Screams in an Alley

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Dagger, Smiling Tiger

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12/10/12 20:00

Bowery, New York City, USA

Screams from a frantic man in an alleyway leads Tandy to investigate. She confronts a mysterious man with claws attacking a man in a business suit.

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Dressed in a worn coat and cap Tandy came out of the church to set out for the night. Looking about for anyone causing trouble.

Shouts and screams echo throughout the alleys of the Bowery. These shouts are not of any recognizable words or phrases, just shouts of high pitched fright. The shouts are accompanied by the soft sounds of feet slapping hastily against asphalt and concrete in a manner audibly recognized as running. Finally a recognizable word echoes, "No! No! Leave me alone!" The shouting is coming from a single solitary man running for his life through the alleys. This individual, a Caucasian man of around six feet in height, was wearing a pretty nice looking business suit. The suit consisted of a light-blue pin stripe shirt, blue tie and black jacket and slacks. This suit has seen better days, it's been cut in several places and it appears tattered and frayed along the arms and lapel. Several ragged cuts have been slashed along the back at various angles.

"No, W-what do you want?!" The man cries as he runs. What's he running from? Well there is an odd looking individual who is running behind the retreating man. This individual, clad in yellow and browns stripes with sharp protrusions all over his outfit. A feline-like mask obscures the face... but the mask has a smile-like expression on its visage. Blades protrude from the outfit's finger-tips, forearms, elbows, feet and knees.

Tandy knew the sounds of fright well, hanging around Cloak you tended to hear them a lot. Bursting to action she ran toward the runners "Leave him alone, you! Haven't you done enough to the poor man?" her frame glowing softly as she focused on getting to the poor man and nasty looking individual, the C around her eye glowing bright as she took her cap off and stuffed into a pocket, her blonde hair tumbling down.

The man that the blade-wearing individual chased into these alleyways has, by now, lost his footing. He's tripped or slipped on random debris laying around in the alley and face-planted into the ground. Not wanting this to hold him up, the Businessman-looking individual pushed himself up onto all fours. With little options, he crawled into a corner between a building and a raised series of steps that lead into the side entrence of a building. He hid behind the concrete steps, breathing heavily, bleeding on his palms and from his nose. Between the tattered clothes and fresh wounds, this man looks terrible. He cries out from his hiding place, "I don't know what I did! Why are you after me?!"

The bladed individual is moving with a wide gait and slumped shoulders. Guttural snorts and snarls come from the masked man as he gets within a few feet of the whimpering man. He brandishes the bladed tips of his fingers and snarls at the man. Then Tandy arrives and solicits the bladed individual's attention. The figure turns grinning mask, feline-like mask so that he's looking at Tandy. When turning to Tandy, she should be able to tell the individual is a man; A particular dangerous looking man based on his bladed outfit and his muscular physique. He waves a finger at Tandy in the classic 'Nuh uh' or 'No No No' response. No verbal response, though, other than guttural grunts and noises.

Hmphing Tandy looked at the bladed man sternly she ran forward using the alley objects and her own acrobatics to climb up and around, hoping to put herself between the businessman and the bladed man "I won't let you hurt this man like this. What has he done to deserve being hunted an ANIMAL? People deserve better then this and you are no monster nor animal but a man, you should know better"

The businessman, whom is now behind Tandy, sounds like he is whimpering after she gets in between him and the bladed individual. The bladed man's response is an audible grunt and snarl, but still nothing verbal. The grunts, growls and guttural noises the bladed man makes seems to indicate that in this scenario, the whimpering man isn't the animal. The bladed individual hunches over a little further and pokes his masked head to one side to try and look past Tandy to his prey quivering there in the corner. With nothing more than a grunt, the bladed man leaps forward towards Tandy and the man behind her. He holds his hands out in front of him and his fingers splay out to create a wide swath that the unknown man's blades swipe in. His target is the man... but he intends to go through Tandy.

Daggers of light grow from one hand as a shield appears in Dagger's other hand and she rushes forward toward the bladed man "This just cruel and mean to do to someone" throwing her light daggers at the animalistic man.

The masked feral-esque man continues charging towards Tandy and the businessman behind her. As the light daggers leave Tandy's person, the masked man leaps up into the air in an effort to spring right on over her. Unfortunately for the masked man, a light dagger shaves the side of his calf as he is leaping. The stunning, paralytic effect of the light dagger is enough to startle the feral man and he tumbles end over end in mid-air. He lands on his back only a few feet from the huddled, injured businessman. An angered growl comes from the masked man as he twists around to glare at Tandy from behind his smiling, feline mask.

Dagger nods "Sorry about that but you didn't listen" light dagger growing from her fingers again "I am truly sorry it came to this" throwing her knives at him in the hopes he won't be able to react in time.

The animalistic man rolls laterally across the ground and this time the light daggers bounce off the pavement of the alleyway harmlessly. The masked man slowly gets up to his feet after rolling away and he moves with a noticeable limp in one leg... as if his leg were numb or 'asleep'. The masked man emits a guttural growl again while brandishing the claws on the tips of his fingers. After the attempt to be intimidating, the masked man howls and lumbers forward despite his numb leg. He lashes out with his claws at Tandy!

With her shield held ready to block, Dagger held a hand up willing her fallen daggers to life again as they rose from the ground and swung around to fly at the animalistic man once more "You don't want to do this, please...there must be some part of you that realizes this is the wrong thing to do. Listen to that voice, let it guide you"

Metallic claws clang aginst the shield of light as the masked man tries to shred Tandy for interfering. The claws, however, are ineffectual against the light shield. With single-minded purpose, though, the masked man continues to wail on the shield. Slash after slash rake across the shield, until the light daggers that the animalistic man thought were gone come back to haunt him. They collide with him, sending streaks of numbness up his legs, arms and back. The animalistic man drops to his knees as strength drains out of him. He makes a sputtering noise and if the mask weren't there, you'd expect that noise to come from someone foaming at the mouth. Before he can face-plant, the man behind the mask catches himself with his clawed hands and simply sits there on all fours. The fight, for the moment, drained out of him by the daggers of living light.

The businessman in tattered clothes remains huddled in his corner, though seeing the masked man drop to his knees instills a bit of vigor in his once quaking legs. He slowly stands even if he is still shoved into the corner as tightly as he can make himself.

Dagger holds her ground until the man's guilt brings him down with the strike of her daggers "As I knew this was wrong. Somewhere inside you know you shouldn't do this, listen to that voice, listen to your conscience. Sometimes it's the smallest voice that's the right one to follow. Will you stop now?" lowering herself down to one knee she compassionately laid a soft hand on his shoulder but kept her gaurd up ready to grow more daggers if she felt him agress again.

"K-k-kill him!" The business man sputters at Tandy, "He's a monster! He was going to kill me! Kill him first!" He demands as he pushes away from the corner he was huddled against.

The animalistic man shakes his shoulders to keep Tandy from touching him. He growls and gurgles at her and wills himself to slide backwards on all fours. He shakes his head with more guttural noises following. He points a claw at Tandy and then makes the classic 'slit throat' pantomime. He slowly, nearly drunkenly pulls himself up to stand erect. The masked man staggers backwards until he butts up against the wall of a building flanking this alleyway.

Tandy lets the animalistic man slip back from her before glancing to the business man "That's not how I work, there's salvation to be found, a spark or glimmer of good in everyone. He didn't kill you and so..he doesn't deserve to die. I don't kill, ever" turning back to the animalistic man she shakes her head "You won't kill me, you know deep down that would be wrong. You're strong. Not many are still awake after this long, use that search within yourself and fight against the anger and bad feelings, find the good in yourself" she implores him compassionately "And you sir, you might want to use your own strength to run, you don't want to stay here in danger do you?" she tells the business man.

The words have no sooner escaped Tandy's lips, than the businessman, decided she was right and started scrambling across the alley floor. He uttered no words of praise or thanks for Tandy's timely assistance. He spared no time for pleasantries that could negate his escape. The man just up and runs out as best as his injured, fatigued legs allow. Once past the mouth of the alleyway, the man's voice can be heard screaming with barely controlled glee, "The Smiling Tiger didn't get me! I'm free!" If there's anyone outside on the street, they are surely to give the businessman an odd look.

As for the man in the mask, he keeps his claws out in front of him in a defensive posture. Due to the mask, Tandy will not be able to tell how he's reacting to her words. His head jerks one way and then another, like an animal probing for an avenue of retreat.

Tandy sighs at the business man "Some people have no gratitude" but then she wasn't in the business for gratitude or glory. Smiling warmly to the animalistic man "Relax, I don't want to hurt you, I don't like hurting anyone. you don't have to be afraid. Can you take your mask off so I can have a better look?"

The answer Tandy receives is a vicious growl followed up by the masked man lunging forward briefly in a 'back off' kind of gesture. The animalistic man crouches down and his legs tense just before they spring into motion. A superhuman vertical leap is performed by the masked man and he twists around in the air. Claws at the tip of his fingers inbed into the facade of the building and he begins to scale the side of the building paralleling the alley. Clearly the masked man is attempting an escape.

Dagger holds her ground at the charge, not advancing nor backing away. Leaning backward on her feet though she blinks watching the maneuver but lets the man escape with a sad sigh "May you find salvation and the peace you seek my friend...what a sad tortured soul" shaking her head grimly as she tugged at her cap.

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