Saturday Afternoon

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Hanging out at the Diner

Blindfold, Cyclops, the Phantasm, Seth, and the Vision

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07/07/12 15:14

Mutant Diner - Mutant Town

Saturday afternoon at the diner.

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It has been a few days since Scott Summers has been to Mutant Town since Independence Day. Recent events in the Xavier Institute have kept him away from his usual outreach work that he does here. Having come back without a group of students, the X-Men leader makes his way into the diner, dressed in a brown polo shirt and jeans. He slowly walks in, holding on his side and wincing a bit, due to a recent injury involving Sabretooth’s claws. Popping down at a booth, he lets out a loud exhale as he waits for service.

Blindfold walks into the diner tapping her cane infront of her. When a waitress walks by "Oh excuse me, I'm sorry, could you please tell me the time?" and smiles at the answer "Yes, thank you"

The waitress a mutant herself with glowing white eyes looks over Blindfold, “It’s 3:14 in the afternoon. Um, did you need help leading you to a booth or what?” She asks. For his part, Scott looks over at the entrance and smiles. A thought loudly rings in his mind, <Ruth. It is Scott. Come join me. I’m the one tapping my foot.> Scott is currently tapping his foot to some old rock tune.

Blindfold smiles to the waitress and shakes her head "Thank you, no sorry. I can find my way thank you" and gives a nod to the waitress before walking along down the aisle following the tapping and feels for the back of the bench seat "Hello again, thank you"

When Blindfold joins him, Scott smiles, “Well, I swear, I know mutants are a minority, but it seems the same ones are here. Pretty soon I will expect Darklight to walk in.” He gestures as the waitress approaches, “Can I take you orders?” She asks and Scott peruses the menu and asks, “Do you have menus with Braille?” The waitress looks perplexed a moment as she looks at Ruth, “Oh my god, I am so sorry. We don’t.”

Blindfold smiles in scott's direction with a soft chuckle "I had a feeling this was a good place." Then grins shyly at the sound of the waitress's voice "Thank you, it's alright, I'm sorry" and turns her head to Scott "Please, maybe this time you could order, thank you?"

Nodding his head though she cannot see, Scott offers to order for Blindfold, “Is there anything in particular you would like to have?” He asks Ruth as the waitress kindly waits. Scott tilts his head and he notices Ruth’s speech pattern and phrasing.
Blindfold smiles still "A turkey sandwich please if you don't mind, thank you?" most places had turkey sandwiches she hoped.
With that, the waitress scribbles down the order as Scott ponders something for himself, “I’ll have the same.” He nods to the waitress who offers another apologetic look. Scott then looks over to Ruth and says nothing verbally, but offers telepathically, <So, Ruth, do you find easier to communicate telepathically? Can you see this way?>

The door to the Mutant Diner swings open and a figure steps into the ol' school '50's style establishment. The Vision is the figure in question, though one may not recognize him as such. His holographic disguise is in full force during this outing, so gone is the ghostly white Avenger. Instead, it's a rather plain looking, caucasian or a man of at least indeterminate ethnic background. Vizh is dressed in a three-piece suit of similar cut and fit as you'd see from a man in the '50's. He's even wearing a brimmed hat atop his head. He raises a hand to a passing waitress who greets him cheerfully, "Hello." he returns the greeting.

Blindfold grins at Scott once the waitress has left "Yes, sorry, spoken is a bit easier. I don't know how to replay otherwise, I'm sorry, thank you. Sorry, no, it doesn't work exactly like that, I'm sorry, at least I don't know how, I apologize"

Scott Summers, leader of the X-Men though not publicly, sits at a booth, dressed in a brown polo shirt and jeans. His eyes are hidden behind red ruby quartz lenses. Seated across from him is an obviously blind young teen with a bandage wrapped around cover where ‘eyes’ would normally be. Noting Ruth’s apology. “Oh well, then it would seem you could use some training.” He smiles.

The waitress offers to Vision, “Excuse me, sir. I’ll be right with you.” She has two plates with turkey sandwiches which she brings to Scott and Ruth. She then turns back to Vision, her eyes glowing. She is an obvious mutant at this mutant friendly establishment, “Booth or counter, sir?” She asks him.

Blindfold nods shyly to Scott "Yes, thank you, in a number of ways. Control would be useful. I was hoping to find someone who could help me with that here in the city. Something told me I had to come even if I'm not sure yet why" She then smiles up in the direction of the waitress "Thank you, no, I'm fine but thank you"

“Well, I hear rumors of a mutant school that helps train people in their powers.” Scott offers as he continues to test Ruth’s abilities on his own. <Can you see what I see or do you simply hear my voice in your mind? Is there anything else you can do> He asks telepathically.

Blindfold grins, rubbing her arm self consciously "I was able to see how Vaughn saw fireworks but I don't know if that was what he was seing or not. Yes thank you, I was not aware of such a school but David wanted to speak on my behalf to some people he knew that might be able to help. No, that is not the extent of it thank you but even mutants tend to get wierded out, sorry"

Scott hmmmmns when he hears that David will potentially intervening on her behalf at Xaviers. It is good to see David offered help without outing the school. <What else is it that you are able to do? You saw the fireworks, so that is good. You are not completely blind then.>

The Vision waits patiently, allowing him a second or two to glance around the establishment. The expression on his face is one of neutrality. When the waitress addresses him again, he turns to look at her. He puts on a polite smile and nods, "Ah, uh. I am not sure, honestly. Either would suffice." His gaze drifts from her towards where Ruth and Scott are at. He looks at them briefly before turning his attention to the waitress anticipating that she will decide placement for him.

Blindfold smiles shyly "No, thank you. The fireworks were different I think, I can't be sure I'm sorry, seemed he saw the sound waves and boom of the fire color, thank you, I'm sorry, I don't know what fireworks usually look like" then she sighs looking down at her hands in her lap and fidgeting "David thought it was exciting but most people when they realize I spoke the truth aren't happy about it, I'm sorry. Sometimes, I see the past...sometimes the future, but I have no control of it, I'm sorry. People think I'm nuts, I apologize. Yes, thank you, sometimes I can see what is about to happen a split second before it does and I can get out of the way"

The glowing eyes waitress leads Vision to a booth directly across from Scott and Ruth. “What would you like to order, sir?” She asks as she hands him a menu.

Scott listens to Ruth and nods his head as he listens to her deciphering her unusual speech pattern. He smiles as she has basically confirmed that Vaughn is a mutant as well, most likely some sort of sound manipulator. When Ruth admits that she can see time, past and present. He is momentarily reminded of Destiny, the deceased blind precog of Freedom Force. He hmmmns and finally responds to Ruth telepathically, <So then you have postcongition and precognition on top of your telepathy. And you are not nuts. Those powers, in particular, are hard to grasp. . .even for mutants. And with precognition, it is difficult as probability can alter what you see. Can you see my past or future?>

The Vision takes the menu that is offered to him once he has settled into the seat. His lips purse a bit as he opens it up,
"Uh." He begins before looking up at her, "A water with lemon ple-" he pauses and shakes his head, "-No. Not lemon; A lime. Water with lime." He's living dangerously today it seems. He looks back to his menu, "That will give me time to absorb the menu and come up with a worth while decision."

Blindfold nods "Yes thank you, I knew I wasn't but most people take me as nuts. I see things as they will be unless something changes, but n I'm sorry it's not something I can do when I want and shut it off when I like. You see, please, they started as strange dreams but now come as visions." picks her head up in scott's direction, peeking thru his mind.

Bowing her head, the waitress nods, “Water with lime it is.” She leaves Vision with his menu while she goes to get his water. The Vision appears as a human wearing a brimmed hat and seated at a booth across from Cyclops and Blindfold.
Scott is wearing brown polo shirt and jeans with his ruby quartz lenses as he looks at Ruth. Having been taught by Xavier himself, Scott is aware of Ruth peeking through his mind and with some psi-blocks to keep out certain secretive thoughts, he allows her in to see what she can see. When she mentions that Seth will be joining them, Scott smiles and looks at the entrance to see if Ruth is right.

And there he is, in the flesh, the silver-haired, glowy-eyed mutant. He's carrying a box under his arm, and enters the diner, looking around for a moment. He heads for the cashier, and starts thinking his order...

The incognito Avenger flips through the menu for a few more moments. He places the menu down and turns his head to regard Scott and Ruth. His attention is on them briefly before Vizh slips something out a holographic inside breast pocket. It looks like a smart phone. He appears to idlly tap at it while waiting for the waitress to return.

Blindfold smiles at Scott shyly "Seth has a sweet tooth doesn't he? He wants an Iced Mocca with chocolate topping, yes, thank you. You though, no I'm sorry I haven't seen your future, your past though yes thank you, but only by going thru what you know, I'm sorry. Someone taught you though, your mind isn't as open as others, I'm sorry" then turns her head toward the man dressed in a 50's style suit "He different" at this she looks puzzled as she hits the resistance of the incognito avenger's mind.

The waitress brings Vision his water with lime and then asks, “So are you ready to order, sir?” She notes the phone, “Oh nice. I want one of those.”

When Seth enters, Scott calls out to him and gestures for him to join the booth with himself and Ruth. When she mentions Seth’s order he watches to see what he actually orders and then stares at the man Ruth is trying to scan. He blinks a bit and shakes his head, “Don’t go into his mind. It is not nice to snoop when not warranted.”

The Avenger's phone chimes and the man in the suit raises an eyebrow. He shakes his head, "Now?" He asks outloud just as the waitress arrives with his beverage. The Vision looks up to her, "I am sorry. It appears something has come up that requires my immediate attention. I will not be able to enjoy your-" he pauses briefly to look back down at the menu, "-
'Homestyle Meatloaf, Just as Mom Used to Make'" The Vision pulls out a money clip from inside a holographic pocket. He pulls out a fifty dollar bill and places it on the booth's table. He says, "I apologize for taking up your table when a paying customer could have utilized it." He slides out of the booth.

"I think I'll go for... an... iced mocca with chocolate topping, please", is Seth's order. So there, right on the money. When he gets his order, he heads for the booth Scott waved from. "Hello, Mr. Summers." Formality is taking hold with him, yes. "And... girl whom I met, but never got the name..."

Blindfold unknowingly flushes with embarassment "Sorry, my apologies" sliding over in the booth she pulls her cane with her and starts folding it up to make room for Seth and turns her head to Seth "I'm Ruth, it's nice to meet you Seth"

The waitress squeals with glee when Vision tips her $50. “Oh my goodness. . .thank you and come back any time.” She rushes to the back yelling for her friend about the big tip.

Scott sees that Ruth got the order right and ponders the possibility of having Ruth at the school. As Seth joins them, “Hello, Seth. I take it you are enjoying your weekend?”

The Vision, out of his booth now, makes his way towards the exit. When he gets to the door, he adjusts the brim of his hat, opens the door and steps outside. Vizh fades into the crowds of Mutant Town. Unfortunately for the waitress this man will probably not show up at the Diner again, at least this man that she'd recognize. Vizh heads out into the Big Apple to deal with whatever caused his phone to chime at him.

Blindfold grins softly at Seth "Guitar and Led Zepplin? Is that an amusement park?" yeah obviously not a music buff. Then she looks puzzled with that 'curious' tilt of her head in his direction "Did you have fun in whatever a danger room is?" Not that he had but he would.

Seth is about to answer, but Ruth replies before he does, and his eyes go immediately wide. He looks at Cyclops, not exactly sure what to answer. "I didn't tell her anything, I swear..."

Blinking a bit at Ruth for a moment when she is grinning at Seth and nods understanding. Scott looks at Seth and makes a note to teach the students how to create psi-blocks. “I had no idea you were a musician. . .and a fan of my type of music. Nice.” With the mention of the Danger Room, Scott blinks and looks to Ruth, “Danger Room?” Scott holds up his hand over his lips gesturing to Seth. “Tell me, Ruth, what do you see of this Danger Room.”

Seth just... shuts up and starts to visibly shudder. He takes the nearest seat and just gulps down his iced mocca, then covers his face. He is closing a fist, rather tightly.

Blindfold looks from one to the other "The danger room, a silver metallic round room with a blue observation room I think in the ceiling with fours ramps along the ceiling offset from the ramps on the floor. the floor and ceiling both are curved. Four ramps on he floor radiating out from a central circle. Something happened to it though, everything is destroyed, except for a being of metal cables and wires, with wires for hair, a female but a machine, like a computer, she's blue"

Scott loudly hmmmmns. Scott takes a moment in silence. She has correctly described the Danger Room, but the female creature in unfamiliar to him. Scott has always been somewhat reticent to believe precogs, but Ruth has impressed him enough. Either way, the cat is out of the bag and so. Scott seems to smile and has found Ruth to be nice enough with his interactions. Scott looks to Ruth, “Can you scan your own future, Ruth?”

"Future...?", he looks at Ruth, the mocca glass basically drained. "You're a clairvoyant, then?" He's starting to feel a bit beer, which means falling into the realm of awkward.

Blindfold wrinkles her nose as she sits back in her seat and takes a few deep breaths "Scan, no I'm sorry. My visions are not in my grasp of control, I see things at odd times. I don't have the control to get to choose who who to see, like people who say they can speak to the dead and read the living, I'm sorry, my apologies. But yes thank you, sometimes I do see my own future and those of people close to me. Last night I had one such dream, you invited me join the group david is apart of" then turns her head toward Seth "Clairvoyant, no I'm sorry not quite though to most it is an apt understanding, thank you"

Nodding his head, “Well, if you have seen it, then it may be true. IF you have not surmised it yet, that school I mentioned earlier. I am the headmaster. David and Seth are both students there and we work with mutants on how to control their abilities. You seem to have some control, but can clearly use more training. . .In the dream, after I invited you. Did you say yes?” Scott looks to Seth and smiles, “There is a difference between clairvoyance and precognition.”

Seth raises his hands at shoulder level, "I stand corrected..." He looks at the exchange between Ruth and Scott for the time being, ordering himself a cup of coffee this time.

Blindfold nods with a shy smile "Yes, thank you, that is part of why I came here, I was hoping I might find a group that could teach me the control I need." and then she nods her head toSscott "Yes, I did accept, thank you and I would again, if it were offered" and turns to Seth "You'll want extra cream and sugar in that, please, thank you or you will taste the burnt flavor still, I'm sorry, you're welcome"

Well with the offer extended, Scott smiles, "Well, we will need to meet with your family to make sure it is alright, but consider the offer extended and I presume they will be fine with it." Scott then think the address and other school related stuff to Blindfold. "Welcome to Xaviers." Scott Summer dressed in a brown polo shirt and jeans and wearing ruby quartz lenses over his eyes sits at a both with two mutant teens. Ruth, sits with a bandage over her 'eyes' and Seth, a teen with glowing eyes and silver hair.

Blindfold nods with a smile "Yes, thank you. My aunt will be releived when she finds out. I think I remind her too much of my mother, I'm sorry"

Seth gets his cup of coffee, which he proceeds to sip as he continues to listen.

There is a great thing about living in Chelsea. It's not Hell's Kitchen and it's not Mutant Town. BUT. It is close enough to those areas that if Mike's feeling a bit nostalgic for the Kitchen OR feeling a need for a damn good cup of coffee without making the whole trek to the much further Daily Grind. There you go. Hair tucked away under his usual knit cap and dressed in his Goodwill-based attire, a still bleary looking Mike strolls in with little words, just a simple "Nggh" of greeting to anyone who should happen be near the door. Turning, he starts heading in the direction of the booth the trio has selected, seemingly wanting a corner booth nearby.

As Mike enters and makes his way to the corner booth of the mutant-friendly establishment, a rather perky and happy waitress with glowing eyes heads to his table and in a loud jubilant tone, “Can I take your order, sir?”

For his part, Scott sits with the students, “So Ruth. Well, I am glad that your aunt will be relieved. Unfortunately not all families are welcoming when it comes to have mutants within them. A lot of the students come from broken homes.”

Blindfold nods with a soft smile "I lost two good friends when they learned what I could do, yes I understand. My aunt raised me, it wierds her out and I remind her of my mother but she is warm and caring so I can't complain, thank you"

"Yeah, that being a mutant thingee... Doesn't help the next generation", Seth says. "A lot of needy folks out there. A lot of assholes raising the law flag out there as well, backing the needy folks into an adversarial corner." He shrugs to Scott. "Just my two cents."

Barely any time passes by after Mike's butt hits the vinyl seat before he is greeted by the glowing eyed waitress. His head tilts up, half by effort, the other half an assist by gravity as he looks to the woman, forcing a tired drained smile. "Coffee black. Lots." There's a bit of a pause before he adds in a quiet 'please' to that.

“Yes it is a sad world we live in. But we do what we need to do to survive.” Scott sighs loudly. “Seth, I guess you can give Ruth a tour when she moves in. And I’ll set her up with a roommate.”

The waitress nods to Mike and takes his order for coffee, but before heading to the counter she stops at the table with the threesome from Xaviers. “Would you all like some dessert?”

Blindfold nods sadly "If one group can push and push the other til they push back..suddenly the defender looks like the attacker. It's a game of chess but the stakes are higher, I'm sorry" then turns her head toward the waitress and turns back to Seth and Scott "A banana split to share?"

As he waits for his coffee, Mike gives a small groan as he uprights his head from the leaned back position, now leaning the head forward instead. An elbow sets upon the table, creating a perch for the heavy head, allowing the musician a chance to lazily look around the diner. And then, he finally takes note of the trio. Huh, if it isn't the glowy eyed guy from the past few times and... huh. That other guy looks like the one who helped him out with that Mutant Force crap. "Small world." He murmurs to no one in particular, shifting one hand up to give a half wave of greeting to the group.

With the wave from Mike, Scott studies him a moment and remembers him from the incident involving Mutant Force. “Small world, indeed. It seems Mutant Town is the place to be these days.” Scott waves to Mike. The waitress delivers his coffee and a banana split to the booth of mutants.

And, all of a sudden, the idea of a banana split doesn't seem all that bad to Seth. "Yes, I'm in." He just realizes, looking at Blindfold. "Did you just...?"

Blindfold tilts her head in scott's direction before turning around as though she could see, yeah right, but finally puts two and two together and waves a hand at the man in the corner booth before smiling at Seth "Great thank you much, no way I could eat it all myself. I'm sorry, did I what? You're welcome"

"Good coffee and less of a walk." Mike offers in response for his reason for coming. Cup of hot coffee set in front of him, Mike gives a half smile to the waitress before he starts sipping.

With the banana split and three spoon brought over, Scott waves it off, “You two can share it.” He then looks to Mike, “Friend, feel free to join us.” He waves Mike over, but shoots Seth a look as a reminder not to reveal anything regarding the school and sends a telepathic thought to Ruth regarding the same.

Blindfold smiles at the waitress "Yes thank you" then claims one of the spoon and gives a slight nod to Scott that she heard him and understood. Then she gives seth a curious tilt of her head as he kept oddly quiet about her question

Invitation given and with Mike not having anyone to entertain, he shrugs and gets up, carrying his coffee over to the booth where the trio are sitting. He gives a nod to the other two and looks to the glowing eyed mutant of the bunch, "Lets" He pauses, "Seth?"

Seth sighs to Ruth, "Nevermind." Well, obviously, as Blindfold can see into the future, she knew he would eventually go for a banana split, didn't she? He looks at Mike. "Yep, that's me", he nods to Mike. And to Scott as well, acknowledging his warning.

“I’m Scott.” Introducing himself and extending his hand to shake Mike’s. “And this is Ruth.” He looks to Seth, “How do you two know each other?” Scott asks as the waitress comes over, “All on one tab.” To which Scott nods in affirmation. “Sure.”

Blindfold smiles and holds a hand out to the sound of Mike's voice "Hello there, it's good to meet you thank you" and softly chuckles at Seth before digging into the banana split

"Mike." The newcomer offers back, extending the calloused hands of a musician to accept the offered one in a shake before starting to offer it towards Ruth before pausing, noting the bandages. The hand lowers but soon recovers as her offered hand gives him something to aim for. "We've... run into each other a couple of times." He offers up in explanation, "Earlier this week at the Grind with a couple other aquaintances was the latest I think." He cracks a smile, "Sorry about running out on you guys so quick last time. Even when I'm not making appearances, I can get busy..." His voice dies away for a moment before he glances over to Scott, "Oh, I never had the chance to thank you for the, intervention in Times Square."

"Hey, not a problem. Though you should probably thank Gogo. She did most of the work defending against those goons."
Scott grins as he shakes Mike's hand, he notes the callouses, "You play guitar?" He grins, "I just keep meeting musicians." He looks to Seth, "He plays too, I believe. And there is that Tyrannousaur Shadow or Somber Triceratops. Something like that. Rex something?" Scott frowns when he hears Loki mentioned. "Well, it seems that Asgardians are just showing up all over the place, huh."

Blindfold smiles to mike before turning her head one face and the next with a puzzled expression as she ate her share of the banana split

He glances over to Scott, "I play whatever's needed. But yeah, guitar's also in the list. And I believe Rex uses Sombre Tyrannasaur for her stage name." At the mention of Loki, Mike's hand rests beside his cup, giving a bit of a frown "I believe I came across Seth arguing with him while a friend of mine was trying to talk him out of angering an unstable God."

“Well, hopefully Loki heads back to Asgard and remains there.” Scott has dealt directly with the god in the past and hopes not to have to again. “Oh Sombre Tyrannasaur. I will have to look up her music. She said she is some kind of rock, metal, classic thing going.”

Seth bahs! "God, schmod...", Seth can't help but say. "Superior beings, wielders of the elements... Sure thing! But gods?" He shakes his head. "Early societies revered them as gods, to be sure, but had they not appeared to them in the past, they'd show up now and we'd say: 'who the hell are these guys?'"

Blindfold hmms "God is a relative term Seth, I'm sorry, my apologies but there was a time when humans who rode on horses were seen as gods simply because they rode horses and had guns. God simply means inconceivably more power then. To another race we might be viewed as gods. Who's to say really, I'm sorry, thank you"

Mike tilts his head over towards Blindfold in acknowledgement of her point before speaking again. "I'll put it this way and leave it at this then, Seth. It's a VERY bad policy to be jabbing sticks at a cobra just to see if it'll strike." Mike replies to Seth, giving him one of his more practiced smiles before looking back over to Scott, "Rock being the base element with the touches of the metal and classic for the detailing."

“Ah well, I will have to give her music a listen then for sure.” Scott offers after Mike clarifies her genre of music. With regards to Seth, Scott will be sure to sign him up for Mirage’s class. Being taught by a mutant Valkyrie and learning that there is more to this world than just us may put things in perspective for him.

"I didn't jab sticks at anything", Seth retorts. "He already had a stick up his ass, plus the chafing." He looks at Scott. "You see, I mistook him for a comicbook geek who was into live-action RPG. When it turned out he wasn't, I did try to give him the friendly advice not to go do stuff, otherwise someone would try to stop him, badly. It was just going downhill from there." He shrugs, "So sue me. What do I know about Asgardians, anyways?"

Blindfold sighs and keeps her mouth busy with ice cream, oh the pride of youth.

Mike doesn't reply to Seth's response as he already said he'd leave the topic at that. Also he kind of remembers how much of a headache that Loki incident was. Instead he looks from mutant to mutant and then towards Blindfold, idly wondering what it is she does. Or maybe she's not a mutant and more a pro-mutant type? Ah curiousities.

Scott thinks to himself that Seth will learn soon enough. “Well. Enough about the Asgardians.” He looks to Mike, “So what brings you to Mutant Town? Are you a mutant, yourself? Or just visiting?” Scott smiles as he himself is always curious about mutants and their powers.

Blindfold smiles in Mike's direction, letting him wonder as she eats the banana split

"In any case", Seth replies, getting up. "I need to get back to my place. Got some guitar practice to start, and I got my new e-bow to test for sustain." He waves, "See you later, folks."

Mike blinks as he's asked as about his status as well before he picks up his coffee taking a sip not sure exactly how to answer the question. "I came for the coffee." He finally replies, lifting a hand to wave to the departing Seth, "I found this place while visiting a friend."

Evasive answer, Scott nods and respects Mike’s privacy. “Alright, Seth. See ya soon.” He waves and offers to the student before look back at Blindfold and Mike. “How is your friend? The long haired kid? I think his hair was moving about.”

Blindfold tilts her head curiously in Mike's direction before she nods accepting the answer and waves in Seth's direction goodbye. The banana split polished off she wipes her mouth clean and turns her head from one man to the other, giving mike a curious smile.

"It was moving." Mike admits, "Changes color too. Um, last time I ran into him was at the shelter helping with the damage caused by that escape from the Underworld stuff that was going on. Doesn't seem all that happy with his school. Don't blame him really. Would suggest he find one closer to his job to eliminate the commute but, can't be choosy when you don't have the funds to do it after all."

“His school. I wonder what school that is.” Scott shrugs, “Well, that is nice of him and you to help out at the shelter. I heard New York was crazy during that Underworld bit. I was upstate when it happened.”
Blindfold nods "And thus the journey to adulthood begins, sorry, thank you." she grins shyly

"It's a school in Massachusetts." Mike offers up, shaking his head, "As I said, hell of a commute considering his job is in this city. Plus, the other guy from there's a bit of an asshole." He glances over to Blindfold, "Ah, sorry." A finger taps the side of the cup as he looks back to Scott, "It was a bit crazy. I lucked out in that I had some friends to stay with that had better building security."

“Massachusetts, huh.” Scott knows the school and seems to be finding more and more Hellions. Another person who will have to be watched over. “Well, good thing you are alright then.” He then tilts his head as peers at Blindfold, “Journey to adulthood?”

Noting the time, Scott sighs, “Well, I must head out.” He stands up and goes to pay the check. After which he returns, “Well, it was nice meeting you.” He says to Mike, “Ruth, I will see you soon.” Scott sends a mental message to Ruth with the information regarding the school.

Blindfold smiles and shakes her head to Mike "No, it's alright, nothing to apologize for" and nods in scott's direction "School and real life aren't that different. You have bosses you can't stand and you always hate the busy commute, but you do it anyway. Yes, thank you, I will meet you again soon"

Mike shakes his head, watching Cyclops make his leave before looking back to Blindfold, "There's a difference between going to school and maintaining a job at the same time and going to a school and doing a job that makes it a commute of about 300 miles round trip. Also, that guy isn't just an ass. He's..." He pauses, shaking his head as he opts not to finish the statement.

Blindfold would blink completely surprised and shocked if she had eyes, but instead her eyebrows simply raise a bit and her jaw slackens a smidge "Wow...and yet, after all that I've known, I'm somehow not surprised, I'm sorry, thank you. Sounds like your friend needs a different school in a major way, I'm sorry"

"Hmm?" Mike's head tilts, "Yeah... commute's ridiculous. Kid's going to probably pass out from fatigue if he doesn't pick one or the either or switch to a different school."

Blindfold nods sighing in sympathy as she makes a mental note to talk to Scott "Yeah, that's not just a bad commute that's a torturous commute, I'm sorry, my apologies. Is there not a way to get him out of the situation?"

"I don't see him often enough to do much else other than suggest he try another school." Mike replies, leaning back in the seat, "Despite what Scott said, I know him more in passing than him being a full out friend so there's only so much I can do for him." His finger taps the side of his cup.

Blindfold tilts her head "Maybe you're the closest thing he has to a friend right now? something needs to be done, that's for sure, I'm sorry, my apologies"

The musician is quiet for a few moments, considering matters before sighing. Damn it he's going to go broke if he helps out EVERY stray kid he finds on the streets. "Any schools in New York you know that are ok with color-change haired students who want to maintain a job at a Bakery but won't charge an arm and a leg for tuition?"

Blindfold smiles reassuringly "Your best bet? Talk to scott and tell him everything, I mean everything, please, thank you. I will keep my ears open and talk to people I know, yes you're welcome. What is his name, if I might know please?"

"Armand." Mike replies, "Um, don't remember the last name. Don't know where his job is. Don't have a phone number, I just run into him from time to time." He frowns, moving his hand away from the coffee cup to reach into a pocket to pull out a pen. Eyes looking towards the napkin dispenser, "Come to think of it, I don't have Scott's number so uh... You'll probably run into him before me, right?" He leans over to the far end of the table, yanking out one of the paper napkins.

Blindfold smiles and nods "Yes, thank you, I will. He will like to have your number, thank you, yes. I will see if I can find Armand and get to know him, he probably could use a friend, yes, you're welcome" she sounded as though meeting scott before mike would was a fact, an odd tone to the usual phrase.

The pen in Mike's hand pauses, as he looks to the blindfolded girl and then down to the napkin. Brow arching, he reaches a hand over and starts waving it front of the blindfold. Maybe she's not blind and it's more of a fashion statement? He looks to the dispenser. Or did he make a lot of noise getting the napkin?

Blindfold giggles "I heard your pen. I cover my eyes for other people's benefit. I was born blind"

The hand lowers. Ah. Well, now Mike feels like an ass. Fortunately he's used to being one at times so he's used to the feeling. All good. "Fully blind, or can you see types of light?" He starts to scrawl out the phone number again.

Blindfold was sitting in a booth at the openly mutant accepting diner with a man, what he looked like? She didn't know but she smiles at him "I'm sorry, fully blind by birth defect, thank you"

Why Mike is quite, err... Well, since his hair is tucked in the knit cap and he's wearing Goodwill-esque second hand dark clothing, he at least doesn't look like a girl right now. He nods at the explanation, starting to wonder how she noticed him waving his hand in front of her earlier now. The wondering is there, but the conclusion is not coming yet. Drat. "Ah." He slides the napkin over in front of her.

Blindfold feels along the table before finding the napkin with a smile and tucks it into a pokcet of her jeans "Yes, thank you, I will be sure to give this to Scott when I see him next. Hopefully you two will be able to help Armand. No, you're welcome, I would not want him to become another car crash statistic"

If Armand had a car... Mike nods, which is more for his benefit than Blindfold's as he tucks away the pen. "Thanks." He offers, despite her already giving the response. He tilts his head before he finally just asks. "So, what's your ability?"

Blindfold smiles warmly "Now why couldn't I have just come for the ice cream?"

Mike blinks at the response before he smiles. Touche. "Fair enough." Yeah, he's not buying that. He picks up his coffee and starts to sip it quietly.

Blindfold chuckles softly "You tell me yours and I'll tell you mine, if you're willing, please, thank you"

Mike continues sipping his coffee. Weighing the options. Is knowing her ability worth the risk of confirming to someone he doesn't even know that he has a condition? Granted some already know, but there are others he hasn't told. Is she the type to blab to the tabloids or to tell others? Oh that could be bad. The debate is long, but eventually it comes to an end. "Well, my sleep cycles are very different from most people."

Blindfold nods listening with a smile "Yes thank you, but I'm sorry that doesn't tell me much. I'm blind but still aware of my surroundings somewhat, thank you. I won't tell, after all I stand to lose as well, you're welcome yes"

Ok she's very good at - wait a minute... "And so we reach a wall." Mike frowns and starts thinking about a song as he starts sipping his coffee. Focusing on the lyrics, the beat, the rhythm, anything but possible powers as he works on his coffee.

Blindfold sighs "I'm sorry, my apologies, I won't pry. The choice is yours, always has been. I was born without eyes, it's all right, don't miss what you never had, thank you, you're welcome"

"Mmm hmm." Mike's conversational ability dies away as he's working on his coffee, pausing long enough to signal for the check. He looks to the small puddle of coffee near the bottom of his cup and shakes his head. "I really dislike people popping around in my head."

Blindfold frowns looking hurt "I am sorry, my apologies, that I upset you, it was the last thing I wanted to do but it's..not always avoidable, I'm sorry. I promise I did not pry. I hope that you can find it in yourself to forgive my inadvertant transgression please"

Mike nods, "I'm...not angry. It's just, people stumble about, they open things they shouldn't or they're throwing their weight around, it's just not a good feeling." He pauses as the waitress comes up leaving the checks. After glancing down to the second one, Mike puts the two together and hands it back to the waitress with a bill. (REALLY CYCLOPS? STICKING HER WITH THE BILL? WTH?) He waits a bit longer, considering matters. "My sleep is pretty much all REM cycle. It's to the point where I require medicine to get Deep Sleep."

Blindfold nods "I am sorry, I didn't mean to give you a bad feeling, my apologies. I wasn't trying to do anything like you said. I just see the future and the past, usually of bad things happening, my apologies, I'm sorry"

Mike grows quiet again, "Oh. I thought you were just uh..." He's quiet again, "Sorry."

Blindfold shakes her head slightly as she fidgets with her hands in her lap "It's alright, nothing to apologize for, thank you. People don't usually react well to what I can do. I was aware of your thoughts but I didn't go poking round your head, I'm sorry, my apologies" and sighs "Guess you know my side then.." now she had no bargaining chips.

Mike nods in agreement, "Yeah, looks like I got a bargain on that." He looks to see where the waitress is before looking back to Blindfold. Oh God damn it. "...It's my dreams."

Blindfold tilts her head curiously "Your dreams? I'm sorry, I don't understand"

"Well," Mike pauses as the waitress returns with the change, setting it upon the table before leaving. After she disappears behind the kitchen he continues, "When everyone dreams, they form little dream worlds. Except me. When I dream, my dream self is plopped in this one. Or someone else's."

Blindfold grins shyly "So you dream travel?"

Mike shrugs, "Yeeeeah, that one's kind of new. Turned on after someone went kicking around my head without asking."

Blindfold winces "Yes, I'm sorry, someone shouldn't have done that. I can see how that would be upsetting"

"Yeah. Nothing like having a Dream Travel for Dummies book crammed in your head by someone else to make sleep a bit awkward." Mike looks down to the change and after taking some bills from the stack to make what's left over actually resemble a tip instead of a double payment, he picks up the cup to down what's left of the coffee.

Blindfold nods with a grin "I can only imagine, I'm sorry. My dreams are weird enough with waking not knowing if it was the past or the future in my dream, thank you, no it just makes for an awkward sense of time"

"Whelp." Mike comments, setting the cup down, "In the end, we both ended up showing each other theirs. I'm going to head out. Don't worry about the check. It's been covered."

Blindfold nods slipping out of the booth and holding her hand out "Yes, thank you, we did and it was a good talk, thank you. I hope we'll meet again. Wow, thank you so much for covering the check, thank you I appreciate it"

Mike gets up to his feet, "And you'll talk to Scott about Armand?"

Blindfold smiles warmly "Was going to anyway unless you really didn't want me to but you sure he wants a different school, please? thank you"

"I don't know either way." Mike admits, "But I get the feeling he's staying there because that's the only option he knows he has." He pauses for a moment before he starts for the door, "Thanks. See you around."

Blindfold nods "Then hopefully we can give him another option" smiling she waves goodbye since she didn't get a handshake "Yes, you're welcome, tak care of yourself" and watches him go

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