Sanity on a Subway Train?

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Oblique, The Vision (emitter only)

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12/31/2012 15:00

Subway Car, Subway System, New York City

Oblique wanders onto a subway car that just happens to get delayed between stops. Unfortunately, a crazy person starts ranting and raving when the train is stuck.

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Oblique steps cautiously down the long, dirty subway stairs, peering around corners. Facinated for a moment by some random graphitti, as she takes some sort of seeming effort with every step. She stops for a moment, eyes closed. Feeling warm air, perhaps? Continuing down, a faint mutter can be heard. She's talking to herself, and brushes by another subway-goer without even seeing them.

The subway system is jammed pack today. It's New Years Eve and if you're not down at Times Square by now, you're not going to have a good spot to see the ball drop in nie hours. The denizens of New York are using the subway system to get around town either to get to Times Square or to get to any number of New Years parties that are being thrown. A subway train is stopped, presently, to allow a group of individuals a chance to get on and off. The poorly lit up sign on the side of the train indicate that it's going downtown.

Oblique's expression shifts, and her eyes blink open. To a casual onlooker, it would see she were both surprised and highly focused on the random opening of a subway door. With a smiled-expression reminiscent of a child opening a toy for Christmas, Oblique jogs into the the subway train. She, of course, has no idea where it's headed.

Someone getting on the Subway whom is a novice or rookie to New York's complex subway system gain immediate ire and annoyance from the regulars. However, presently, everyone on the train car is given a small degree of annoyance since it's so busy at this time of the day.

The doors chime and begin closing, but they stop as one last individual slips into the car. The man raises a hand to apologize to a couple of individuals who murmer and grumble about the train being held up for the late comer. The man, dressed in a heavy winter coat and a wooley cap, grabs a handbar and waits for the train to begin moving; Which it does. Everyone lurches slightly before the adjust to the forward momentum.

Having not the strongest sense of personal boundaries, Oblique begins resting part of her weight on a much larger woman holding onto a mounted pole. The woman gives a little shove, and Oblique seems notably unaware of the hint. A moment passes, with the rumble of the train filling the ears of everyone not wearing headphones, the squealing of the rails bellowing below. Mesmerized by the subway lights outside the train, Oblique's eyes flick back and forth as each flash passes. Nobody over the age of four is even slightly impressed by the lights, but she is. "EXC-USE ME," The woman partly under Oblique says, shifting her weight away. Taken out of the light-whirled moment, Oblique gets her wits about her, and begins scanning the other passagers on the train. Which is met with awkward look-aways as people avoid direct eye contact.

A couple of other individuals, both standing and seated, turn their annoyed attention from whatever was annoying them previously to Emily and the woman who loudly excused herself. Several people give Emily a once over, top to bottom, look. A look of disgust or, at the very least, an unimpressed look gets flung her way.

Those lights that so transfixed Emily, though, begin to slow down... which is a great indication to everyone that the train is slowing down. This causes some murmers and grumbles from the regulars, "We're not at the stop yet." and a bunch of, "What now"s. The train lurches to a stop and the annoyed grumbles persist and strengthen.

Panning her head back and forth, trying to decypher what's going on, completely oblivious to any strange looks her and her pretty red dress may have garnered, she arches an eyebrow at the window, feeling the train slow. Pushing her way as close she can towards the doorway, some of the passagers get bumped around by her insistant force.

Pushing next to the last-minute passanger in the wooley cap, she gives him a little shove so she can "see" what's going on outside the subway door's window.

Luckily for Emily this is New York City. Her look isn't so strange here... maybe if she's not wearing proper winter gear, but her complexion and dress are definately not high on the strange scale for a city that routinely has garrishly dressed individuals saving it from dilema and crisis. People are not unkind to her pushing, as... this is the subway, everyone gets jostled and pushed.

The train stays in one place for minutes on end. No inching forward and nothing happening, and people start to get a little irate. What compounds things is that nothing comes out over the PA system of the train. That is until there's a burst of static over the internal train PA system. After the static there's the high pitched voice of a woman. The voice is barely distinguishable due to the static and the 'bored out of my mind' tone of voice she's using. The basic gist of the message is that the train ahead of their's is having technical problems and there is a delay.

"Perhaps the waylayed happenstances of the bygone mechanical worms we stand within need to rest," she says aloud, while turning back around to face the subway goers in her train. "And the foreseen makes certain that enigmatic parlance is a respite of self-reflection, yes?" Smiling at no one in particular, she waits a moment, as if someone were supposed to respond. Of the passagers that bother to notice her babbled words, there's a look of awkward indifference. Being used to this, Oblique nervously taps her feet to the ground, and quietly hums an unrecognizable but sweet-sounding tune.

Emily isn't the only one nervously tapping their foot. The latecomer to the train is tapping his foot at a nervous, fast pace. While holding onto his hand grip, he leans towards the closest window to helplessly peer outside. He purses his lips together and looks down to the floor. He mutters outloud to himself, "No, no, no... delay? No, no, no."

Others on the train helplessly throw their hands in the air and complain loudly as if that were going to change the present situation. A couple of others are calmly and cooly taking the situation in stride. So long as their iPods and electronic devices keep charge, they've got patience.

Lacking knowledge of what an earbud/ipod is, Oblique direct her attention to someone next to her, and says to them, "For when movements are without, we tremble with such ernestness, do we not?" -- The gentleman pulls out one of his earbuds and says, "Whaaa?"

Excited that she's managed to get the attention of a person, she excitedly declares, rather loudly "When wondering but a speedbump, shall the mass of us ever stop?" Annoyed both at not understanding and being interrupted, the random dude mumbles something that sounds like "whatever crazy" while slipping his earbud back in, turning his head away. A flicker of disappointment appears on Oblique's face, but she turns to another passanger, stating, "May we wonder what shifts in the dark tunnels? How funny to frequent spaces still unknown."

This is the subway, the regular are used to people babbling none-sense. So people give Emily nothing more than odd looks and rolls of their eyes at her utterances.

The man in the knit cap goes from tapping his foot, to rocking back and forth on his heels. He keeps, nervously, turning his head to look out the window and to the darkened subway tunnel wall a foot or three away from the window. A hand is raised up to his mouth and he begins to nervously chew on the tip of a gloved finger. For it not for the gloves, he'd be attacking his fingernails pretty good right about now. He's muttering, "No. Time is running out. No, no, no. Walls are too close and time is escaping!" His utterances grow in volume. speaking of wild babblings.

Caught by the alarm in the man's tone of voice, Oblique can't help but address him. It takes her a few seconds to physical turn, speaking before she's even faced him. "Clocks are like shovels, mister. Piles slide so they don't collide." She says this with a pure sincerity and directness. Trying to peer at his face, slowly, her voice turns a bit more monotone... her nervousness revealed in fidgety hands. "Peruse the fuse for which blights get light."

The man in the knit cap continues to chew on his gloved finger. His eyes dart side to side, nervously and only stop when Emily speaks to him. His pupils are tiny pin-points of blackness in his hazel eyes. Those eyes are quite bloodshot and sweat has been beading up on his brow, nose and upper lip. In response to Emily the man shouts, surprisingly, loudly, "No!" Then continues, "No, no, no. You don't get it! Time is running out! The Maya. They had it right. It's WE who got it wrong! No, no, no." he rocks back and forth on his heels, "This isn't right. I-I-I... We! We need to get off. We need get off! We're trapped." The man's tone of voice is frantic and the sudden shouts clearly disturb the already perturbed temporary denizens of this train car.

Oblique's eyes open wide, listening to the man, watching him with total calm. All at once, the hint of a tear beads at the bottom of her right eye. "If a circle must make its round, how shall we bear its geometery? We are but points upon a finger..." she points to his glove with her index finger, trying to touch it gently for a split second. Waiting a moment, she notices that several of the more annoyed (or uncomfortable) passangers have slightly shifted away from the two, giving them more space than should be normal on such a crowded train car. Oblique, of course, doesn't even notice this and continues to attempt to look into this stranger's eyes.

People have, indeed, moved away from the two of them. So many eyes are rolling at the beginnings of the ranting that you'd expect this train car to sound like a bowling alley. Hushed mutterings from the train's occupants are mixed with louder, disgusted remarks of 'Oh, why do I always get the car with the crazies?' and 'Can't we end the year without this stuff?'.

The man in the knit cap lets go of the hand grip that he has had a vice-like hold on since the train stopped. His hands rub together; fingers grind against fingers as the man nervously starts pacing from the hand grip to the window and back again. He mutters, "No. The train needs to go. I can't be h-h-here during the end of the world. None of you should be here-" He puts extra, crazed emphasis on the word 'here', "-When the ball drops! No, no, no. Why are you all sitting here? We need to leave, now!" The man in the knit cap, who had seemed pretty normal when the train left, is now throwing himself against the closed sliding door of the subway car.

Looking uncertain of what to be done, Oblique watching the man throw himself against the subway door twice before attempting to intervene. "We are not caged beasts, when we have our spirits. Flame and mist fills the cosmos with our contributions..." her voice trails off, and Oblique suddenly feels as if she were giving a speech at a wake for the passangers of the car. This internal thought strikes her funny, and she giggles. Excitedly, tries to pull at the man's arm, in an attempt to calm him. "We should die dancing!"

As the man starts throwing himself against the sliding doors of the car, people seem to inch as far away as possible. People push themselves against the opposite wall and those closest try in vain to make themselves smaller as not to garner the crazed man's attention.

The man in the knit cap continues to slam his shoulder into the door and then attempts to wedge his fingers inbetween the two panels of the sliding doors as if he could force the doors open that way. Presently, he is unsuccessful. Emily's touch is enough to drag him away from the doors. His eyes are wild now. The little pin-pricks he has for pupils are twitchy, but the man focuses on Emily. He shakes his head, "No! I will not die here." He gestures with a wild wave of an arm towards everyone else in the train car, "No one should die here! Can't you see? I'm trying to save us. Save us all!" He attempts to violently push Emily away from him, "This is for your own good!" he declares.

Emily's eyes flash a strange light for a few seconds, and she an expression of horror slips across her face. It lasts for a moment, and seems out of place, even despite the man's behavior. It's like she's looking through him, and she nervously tenses, hands balling into fists, ever-so-slowly. "Some doors need to not break..." she says with an odd hint of indignation.

The people within the car are getting wary at the display as it goes from wild and frantic to violent as the man shoves at Emily. A couple of people, a man and a woman, move towards the two of them from opposite sides of the car. They are compelled to intervene. Stern, almost angry, expressions are plastered to their faces as the slowly approach.

The man in the knit cap glares down at Emily, "Don't you see? The Mayans knew! This is how it's all going to end. With the dropping of the crystal at Times Square, it's going to end!" he turns away from Emily and goes back to the window. He starts slamming a gloved hand against the door, "Open!" he pleads, "Why won't you open?"

Oblique is rather unphased about being pushed, and barely notices the other passangers move to become involved. Her voice becomes a bit more serious, "See..." she moves closer to him, speaking with a subtle hint of anger, "...Beginnings and ends make loops..." Her hand moves towards his chest, and it appears as if she's trying to touch or grab the front of his shirt, "...sewn together to link the pieces..." as she steps closer, a more confident demeanor comes over her, and her eyes shimmer for two seconds with a creepy, white light. "...the fabric of time lets us wear our wear..."

The man turns to Emily as she reaches for him. His eyes widen, but his pupils remain tiny pin points as he stares at her. He sputters as he looks into her briefly glowing eyes, "Wha-what? Don't you see now? Don't you see what I'm talking about? With those eyes?! Don't you-" The man is cut off when the woman who had been approaching grabs him from behind by the arms. She tugs him away from Emily. The other approaching person springs forward and grabs the man by the shoulders from the front. The two strangers work in tandem to shove the man down into a freshly cleared seat. They pin him there while he incomprehensibly babbles. There are some cheers from other occupants of the train car. A couple of more people, emboldened by the selfless act of the first two individuals, move in to assist in holding the man in the knit cap down.

Having not noticed the activity brewing around her, Oblique twitches with a brief surprise from the proactive passangers. Stepping back, she seems to fall back into the crowd...for the first time seeming like just another bystandard. She contemplates what just happened, and wonders if the man was right. Is she a part of the end of the world, somehow?

The man continues to babble about the Maya, the end of the world and Times Square. The babbling gets less frantic as he starts to calm down while being pinned down. After several minutes of this weird, tense atmosphere, the PA system crackles to life. That same lifeless voice of the woman operating the train comes through. A normal person can't really understand what she mumbles over the PA system, but the gist of it seems to be that the technical problem has cleared up and they will be underway soon. Sure enough, moments later, the train starts to lurch forward. People, caught off guard, shifts and stumble as the train starts to move.

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