Santa's Avengers

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Santa's Avengers

Ms. Marvel, Scarlet Witch

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12/22/12 07:00

Avengers' Mansion

Carol and Wanda return from a charitable expedition as Santa's Helpers to local hospitals, and talk about holiday thoughts, feelings and plans.

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With a white-fur-trimmed red velvet hat on her head, white fur trim on her thigh-high black leather boots, and her usual long, broad crimson sash, Carol Danvers - known around the world as Ms. Marvel, Chairwoman of the Avengers - is currently returning to the Mansion from a stint at one of the hospitals as a Santa's Helper. She lays down the empty red sack and stretches, showing a somewhat rare smile. "I have to say, we were a hit with the kids and families. This was a pretty good idea, Wanda. Spreading holiday cheer."

Scarlet Witch is actually wearing her costume, though she also has a green velvet hat trimmed with white fur on her head. She grins over at Carol, "I told you it'd be fun." She laughs a bit, "I went to the Children's Hospital on the Lower East Side, and they were glad to see me. And all the toys, courtesy of the Stark Foundation."

"Plenty of good PR for Tony, and he does good for a lot of kids and their families." Carol opines, smiling. "I'm glad that it worked out. I just always get all wound up when we're going to do anything around kids." She can't help it. It just happens that way.

Wanda laughs at that, "I know. I just love kids." As a certain HYDRA officer can attest, if he ever got his jaw fixed from the prison orthodontist. She smiles, "It's just something I always like doing, even if I'm not really, well..."

Not really sure how to finish that sentence, Carol doesn't really try. She just nods and takes her seasonal hat off, starting to return to some degree of normalcy, if only for now. "Are you getting together with Pietro at some point?" she queries. Deflection, yay! Anything but talk about Carol's 'kid' issues. There is nothing that makes her more self-conscious, nervous and upset than anticipating dealing with kids. That makes today's success a bit stand-out where she's concerned.

Wanda smiles a little, "No, he's still recuperating with Crystal. Steve, though, should be back in town in a few days. He's been..." She blushes, just a bit, "Well, we've been corresponding. He hopes to be back in time for Christmas, but he's not entirely certain yet." She doesn't quite take her hat off yet, seeming to like the feel of it with this time of year.

"Awww. You should at least visit for a bit, you know. You /are/ family. I don't care what holiday you celebrate, this time of year is still all about family." Says the woman who has none, except her teammates on the Avengers. Oh, she has family. But she has never gotten on with them. That hasn't changed, despite other changes in her life and her connections to that life. "So, are you going anywhere? Or staying here? I know Jarvis is planning one of his huge bashes, as usual."

Wanda smiles, "I probably will, though the Blue Area is a bit long of a commute. Lockjaw might pick me up so I can go see them and spoil my niece rotten." She looks over at Carol, "I'll be spending a fair amount of time here, though, so we should really get out and do something." She knows Carol's family is... complicated, so doesn't mention them directly. She just knows that Carol is probably alone.

"I'd rather stay in, honestly. But I'll be around, obviously. We'll see what works out. Hopefully Lockjaw can come escort you so you can spoil your niece, though." Carol offers, smiling if a but uncomfortably. She doesn't have a kid to spoil in her life, and it comes too close to that tough spot. "I have just one or two more bits to get, so I have gifts for everyone here."

Wanda looks wryly at Carol, "Carol... well, regardless, you and I should get out. Maybe grab Bobbi and just make a night of it. Really." The wry look melts away, leaving just concern on Wanda's face as she regards Carol. "Frankly, I worry about you."

"You worry about me, Wanda?" Carol questions, shaking it off with a smile of perhaps slightly-feigned innocence. "No need to worry about me. Seriously. Not that I'd mind a girl's night out, but I don't need to impose. You two are clearly doing pretty well for yourselves, you don't need to be saddled with me." Where's that coming from? Good question. She doesn't say.

Wanda gives Carol an almost tired expression, "Your company is never being 'saddled', Carol." She shakes her head, "You need to unwind just like the rest of us, and you really should give yourself the chance to do so."

Carol smirks a bit, and shakes her head, smiling warily at her friend. "Wanda, I do unwind. I fly. There's nothing more relaxing for me. Not a thing in the world. Working out. Flying. Sparring. That's how I relax."

Wanda sighs and holds up her hands, "Alright, I won't pester, it's just... I'd be lying if I didn't worry about you." She then shrugs a little, "Personally, I do like just reading in my room, but you're more than welcome to come out with us if you want. The invitation is always there for you. Or even if you wanted to come to the Blue Area of the Moon with me."

"I appreciate it." Carol offers. Not that she'd ever feel unwelcome, to be honest. But she doesn't like to impose. "I do love the moon, but to be fair, I prefer it from a distance. If I was going up to walk it, really walk it like Armstrong, that would have been amazing." But that wasn't in the cards for Carol. Instead of astronaut, she has become a superheroine, and her goals and reams had to change accordingly. "So, what are you getting for your niece?"

Wanda chuckles, "A set of My Little Ponies. Apparently they are /the/ gift, and they teach a proper appreciation of magic, so that's something. Though, it was a bit of a struggle to get all of them." She shrugs, brushing that off as just regular Christmas demand and nothing more sinister.

Carol chuckles with amusement at that, nodding. "I'd heard that these pony things were very popular. One of the PR gurus was actually discussing the idea of Avenger ponies. I said I didn't feel that was quite appropriate, no matter how cute it was." Besides, how fair would that be to Beta Ray Bill, the /original/ Avenger pony? "I am sure you will win her adoration, not that you don't have it already."

Wanda laughs a little, "Avenger ponies... wow, that could be actually really nice. If a bit disturbing." She smiles over at Carol, "And thanks, Luna is a dear. I have to admit, I love being an aunt to her." A bit of a wistful look crosses her face, then she ahems, "So, yes, did I mention Steve was coming back around Christmas?"

"You mentioned it." Carol answers with a nod. She's trying not to get her hopes up, however awesome it would be to have Steve back in the fold again. She seems to be very studiously avoiding any hint of the other implications of the commentary. None of her business. "So, I figure I'll go ahead and agree to the second round of visits on Monday. Thanks, for the good idea."

Wanda smiles, "Excellent. Maybe ask Tony if he wants to take the Iron Man armor out for a short spin? I think it'd be good for him. And the kids were asking about him, so I think it'd be good in general for him to be out there, even if it's just wearing a Santa hat... or better yet, with red and green Iron Man armor." Yes, Wanda can be a bit devious.

Carol chuckles amusedly at Wanda's joke. "I am many things. But I will not be doing a paint job on his armor. But I'm not above taking him along with the hat." She nods to Wanda. "I'll ask him. Hopefully he'll say yes."

Wanda hmms, "I suspect that he will. He needs to get out a bit himself." She smiles a little, "Sorry, I think some of the shenanigans that were going on at the school might have gotten to me a bit."

Carol rolls her eyes. "I can't really believe that stuff. And I came up in the pranking military traditions. But blue hair? And phasing cars?" She snorts and shakes her head again. "It's crazy. But I don't mind the suggestion. You're right. And I'll bet taking Tony along would brighten his spirits a lot. It won't just be money and PR then. He'll be personally involved, and that always helps." Even Carol.

Wanda nods, "And he... definitely needs that kind of involvement. I think the fact that he didn't have it the past few months hurt him. But I'm not really an expert about that kind of thing, so take my opinion with a few grains of salt." She smiles, "Anyway, Carol, I should probably get going, there's a few things I still need to take care of tonight."

"Alright, Wanda. You take care, and I'll see you later." Carol offers, with a smile and a nod. "I don't think your opinion needs any salt, for what it's worth."

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