Savage Land V: Assault on the Savage Land

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Savage Land V

Havok, Warpath, Nightcrawler, Gypsy Moth, Sunpyre and Mirage

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Savage Land

X-Factor captures Cable and rescues the rest of X-Force

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- Savage Land -

With the battle at hand, Warpath gets the 'go' from Havok and then hurdles the mini van into the lost city of the Savage Land. After it, he leaps into the air and starts his rapid approach with the full intention of staying alongside of Brightwind/Mirage so they can arrive at the same time and he'll have her back.

Havok had given the word and is still amazed how easily the Native American Mutant tosses around their transport - using it as a potentially explosive distraction. He looks to Kurt and says, "On 5." Essentially knowing that it will take Dani/James 5 seconds to arrive and Kurt a port or two?. He really holds his breath and hopes he doesn't get disoriented.

Going on five, the team seems to arrive as coordinated, as if to show Jimmy that his version of undisciplined isn't the same as ineffective. Getting Havok into the mix of things, Kurt is ready to show them all how fast he really is and depositing plasma blastoid in the center of the guards/ruins/stone city, he ports again. With swords in hand, he ports right for Cable, the guy Alex thought was going to shoot him without a second thought because Kurt was so slow, does a double swipe with his blade to subdue (blunt attacks - flat of blade), then ports out in a haze of purple smoke.

Bow in hand and arrow ready Mirage arrives astride her pegasus, she doesn't let loose the arrow yet, she sticks to the plan. She is to disable Brainchild and keep him from trying to mindcontrol any of her team mates. Scanning the stone city below she finds him on his throne and with no remorse slams into his mind with her own to find what would be his greatest desire and let him experience that for awhile. Brightwind hovers in place, ready to move should any one try to attacke his rider.

The team arrives in a roofless rendition of some massive ancient Greek structure on a raised dais. Columns (in various states of disrepair) line both sides of this semi walled structure. It is at least 150 feet in depth and 75 feet wide. Toward the rear of the room (75% into it) is a raised dais with 12 steps rise up to a throne where Brainchild stands looking at the wreckage of the X-Factor Minivan. Enraged, he froths out commands to secure the area and be on the lookout for interlopers.

As Mirage comes to a stop Warpath continues his descent to engage the enemy. He's moving directly toward Cable. With his full speed to bear, the Native American slams into the large cyborg smashing them both through one of the columns and into the following wall. They begin to grapple with one another.

Brainchild succumbs to his greatest desire for everyone to see. He's laying on a bed being fed grapes and given various pleasures by his female mutates while all around are droves of persons on their knees worshiping him.

Gaza is struck squarely in the chest by Havok's plasma upon arrival. Luckily Havok didn't puke due to the porting, but he was braced and ready. Gaza is knocked back into a column and slumps down.

Meanwhile, other Savage Land Mutates (Barbarus and Piper) are rushing into the area to engage.

Just before Cable is taken by Warpath, Kurt lays some smackdown of his own against the armored form of the X-Force leader.

Warpath knocks the hell out of Cable and he doesn't seem to be holding back.

Cable fights back and strikes Warpath. Essentially the two will be going at one another for a while.

Havok looks for his next target, the ground in the direct path of Piper and Barbarus. His plasma strikes and explodes a lot of the stone in front of them knocking them back. Delaying their assault another round.

Brainchild is still in his happy place and Gaza doesnt' look like he's getting up any time soon.

Mirage will hear the tell-tale sound of Cannonball's approach...

Mirage continues to concentrate on Brainchild until she is sure that he is caught up in the illusion that she has woven for him. Hearing the familiar sound of her former team mate heading for her, Mirage leans slightily signalling Brightwind to bank left then to dive down into the trees. She knows she is no match for him speed wise so is going to have to use the trees to her advantage if she wants to keep him catching her. She is hoping that while Brainchild is distracted someone will destroy his headband.

With Havok stopping the incoming mutates, and X-Force either too far out or too engaged to deal with, Kurt comes out of hiding, using a teleport to get at the now 'enthralled' Brainchild. Assuming things are good with everyone else, he'll focus his attention at the circlet on Brainchild's massive noggin, trying to remove it or destroy it.

There will be no issue removing the circlet from Brainchild's delsional head. Doing so will sever the link with his enthralled and essentially power it all down.

Cannonball has learned to corner quite well under Cable's tutelage. And it shows. He was just about to clobber Mirage when he comes to his senses and says, "Dani!". He's too distracted and confused to realize what's going on, veering off to the right he slams into a tree, bounces off and collides with the ground. He will lay there a moment, out of sorts.

All around, the enthralled members of X-Force start to come out of their daze. This however doesn't stop the Savage Land Mutates from attacking - except that they will quickly realize they are outmatched and want to flee.

Standing atop the dais, Kurt stands over Brainchild, lost in thought about female mutates and worshipping crowds, holding the control circlet that has just released all the mind control. He surveys what is around him. From the diaz and into the stone city the Mutate guards are scattering to the winds, Havok has created some small structural damage separating the closest mutates from the group and even they are running now that their present boss has been seemingly defeated. Dani has led a chase from Sam Guthrie into the trees, he's questioning, "Dani ...?" to her may indicate to her the mind control has been released. Jimmy has crashed into Cable and they have fallen from teh diaz and into some of the stone ruins where their conflict had ensued, now coming to a stop as the mind control circlet has released control of Cable finally.

At that moment, Kurt exchanges a look with Alex, then his eyes go to where Jimmy knocked Cable, ready to move it would seem.

Turning on the ball of his foot, Havok lines up the shot on Cable. "Cable, Warpath!" he calls across the dais to the pair. "It's over!"

Cable comes out of his trance just as Warpath strikes him across the face once again. He snaps too and says, "Stand down, Warpath!". Warpath complies and backs away.

The remaining Savage Land Mutates scramble to escape. However, Brainchild is still in his happy place.

Cannonball sits up and looks around, "Awe hell, we're in tha Savage Land, ain't we?" he asks aloud.

Somewhere in the city, Sunspot and Rictor come out of their daze and remove the circlets from their heads. Blink, and look around trying to figure out what the heck is going on.

After having sent Brightwind into the trees to led Cannonball away from the city, Mirage leaps from her pegasus once he is close enough to the ground to make is safe. She runs in one direction and he flys up in another since with his wing span trees aren't easy to fly through.

Upon hearing her name and the subsequent crash she turns and heads in Cannonball's direction "Yes." she replies, "No I strongly suggest to stay put...or at least out of the way."

Sybil laughs and taps Rictor on the forehead. "When you realize the truth about yourself, darling, you will be so much happier." Then she takes to the air and flies away, heading toward the rest of her team. She'll leave Sunspot and Rictor to wonder why their clothing is suddenly all tangled together... as if they are wearing a single outfit.

Since the fight seems to have gone out of Sunspot, and apparently the others, Sunpyre holds rather than blast again. It would seem that the mind-controller has been dealt with. The Japanese mutant woman doesn't comment, merely peels off and flies back towards the center of the Stone City where she last saw Havok and Nightcrawler. "Is everyone alright?" she calls out, as she enters their airspace. She has missed any meaningful looks amongst her team members.

Turning an eye up to the approaching Leyu, Kurt gives a slight nod, everything is currently ok but the nod is curt at best, suggesting everything might not yet be resolved. As for what happens between Havok and Cable, he's presently ready for anything at the moment, his stance is still squared and ready for action, slightly hunched, one hand on the ground, the other hand dropping that circlet he had been holding. A slight spring on the balls of his feet, ready for whatever might come.

Sam touches his forhead, identifies and removes the circlet. "What tha heck?". Standing, he tosses it to the side and looks to Dani.

Warpath steps away from Cable, giving the cyborg plenty of space.

Cable pushes himself out of the stone wall where he left a crumbled impression. He scans around the area and assesses what everyone else knows. A small device extends from his oversized shoulder pad - it looks like a radar dish that sweeps around scanning. His ear is then covered and a mic reaches from the metallic ear piece to his mouth, "X-Force, report." he intones.

Havok lets Kurt take care of the team answers as he takes a few steps toward Cable, "Cable." he states addressing and requiring the larger man's attention, "You have two choices. Number one; you turn yourself over freely and come with us back to the states where you will have to answer to allegations. Or two; resist and we'll either take you down or leave you and your team here in the Savage Land to survive. The first way involves letting your team go when we get back to the states, and I won't even note them in my report. The second will result in injuries that none of us want on our hands. What'll it be?"

Meanwhile, Berto and Rictor start to break free of the fabric bindings and have full intention of seeking out the rest of their team. They do not have com units nor does Cannonball.

Dani assists Cannonball in getting to his feet and with him in tow heads back to the stone city where the rest of her team is. She emerges from the jungle in time to overhear Havok issue Cable his options. Giving a glance toward first Sam and then Warpath to gauge reactions she is ready to intervene should one of them decide to protet. Either physcically or mentally.

Well, isn't this interesting? Sybil arrives just as Alex begins his speech. She perches on a building at the edge of the clearing and watches. Calculating. How to use this to her advantage. Hmmm. That young, strapping Indian brave has sooooo much hair, doesn't he? She smiles a wicked little smile. "I wonder if it is as indestructable as the rest of him?"

Hovering above the rest, Sunpyre is frankly shocked by Havok's announcement and the bitter tone in which it is delivered. Not really understanding, she stays hovering above, weighing her options. Are they really now going to /attack/ the very people they came here to save? This is madness! All she wants to do is go home and catch that Glibert & Sullivan show.

As no questions are currently coming from the team, Kurt has nothing to answer really. More loudly, he throws in for the other members of X-Force, "Cable is the only one wanted by X-Factor." Implying government, "Everyone else can come to Xavier's while this is sorted out." That said, he looks around to see where his friends are and those potential foes in the ruin of Stone City.

Cable produces a weapon from his back and points it toward Havok, "Option number two."

Meanwhile, Cannonball is stood and seems to be able to manage on his own. "Where is everybody? Why are you here?" is asked of Dani.

Havok notes over the com, "Looks like he's not going to go quietly. Team, get ready?"

Elsewhere in the city, Sunspot and Rictor repurpose their torn clothing to make boy bit coverings before they start moving. They also have no clue about the fight.

Warpath looks reticent. He glances to Cable, then to Havok. His allegiance lies with Cable, but he knows that Moonstar will quickly get involved and may get hurt.

As soon as Cable draws his gun, Kurt moves into action, once again trying to show Alex he's faster than Jimmy and him had both presumed (wrongly :) ). Leaping into the air and tumbling, he ports behind Cable and swings with the flat of his sword for Cable's head, the only part unprotected by shoulder pads it would seem. This also helps to move sword forward and he makes an attempt to knock the BFG outof Cable's hand with his sword - using the edge so that even if Cable retains it, there is a chance he slices it.

Cable sees the attack coming but he cannot evade it. He's smacked upside the head and will be stunned for 2 rounds. He pulls the trigger and plasma bolts of red energy fire upward and around missing everyone and everything important. The pew-pew noise will alert others in the general area that there is a fight.

She may question the wisdom or purpose of this foolishness, but that is a thing to be brought up later. Saving face demands that the still-conformist young Japanese mutant heroine follow her leader's lead. Besides, that jackass isn't under mind control, and he's /shooting/! So, first thing's first: "That will be enough of that!" she shouts, levelling her hands and unleashing a devastating blast of superheated solar plasma, narrowed down to a thin beam intended only to slag that weapon before it hurts someone.

Warpath sees the engagement and knows what he needs to do. Take out Havok. It's assumed that if he subdues the leader, then the rest will fall into line. He leaps/flies toward Havok. Havok is either really that good, or Warpath just straight out missed. The giant native American wiffs right over Havok's head and continues on toward a nearby column.

Dani stands conflicted, her old team versus her new team. Does she attack Warpath and possibly her former Net Mutants and put those relationships in jeapordy or do nothing with similiar results with her new team. She is potentially screwed either way. Considering the conversation that was had with Sam months she doesn't beleive he will stand up for Cable, though she warns him off of the idea anyway. With Havok and Sunpyre having it in hand so far, and Warpath failing, she waits it out, but is prepared to spring into action should it be necessary.

Sunspot and Rictor have gathered their boy bit coverings and start running barefoot toward the city center. Sunspot's skin shifts completely black with motes forming all around him. Rictor states, "That's Cable's rifle. We'd better help him out."

Havok was missed by the ginormous native American. He sees that Kurt has Cable well in hand and turns on his heel to target Warpath, "I told you what would happen James, guess you made your choice." Both arms are already raised and with a FOOOOOOOOOOOOM he unleashes a stream of fiery plasma square into the bare chest of Warpath. Doing little to no damage.

Perched atop one of the nearby buildings, Sybil has a clear shot of everything. Which is adorable. Sexy men fighting each other. Got to love it. Still, she's here to be part of a team, isn't she? Which means its time to do her job. She reaches out and seeks out Mr. Warpath's sexy, romance cover hair and yanks upwards. Let's see how high we can make Jimmy fly before his hair rips out of his scalp.

Cannonball looks to the action, looks to Dani and says, "Uh. What do we do?" He's eager to engage, and the blood between he and Havok haven't always been good. While on the other hand he and Dani are former teammates and Cable is current team mate. He's hesitant and doesn't know what to do...

Equally conflicted Dani points Cannonball in the direction of Shatterstar and Sunspot "You keep them out of this. We just want Cable." the look she gives him makes it clear she won't take any response from him except him doing what he is told. She then moves to intercept Warpath before he goes to attack Havok again.

Seeing that a straight up blast isn't going to work, Havok starts to move laterally (away from the location of Cable/Kurt and off the dais toward the central part of the temple). In his movement, while still having some height over Warpath's current position. He fires his plasma at the column that is directly behind Warpath. With the goal of bringing down the massive stones atop Warpath. FOOOOOOOOOOOOOM is quickly followed by the massive column falling upon, and burying Warpath.

Warpath is buried, he'll dig his way out in a few rounds.

With Cable literally stunned, Kurt wraps a tail around him, ready to teleport at the drop of a dime, his left hand brings a sword to bear on his neck. With the right hand, he swipes at the gun attempting to dislodge it just as a safety precaution. He calls, "Its over X-Force, come with us or find your own ride out of the Savage Lands."

"Well, damn." Sybil frowns. Truth be told, she hasn't engaged in this sort of combat in a while. Proudstar's buried, which is a perfectly good waste of manflesh. In that case, maybe she should focus her efforts elsewhere. Using the material at hand, Sybil grabs hold of part of Kurt's costume, leaving him naked from the waist up, and uses the tendrils she has unwoven to create a rope, trying to pull the gun from Cable's stunned hand.

Blue Fuzzy is bare from the chest up and Cable's weapon is bound in such a way that he'll never be able to access it again

Cannonball agrees with Dani's assessment and situation. He says, "Gotcha." His eyes reveal a longing for the way things were when they were 'co-leaders' of the New Mutants. He misses the lack of military complexity of that team even though they went from one mis-adventure to the next. He really wants to come home? But for now, Cannonball rockets off to intercept Sunspot and Rictor. Delaying their approach and will try to keep them from intervening.

Sunspot and Rictor pause and the three begin to talk about the situation (dropping out of combat).

Seeing that Sybil has Cable's rifle well in hand - er, shirt? - Sunpyre instead tries to make sure he won't be grabbing any /other/ weapons, again trying for pencil-thin beams of superheated plasma to melt any other weapons she can see. Best to make sure this doesn't devolve into a problem. But she is /so/ going to give Havok and Nightcrawler a talking-to when they get home! (And then she's going on that date, damnit!)

With Sam and the other two keeping out of it, and most of X-Factor having a handle on Cable, Mirage stands over where the buried Warpath is trying to free himself. At this point she doesn't think that Cable has much fight left in him, but then again she doesn't know him that well. Her bow and arrow has come to hand though the doesn't have it aimed anywhere as of yet, just ready for either Cable in case he manages to escape Kurt and Sybil and run or to threaten Warpath when he frees himself, not that it would do him any damage.

Cable seems defeated as he says, "Alright, you win." - this round. He relaxes and calls out, "X-Force, stand down! Do as they say? And Havok, you'd better let them go. "

Sunspot, Rictor and Cannonball (who walks ahead and away from his mostly nude teammates) come within the temple.

Warpath rises out of the rubble, disheveled. He looks to Mirage and there's a hint of dissapointment within his eyes. Not of her, but of his own actions and the way the situation has played out.

Havok states back to Cable, "You have my word. They will go free."

Emerging from the jungle, Ka-Zar, Shanna the She Devil, Zabu the Sabre Toothed Cat, and Tabitha cross the distance to the city center where the two teams stand.

"Hail, X-Men!" Ka-Zar calls out with a raised spear in greeting. "Your wayward companion," - he indicates Tabitha - "tells me of your strife with the Mutates and your freeing of my people. My thanks to you."

Introductions are made between the factions and words are kept few. Ka-Zar indicates that he has full intention of re-habilitating the Savage Land Mutates by showing them kindness in hopes that they will change their ways.

Meanwhile, the members of X-Force are reunited, they try and work out the details with Warpath as to what happened and then everyone is free to move-along, move-along back to the Blackbird and subsequently their home.

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