Scott and the Fat Asgardian

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Cyclops and Volstagg

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07/02/12 14:32

Salem Center Mall - Westchester County

Volstagg arrives on Midgard, specifically the mall. Cyclops shows up.

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His arrival on Earth may not by triumphant and full of fanfare, yet again, when someone the size of Volstagg appears so close to the Mansion, even if on accident, it doesn't go unnoticed by the powers that be there. Still, the man in the gold and mauve attire certainly doesn't go unnoticed when he finds himself at the mall. Whether or not he arrived in the mall our outside doesn't seem to matter. Currently he founds himself at Eyebrow Plus, one of the open air carts in the middle of the fairway and not a shop. While the near 7' tall man of 1400+ lbs of adorable awesomeness may attract enough attention to make any busker mad, he's currently focused on conversation with the cart clerk.

"Aye, so ye say thou holds the secret to making me look years younger," says Volstagg heartily, "But I needs know fair maiden, does thou contain the secret to taking centuries off my appearance, for varely, a few years makes me no difference." As if he is buying it hook line and sinker that eyebrow treatment will indeed help his appearance over loosing weight and chaning his clothes. A gloved hand is pulling at his beard over this curious ponderance.

The presence of any Asgardian in Salem Center will typically draw the attention of its citizens, in particular the mutant residents of the Xavier Institute. When alerted to the presence, Scott Summers, X-Men leader and interim headmaster until the Professor returns, opts to investigate this on his own. Dressed modestly in a brown polo shirt and black trousers, the ruby quartz lensed mutant makes his way to the mall and via telepathic link with his paramour, Jean Grey, is able to isolate where Volstagg is. Though really, he merely could have just opened his eyes as the behemoth of a man appears at the kiosk. Observing quietly from a distance and sensing no genuine trouble or dangerous reaction other than a few gawkers make âfatâ comments. Scott smirks to himself as he approaches the obese Asgardian. "Fair warrior, what bringst thou to the realm of Midgard?" Having only limited prior contact, Volstagg may or may not remember Cyclops. But Scott approaches with his best Asgardian speech.

Fat comments or no, it is like oil to the water that is Volstagg, they do not mix and simply roll off. His ears pay no mind to any comments or reactions other than holding a primary focus on eyebrows and wax or whatever product the clerk was getting ready to try and sell the man, who doesn't even have earth money most likely - no need to even worry about right currencies. When approached, he turns and forgets the clerk. "Fair citizen, adventure and the need for mighty heros calls Volstagg the Valian to thoust fair realm of Midgard," he begins, happily announcing himself. Then another beard tug and he ponders the man, in civilian clothes, but hair and red eyepiece similar. "Yet, curiousity binds my wits good sir. I dare venture the likes of ye have been visited upon the realms of Asgard herself, do ye travel lightly amongst the worlds sir, or is it but coincidence that I find your visage remarkable striking to my aging memory?"

Taking in the sight of Volstagg is enough for even the most stoic man to have some sort of facial reaction. So as Volstagg responds to Scott, the stone-faced mutant cannot help but generate a smile, "Volstagg the Valian. I have indeed ventured in the realm of Asgard. I am Sc. . ." Scott pauses a moment as he does not need to announce himself before the beautician attempting to fix the face of the fat man. Scratching his chin, Scott considers and contemplates his response as he looks to the vendor, "Perhaps, thou would join me in some imbibements and food, fair Warrior. For your arrival on Midgard warrants a hero’s welcome. . .though I may only offer the meager meals of Midgard, perhaps, some fresh food and drink wouldst be welcome upon your palette, good sir? Where I can recount wherest we have adventured in your home world." Scott attempts his best Asgardian vernacular, but it may be clear to those who are familiar with that tongue, he is not fluent.

Given his size and tempermanet, Volstagg makes no comment on the others stab at Asgardian, even assuming the man's grin is at his own foley to attempt the speach pattern. Still, its pretty dead on one might fathom. "Mine intrigue be raised good sir. Thou surely must leads the way and Volstagg the Voluminous shall put heels to dirt, treading were thou must lead." A simple way of saying, lets find food and drink. As the large man walks with Scott Summers of Midgard, he continues talking all the same. "Varely parched be my throat good sir and thoust struck a chord deep in my belly that resonates of your generous offerings good Sc," he says, snake like sound. Though rubbing at the brain cap he wears, under the tassels, "Yet, though kindred souls we may be, thy name rings no bells upon my brain pan. Perhaps in recalling the tales of yon visit to Asgard shall ring truer to those memories that have nestled in the forest of my thoughts, nay?"

Sighing loudly as Scott is suddenly very grateful for having access to an account through Xavier’s as clearly feeding the Voluminous one will require a large bank account. As they make their way passed gawking consumers, Scott continues, “You may know me from my codename, Cyclops. On Midgard, it is sometimes necessary to adopt a title to protect one’s identity. We encountered each other on Asgard when Loki and Amora the Enchantress did kidnap my students, the New Mutants. I am leader of the Warriors known on Midgard as the X-Men. We ventured to your realm to rescue our charges. If I remember correctly, one of my charges did best you in a wager regarding lifting you in the air on a chair. You may remember him. He goes by the name, Sunspot.” This is all said in a tone that can really only be heard between Scott and Volstagg. As they make their way to the food court, Scott pauses as he gazes the whole area trying to find a private spot that can also content the girth of the Asgardian. Scratching the back of his head, he lets out another sigh. “I know of another spot, relatively close to here that offers privacy and welcomes those beyond humanity…and you will love the burgers.”

Striding slowly, keeping pace with the other man, not setting the pace, Volstagg arms swing widely with overconfidence. When the story comes out, he nods, "Bobbi, little Bobbi," recollection comes to him, "Aye, ye be known amongst my brethren Sc, the one they call Cyclops upon Midgard. A friend of Bobbi be a friend to Volstagg. Thou but needs call upon the might arms of the Lion of Asgard fair Sc, and they will carry forth a sword to meet thoust needs." A chuckle, rumbling in his belly, "Be it known, at my age, swords be swung much less, surely, a jest with figurative speech no less. But I be glad to find thou upon my arrival good Sc." Then, conspiratorally, "These burger ye have hinted of, do tell, this be some succulant beast, roased a time upon a fair spit in some great hall, full of treasure where ye may recount the tales of your might band of warriors, these men of the X?"

Laughing at being called Sc, Cyclops hmmmmns, “These hamburgers are indeed one of the greatest delicacies this planet has to offer. Made from the succulent meat from our world’s finest cattle. You can surely gorge upon hundred of them. And if you ever have the opportunity, we may even dine at the Burger King.” As they make their way out of the mall, Scott looks at his car and realizes that it will not be able to carry Volstagg, “Tell me, Warrior. Hast though been in contact with Thor? Or wouldst though consider coming to the home of the men of X until time when the son of Odin can be contacted?”

Taken back a moment, "Varely I say good sir, surely this Burger King would make suitable company for the Lion of Asgard, do tell me Sc, thou's fame is wide enough upon the lands of Midgard that you know this Burger King and we may call upon him for a might feast indeed." A laugh shakes his belly, resounding on the walls around them. He believes this King of Burgers would make a fine companion. "I have yet to call upon Thor, but surely the halls of the Men of X would be suitable for a stay until he has time between saving Midgard time and again, as he is want to tell it, warrants a break enough that I can call upon the Son of Odin to welcome me upon the halls of the Avengers that we may round out this roster of Earth's Mightiest Heros with a true mighty hero." Large gloved fist to his mouth, stage whispering, "That be Volstagg, the missing link to their claim as Earth's Mightiest Heros, thoust mindest."

“Verily, good sir.” A quick telepathic message sent to Jean Grey and shortly arriving a vehicle large enough to contain Volstagg draws nigh. “Um, well. . .I will see what I can do regarding the King od Burgers.” Cyclops envisions some creative usage of the Danger Room for that, “Well, we can also contact the Avengers as well. Some of the Men of X are allies with Earth’s Mightiest heroes and I am sure they will welcome you to their team.” Once Volstagg is able to enter the transportation, Scott asks telepathically for Jean to contact the Avengers to inform them of Volstagg’s arrival to Earth.

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