Scheming Young Minds

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Finesse, Nemo, Emma Frost, Blindfold

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02/16/13 18:28


Kisha meets Jeanne in the girls' dorms study room, only the two study a rather questionable topic, before joined by Ruth and eventually Emma

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Jeanne is sitting at the long table in the study room, her laptop set before her while her fingers click away. Besides her laptop there's a folder marked "Jack O'Lantern" and another folder marked "Sebastian Shaw," it looks like she picked up her investigation again, at least remotely for now.

There are rare occasions when even a girl who remembers everything forget stuff. Like the half read Haynes manual covering the construction of a Sherman tank which is resting on a chair. "Excuse me, is this a bad time?" Kisha asks from the doorway. "I may have left something when I was in here earlier."

"Not at all," Jeanne says as she looks up from her laptop at Kisha, before looking sideways at the manual she found earlier, "I was wondering who that belonged to, what are you working on?" Jeanne asks, before her eyes sink back to her laptop.

"I could do with driving a tank over to Shaw Industries, or perhaps to right over one ill reputed bar or other," Jeanne muses as she keeps clicking away on keys, "yes, well, my punishment has finally been lifted but I don't see the faculty making any progress with my investigation. So I'm thinking about picking it up again, nobody makes death threats against me and gets to sleep soundly at just won't do. I am obliged to terrorize that bastard."

"Who, what, when, where, why and... huh?" Kisha responds, raising an eyebrow. "I am not aware of current events. Usually they're tedious and beneath my notice."

Due to their work during the robotic mayhem, Jeanne has come to appreciate Kisha, and so she looks up at her and pauses. She seems to consider whether it would bore Kisha out of her mind or not, and then goes for the short version. "There is an open threat on my life, I am trying to hunt down the responsible party before they get to fulfil that threat."

Kisha shrugs. "When was the threat made? And using what means?" she wonders. "I have a passing knowledge of what it's like having a group plotting to kill you. To the best of my knowledge there is still a group of people intent on my kidnap and eventual death."

"I'll be glad to offer my support whenever you need it," Jeanne offers, before pointing at the folders she has set on her table. "Started with someone shadowing me in the street, uploading videos of me. So I uploaded a video of myself as reply, holding a sign that says 'STOP IT NOW', apparently he didn't much like it," Jeanne remarks, before clicking on her laptop and turning it to face Kisha, on the screen is a Jack O'Lantern with a note that says 'YOU' attached to it with a dagger. "This was left for me at the school. My guesstimation is that the party responsible is Jack O'Lantern, but he likely was hired by another, and I am currently considering Sebastian Shaw..."

"It's not a concern. I'm largely off the grid to the people after me," Kisha assures confidently. "Well, a good start would be to track the footage they have uploaded. Then see where it has been accessed from. If you have suspects then I'd set up a webcam on a rooftop which overlooks anywhere you know they work or reside."

"Good for you," Jeanne remarks with no hint of cynicism, she is actually pleased for Kisha. "It is all from mundane walks, and riding my bike about the street. Random places, so there's no set position, the idea is clear...I have been shadowed and could have been attacked if they cared to." Jeanne then points out of the room, in the general direction of the administration offices, "I was nearly grounded for life because Ruth told Ms. Grey about my investigation, I wouldn't be so bold so soon with setting up traces on Sebastian Shaw. The Jack O'Lantern himself is a much harder individual to track down."

Kisha smiles. "I mean track the footage as in which IP it was uploaded from and what digital tracks exist. As for threats of grounding... Aren't you in a position where you have functionally graduated from every class they offer?" She drums her fingers against the table, then laughs. "Why track this Jack O'Lantern down? Why not just leave a little evidence he's done something illegal and let some enthusiastic hero chase him for you?"

"I tried that, all lead to public libraries," Jeanne mutters while rapping her fingers on the table, "if that guy was an idiot I would have had him long ago." Nodding, Jeanne quips, "they have nothing they can teach me academically, I have already graduated from M.I.T., but I have quite a bit to learn in field operations. The deal I had to accept was that if I take the status of a student, I can be allowed in Danger Room training, and potentially join a New Mutants team should they create one again. I am intrigued by those. I don't have to attend actual classes because I can humiliate instructors should I so wish."

Jeanne does nod at the last suggestion by Kisha, "I have considered doing just that...when Ms. Grey caught me because of Ruth. I don't want more trouble from faculty, which is why I'm putting such blatant action on hold."

"Public libraries have security cameras, which means there is a chance that you can obtain at least a very basic description by comparing access times and the footage. Did you investigate that avenue?" Kisha muses, flicking open her Haynes manual. "Do you have any idea why they might be hostile to you? Motive is a very good way to identify the suspect."

"Trench coat, wide hat, scarf, nothing to go on," Jeanne answers as her gaze shifts back to her computer, "two options. 1) They would like to kill me for letting down the United States Olympic Team by stepping down from Gymnastics, I would have gotten the gold for individual all around gymnast," Jeanne doesn't sound like she believes that is the reason, before she continues, "2) They want me coming after them."

Kisha frowns. "Neither is an especially good reason. As for the description... do you have the footage? With some analysis we could work out height, build and stride. Potentially even shoe size. All of which goes a long way to picking out who the individual is."

"We can do that," Jeanne says, before noting, "but I find Sebastian Shaw a much more interesting avenue." She then looks up at Kisha, "you mentioned your rocket research, have you constructed any rockets of your own?"

"Nothing too special. They rarely let me launch them because there is a risk of explosion.... I copied some of the designs they came up with in Mythbusters," Kisha cheerfully proclaims. "On the topic of Sebastian Shaw... If you do have a desire to combat him I would suggest chloroform. Rumours around the school indicate physical violence would be ineffective."

"I was only going to interrogate him," Jeanne says and then smiles at Kisha, "I do like the idea though, chloroform, kidnapping, and then bind him strongly enough should do the trick." She nods to herself, "I'll let you know if I pursuit this avenue. Think we could team up to create a rocket good enough to destroy a facility of some interest? Financial institute, some rich firm that people would officials would care about?"

Kisha chuckles. "Honestly? That's just asking for trouble. Besides physical damage isn't how you harm that sort of organisation. You really want to break them you ruin the stock price or get into the computer systems. Then once they've lost a few million dollars you'll assuredly have everyones interest."

"This is not for Shaw," Jeanne points out, tapping on the Jack O'Lantern folder, "I have his calling card, I want to blow something up and leave it there..." she grins, "I don't care about the organization, I want to draw attention to him." She shakes her head at the idea of financial damage, "that's not the Jack O'Lantern's MO, nobody would believe it was him."

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh," Kisha says, snapping her fingers. "Then the best result isn't to blow up a building, because the calling card is likely to be blown up with it. Better still to have someone find it before it goes off. Why not target something Shaw owns? That way it could create tension between them and force a meet." She glances towards the door. "It wouldn't be very hard to build a bomb from the materials the school has handy.

"Calling card would have been left post explosion, of course," Jeanne remarks before shifting her head from left to right like a pendulum as she ponders this, no doubt pondering the implications school side more so than any care for Shaw and his business. "I think it's a feasible plan, first thing would be to construct the explosives."

Blindfold comes in from Girl's Dormitory - Xavier Mansion
Blindfold has arrived.

"With the gardens being of a substantial size a supply of Ammonium Nitrate shouldn't be too hard to find... It's finding a suitable location to build the device in question without being picked up on a security camera /or/ having anyone inflicting a telepathic scan." Kisha ponders. "Honestly I think the biggest flaw with this plan is information security. Worst case I could probably make an explosive out of things you'd get in the kitchen, except I don't think that'd be a convincing substance for a professional to use."

Blindfold comes tapping in with ear buds, a laptop. "Excuse me please, may I join you?"

"True," Jeanne nods her head, "security camera, staff, and narcs," Jeanne groans as she closes her laptop screen, "not convincing at all, damage has to be massive not too makeshift, Jack O'Lantern can get the hardware," Jeanne notes, "you think anyone is using the poolhouse these days?"

As soon as Blindfold walks inside, Jeanne nods with her head as if to note 'I told you so' to Kisha. She does, however, immediately answers, "you may join us, Ruth, we are just talking." If Ruth wasn't blind, Jeanne would be in a hurry to gather her folders, but as Ruth is blind, she isn't worried too much.

Kisha glances towards the door, raises her hand to wave and then pauses. "Hi Blindfold. You can't tell unless you've already seen it, but I am waving hello." She then resumes waving. "We could utilize the medical bay to obtain six quarts of blood. But anyway how are you Blindfold?"

Blindfold fidgets feeling awkward before nodding her head with a smile as she walks over "thank you yes, I am doing very well. What about the two of you, if you don't mind my asking? please I'm not sure I understand, why you need blood?"

"Don't worry about it Ruth, we are just making plan for science projects. Dr. McCoy is going to be quite impressed, I'm sure, you're not really into science, right, Ruth?" Jeanne is clearly trying to direct the conversation away from what she was previously discussing with Kisha.

"It's an interesting project. Did you know a Human body only has six quarts of blood in?" Kisha informs cheerfully. "Amusingly if the police found that much they'd assume a murder had been committed. But anyway that's a boring insight into the wonders of the science project."

"It's a good point, six quarts of blood don't just happen to appear on crime scenes of their own volition, more often than not, somebody gets it there..." Jeanne seems to rather like Kisha's suggestion, "and such things are easily masked in the midst of destruction, which often covers a more nefarious deed."

Blindfold nods "I'm sorry forgive me but if the body only had 6 quarts of blood, then not all would be on the ground from a death, some would stay in the body and if an explosion is involved then some would be cooked off or splattered, not that I'm very good with science no sorry" still from the look on her face Ruth was curious and a bit worried about the two.

"This would be a concern if this was something real, we are having a hypothetical discussion, Ruth," Jeanne tries to reassure her roommate that nothing ill advised is happening here.

Emma comes in from Girl's Dormitory - Xavier Mansion
Emma has arrived.

"Could I borrow a pen and paper?" Kisha asks, glancing at Finesse's file. "That's a fair point, but as Finesse just said it's a hypothetical situation."

Kisha is sitting across from Jeanne on the table, next to her is a manual on building tanks. Ruth is sitting next to Jeanne, with her laptop next to her. Infront of Jeanne are her laptop, and two folders with documents, one titled "Jack O'Lantern" the other titled "Sebastian Shaw."

Jeanne shifts a pen and paper towards Kisha from next to her on the table, "of course, Kisha," and then Jeanne hears someone about to come in and reaches to turn her folders over so the prints on the front won't show.

Blindfold sighs but nods, things just hasn't been the same between her and Jeanne "And yet you're trying to find a way around the security cameras and gathering fertilizer for a large damage radius, yes sorry. It all somehow had to do with the files you have Jeanne, if you don't mind my asking please?" not that she really needed to ask. "Please, forgive me, I don't want to see either of you get in trouble but you will be for this, my apologies"

There is a soft knock on the door. "Ruth? Are you there?" The voice is Emma Frost's, raised to carry through the door.

Kisha rolls her eyes. "I don't remember ever agreeing to do anything? I was simply offering technical suggestions and if your prediction was truely accurate it'd have picked up that we had established the hypothetical device was never intended to be used. It'd simply be found."

"Ruth! I don't have any files, and I don't know what you're talking about," Jeanne snaps in quite an annoyed tone of voice, gathering her files with her, along with her laptop, as she mutters to Kisha, "I'll talk to you again soon," she then proceeds to storm out of the room, groaning as she leaves, "I thought you wanted to regain my trust, Ruth...prove it."

*fade to black*

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