Savage Land III: Liberation of the Fallen People

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Savage Land Part III

Havok, Nightcrawler, Gypsy Moth, Sunpyre and Mirage

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06/01/12 14:00

Savage Land

X-Factor liberates the Fallen People and rescues Boom-Boom

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Perched on the edge of the forest, the heroes of X-Factor; Nightcrawler, Mirage & Havok, are accompanied by 5 of the Fall People. They remain hidden within as they look onto the enslaved Fall People's village.

The village has approximately 10 to 12 huts and one central gathering building that's larger than all the rest. The village is in a clearing encircled on all sides by a jungle filled with strange and prehistoric beasts. On the 'south' side of the village there is a rocky outcropping with a cavern mouth leading down into the ground.

In the center of the village in clear view of the cavern is a chair raised upon small tree trunks to allow the seated individual (Amphibian) to look down upon the enthralled and give direction to their menial tasks of excavating the mine. A constant stream of enslaved Fall People (all wearing a golden electronic circlet) march in with empty baskets and march out with dirt/rock/ore filled baskets. There are three distinct piles for the litter being excavated and the one that is precious (the ore) is dropped into carts near to the 'throne' of Amphibius.

Within the enthralled, a feral looking woman (Lupa) seems to be 'helping' move things along faster. She has wicked claws and teeth and seems quite entertained and elated by her actions of oppressiveness. She's not a nice girl.

Within the mine the heroes would expect that there's another of the Savage Land Mutates giving additional direction, especially to their wayward and enthralled friend, "Boom Boom, AKA: Tabitha Smith" who is being used to blast out pockets of ore deep witnin the mine with her super explosive powers.

The temperature is high, it's humid, and the sun is near the 3pm position. The jungle behind them comes to life between the explosions with sounds only unique to the Savage Land.

Within a few minutes the Fall People are slowing and quietly slip from the dinosaurs to take crouched positions in deep foliage. They will lead the heroes to the edge of a clearing where the Fall People's village can be seen. Within the village the natives are being told what to do by a large frog like creature sitting atop a wooden erected 'throne' in the center of the village (Amphibius).

Then suddenly there's a concussive explosion heard from within the mine. Not loud enough to indicate the collapse of the mine and familiar enough to Mirage for her to realize that it was one of Tabitha's time bombs. It's likely they're using Taby to dig for them.

With a nod, Kurt is about to respond when a plasma bomb goes off on cue to indicate they have Tabitha. He ponders that, "They might have Julio too, I wasn't sure if Rusty had followed Sally into the cult or not. Maybe we should ask her sometime for clairication on who's followed this Cable and who followed that Stryfe guy ... unless Alex know's what the file says." He's getting off his dinosaur the same though, crouching to observe. "Ok, that's a mutate there, I can take her I think, but with all the mind control, we don't know what to expect."

"Rusty is still with Stryfe." Mirage tells the two between clenched teeth, she is obviously angry about that situation as well as the situtation that is before her eyes. She will probably have to be physically held back to keep from marching into the camp now and giving the mutates hell.

Havok notes, "Kurt, you said you could take out Lupa, Dani, you think you can subdue Amphibius? I intend to move into the cave and take care of whomever is at the bottom."

"I like the plan boss," intones Kurt as if ready to go, but he doesn't grab for the swords he has tucked onto his person somewhere comfortable (not on the back because artists think they look cool there). "But, and hear me out, what if we go in there, attract Brainchilds attention, he brings all the mutates down here, and we have a bigger fight than we want on our hands. What if we try the sneaky plan, I could teleport in, hide in the shadows ... or we could try a disquise." His eyes look to Dani at that mention, after all blue fuzzy isn't disquisable in Savage Land getups, neither is Alex with glowy chest obtrusion.

Havok turns to Mirage, ideas filling his mind. "Dani, you up for that?" He tries not to smile or allow any type of innuendo to pass from his mind to his expressions.

Bow clutched tightly in hand, it is a sheer act of will that is preventing Dani from raining a barrage of arrows down at the mutates. "Kurt is right, a full frontal assualt will cause to much chaos and runs the risk of getting civilians hurt or killed." all this is said without her taking her eyes from the village "You'll need to send one of the people," she gestures to the five that are with them "To get proper clothing." she finally does turn to Kurt "You don't have your holoemitter with you?

Whether he has it or not, Kurt shakes his head, serious as everyone else, "No, I left the Stark Inducer in my sock drawer." Not like it matters perhaps, "I'm trying to avoid using it as much as I can, didn't see a purpose on this mission." Much like they nearly forgot the translator in the Blackbird. Unlike Alex, Kurt is not surpressing any smirk on the right corner of his mouth, his small cannines get catching some of the fading sunlight as the day drags on.

With a grin, Havok mutters the word 'fokker'. Then he turns to one of the natives. After some words the native rushes into the village to retrieve clothing.

He will return in a minute or two and skid into the hiding place with sandals, a tanned light brown leather thong and bikini top. Other affectations are also in hand such as leather straps for hair and arm bindings (like bracelets not shackles).

Dani takes the belongings without comment and tucks them under an arm as she removes her bow and arrows "Hold on to these, while I go change. And keep them with you I may need them if things get dicey." she will have to stash her other weapons somewhere safe." she hands them off to Alex and then disappears into the jungle to disguise herself.

"If things get dicey, get into our field of depth here and you'll have instant bow and arrows," intones Kurt, not hiding the fact that he's watching the jungle where Dani went and not Lupa rounding up mind slaves of the Fall People to hall whatever ore has been discovered near their village that has lead to Brainchild employing the mind control circlets. He does ponder towards Alex, "Herr Summers, did we keep on of those damaged circlets from before, it will complete the disguise, raise less suspicion ..." Whether they have one or Kurt has to port back for one, they'll have it by the time Dani immerges from the jungle, hopefully Kurt is back for that.

(Nightcrawler for Alex) ... Havok shakes his head, and in his best American accent, "Ugh, no way dude, like we totally forgot the, ugh, mind things like back at the dinosaur rally fight place ... dude." He might throw up the international sign for hang loose too. Which means Kurt has to port back while Dani is chaning off scene.

The next time Dani is seen she is making her way through the village, having donned her disguise, though at some point she has managed to get a leather belt with long fringe hanging down down to right below her rear. She also wears the deactivated control collar that one of the Fall People brought to her after Kurt fetched them. Her hair is styled in keeping with the natives and she has used some dirt to hide the blackeye.

Keeping an eye on the Mutate guards she grabs a basket and slips into the line heading down into the mine. She keeps her head angled slightly down, looking like one of the downtrodden natives.

Of course when she's gone, Kurt and Alex might exchange some comments about spending more time doing field work in the Savage Land and liking disguises. That is neither here nor now. Down in the mines, the scantily dressed Savage Lands natives are indeed herded around by the mutate Amphibius, who is responsible for Tabitha as well. If one were to place a guess, they are either digging for Vibranium or have found Vibrainium. Despite seeming out of his element, it would seem some of Lupa's dire wolves are in place down here as well serving as guard dogs, or at least to keep the Fall People from straying down the wrong tunnels focusing all activity to or from the tunnel where Tabitha is working. As if on cue, all the people suddenly duck against a wall - as if whoever is controlling them knows that something is about to happen - such as a timed plasma bomb to dig further.

Dani follows the lead of the natives, she goes where they go, moves when they do, so when they duck against the wall she does to. She waits for the explosion to rip through the mine, letting loose a rain of dust that /almost/ causes her sneeze. Once everything has settled down she moves forward with the rest, keeping an eye out for Tabitha.

Going forward, it doesn't take long to eventually get to Tabitha who is mind zombied out of it standing to the side. There seems to consideration by a mutate known as Worm regarding what is to be blasted next as Fall People move in to pick up rubble from the blast area and move it out. This would be easier with mine cart and rails, but its Savage Land. Its all by hand. There is time to plan the next bomb. Thus, Tabitha stands to the side starring blankly at the passing people, if she sees Dani there is no recognition on her face. The scouting mission will confirm Amphibious is in the mines organizing people, Worm is organizing demolitions, and Lupa is keeping the village under wraps. Her dire wolves are serving as grunts/guards. In fact, if Dani thinks about it now that she sees some of the wolves down here in the mines, there are probably some patrolling the village up above. In fact, again, come to think of it, this could lead to a dire wolf finding the boys and the freed Fall People, but they're probably too busy talking about furred up Dani or oogling Lupa to think about dire wolves. That or they don't know much about Lupa and her control over the vicious animals to even think about it.

Believe it or not, Gypsy Moth isn't always an exhibitionist. For example, she has adapted to her surroundings by cleverly weaving hundreds of leaves from the surrounding trees into her costume. Instead of just flying around and attracting attention, she flits from tree to tree, spending a few moments in each to search the ground and seek out potential threats and enemies. She finds none, fortunately.

Sunpyre would normally find it very difficult to blend in within the all-natural environments of the Savage Land. But with her teammate's help, Sunpyre is currently wrapped up in a woven covering of plant fronds, tucked away in a tree maintaining an overwatch position on the camp. She is largely waiting for a signal from Nightcrawler or Mirage, some sign that it is time to act. But her position also makes it possible for her to spot signs of the wolfen patrol moving about the village. She does not have orders to engage, just yet. But if that patrol becomes a threat to those already saved, she will act, and apologize for blowing cover later.

Mirage follows the lead of the enslaved natives, stifling any reaction that she may have to what has been done to Tabitha. She has noted the movements of the wolf guards and the other Mutates and her main obstacle is that of Worm. She doesn't count the direwolves as one at the moment. As she is loading rocks into her basket she chooses a hefty one and waits for the opprotune time to bash it across Worm's head.
Nothing here. Sybil moves to another tree. Nothing he... oh. Wait. Isn't that interesting? She taps her communicator to activate it and speaks, very quietly, into it. "I have found a patrol in the village. A large woman who needs to learn what the words Brazillian and wax means sheparding about a pack of giant, wild dogs. I will wait here and ponder shopping until someone tells me what to do."

Into the comdevice, Alex calls, "Keep eyes on the dogs, let us know if they get close to our position," that's for both Sybil and Leyu who are keeping a perimeter watch at the moment. He ponders to Kurt next time him, "Dude, this disguise business is taking too much time, I'm not liking it now that I think about it."

With a shrug, Kurt says, "I trust Dani, and I know you do to, you just want to blast something." He goes back to watching, trusting Gypsy Moth and Sunpyre just the same.

Unseen to the people on the ground, Dani sneaks out and attempts to bash in Worm's skull. Its a good moment for this, no one is presently around but Worm and Tabitha and some mind controlled savages. Those under mind control continue with their programmed routine. (Worm and Dani can +roll/init for the struggle they're entering - I'll use Kurt to roll it, but I'll subtract my init bonus from the roll).

Worm is bending over, perhaps its a glancing blow at best, he's not knocked out and now aware of Dani, but still not aware enough to react, he is turning to see who has tried to scramble his brains though.

"If you insist." Leyu says. She keeps watch, for now, in her handy little tree perch. Just in case, though, she reaches out and mentally touches a dozen or so nearby vines. After all, those always are handy in jungle movies.

The rock is heavier then it looks so Mirage isn't able to get it up enough to make the first blow count, but as he turns toward her she gets the large rock up above her head and once more swings it down to it bashes into the side of Worm's face. This time she plans to make it count or else she will have to use her powers and that could get yucky.

Up in her own tree, Sunpyre struggles to subdue the snorting laughter Sybil's comments cause to well up inside her. "I see her and the canines as well. They are not close to your current position ... yet." She too would like to blast something. Darned itchy palm fronds!

Worm takes rock to face, was about to say something smarmy and instead rolls eyes to back of head and tumbles over. Dani might notice as soon as he's out of it, Tabitha seems to blink confusedly - and she doesn't have a mind control circlet. However, as the action unfolds, a Dire Wolf in the mine approaches and starts a low howl. It picks up, caught by the next wolf in a higher passage, its going fast enough that it will reach the surface before it can be stopped. However, they are not moving from posts to interecede - perhaps these dire wolves below the surface are early warning system. However, this sends Amphibius running down into the mines to see what the trouble is. Lupa receives the message and starts looking around the village now.

Lupa calls to her pack, howling herself but perhaps using animal empathy of some sort. Those below ground move towards the exit, good for Dani, bad for everyone else perhaps. Those nearby, the surface back, move out some and begin to sniff vigorously. Those watching may realize it won't be long until the ground group is discovered.

With Worm down for the moment Mirage rushes over to Tabi, grabs her shoulder and gives her a gentle shake "Tabitha. It's Dani. We've got to get out of here. I have a team outside the village but they will need our help and those of the villager down here." with no threat of the wolves coming after them she begins to go from native to native that are still in the mines and remove thier collars and if Tabi is with it enough, instruct her to do the same.

"I know that howl. Jack Russell used to howl like that just before he started ripping things apart." Sybil mutters to herself. She throws out her hands and that dozen or so vines she so cleverly gathered to her earlier spring forward, seeking to ensnare Lupa and wrap her up in a nice, neat, and mummified package.

The vines go for the wolves and Lupa, the begin to entwine but not quite hold just yet, however it slows them down so that they do not come straight for the group on the ground.

Kurt responds as well, "Blast the wolves," he says towards Alex and in a purple haze he is gone. There is another wisp of purple near Lupa and he makes two subduing attacks and then bamfs out of sight once more.

Hit by Kurt, Lupa is surprised and stumbles away from him, hopefully becoming entangled more in the vines.

"Blast the wolves? Aye." Sunpyre responds to the order, even if it doesn't come from the team leader. Nightcrawler is more experienced than she is, after all. The young woman dives from cover, incinerating her palm front jumper as her body erupts with flaring solar plasma. She takes flight to get position, and then fires down at the wolves, aiming for precision shots so as to reduce the amount of fire damage the village - and villagers - may suffer.

Mirage only has to remove the collars from a few of the natives before the freed ones take it upon themselves to free the rest. There aren't many in this area, but there are more scattered throughout the mine so that several freed natives disappear into other sections to free those. There will be a small army rushing out of the mines soon enough.

Tabi is quickly coming around she looks at Worm still unconscious on the ground and then at her former team mate Mirage, mostly in confusion.

With the villagers taking care of themselves now Mirage grabs Tabi's hand and quickly pulls her, running toward the mine exist leading villagers, who have picked up various mining tools to use as weapons and are letting loose thier crys of war.

The dire wolves in the area of affect of the plasma blast, along with entangling vines, go up in smoke. Charred is an understatment. Not seeing any of this, Amphibius is greated with the rising mob. Instead of facing this terror, he makes tactical decision to try and withdraw from the mines - one could guess he's going to try to get in touch with Brainchild, though Brainchild probably already knows because of all the circlets popping off now.

Alex sees Kurt go in and out, then he takes a pop shot at Lupa with one of his plasma blasts just the same.

Alex's blast hits the stumbling Lupa, knocking her around some more, she goes to one knee, but isn't out for the count. More wolves coming up from the mines this round, those on the ground our fried and ready to eat.

Faced with a sudden onslaught, Lupa takes in her surroundings and decides to foot it like Amphibius, calling to her pack, she aims for the forest opposite of where X-Factor fired from. The wolves aim to follow.

With the Mutates retreating Mirage and her group only take long enough to gather appropiate weapons before giving chase to Amphibous. Bow and arrow now in hand Mirage is using hand signals and pantomine to communicate with her followers. She is probably even hard to distingush from her group since they are pretty much look to be the same racial stock. Taking the lead Mirage lifts her bow into the air and charges into the forest a small group of natives with her.

Tabi in the mean time is doing damage control in the village, helping the villagers who have remained but out fires that could have started and cleaning up the mess left by the Mutates.

Sybil grunts as she focuses, doubling down on her concentration. Her fingers twitch as she guides the vines. She settles all attention on Lupa for now, winding and wrapping. The vines become living things, zooming around the mutate in an effort to entrap her entirely. Some die due to the plasmic attacks of Alex and Leyu. Most are still intact, dancing around Kurt, somehow missing him. A coordination that can only come from someone who has been studying with her powers since she was a small girl. Sybil grins, watching as poor Lupa tries to run. Groggily, tripping over the vines. "No, no, no. You belong to me now." Sybil's hands twist and the vines finish their mission. Lupa becomes cocooned in green and rises until she hangs, upside down, from the branch of a handy tree.

Sunpyre meanwhile streaks down, surging the sheath of solar plasma arond herself, creating a wall o fire ahead of the wolves Lupa was controlling, a barrier to keep them contained so that they cannot threaten Dani or her followers, the villagers, or the rest of X-Factor.

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