Scrying For Asgardian Shenanigans

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Scrying For Asgardian Shenanigans

Ms. Marvel, Super-Adaptoid

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06/18/12 10:30

Simulator Room, Avengers' Mansion

Phillip contacts Carol about his plan to deal with Loki

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Phillip is located once again within the simulator room. However this time he's not in the form of the Adaptoid, he is in the form of his 'human' template. He is dressed in casual clothing, jeans, polo shirt, sneakers, and before him is a table with a large bronze bowl upon it. Around the bowl are candels, various herbs, and a talisman shaped like the lateral view forward facing horned head (Loki's head).

Phillip requested the presence of Ms Marvel, since she is the leader of the Avengers and noted in his request that he had something to share with her.

Notified of Phillip's request, Carol Danvers reaches a stopping point on her intel research, and then keys and logs in to the system, reading through the message on her own. She then saves her work, secures all of the documents as is appropriate for their classification, and then heads downstairs to the Simulator Room, where she keys in and IDs to the system, before the door then whooshes out of her way to let her walk in. "Hi, Phil. You needed to see me? Do you have something on the serial numbers already?" She would be shocked and amazed - and damned appreciative - if that were the case. But ... this setup doesn't look like it. So she's peering curiously, touching /nothing/.

"Not quite, but I can divine that next, if you so desire. First, do not be alarmed as I shift. I will be taking the guise of Loki and in this I will demonstrate something for you." Taking steps around the table, Phillip shifts forms into that of Loki and will stand opposite the table from her approach.

As he does, he states, "As you know, Loki has returned to Midgard and has defiled its' safety. Having gained Loki's template, I am still discovering the realms of Magic and have discovered that we can track and launch an assault on the godling through the use of 'Scrying'."

Carol takes a look around, and then steels herself, waiting for Adaptoid to change. She /really/ wasn't expecting /Loki's/ form. She fists her hands at her sides, demanding of herself that she not react. "Alright. Being able to track him is useful. I'll admit that. But remember what we talked about. I don't want you taking the fight to him in a way that endangers the public. Track him, and wait until he's somewhere that we can make our move as safely as reasonably possible. Obviously, if he's engaged in something dangerous, we go right away. But otherwise, we hold back and call our shots." The dumb SOB killed a cop. Carol is most definitely not going to hold off indefinitely in bringing down the thunder - even if it is simulated - on his pointy-eared head.

Waving his hand over the bronze bowl, the water inside shimmers, ripples, and then clears. Those that look into the water will be able to discern Loki at his current location - Lower Manhattan. "I have been watching his movements. He seems to stay in public locations participating in social events. If you wish, I can teleport to him, and teleport both of us to any location you desire."

Carol frowns. "Will he be able to resist your attempt to teleport him? Won't he just be able to teleport back away as soon as the two of you arrive?" Carol questions. It's not that she doesn't appreciate the Adaptoid's initiative in this matter, but she's trying hard not to let her own anger make her rush into something reckless. There's still that Bad Thing (tm) Ares was babbling about, coming at the end of the month.

"I'm also capable of setting up containment. It would require obtaining a talisman or two from Dr Druid, Dr Strange, or like individuals. With this quality, we could keep Loki contained indefinitely. Or, take him back to Asgard and imprison or have Thor execute him again."

"Well ... why don't you see what you can do to obtain one of these talisman dohickies. That way we can contain his arse once we make our move to grab him. Otherwise, us moving in just escalates the situation and the problem." Carol comments. She doesn't like it, but this is the job. "We already have one dead cop. I want an eye kept on his Asgardian ass. But we don't move until we either have a way to contain him, or lives are /directly/ at stake. But if you see him actively endangering lives, you are pre-cleared to use whatever force is necessary to stop him. Are we clear?"

The image blurrs and then fades and the green eyes of Loki rise to peer back to Ms Marvel's. With the hint of a smile, he states, "I will get right on that."

"Remember: /Only/ if he is /actively/ endangering lives." Carol re-iterates. God, she hates looking into that face. That face makes her rebel against herself, against all order and discipline. "Now, when you get a chance, I'd appreciate it if you could help out with the MGH case. Forward whatever you find to me, Mockingbird, and the rest of the roster."

"Understood." is replied with a nod. Then large horns shifting down once again to look into the scrying pool as the Adaptoid utilizes Loki's powers for /good/. The pool shimmers, ripples, then clears again...

Ms. Marvel about-faces and marches out of the room before her willies get the better of her.

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