Scott Cries

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Scott Cries

Blindfold, Aurora, Mirage, Seth, Vaughn, Havok, emitted by Nightcrawler

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07/23/12 17:15

Basement - Xavier's

Students and Faculty encounter early stage Danger, fighting ensues

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Pick up from Dangerous Moon

Seth studies what's laid out in front of them, "I, uhm... I'm open to suggestions on this one." But he is powering up, just in case an attack takes place. He tries to buy time by asking. "What do you want, machine!?"

This is why Havok does not teach or interact with the children at this school. They speak out of turn, have no sense of etiquette, or respect of elders. Just like most of the children of the United States. They think they're the adults in the situation, therefore Havok avoids them until they become an actual adult.
Havok steps to the side, away from Seth and out of direct view of the 'Danger'. He looks to Dani, "You think Kurt could port though this field?"

Aurora has been concerned with the X-Men and the Xavier School since she's heard about the news, having been in contact with the X-Men, she decided to come and help. What she did not expect, is more trouble than what was reported. She wasn't in there with the others a second a go, but now her voice is clearly heard, "okay...that is not Cyclops, is it? Because if it is, I'm very, very worried," if anyone is surprised by the addition of her voice, a quick look would reaffirm she is indeed there now. Fun how fast the twins can move.

Having taken up the rear position, while Seth takes the point, Dani has only given a passing look at what's in the room beyond, though her concern of what little she has seen is apparent "Possibly. Are we back to trusting him now?" she only gives a passing glance to Alex, she deduces he has moved out of line of sight for a reason and doesn't want to draw undue attention to him.

Vaughn was not with the group earlier, when he returned to basement he found a surprise waiting for him. He tracked a couple of familiar voice patterns to where the others now gather. Rubbing his head, "Can someone explain to me what I was just attacked by some kind of magical mutant monkey that poofed when I had to clubbed it with a piece of pipe?" His eyes widen as sees 'Danger' and the cocooned Scott, "What the <BEEP> is that? That... oh.. that ain't right."

Blindfold reaches out mentally to try and touch scott's mind to confirm it's him, partially to cuz she has no idea what the others are looking at. "I think we already know what it wants, it's been telling us all along...our deaths, xmen and students, I'm sorry my apologies, it's not my place to speak. How would you like us to proceed Havok?"

"I seek Charles for all that he has done wrong," says Danger, flatly in response to the question directed at her. "The children of his dream must die," she continues, her body and Scott's float about, joined with the room it would seem, so that she levels him at the group like a toy gun. Though when red beams fly from his eyes, everyone will know he is no toy to her. Alex may realize its not quite full power - she is using him for a battery just the same. The blast goes overhead and is actually used to hit the real basement walls behind the group, obscured by the hologram of the sublevel corridor, and collapse it to block escape in that direction.
Ruth can ascertain this is the real Scott, perhaps through a vision as TP is still being interferred with by some device associated with Danger. This is most likely where something needs to change least Scott's death become real.

After noting that Aurora has arrived, Havok will visually acknowledge her and then note to Dani, "With teleporting in, getting Cyke, and porting out, yeah. See if he's available." Then will glance back through the force field.
Blindfold's remarks and query have him thinking a moment. Long enough to be distracted by the blast and reflexively recoiling back out of sight.... He then glances around at the roll call of personnel within the room and doesn't look pleased.

"Charles? Is she talking about Xavier?" Aurora asks without addressing her question to anyone specific, "that can't be right, the Xavier I know is almost a saint." But then Danger takes it to the next level, seemingly using Scott as a weapon, or, very outright doing so. "Look, nobody likes Cyclops very much, robo-lady, but that doesn't mean you get to do -THAT- to him," Aurora snaps. Those who have worked with Alpha Flight may know that Aurora, as opposed to Jeanne-Marie, can tend to be somewhat reckless. There's a prime example to those who don't know of Alpha Flight, because after Danger uses Cyclops to shoot at them, Aurora leaves a rush of wind in her wake as she flies directly on a collision course with Danger's head, meaning to knock the robot silly, only problem being she's taking a gamble. She really doesn't know the effect it will have.

Seth clears his throat, as emotions are getting the best of him. "I...", he hesitates to speak. "I know I've just joined... but... I'm not entirely sure if getting Cyclops out is something doable whithout getting him killed." He sturdies the circuitry. "I mean, he's not struggling to fight, like a comatose state..." He clears his throat again, to become grim. "If we sever that connection... we could kill him."

Noting the wiring and cables going from Scott to Danger, Dani gives a shake of her head "Without knowing the effects of the wiring job I wouldn't advise it. A teleport could just as easily kill him." which of course supports Seth's comment about the same thing. She gestures to her bow, non-verbally asking about trying to stun her, though she doesn't get much further as blasts from Scott cause her to duck and cover.

Blindfold ducks, danger sense was a wonderful thing "I'm sorry, I might be out of turn, so please forgive me, that is the real Cyclops. That was the walls of the basement, I'm afraid, my apologies, she has blocked our escape route. Please, if we can something must be done or we will all see him die, that is not something I would wish on anyone. I'm afraid unfortunately that some device associated with her is jamming telepathic powers, perhaps that was why Miss Grey did not hear everyone panicing at Scott's attack. Yes, she is speaking of Professor Xavier. Richenda mentioned an intelligence had taken residence in the danger room, what if this female is that intelligence? I'm sorry, my apologies, why does she say the Professor wronged her? If something does not change Cyclops will die as I have seen, that much is certain" her voice shaky with emotion

"Who the hell is Charles?" So Vaughn has not actually gotten the "freshman orientation" yet. As the ruby blast shoots past them causing a minor rockslide, the teenager crouches down, covering the back of his head. Curiously the roar of the collapsing hall is not nearly as loud as it should be. He looks up at Blindfold, "Remind me, Ruth, to read you the definition of 'safe' if we get out of this. Come to the school it's a safe place, boom, giant robots attack. It really is a safe place despite the sentinels, boom, freaky imaginary monkeys and some chick off the cover of a Heavy Metal magazine attacks."

Despite the considerations, Aurora moves at blinding speed and there is a crack when she collides near Danger's head. Even if there was a forcefield around the rogue AI Danger Room and Scott, the force that would push Aurora away also inversely pushes against Danger. If its a forcefield its a personal proximity field. She whines in a cold metallic cry, Scott cries the same, a blind blast of red optic blast flies to the ceiling as both look up in slight pain from the hit by Aurora. The room comes to live, more tentacles drop from the ceiling to spray at the flying Aurora, and dose the vicinity in about a 10' radius around Danger and Scott, a reaction to the assault it might seem. "They must die," it says, talking to some unknown.

Seth raises his hands up. "Okay, please stop." He doesn't exclaim, just makes a polite request to the others. He looks at the computer made aware. "Do you have a name we could call you by?" His strategy: attempting to reason with it.

Not acting fast enough, Havok calls, "Aurora, wait!" but it is far too late as she's already in the room, collided, and reactions occurred.
Since she's gone into battle, he's not going to sit around on his thumbs and 'wait' as commanded by junior super-hero. He steps into plain view of Danger and says, "DANI, Stun Cyke!" Then he releases his own blast, FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!! toward Danger itself.

Blindfold frowns sadly in the direction of Vaughn "Normally it is, with it's fair share of attacks because it is such a place of good, I'm sorry, I hope you can find it in yourself to forgive me but I will understand if you want me to stay away from you as well" thus another friend is lost. "Charles is the founder of this school, Professor Charles Xavier" then turns her head back toward where she knows Danger and scott to be "What has the professor done to her, please thank you?" wincing at the audible crack and screams of pain from Aurora's attack. Bracing herself as she hears Havok rushing to attack as well

"Gotcha!" Aurora cries out as she hears the metallic cry, but she must also realize this has been hurting Scott, meaning she needs to reconsider her strategy. Danger helps her along that conclusion when the tentacles come out and starts spraying the area, while Aurora isn't too sure what substance it is, but what she does know is that she's getting awfully cold. And that's not normal, she doesn't often get cold, which is how she can offerd to dress scandalously on even on Canada's coldest days. Right now, however, she makes a quick decision to withdraw, flying straight out of the room, and almost as soon as she left, she's back by the others, embracing herself and shivering, "well, that didn't work too well..." but then Havok is attacking as well, and Aurora grins, "I guess we'll go with the attack still, huh?"

From her crouched position, having never gotten up from her duck and cover, Dani can tell that Ruth's vision is not far off. To her death sight Scott is a veritable night light. "Ruth is right, Scott is at death's door." she says quietly more to herself than to anyone, but she could probably be heard by those close enough. Knowing that she certainly doesn't have to have a command to be ready to fire and her bow is already up with its glowing arrow at the ready. Her target though changes from Danger to Scott at Alex's command, and she shoots the psyarrow at Scott.
Feeling rather like someone who can't swim out in the middle of the ocean, he looks at Blindfold, "Sarcasm.. it's my defense mechanism.... " Though his voice is slightly hard to hear as it is softened somewhat. Perhaps he's just that scared, or perhaps it is that all the sound around him seems to be slightly muted.

Blindfold tilts her head "Ohhh! That's why she's so upset, no wonder, I'm sorry, my apologies, let me explain. Her name is Danger. In her current state she won't be able to be reasoned with, what had made the robots go crazy attacking at random has also affected her, to her the danger room was a prison, the programming and software like chains and bars, she tried to ask him for help but he was away and she didn't know, so to her he ignored her pain, dooming her to an eternal fate of imprisonment, now she's insane with whatever has infected much robotics causing them to attack." then smiles with a nod toward Vaughn "I understand, but please we could your help if you're up to it" then she pauses "Well...that arrow sort of worked...would everyone please scatter, if you can? Scott is alive but knocked out, she has no more battery but she is about to retaliate with a napalm of the area with bright light energy blasts" trying to move as quickly as she could seeing in front of her with her cane as she moved in random directions toward Vaughn to best make a difficult target of hrself, cuz quickly can a blind girl move over unknown ground?

Echoing Blindfolds words, Danger hisses when Scott 'goes limp', the psychic arrow actually stopping him from using his ability to fuel Danger. "New target, Alex Summers, alternate power source ... stop the X-men," Tentacles sprout from seemingly nowhere or thin are, near the group and what looks like napalm is scattered and ignited. Whether real or hard light weaponery is unknown, its probably good that Ruth mentioned scattered, hopefully everyone picked it up in the middle of her Golden Globe winning monolgue of what's happening.
The blast from Alex reflects off the force field that Aurora had hit that cause minimal pain to Danger, some of his plasma bleeds through but its also what alerts her to Alex as a power source in place of Scott.

Aurora was going to help Blindfold, but then Danger announces Havok as the an alternate power source. This makes Aurora's plans change in a nano-second, "hold on! That man has far too nice a body to be used as battery, so I'm going to veto that call," Aurora zooms in and out, aiming to snatch Havok and get him far away from Danger before she can reach him with those tentacles. "Thank you for flying Air Aurora, Havok, sorry about the lack of windows."

Seth sighs, "Well, my strategy didn't work... Back to plan A!" And so he takes flight to dodge away that napalm fire, and protect Havok. He charges up, firing at those tentacles shooting at Havok. "The force-field must have a weakness somewhere!", he tells the others. "How do we spot it?" And then, here comes Aurora in her super-speedy flight! "Holy sh..." Surprise, much?

Going from 0 to a bazillion is hard on the body. Havok is ripped from his position (at least he was braced) and taken whereever Aurora deems. The wind is knocked out of him so talking is for later, for now he's making that groaning sound heard deep in the throat as his lungs try to draw air.

Dani is highly doubtful that her abilities are going to be of any use against Danger though she would probably try if she weren't busy zig-zagging around firing off more mundane arrows at the tentacles that are whipping about and dodging the 'napalmesque' light show. At least Danger is going to have to rely on her own power for awhile and hopefully she will run out of juice before Scott recovers.

Vaughn grabs Blindfold and moves her behind him. She said to help, and there is only one thing that he can do that might help. He draws in his breath. As he does all sound around him is sucked into him. He takes a couple steps and opens his mouth. As he does, a sudden rush of sound is released. A conical blast of sonic energy that he had been drawing into him sense Danger's first blast behind him. He tries to angle it to not hit the encased Scott if possible, but his main intent is to hit Danger and any of those tentacles between her and him.

Blindfold eeps! as she grabbed and pulled behind vaughn "Remind me to give you a big hug when this is over, please, thank you" then "Oh no, my apologies everyone, I'm sorry, may have given us the key to this predicament but you also proved yourself to be a better battery for her then either of Havok or Cyclops. You create your own energy, they absorb cosmic energy and redirect it. Although shooting the tentacles is like an extension of her, almost like a peice of your brain dieing with every stroke you suffer. She literally loses a peice of herself everytime she's damaged...Please if you would, please focus attacks indirectly on her. We will also be getting attacked by tentacles while she tries to grab Seth, I'm sorry, I apologize"

Its like reading the story and then seeing the movie, Blindfold explains the situation then it happens, perhaps not quite the way the imagination might take her words but logical when it unfolds. Seth's attack on the tentacles cause her to cry in that cold metallic voice of hers once more, conjoined with Vaughn's sonic burst. It carries through the napalm area everyone scattered from and on towards Danger. It does little, if nothing to Danger directly, but when the tentacles break and splinter under the attack, one might notice parts of her fall away. Its hard to tell what is real and hologram - she might be the tentacles, her body could be hologram even. Still it seems to work. "No," she cries after the whine, "New target, student Seth, primary energy source, designate zero-point quantam maniplation." On cue more tentacles come out of the wood work, each one firing individually at everyone in the room except for Seth, who is instead treated to a host of Tentacles that surround him to try and capture him much like Scott no long before this encounter.

Flying Havok out of Danger's reach, or at least to where she thinks is enough to keep him safe, Aurora gently places him down on the ground, touching him gently on his chest, as if to reassure, "sorry, Havok, but I wasn't get that bucket of bolts have you, I have much better use of you when you're not connected to a machine. Be back in a sec," she winks, and then flies right back in there with the others, firing concussive blasts at the tentacles, following Blindfold's tip, "gee, this robo-lady really can't help herself, she sees a guy, young or old, she wants him all to herself. Robo-lady, you gotta learn to share!"

Unable to get out a sentence, Havok starts to say, "Wait, we need..." and she's gone. He mutters to himself about how taking him out of the fight may not have been the best plan. Then starts moving, as quickly as possible, back toward the battle. It'll likely take too long for him to return to be of any use.

"Aw, crap...", is all Seth has the time to say before those tentacles start to come at him. So, he does what he can to get himself out of that predicament: he starts using those blasts of his as cutting lasers and, once he's got an opening, he flies away from their reach. "So, I'm yummier than they are, huh? Well, sorry to disappoint... I'm not into robot women!" And he flies off, firing at any tentacle that's popping up in his direction. Not to mention firing at that field, in the hopes of overcherging it. "I wouldn't be offended by a couple suggestions...!"

While Dani is capable of firing at tentacles from a distance, hopefully out of tentacle range, with her bow she still has to dodge energy blasts and go after the fired arrows after they have been shot. She can only carry so many. Firing off her one of her last arrows at one of the tentacles trying to attach itself to Seth, she darts forward to collect some of the spent arrows that litter the floor. She narrowly manages to dodge both energy blasts and flailing tentacles as she picks up one but while grabbing for a second she gets hit by a tentacle, which knocks her backwards and could leave a tear in her uniform.

Vaughn's blast may not have the devastating power that many of the energy blasts carry, but it does have one thing on it's side. Like the soundwaves that he projects, it spreads out. Unfortunately he can't really shape that blast all that much, so he has to try to keep from hitting his fellow people with the punch-packing cacophony of noise. He sucks in his breath and all sound immediately around him before shouting at the best cluster of tentacles to cause Danger the most indirect damage he can safely do. Of course, it's probably doing the danger room's walls no favors either.

Blindfold sighs as she hides behind vaughn "Difficult choices...I'm so sorry Seth" she muttrs quietly "Vaughn, you're doing good. She wants to seperate us from Seth by collapsing the ceiling just before grabbinga tentacle round Seth and diverting attention to securing him including a forcefield...I'm so sorry Seth, please forgive me and trust that this will work? Please if you all would focus attacks on the tentacles until she focuses on securing Seth, then attack her directly full force, it's the only time she'll be vulnerable" went without saying to avoid hitting the KO'd scott.

The mutants, combined fire powers of Seth, Aurora, and Vaughn, assisted by Dani's physical attacks against the tentacles seems to wear away at her body, metal falling off and collapsing to the floor. Even as Ruth is explaining the circumstance, the remaining tentacles are stopping the energy blasts and focusing towards unseen ceiling, hidden by the hologram of the danger room over the real basement, in her move to separate Seth from teh group. Just then, a tentacle does make contact with Seth, wrapping around some portion of the student. The behavior changes, the tentacles begin to retract to focus on encasing Seth now while the static in the air signifies forcefield movement. Perhaps it moves to contain him, or even ellicit him to explode while she contains him to make him into a more willing battery even. Regardless, Ruth may well be right, doing this leaves her primary body open as Danger Presumes she can encase him for a power source fast enough to reconstruct any damage that may be coming.

"WHAT THE...??", Seth's immediately trails off numerous decibels up. "YOU...!!" And yes, he starts firing at those things. One. Then another. And yet another. And at some point, all his limbs are caught. And then, the next one, which divides into sub-tentacles that wrap around him at shoulder and waist level, their center directly in contact with his chest, where his 'power core' is located. Of course, he's not all so thrilled at Blindfold's precognition, so he continues struggling - and more and more of those things come to encase him...

Aurora has been on countless near death situations with Alpha Flight, where sometimes the not so instinctive choice was necessary. Helping Seth seems like the right thing to do, but hearing from Blindfold that Danger would be vulnerable when trying to secure him, she shows her speed once again, picking up instantenous momentum as she zooms not at Danger, but rather through Danger, aiming for a spot behind the rogue AI so she could really deliver some damage, both her fists extended forward as she flies to her target.

Not being much of a heavy hitter on computer based entities Dani harnesses her bow, letting the energy emitters and Aurora deal with Danger. She instead focuses her attention on getting Scott free of the wires and cables that Danger has hooked onto him. With the energy blast part of the party over getting to him is at least easier...figuring out how to detach him without killing him though is not so easy. If she doesn't unhook him he is dead, if she pulls the plugs he could be equally dead. If only Leyu were here, maybe she could give her guidance. With luck and a quick prayer to whatever benevolent power may be listening, Dani starts yanking.

Hearing Blindfold's direction, Vaughn looks up at the metallic entity. If this is the now or never point, he takes a couple deep breaths before drawing in the surrounding sound harder than he has ever done before. Feeling like a balloon filled to the breaking point, and when he feels that he can contain no more, he unleashes the wailing blast at Danger, pushing the scream as hard as he can. Any chance that those stitches in his stomach had not been popped before now are gone.

Blindfold covers her ears from the comotion of the attacks, specially vaughn's and breathes a sigh of releif when everyone attacks but gives a grimace too "Oh thank goodness...thank you thank you thank you all! Please, I know we all want to make sure the job is done but let what will try, escape, the injured will need our attention more...but the device she was using to jam telepathic powers will also be offline. Vaughn, you'll need more stitches I'm afraid, sorry. How is Scott and Seth, please if someone would? I could help remove the wires if you like please?" sniffling as she tried not to 'cry' with happy releif.

The multi-pronged attack seems to work with Vaughn's sonic 'punch' and Aurora's real attack, the body of Danger seems to fall apart, including the tentacles that had groped Seth. Dani through luck or her Death sense from Asgard seems to manage the right lines to free Scott. From the husk of Danger's body, a small metal spider perhaps 4-8 inch diameter body but with legs having a max span of probably 2'+ skitters into the airshaft and flees the situation. As this happens, the holograms are removed and the room is revealed much like a tech-mess, wires, metal, broken bits of danger, borrowed metal. The room is really a mess, or perhaps was converted into a nest. Scott took more damage from the assault before Dani severed him from Danger and will need near immediate attention.

"Tres magnifique! Did you see that?" Aurora grins triumphantly as she strikes Danger hard and turns around with a cocky grin that doesn't last long as she almost immediately gets hit by Vaughn's sonic attack, causing her to wince. Her hands race to her temple and she hisses, "was that really necessary?" She sounds in pain, as she stumbles back and falls down on her ass, taking a moment to shake the sensation.

The mutant reactor rises to his feet, screaming and kicking violently at the metal bits. He's nowhere near as hurt as Scott, but... he felt it, the impacts. Luckily, he was still being processed. "Goddamn..." We pulls away one of those tenetacles still wrapped around him. "SONUVABITCH, THAT HURT!!" He looks like he's ready to kick ass and take names, right now. Fortunately, it's short-lived.

Having little medical knowledge, Dani doesn't know if moving Scott in his state would cause more damage so she just protects him from any residual attacks/falling debris/etc by sheilding him as best she can as she kneels over to examine his plethora of wounds. She can tell that he is still in danger of his life(?) "We need Leyu or Beast or someone, now!"

Vaughn watches Danger fall to bits, failing to see the little spider get away, as he looks Aurora. "Um... yeah." His voice is course and his throat is raw. "Did you not see that thing?" He looks up sheepishly at her, "Sorry... This is still kind of new." He looks over at Blindfold, "What?" The adrenaline still pumping. He looks down at his stomach and sighs. He looks between Seth and Scott, not really knowing how he can help. Well at least Seth seems okay, Scott is beyond his ability to do anything, so he goes to help Seth get the pieces of Danger off of him. "Are you okay?"

Seth raises a finger in advertence to Vaughn. "Please... Not right now!" He takes the next few moments to take a deep breath. After those, he straightens up. "Okay. What was the question...?"

Getting up and dusting herself, Aurora looks around in dismay, "gee, is it always this fun around the X-Men? Our training room never attacked us in Department H," she takes a moment to fix her hair while surveying the damage, "this will take a while to fix up." Only then does she look at Seth, "are you alright?" Before casting a glance at Scott, wondering if he'll recover well, it didn't look pretty.

Blindfold follows on the heels of vaughn, following the sounds of his steps "How can I help? The robot spider is what was left of Danger, she will go into hiding for a while away from the mansion. We need to get Scott to sick bay though, Please, thank you" then turns to Aurora "Of late, with the robot attacks? Yes this is fairly normal, before that? No, quite abnormal, thank you though, please"

"Vaughn. Go to the medbay and get seen too, and while you are there send someone to see to Scott." Dani orders, as no one else seems to be capable of dealing with the aftermath of the situation. "Seth, if you are able you need to do the same. If not stay there until the medics arrive to see to Scott." she then addresses Ruth "We are clear for the time being? Do you see any present threat?

Seth hmms? "Oh, yes, I'm fine, considering how a robotic woman just tried to use me for her energizer batteries...", he tells Aurora. Then, picking up from her conversation, he asks, "You're not with the X-Men, then?"

Vaughn looks over at Seth. "The question was 'are you okay?', the follow-up question is 'Is there anyway I can help?'" He turns and blinks, "Wait, that thing is still out there? Shouldn't someone.. I don't know.. deal with it before it can build itself up again?" Then Dani orders him to medbay, he frowns and momentarily considers objecting, but sending someone back for Scott does matter to him. "Yes, Ma'am."

Aurora shakes her head at Seth, "I'm with Alpha Flight, we...worked with the X-Men in the past, I came over to see if I could help, good thing I did." Looking back at Vaughn, Aurora shakes her head, "now is not the time...we have wounded to look after."

Blindfold shakes her head "For now, going after what is left of Danger would make for trouble, as far as I can see, we're clear for now, yes, thank you. I will help Seth and Vaughn to medbay. Atleast she didn't go hentai on Seth, he's just too young"cracking a slight smirk.

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