Sealed with a Kiss

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Sandman and Topaz

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04/29/13 10:00

Voodoo Lounge - Greenwich Village

Part 2 of Self-Serving Romance

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(OOC Note: Continued from Self-Serving Romance)

Enjoying the kiss, Sandman takes a seat on a stool and looks over the drink, “So yeah. . .I didn’t die.” He grins a moment and peruses, “And I didn’t believe you were Strange’s girl to begin with. . .but looks like I am going to have to keep an eye out for people trying to step up to you. . .” He takes a healthy sip of the cognac and then lets it sit. Staring at the glass, he smiles, “I missed you. . .”

"News of your death was as exagerrated as my relations with Strange." Topaz's smile doesn't fade as her eyes searches his face "I would not worry about the likes of him or any others. They just seek to gain more power by association with me." she places a hand on his arm, "Thank you though, having someone at my side should that happen again would be comforting." she tilts her head "And I you, but what is it you are sorry for?

“Well, it was exaggerated, but kinda on purpose. I had to check something out on my own. See how things were. But I know where my place is now. I was on my way here when the alternate reality stuff happened. I don’t quite remember all of it. . .though. . .” Bill tilts his head a bit, “Jack and Russell?” Referring to the twin boys they have in an alternate reality. He almost laughs, “And sorry, you had to put up with all the different versions of me. I think one was some kind of pirate or something. . .But also sorry you had to deal with my death. It couldn’t have been easy, I imagine.”

A nod of understanding is given, Topaz mostly realizes that if he could have told her he would have. Things like that come with the job they both do. "Knowing where you belong is always a good thing." she chuckles "I'm surprised you remember any of it. Crossing dimensions like that is never good for keeping memories intact." a sip of the cognac is given and she makes a face at the taste of it, obviously her first drink, and lack of reaction, was mostly for show "It was not, and the alternate dimension pirate version of you didn't help. The others though, were not so bad.

“Well, it is kind a fog. But kids is something you remember.” Bill hmphs as he remembers a bit more about that incarnation of himself. Sighing, “But I am back. Though I think I will lay low a bit longer. I am kinda enjoying the whole hiding out and not because I committed a crime. . . Speaking of which, why was Shannon here? What’s going on with American Dream?”

Topaz runs her hand down his arm until it is covering his hand "Well it is wonderful that you are back. They were not you, and you are not them." the truth of her words can easily be felt, the physical contact making her gift that much stronger. It's replaced by momentary confusion at the change in topic and out of context name, but it comes clear with the codename "She needed some magical assistance. Someone is magically altering MGH and using it to create golem like creatures. She asked me to analyze a sample of it.

“Ok.” Bill offers quickly with regard to the quick summary of what has been happening with American Dream and her girl group taking on MGH. Bringing the subject back to where it belongs, he clasps his hands around hers and draws her in for a long awaited and passionate kiss.

With Topaz being short she is practically laying across the bar, but she doesn't show any signs of discomfort at the fact. Her free hand comes to caress his face as the kiss lingers "To long." she slides back, at least far enough for her feet to be back on the floor "Does anyone else know you are back, or am I the first to know?

"You're the first to know that I am back. Only a few knew I didn't die, but that's a while other story for another day." With her laid across the bar, a few tempting ideas cross his mind, which are expressed with the grin on his face. His own body tilted and inclined towards her, "So this whole experience got me thinking. Since we seemed destined to be together anyway. . .Avengers are allowed to live outside the mansion. . .what say, I cozy up with you upstairs and we live in sin, together?" He is sincere in his emotions, though sly in his speech as his mind continues to think of things on which they can do while she is atop the bar.

Topaz chuckles, quite capable of following his line of emotions and where they lead. "You've missed me so much that you are willing to give up a posh room in a mansion to live with me in a studio, barely big enough to turn around in, above a noisy bar?" she isn't asking because she is against the idea. She just doesn't want him to be so caught up that he regrets the question latter.

“You need to see my ‘posh’ room. Jarvis is always on me to clean it. . .sand everywhere.” Bill laughs. “But yeah. . .being intimate, physically as well as emotionally requires a close proximity.” He moves his face only inches away from hers, “I’m all for up close and personal.”

"I can see how that would be vexxing. Here though it is not much of a problem." Topaz having spells that keep everything, especially the carpeted floor, clean and neat "I saw yes to that. I guess I don't need to warn you about my odd hours and unusual sleeping habits." in the she doesn't sleep that much at all and only short periods of time when she does. She isn't the type to be intimidated by closeness, or any sort, so she doesn't move away despite how close his is.

“No, Sandmen don’t need to sleep. . .and my snoring well. . .I’m sure you can fix that with a spell.” His nose slightly tilted to the left, his lips only millimeters away from hers, “So I guess it is a deal. . .” Bill moves forward now, his lips touching hers, “Sealed with a kiss.”

Topaz lightly brushes her lips against his and then pulls away herself "How about I help the staff finish cleaning up," who have been politely keeping far out of the way since the ejection of Ian McNee "while you finish your drink." she pushes it forward to remind him its there "Afterward we can finish this conversation upstairs.

Sighing at having to stop, “Fair enough.” He steps up from a stool and ponders what to do. “I should probably let the team know I am alive.” He sighs again, “But I’ll do it later. . .I think I’ll go upstairs and anxiously await you.” With that he winks and makes his way upstairs.

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