and plenty of water for the two of them and maybe a snack or three. "The natives (meaning the local cheyenne tribe) are beginning to think the place is cursed. Warning the kids and teens not to come this way for hunting or fishing."

"Because they've probably been using dogs," Wolfsbane answers with an audible sniff, giving an opinion of the differences between dogs and a wolf. "Let's get oot there an' if there's a scent tae be followed, I'll find it." This is where she's able to shine, less so against powerhouse mutants - Danger Room or not. "I hope there's na a curse, though," she does add with some trepidation.

With a rudimentary search plan in place Danielle begins to lead the way into the woods, taking care not to leave to obvious a trail behind them or make any unnecessary noise. Not knowing what is causing the disappearances, she doesn't want to make thier presence known if she can help it. "And fooling a dog with scent is pretty easy." she says only loud enough to be heard by Rahne.

Wolfsbane is a little proud of her abilities, it's true. She's quite adept at being quiet when she wants to be and the pace they keep seems no trouble for her. "That's right," she agrees with a hint of a smile, though she looks otherwise serious. Already, she's allowing herself the luxury of picking out the many different scents to be found.

The area they hike through is quite hilly and towering trees surround them. It is quite peaceful and the sound of birdsong and other wildlife can be heard in the near distance. As the two traipse through the woods they spook a bevy of quail and see several deer leaping through the trees in the distance.

There is an occasioanal scent of human picked up but none are fresh one could be the person they are looking for.

Dani stops a momene, almost tempted to take some of the birds, but the bow at her hip remains untouched. She glances at Rahne, grinning despite the seriousness of the situation "Nothing like back at the school, is it?"

For just a moment, especially through the link they share, Dani can detect a sudden urge in Wolfsbane to chase and bring down one of the deer. It's somewhat instinctual, but something the human side quickly pushes aside. Visibly, the most that registers at that moment is a little twitch toward them. The distraction over, she focuses again on the human scents and points them out along with their uselessness, pausing to smile back. "I'd na mind just staying oot here, sometimes."

Smiling knowingly at Rahne Dani doesn't say anything about the instinctual nature of her friend, by now things like that she has gotten over and finds it to be a pleasing quirk. "There has been many times when I have been tempted to do just that." the emotional attachment she has to this area can easily be felt.

The two have been going at a pretty good pace and it isn't long before the babbling of water over rocks can be heard nearby.

Wolfsbane says nothing of it. She is what she is, and that means there's a balance to keep between the sides that are often clashing with each other. "It's part o' why I like tae spend time in th' woods back home," she says before growing quiet again, just letting that link be the thing that keeps them connected in the way it does. However, as they pick up on the water not far away and go to investigate, it's only a matter of time before they're bound to find something.

Pulling her notes from the search party interviews she scans and compares nearby landmarks to what was indicated in the notes "We aren't far from where his equipment was found." she gestures up stream and begins to head that way. His scent while faded past the point that a dog could pick it up is still strong to keener noses and leads further upstream. Strangely though another human's scent can be picked up, making it seem like the man that disappeared wasn't alone for long, or perhaps followed someone upstream.

Carrying a pack, Wolfsbane quietly works her way out of the outer layer of clothing to leave her in the costume, silently handing everything over to Dani once she's tucked the clothing away. "I've got something," is all she says before morphing to her familiar wolfen form, the costume disappearing to show instead as a subtle collar. The link between the two strengthens slightly, indicative of dominance the wolf has now in spite of human awareness persisting. Nose low to the ground, she sniffs around the strongest area of the lingering scents, then looks in the direction they - yes, they - head in.

Dani takes the pack without comment as Rahne shifts into wolf form. Slinging on of the straps over a shoulder she lets the wolfgirl take the lead downstream and towards the mining caves that are a good hike from their current location.

The nose stays low, eyes occasionally glancing ahead as the wolf weaves its way along trails and underbrush, ears straight up and alert. There's something through that link, not so much a specific emotion as just an overall sense of /being/ when Wolfsbane's this way. Everything is kicked up a notch and it'd be easy to see how she could spend hours this way.

As the two follow the scent trail the forest they move through begins to change, not physically, trees are still trees and they still tower upward. The change is much more subtle and eerie in nature. The hair pricking kind of eerie. The feeling intensifies when one realizes the substantial lack of animal scents or sounds. It has been weeks since any animals, even birds and squirrels have been through this part of the woods.

Letting Wolfsbane set the pace, Dani has little trouble following, though she occasionally has to go around in places where the underbrush is thick. With Wolfsbane in her wolf form and their connection firmer Dani, if allowed, will occasionally attempt to piggyback on the others senses to get a better idea what they are following.

Whatever they're following is...not good. Rather, the lack of other things one would expect is what's really not good. It's not long at all before the wolf's hackles go up and a low growl surfaces, one of wariness and discomfort, both of which cross over clearly to Dani as Wolfsbane's pace grows more deliberate and cautious. Compared to before, it's slower and she spends more time stopping to inspect things. Something feels wrong.

The feeling becomes nearly pabable as the two draw closer to the mine. Even Dani senses it both through the bond and outside of it. The bond 'flexes' so to speak as Dani stretches mental fingers outward searching for any signs of animals life nearby, but she doesn't get anything, "This is bad." which is an understatement. It bypassed bad and is quickly catching up to terrible.

Without so much as a sound the wolf becomes the wolfgirl once more, uniform reappearing by the end of it. "Verra bad. Dani, I dinna like th' feel o' this place a' all. We should na be here." Yet, she presses on. There's something keeping her closing the distance to the mine, though she looks as spooked as she's been in quite some time.

Dani nods "I'm beginning to wonder myself if this place has been cursed. It certainly feels that way. But why and by whom?" she has seen enough in her lifetime to actually beleive in things like that, curses and what not "What would be inticing enough to make a person come all the way out here, of there own free will?" lots of questions, but no answers.

Wolfsbane will probably hear the occasional stumbling, off to the west and away from the stream, as if someone or something is stuggling to get through the woods.

Before she can respond, something leads Wolfsbane to bolt in that westerly direction. "Come on! Hurry!" is heard as she's already on the way. "There's somethin' this way!" She doesn't know what it is yet, but she's certain to find out - good or bad.

Having paused a moment to take a drink of water, Dani is a bit suprised when WB runs off, though it doesn't keep her from taking off right behind her, unopened water bottle forgotten in her hand. Vaulting a fallen log, she races to catchup.

With the pace the two make as the run they quickly find the source of the noise Wolfsbane heard. Several hundred yards away a man can be seen, in ripped clothing, kneeling and leaning heavily against a tree, struggling to get up to his feet with no luck.

If there's any lingering pain from the shift - she's still not 100% healed - Wolfsbane's not showing it nor is it registering much through the link, other things more to the fore. "Look!" she turns back to Dani, pointing ahead at the man that looks to be in tatters. She probably sees him better than the Cheyenne as she swiftly closes the gap the rest of the way to give a supportive hand. However, she stops about twenty feet shy of him and suddenly turns a full circle. A sense of panic flashes through the bond shared and she actually backs away at first. "It canna be.."

Seeing the man, not only with human eyes, but with valkyrie ones as well Dani darts forward as well, the man surrounded by death's glow. She stops a few steps from the man as the panic drives into her consciousness "What's wrong?" the bottle drops from her hands and the bow at her hip quickly replaces it and she swings it about, assuming that the panic is from an outward attack, looking for a target.

Almost reluctantly, Wolfsbane finishes her steps to get to the man in trouble. He still needs help, though she looks and feels like she's ready to bolt at a moment's notice. "Th'..scent. I'd never forget it. It's th' bear." There's no question which bear she's talking about, eyes wide as they turn toward Dani.

With no physical target in sight Dani stands down and grabs another water bottle offering it to the severely dehydrated man. It nearly slips through her fingers as she turns pale at Wolfsbane news, she has no doubt in her friend about this, in hindsight it all makes sense to her. "Lets grab him and get out of here." her need to get out of the area is felt quite strongly through the link.

Yes, it's /that/ bear. Whatever's shared between them, there's no question whatsoever that Wolfsbane is as sure of this as she's ever been about anything. Wasting no time in it, she picks the weary, worn out man up to carry in her arms, quick to vacate the area and get him back to safety before they figure out what they're going to do about this problem.

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