Savage Land IV: Plan of the Day

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Savage Land IV:

Havok, Nightcrawler, Warpath, Sunpyre, Gypsy Moth & Mirage

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Savage Land

X-Factor debate the next move

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- Savage Land - Village of the Fallen People -

The sun rises on the village of the Fallen People and with it the villagers. With the Mutates having been routed by the efforts of X-Factor life is going back to normal. A group of men are taking care of their raptor mounts and preparing for a hunting expedition and the smells of villagers preparing breakfast are wafting through the air.

The team has been given their own sets of living quarters and several of the villagers have volunteered to act as their go betweens.

Having woke an hour or so earlier, Havok moves through the village in the early morning hours assessing the situation and trying to get further intel on the Savage Land Mutates. He learned a few things but little more than what the party had already learned the night prior. It's anticipated that the SLM have a campsite in the cluster of foothills 7 miles to the north. The shipment of ore was to be obtained in two days and taken back to that location. But two days is too long of a wait when they're here on a rescue mission and need to find Sam and Berto.

Having gone open air for his camping arrangements, Nightcrawler is still out at the log where he had an amusing, if not mislead conversation on entertaining topics last night. Waking up to drool and the dirt beneath him, he crawls out of whatever sleeping bag/warm blanket he'd mustered from the Blackbird. He didn't have it when he went to sleep, must of ported over during the night after the fire died to get it. Needless to say, he spends a moment getting mud matted drool off his fuzzy blue face, muttering about the need to get back to civilization and hoping no one quite notices. As he finishes, he'll roll the blanket/bag, tuck away swords and announce himself to however he sees is up and about for the morning with a friendly "Helloooo."

Emerging from her tent, Dani stretches with a yawn "You don't suppose they have a Starbucks out here do you?" she asks upon seeing that Kurt is around and up. She is still wearing the outfit that she got from the Fallen People, though the rest of her gear is absent for the moment. "It's nice to be camping again, at least camping without having to worry about getting eaten by a demon.

Descending from the sky, Warpath comes into view. His massive frame mostly exposed as it appears his costume was ripped away. He only wears the pants, boots and bracers as his bare and tanned chest is fully exposed. His hair has been pulled back out of his face and he wears a dark red headband to maintain it's posterior positioning.

Touching down in the encampment nearest to the mutants, he greets Mirage first, "Danielle." then acknowledges the others with a nod. When his words come, they are more directed toward Mirage, "I've found Sam and Berto. They are with Cable and Richtor. All four are enthralled by Brainchild. I went in to free them from their enslavement. Things did not go as I planned."

As the sounds of an awake village fill the air - along with the scents - the young Japanese mutant Sunpyre will emerge from one of the small huts allowed to the team by the villagers last night, pushing aside the hide curtain as she squints up at the sun. By comparison to certain other teammates, she emerges looking quite clean, and her hair looks unfairly perfect in arrangement. "Why don't I start some water for the coffee?" Granted /she/ intends to use that for tea, not coffee, but it can be used for both. "Good morning." she murmurs to Dani and Kurt as she passes them on the way to the site of last night's campfire, which soon blazes back to life easily enough.

Sybil Dvorak emerges from that same hut. Like Leyu, she is in perfect order. Her hair in place and her clothing with nary a wrinkle. Her mask is down but her wings are on. "Coffee sounds divine." Then down down down comes the savage Warpath. "Mmm. I will say this... the view in the morning in these parts is excellent. Well worth the high taxes."

Kurt, known for being modest, grins as Dani emerges from a tent, quite native in appearance, "Yes, it is nice to be-kini you too Dani. Serious harm is the least worry you have from this devil." For whatever that means, he certainly leaves interpretation up in the air, but he is all smiles as his eyes don't quite leave the presence of Ms. Moonstar. Good time to stretch the sleep out, he lifts hands up, two fists, to get that back of his arched all the way. He stops part way because his side isn't having it. As Jimmy is touching down and catching up, "I'm trying to figure out what part of that recon gave you indication you should go it alone, seeing as you came and asked us for the help. New plan Jimmy, stick together."

As Leyu passes, "Good morning sunshine, I could get used to seeing your face every morning. I know what you mean." The later bit tacked on for Sybil, Kurt pretends to nonchalantly flex his muscles even thoguh he gets no attention about the morning view. Still grinning, as if he was allowed to ignore Dani and Jimmy for that interruption, he ponders, "Did we get to the part about Jimmy giving us the scoop on where the enthralled X-Force is and who's guarding them and what our plan of action is already?"

Approaching the gathering, Havok seems to have a spark of anger within his demeanor. He verbally assaults Warpath, "Dude, what's your malfunction? You were supposed to stay with the group and we were doing this together."

"Calm yourself, Havok. I am here now." Warpath responds in a calmer tone. Then adds in regards to Kurt's remark, "I can cover more ground than any of you and, forgive me Danielle; I can handle the environment better if you as a group are not in the way. As it stands, I have a plan that involves the rest of you. One that will ensure the freedom of my team."

Havok is about to say something else when he realizes that Nightcrawler pressed the topic. He's even more annoyed with the remarks of Warpath about handling their selves. Instead of blurting out exactly what he thinks, Havok gives way to what Mirage may have to say.

"You weren't the demon I was referring to." Dani responds with a grin to Kurt, if she realizes he is flirting she gives it no indication, which is probably why she isn't flirted with in the first place, she doesn't most cases. She turns to James as he touches down in camp "It's about time you showed your face." she takes in his disheaveled appearance "It would seem that way. "We managed to rescue Tabitha, and captured Lupa and Worm." she waves the apology away "What's done is done. Next time give us some warning though." she gives him a quick smile before she is all serious again "And your plan?

Quietly, Sunpyre brings a large pot of water to a boil far more quickly than a mere cookfire should manage, and starts parceling that out and adding teabags. Then she readies a filter and strains the nigh-boiling water down through coffee grounds as well. In short order, she is delivering tea and coffee to those who need or desire it, all without saying anything ... until she finally offers a mug of coffee to Warpath.

"I realize we do not know one another, Mister Proudstar. But I would remind you, perhaps more gently than my teammates, that /you/ came to /us/ for help. Abandoning us immediately upon arrival is not the way to instill in us any confidence in you, or your intelligence." Leyu might be polite, but she can be scathing in her own way, made especially so by that very politeness. "We have already seen that some of your own team have been and are under the control and influence of others here. Could you not now be under the same influence, returned to us to mislead us into a trap? And just such doubts are precisely why we should have stayed together. Those doubts will now hobble our ability to aid you, or your team, as effectively as we might have."

"And a floor show. Delightful." Sybil says as she watches the team bicker, just a little. With the masterstroke delivered by the delicate flower that is Sunpyre. Sybil sips from her tea cup, happy to let other people debate the boring details while she enjoys the moment.

Kurt is about to say something, but Leyu says it all actually. He confirms everythig she said with a "Ya." Take that Mr. Proudstar! He does throw in for further convenience, after a short pause, "And this plan, you can offer it, but ultimately, it comes down to whether we agree or not or if we have a better idea - our goal being to get all of X-Factor in and out alive and un-enthralled by Brainchild. Since it obviously means its the only way to get the actual intel, I guess you fire away with it and we go from there." Though as Havok has joined, he looks to him in deference, its his show.

Warpath only regard's Sunpyre's statement with a glance. He doesn't offer words or explanation. He is the epitome of the 700lb gorilla that essentially sits anywhere he wants to. His attention then turns back to Mirage, Warpath relays, "Their camp is located approximately 7 miles north of our present location. They are fortified and have an established parameter with enslaved guards and regular mutate guards. The camp is located within an abandoned stone city. Something overgrown and quite large. Brainchild has setup his court within the city center where it seems the previous ruler had a throne and such. It is an open air facility with access from above. Warpath begins drawing out the map in the sand.

Cable seems to follow his every order and stands guard near to the throne. Richtor, Cannonball, and Berto are often nearby. But they too act as guards. Sam maintains an aerial vigil. I was unable to locate Domino, but her scent was present.

"We have to go in hard and fast. From the intel we have on you all, none are resistant to mental assault except Danielle who is likely able to stand on her own for a short period against Brainchild. I propose that I fly Danielle directly to Brainchild's location where she try to establish his fear or desire to distract him from controlling /all/ of his armies to assault us. In the meantime, Nightcrawler teleports Havok to our location. The three of us engage Cable and whomever is also on guard. Likely Barbarus and Gaza. He likes to keep his strong ones close. I know Leash is also in the area - something that the Gypsy Moth will enjoy due to her choices of attire. I do not believe Sauron is nearby nor Lupo. However, Vertigo is within the compound and there's a strong chance she poses a threat. Meanwhile, Sunpyre will need to engage Cannonball and take him out of the fight. He can outfly me and do passing strikes. Sunspot and Rictor normally run patrols, too far out to engage if we can take out Brainchild straight away."

Havok regards the plan and states, "So it's all contingent on whether or not Dani can take out Brainchild? otherwise we'll be moshed within a minute or so. Dani, you think you can do it?"

Dani nods her thanks to Leyu as coffee is handed out and she takes a sip as the young asian woman scolds James. Her eyebrow arches at the latters restraint to the scolding. She continues to sip her coffee, as the plan is explained. "Well I would rather but an arrow between his eyes." out comes the bloodthirsty streak, "It could work." she pauses to think, "With Brainchild having to focus on keeping control of his slaves he might be more vulnerable to mind attack. It's a big might though." she gives a glance to Leyu and the girls warning comes to mind "Though we still can't be sure of your allegiance James." which she seems quite disappointed about "You will take me to their city, but I will fly on my own. One of the others," that being Leyu or Gypsy, "Can follow, flying below the treeline.

Ignored rudely, Leyu's solution is simple, if terribly passive-aggressive. She flash-heats the ceramic mug of coffee that Warpath chose to ignore, and dumps it on his bare back. Then without so much as another word, she turns and walks away back to the campfire, completely ignoring his tactical plans and sand-drawn maps.

Sybil watches Leyu's... solution to the problem. She smiles. "She might be a bit immature about her method of protest but Leyu is correct. That plan is overly complex and filled with too many variables. The Shroud would never agree to it. Especially when you have something much simpler and effective present." Leyu points to Nightcrawler. "Your problem is Brainchild. Without his control, our numbers double. Thus, we remove him. Nightcrawler teleports him out of range. Mirage goes with Nightcrawler to ensure Branichild is too busy to take control of the elf."

Following the same logic as most of the others, Kurt nods his agreement to what Sybil simply stated. "That's the best plan ... we all agree we have to take out Brainchild or the whole thing is stacked against us. I go in with Dani, we pull him out to a safe location and deal with him before he draws the mindslaves to us. As long as I can see him, I can get him out. Backup is Dani does long range snipping with her arrows, we don't have to risk everyone in a hair brain plan of smash." Smiling a little over the hot coffee and sure Jimmy doesn't even feel it, he adds, "Without mind control, X-Force and X-Factor can just get out of Dodge, dealing with remaining mutates - not an entire stone city of thralls."

Warpath feels no pain from the superheated liquid. His skin is unharmed and he glances to the departure of Sunpyre then notes to Havok, "Your team lacks discipline." But quickly returns back to the topic at hand. "Agreed, Danielle, I wouldn't trust me either considering the situation at hand. As far as the teleport out idea; Nightcrawler can only teleport a maximum of 3 miles. This isn't outside of his telepathic control range, especially with the head bands. However, if he's able to teleport Brainchild to us it would give us the advantage of a few minutes to deal with him. However, one must consider that even though Nightcrawler's teleportation is instantaneous, Cable is faster. Additionally, the speed of thought is a difficult one to gauge. Brainchild may take control of one or all of us. Another point of interest, Brainchild's telepathic reach is greater than Nightcrawler's line of sight. He will have to port in range while maintaining a steady stream or porting to as not to be mentally captured. If we were to all go in at once, it would ensure that we would offer more than just one mind for engagement."

Havok says little as he's formulating his own plan in his head, or weighing the options. However he does look even more annoyed when Warpath notes about the lack of discipline - especially since he's not the leader that Cyclops is and his team is far more lax than what the X-Men are.

Sybil mmms. "Then add a distraction. Perhaps something along the lines of an exploding sun high above the camp. Really, I can't think of everything." The fingers of her gloves unweave themselves. Sybil produces an emergy board and begins filing her nails. "This was so much easier with Tick Tock present. The little troll could see five minutes into the future. Always found the trouble before it found us."

"Brainchild is bound to know by now that this village has been liberated." Dani states after everyone has said thier peice "He needs this mine so he will probably send out more villagers in an attempt to take it back." she glances toward the village proper and nods at Sybil "We have Tabitha now, she can provide the diversion to draw Cable away, which will give Kurt a chance to get Brainchild without the risk. If necessary Leyu could provide a distraction to get Sam and Roberto away as well.

"The plan is risky either way," says Kurt, "If they will know I am coming from 3 miles out, they will know any of us are coming before we get there. The distractions are the best plan. Then again, they didn't come to this village in the middle of the night after they lost all these mind slaves here. There is something we must have that worries them from coming to us just the same." He's good with whatever plan Alex agrees too, but puts his two cents in there.

"I could always capture one of you, drag you in as a disguise, and then give the Brainboy an anureism. A head that large, the blood vessels must be ripe for popping." Sybil says as she holds out her hand to examine her nails.

Warpath gives pause and looks to the beautiful deadliness displayed by the Gypsy Moth. There's even a look, almost a smile, of appreciation for her approach.

Havok clears his throat and notes, "Any other ideas than the two on the table? Straight in, fast and hard hoping that Dani can take out Brainchild. Or Kurt ports in, grabs him and brings him back to us so we can pummel him? I personally don't like having Kurt stick his neck out like that - not without backup and Dani's sniping is still too close."

"And then you would be mindcontrolled, giving us one more person to rescue." Dani gives a shake of her head. "Any plan is going to have risk, the best we can do is take all the factors in consideration and hope for the best." she drains the rest of her coffee "Well there is a third, get in the Blackbird and blow the shit out of the area. But then we have to deal with all the collateral damage." she starts to turn, "Just pick one let me know the verdict." she heads back to her tent to gather her various weapons.

Not really wanting to get involved at this point in the planning, Leyu still feels compelled to at least point out, "We do currently have two flight-capable vehicles available to us. If part of the need is to assure chaos in the enemy ranks to create an opening for others' attacks - be they Nightcrawler, or Mirage, or anyone else - we could crash one of those vehicles into the structure." Probably best to do it with the 'mini-van' than the Blackbird, but that isn't her call. Sure. She re-iterated Dani's point. Sort-of, if not exactly. So, being useless, she shuts up and goes back to making breakfast.

Kurt nods in agreement with all of them. "Both plans definitely need a distraction. I still have a problem knowing Brainchild will know if we're within three miles. I more strongly suggest a distraction at a distance, see if we can draw them out and deal with them a few at a time. But, case in point with the village," he head nods to fur loincloth/bikini friends, "They know we're here. If there is no way to sneak either Dani or myself in, as Jimmy seems to think, then we will have to rush blindly, full charge."

"I agree with Mirage." Sybil explains. "You have options. Work out the plan and tell me what it is." She rises to her feet. "I am going to go take a dip in the stream."

Warpath considers Gypsy Moth's departing words and looks to Havok. Unspoken words of lack of discipline come to mind as Cable wouldn't run such a sinkingly lax ship.

Havok states, "Then we go in hard and fast."

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