Saving the Sphere, Part 1

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Lightspeed, Energy, Mirage NPC: Lila Cheney

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New Mutants Base --> Dyson Sphere

Lila's Dyson Sphere is attacked by Space Pirates, she brings in the New Mutants for help.

Social or Plot:


It's a lovely morning in early summer. The sun is shining and birds are chirping. A day more associated with fairy tales than real life. Everyone is throughly settled into the new home of the team commonly known as the New Mutants. From the kitchen comes the sounds of someone cooking breakfast and the smells of coffee and bacon begin to permeate the first floor of the house and begins to creep into the upper floors. The sounds of domesticity are suddenly drowned out by the proximity alarms going off and the security system alerting of an intruder in the kitchen.

Day one, Julie was briefed on the house's security protocols. The system borrowed from the X-Men and quite capable, Julie knows this isn't a false alarm. She jerks up out of the bed and shouts "COSTUME ON!" Then she's speeding out of her room, making the tight turn down the stairs and rushes into the kitchen. Forgetting that she had a guest over night and that Penny's currently asleep on the floor.

Noise. Loud sound. The tall (very tall) redhead curled up on blankets on Julie's floor lifts her head, ready to ask what's going on, when the adorable blonde that was in the bed above and behind her streaky-zooms out the door and down the hall. Penny blinks, and then assumes this means there must be trouble. Trouble in her new friend's home means trouble she's going to help with, or try. No time for trying to wriggle into her whole costume right now, Penny grabs her bag, puts on her mask, and throws the back over her shoulders. She doesn't usually fight crime in bike shorts and a sports bra, but it happens. Sometimes.

Penny does not actually bother with stairs, however. She slings herself over the railing, trailing her hand enough to twist and redirect herself through the gap to land hard on the ground floor, and then sprints after Lightspeed's sparling trail, all six-foot-three of her red-headed, blond-streaked form loving with a natural athlete's grace and power. Towards ... the kitchen she only knew was there because that's where she found the juice they had last night. What time was that, anyway?

The sight that meets the two young women when they barge into the kitchen ready to be the hurt down on someone(s) is totally unexpected. Dani appears to be greeting a dark-haired woman who may be recognized as having been a quite popular musician who toured with Dazzler (or Allison Blair, whichever name is appropiate( quite a few years ago. "Cancel security alarms." she says aloud as she pulls out of a exuberant hug and goes to punch her code into the hidden security panel.

Woosh! Julie comes in for a landing, almost skidding across the floor. "OMG!" She cries out. Yes. She actually says the letters. O then M then G. "You're Lila Cheney! My brother Alex has SUCH a crush on you! He'd totally flip out if he knew you were here right now!"

Barefoot and barelling like a freight train, Penny skids across the floor and grabs the doorframe to bleed out some of that momentum before she careens into the back of the adorable blonde currently squealing at ... Ms. Cheney. Oh, frakk. And ... some other adult woman she does not know. And now Penny - that would be the tall redhead behind Julie, in the painted-on bike shorts and the sports bra, with a black mask covering the lower half of her face and the sides of her head - is looking for somewhere to hide. But in a well-lit kitchen, there really isn't anywhere to hide. Oh, frell. "Uh. Hi. Sorry to barge in, but it sounded important." she murmurs. C'mon, Earth. Swallow whole on command. What's wrong with you!

Where there was once blarring alarms there is now ear-ringing silence. Both women turn to look at the two girls Lila focusing on Julie and Dani on the tall stranger in the doorway. Though when Julie goes all fan-girl her attention is pulled to that "Lila this is Julie Power, newest team member...and apparently a fan."

Lila nods "Always nice to meet a fan." she then turns a grim look to Dani "Is this all you have at the moment?" she asks "I thought setting the alarms off would have brought more running."

"Yeah, where are the others? I guess Rahne is still in the infirmary and.. umm... by the way, this is Penny." Julie says, introducing her friend. "Penny, I guess the big secret is out. This isn't a normal house. Really." She's blushing a little at having everything revealed this way.

Penny sighs a bit, defeated by the lack of somewhere to hide in this embarrassing moment, and reaches up to peel off her mask, tucking it into the backpack slung over her one shoulder. Then she raises a hand and waves, a bit weakly. "Uhm. Hi. Sorry. I'm Julie's friend? I ... uhm. Spent the night." Wow. Redhead's and blushing. What a profound color statement. "Can I ... uhm. Help?" She gives a plaintive look towards Julie, as if to wish that her new friend could save her from the mortal embarrassment of a teenager in awkwardness.

Dani looks from the two girls, giving Julie the 'we will talk about this later' kind of expression, the young New Mutant may be in a bit of trouble for having over night guests over without cleaing it first. But there are more important things to deal with now and she addresses Lila, "We have a couple more, but they are out on another mission, the rest are still in California." she responds confusion obvious in her voice.

"You three will have to do for a start. I'll explain later, right now, we have someplace to be." the kitchen begins to get blurry and then fades altogether and instead a strange new one fades in, one which includes a large window which looks out into the vast expanse of space and a small fleet of large heavily armed spaceships.

Woosh! One moment Julie's in a kitchen. The next she's... somewhere else. Looking out into space. However, she's had plenty of experience with this sort of thing. She's been kidnapped into space a number of times, oddly enough. So, instead of protesting, she just steps forward and peers out the window. "Not Snark or Kymellian." She says. "Where are we?"

Penny ... gapes. First, Julie is in trouble. Oh crap oh crap oh crap, Julie is in trouble. Penny didn't even think about Julie needing to get /permission/ for her to stay over last night. She called her Dad, she checked in as requested, and she got permission. So she is covered. But now Julie is in trouble? Oh fudgie! But all of that fades out when suddenly ... they're not on Earth anymore. "Oh, fudgie. My Dad is going to be /so/ pissed when I miss morning check-in." With a grimace, and a whirl to make VERY sure no one is checking out her bum in this new place, she starts opening up her bag to drag on her costume. "Darned good thing I grabbed this." she mutters, as she is tugging it up her legs, then pulling her arms through the sleeves, zipping up and tightening the straps before fighting with the mask. Then time for gloves and boots. "I always wondered if I'd ever go adventuring in space. Funny thing, it wasn't on my calendar for this week."

"Welcome to my Dyson Sphere. We are three AU's give or take from the borders of the Kree solar system." Lila answers as she stares at the fleet outside the view screen "Sorry I had to take such extremes but I've been having pirate trouble lately. I'm hoping your team can help me fix the problem once and for all."

This is all old hat for Dani too, she looks around noting that the Dyson Sphere hasn't changed much since she was here last "Lila yo know I would help you with anything, but four of us against that?" she points to the space pirate fleet "Penny was it?" she looks to the new girl "I'm sorry you got dragged into this. If this was a different situation and we were on earth I would keep you safely out of it, but it looks like you are with us for the time being." she then turns to Julie, "We have space pirates pointing all their barrels at us. Go." apparently there is always time for a pop quiz.

"Penny has powers. Flight. Strength. Energy blasts. She'll need a space suit." Julie switches gears in an instant. She's not the light and fluffy aspiring actress anymore. Now, she's the experienced heroine who has been to space and back a dozen times. She pauses only long enough to grab a paper and pencil from her pocket and right a note, then stuff it all back into her pocket.
"COSTUME OFF!" Julie shouts and for a brief moment she's in a long t-shirt again. "COSTUME ON!" When her costume returns, she's in a sealed and slim spacesuit. A moment later, she's out the airlock and flying towards the alien fleet in a rainbow of color.

Penny looks down at Dani and shrugs her big shoulders, swathed in black. "It's OK, Ms. Dani. Please, don't try to hide me away. I can help, really. And I'm happy to do so in any way I can." She smiles, then hides that away as she applies her mask again. "Lightspeed is right. I'll need a space suit. I'm afraid my costume doesn't appear and disappear, or adjust for a note." But before she can get that arranged, Julie heads for an airlock. Penny can't help but turn and sprint in that direction. There should be space suits in the airlock, right? That's how SHIELD does it. "I'm coming!" she promises. The boss lady said 'Go', so the girls are going to go and deal with space pirates. En guarde!

"No wait...that' late." Dani sighs and forgot exactly how exuberant and fast Julie is to get things done. She looks to Penny a moment than to Lila, it's the musician's Sphere she would know better where things are. "Do not engage, Lightspeed. Recon only." she says over the comm unit built into the costumes. "Same goes for you." she points a finger at Penny.

Despiste the dire circumstances Lila chuckles at Dani's reaction "There are suits in the airlock. They aren't used that often to make sure you check the air supply. And good luck finding one your size."

"Got it." Lightspeed answers as she flies through space. The ships are cruisers. Not designed to track or fight something as fast and small as Julie. In seconds, she's broken the sound barrier. Without wind resistance, she's actually faster in space than on Earth. In less than a minute, she's among the ships, avoiding heavy weapons fire. "I'm counting seven ships. All large, each about the same size as a small aircraft carrier back home. I'm not seeing large scale docking ports. Either they've got teleporters or... no, wait. I see it now. Bays opening up. They've got smaller ships on board."

"Hang on, Julie. I'm coming." Penny sends using the helmet of one of the suits in the airlock. "Darned things. OK, none of the womens' suits are going to fit. Let's look through the guys. I hate this. It's like shopping all over again, without the fun company and the photographs." she continues to comment, with background noises. Finally, the super-sized teen finds one of the men's suits that will fit her, but she feels a bit compressed here and there.

"OK. This ought to do. Cycling the airlock now. You sure you don't want us to engage, Ms. Dani?" Penny inquires, as she checks the controls, then taps out the sequence to initiate its cycle. Within a minute or so, she leaps out the airlock, a glow surrounding her as she pushes her inner energy outward, a glowing golden streak of a tail as she heads for those big ships, their little cousins, and the rainbow trail of Lightspeed.

"I'm inbound, Lightspeed." Yeah, this whole lack of air friction is cool! Penny won't be getting up to light speed out here, but she's going really fast. It just doesn't feel that way, with so little out here to mark one's passage. Space is pretty featureless, and so is most of the outside of the Dyson sphere. Only the increasing apparent size of the ships is her clue of progress.

While the two girls are out reconning the ships Dani is going over the data coming in from the various sensors that the Dyson Sphere is equipped with. "I'm sure. Don't make yourselves easy targets. Not sure what the two of you could do against heavily armed and armored spaceships anyway."

Lila speaks up over the comm, "Sensors are picking up some anomalous readings on the other side of the sphere, near where the equator would be. One of you go check that out please." upon investigation, a group of space suited pirates are on the surface of the Sphere, placing the last of what is most likely explosives charges around an air lock. They arrive just in time to see the explosion the pirates flood into the Sphere.

"Penny. Go. Check on it." Lightspeed says. Julie knows she's faster. Knows that she can outfly anything they send her way. Energy, she's not so sure about. "I'll see what I can do about the fighters." Indeed, several dozen are pouring out of each ship. Small and mobile.

"But --" Oh, but Energy wants to object. She wants to be here, with Julie. She wants to help and protect Julie. But she has to accept that for all of her training, for all of her ability, Julie has more experience. And someone has to do what they're told. Hard as it is for her at times, that is something Penny can do. "-- Alright. I just really wish I was faster, like you. I'm going, Ms. Lila." That said, Energy pushes out her 'con-trail' of energy as hard as she can, flying at speeds she has probably never achieved in atmosphere. Even so, it is precious minutes before she can get around even far enough to see what is going on. She's nowhere near close enough to interfere. "There are pirates in suits, Ms. Lila. They've put things around one of the larger airlocks. Holy!!! They just blew it open! You're being boarded! Ms. Dani, I have to go! I have to help those people!" That said, Energy flies for the gaping wound in the Dyson sphere without slowing down, aiming herself like a glowing spear towards those pirates and their vessel.

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