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Scott B Gone

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07/23/12 16:45

Basement - Xaviers

Scott settles down with students, is kidnapped by mysterious tentacles.

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After a long day with little sleep, Cyclops is in the basement of the X-Mansion. Some students are scared so he has gathered those more afraid and has addressed their concerns and given words of encouragement. The students still seem uneasy, but his words of authority have comforted them for the moment. Dressed in his uniform, the man looks about the large basement with all the beds, “It seems we will all be getting very close.” He sighs. As some students seem to enjoy the idea, while others outright dislike it.
David sighs. "Well, I've slept in worse conditions," he observes to Cyclops. "I was a transient before I got taken in. This is still better than sleeping under a bunch of newspaper in an alleyway."
Finesse shows up at about the time the news came out about the attack, rushing towards the basement, wearing her uniform for a change. Something she doesn't do often, at least not without due cause. "Okay, so I've been hearing some BS about Russian spacecraft crushing over the Mansion. What really happened? And please, tell me it had nothing to do with me...because if it did, I'm moving out." She seems upset, and yet even know she more or less speaks in a calm, collected tone.
Blindfold comes walking in tapping her cane, grinning and nods "Yes, thank you, we're all alive and it could have been so much worse. Might not be what some have grown accustomed to but we're all lucky. Richenda will be fine and...the man fur and a tail is resting comfortably. Close quarters, tensions will flare but bonds will be made and some will grow closer "Don't worry Jeanne, it had absolutely nothing to do with you, relax" she was still wearing her own uniform.
After Cyclops finishes his speech to the all the students gathered, he does his best to maintain the air of authority and hope. He smiles, which is far from the mood and tone he displayed earlier battling the Sentinels. “Alright, all of you will remain up here. You are free to go towards the subbasement, but stay away from Danger Room. If any of you require medical assistance , head straight to the MedBay. If any of you require anytime of counseling, seek out Ms. Grey. Any questions.” Scott is so engrossed in his words to the students that he has yet to notice a shimmering glint far off on one of the beds in the corner.
David does notice it, "What's that?" he asks, pointing towards the glinting light.
Blindfold gives a smile and nod to Scott "You take on alot onto your shoulders, not all of it you or Ms. Grey have to. Nightcrawler has an idea to speak to you both about. You trained all these students well, they'll rise to the occasion, yes thank you" then tilts her head curiously at David "If you don't mind, please, what is what?"
Not getting an answer other than from her roommate, Finesse just nods, and turns to Blindfold, "how do you know it had nothing to do with me? I'm being targeted by someone...maybe that someone decided to just off and kill me because I'm getting closer on his tail?" So occupied in her thoughts and concerns, she's yet to notice the glow herself.
A rather putrid smell begins to seep into the basement area, it had been there but the smell becomes more noticeable when the air conditioning in the large room suddenly shuts down and the smell begins to fester. Only starting to sniff it, Cyclops walks over towards the bed and gestures for the students to stay back. Moving to the bed, his visor flashes as he pulls back the sheet. On the bed, is a very fancy and ornate scimitar. Looking it over for a second, “This belonged to Dervish?” Confused he looks to the others.
"It's a bright shimmering light," David replies to Blindfold. "And has anyone told you you're a bit self-centered, Jeanne? These weird attacks have been happening all over. It really does have nothing to do with you."
Blindfold turns toward Jeanne "This time it was sentinels, yes, you're welcome" then turns toward the sound of Scott's voice, not knowing what's happening but curious.
"I just don't want the death of kids on my conscience, sorry if that's too egotistical for you, David," Finesse says to David, before commenting, "it smells bad...there's a certain likelihood we're being poisoned..." when Blindfold answers her, Finesse seems relieved, "good. It's not my fault."
The lights in the room flicker as the heat builds up now. The internal temperature technology turns the heat up. Noticing the smell and looking about the students, Cyclops looks up the vents, still holding the scimitar. “Students, please come stand behind me.” He holds the sword as if he knows how to use it as he looks upward toward the vent.
David falls in behind Cyclops, "He's got a scimitar from one of the beds," he mutters to Blindfold.
Blindfold wrinkles her nose "Worse then a skunk smells. What would a student be doing with a sword?" tapping her cane she made her way over to scott to stand behind him "Why do there always seem to be more answers then questions?"
Finesse moves to stand behind Cyclops per his instructions, for now merely observing, though she reaches with a hand to her batons just in case fighting will be necessary. She also hopes her assessment about them potentially being poisoned is incorrect.
As the students get behind him, Cyclops moves closer towards a vent above a bed a few yards down. Looking up, his visor flashes again and climbs atop the bed. Standing tall He moves his hand up to unscrew the vent. Scimitar in one hand. One screw comes off and he pauses and stops and looks at the student. They have seen and been through enough today. He hmmmns, “Why don’t all of you head to the temporary cafeteria, the cooks have set up. . .” A whoosh sound is heard and another scimitar is flung at Cyclops and the lights in this area shut off. Complete darkness.
"Blindfold, somebody took out the light, be ready," Finesse warns as she instinctively draws her batons, she assumes a fighting stance, and listens very carefully without moving.
David blinks at the sudden darkness. "Umm. Blindfold, you hear anything? The lights went out and we can't see anything.."
"Blindfold, somebody took out the light, be ready," Finesse warns as she instinctively draws her batons, she assumes a fighting stance, and listens very carefully without moving.
The room remains completely dark. Metal being ripped apart can be heard. Silence. A flash of red (an optics blast from Cyclops). More metal ripping. Silence. A thud of a body dropping from the ceiling followed by a squish. Silence. A robotic voice, “The Professor? Where is the Professor?”
Blindfold gasps "Cyclops! Scott? please, if you can answer me? Are you alright?" tapping her cane "David move this way toward the tapping. That was the sound of metal just before you said the lights went out, I'm afraid, I'm sorry"
"Goddamnit," David says, his voice wavering between annoyance and fear. "ANOTHER robot attack?!"
"If they're so persistent, I guess I'll need to work on hacking these things," Finesse offers, still staying back with her batons drawn, letting Cyclops take care of the threat as he's doing a fine job of it.
Blindfold nods "Yes but I don't hink this is like the others. They never asked for the professor. different."
"Last ones asked for Spider Man. Who knows which professor they're talking about. For all I know, they might be chasing after a fictional character." Says David
The lights flicker and body is seen on the floor not moving and a scimitar sticking up from the back of the body. There is not blood. The light flickers off. Feminine voice, “If No Professor then X-Men must die! First X-Men, then the students!” Darkness again.
"There goes that idea," David says. "What the hell."
"Today I should have just stayed in Manhattan, right?" Finesse asks with a dry bit of humor, before addressing the female voice, "listen, ma'am, I'm in the middle of some very important research and a hunt for a stalker who uploads videos of me online...I can't quite die yet, I really need to finish my research and possibly kill the guy stalking me, okay?"
Blindfold turns her head to Jeanne "Is that what your training has taught you? Is that what your research and determination to find pumpkin man tells you? I'm sorry but no. A threat has just been made on our teachers and ourselves and fellow students" then turns toward the robotic female voice "Cyclops, what are your orders? Besides stand back and stay out of the fight" smiling with a soft chuckle because after all history had proven by now she wasn't going to go that route "Where's Kisha..." she wonders
The lights turn on fully Half of Cyclops body is being dragged into the vent by metal tentacles. He struggles as much as he can. He is pulled in up to his neck and his final command to the students, it is a whispered scream ,“Run!” A metallic hand grabs his face and nearly rips it off as Scott is pulled into the vent system. A cold metallic female robotic voice speaks out, “First X-Men, then the rest!” There is still a body on the floor with two scimitars sticking out of it. Those who find the body on the ground will find that it belongs to Dervish, former member of X-Factor.
Blindfold gasps as her shoulders begin to shake "!" sounds like she was crying except for a lack of tears, sinking to the floor "Scoooottt!"

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