Sandman and His Temple of Doom

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Blindfold, Mercury, Sandman, and Aquatica & Ultragirl (emitted by Mirage and Sandman)

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02/07/13 15:58

Danger Room - Sublevel - Xavier Mansion

Sandman runs an extreme training for the four students.

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As students enter the Danger Room for their usual Thursday exercises/work-out/simulations they will find this one to be particularly odd. Before is a tropical island on which they all stand on the beach. No sign of the usual Danger Room technology or accouterments.

Waiting to greet them on the Island is a older looking Hispanic gentleman with a black tuxedo. Next to him is a dwarf, also of Hispanic origin, wearing a green tuxedo. From their vantage point, the island does not seem very big. Some sort of temple can be seen rising above the tree. It appears Aztec in nature, but can really be of any origin, even extraterrestrial.

The older man approaches the student, “Welcome to Fa. . .” He is cut off by the dwarf who runs along the beach pointing skyward at an aircraft. He shouts, “De plane! De plane!” Though one can see this is no plane, indeed no ordinary aircraft. This is the SHIELD Hellicarrier in flames and plummeting earthward looking as if it will crash into the temple.

Mercury arrives to the strange setting, and arches one eyebrow at the sandy beach, "Geez, Mr. Sandman, why is there always sand whenever you're involved?" she asks, chuckling in good humor as she smiles, before looking at the two that greets them. A short introduction, of course, as their attention is suddenly shifted to the Helicarrier doing a very good impression of a falling meteor. "... What?" the metallic girl asks, confused, as she blinks.

Blindfold arrives, frowning add her cane doesn't make much noise tapping on the sand. then turns het head toward the sky "if we have a water controller that would be very useful thank you yes. not a plane, a hellicarrier...on fire, shield hellcarrier actually yes thank you. a column of water would help cushion things and put the fire out, thank you yes"

The two girls known in the records as Ultragirl and Aquatica arrive in the danger room together, mostly by coincidence and not any particular plan on thier parts to do so. They are both dressed appropiately for the training, in thier solid black DR unitards.

The aqua skinned and haired, Aquatica, looks around pleased at the scene, and immediately moves toward the waterline, paying the two men no attention to the little one starts yelling. Turning in the direction on the volcano her brows furrow wondering is this is a rescue scenario.

Ultragirl turns a circle in place, taking in her surroundings. She like the rest probably are to young to recognize the two men, but she doesn't recognize the Helicarrier and she shots up into the air "I'll take a look." she goes shooting off into the direction of the crashing ship.

The students look up to the falling Hellicarrier plummets, both the older gentleman and the dwarf and suddenly gone. They simply disappear in the vastness of the sandy beach.

Another student appears running into the Danger Room, “Sorry I’m late. Sorry I’m late. I’m a new student. Flint’s my name.” He is about their age and his uniform is in combination of green and black. He rushes in and stands near Blindfold and Mercury. He watches as the Hellicarrier plummets and ia bout to crash into the temple.

As Ultragirl flies up in an attempt to inspect the falling Hellicarrier, despite her awesome strength and abilities, she will find there is not much she can do to stop the crash, but if she happens to peer into any windows, she will see no one in those particular areas.

As Aquatica heads towards the shoreline, she may hear screams of a small child yelling in fear and frightened as he struggles to stay afloat in the water.

Mercury's attention is momentarily shifted from the falling Helicarrier and Ultragirl with the arrival of Flint. "Hey. Didn't miss much, just started." the metallic girl says, as she watches as Ultragirl is unable to stop the aircarrier from hitting the temple, "Damn... HEY!" she says, looking around as the two from before are gone. "... They're gone." then she frowns, looking at Blindfold. "We should head to the temple and see if Ultragirl's alright. Hey, Aquatica?" she asks, but then notices the other heroine already at the shore. "Aquatica?"

With the Helicarrier being empty, Ultragirl doesn't even attempt to stop it from crashing, even if she could. She circles above the temple, banking around the plummeting ship, trying to stay to the side and below. As she flies downward she scans where the ship is targeted to hit, searching the area below for 'human' life.

Hearing the cries of a scared child, Aquatica takes a few steps into the water searching for the source "Hold up a minute Mercury. It sounds like someone is near drowning." she points in the direction the cry is coming from.

Blindfold nods to mercury before getting a puzzled look on her face "hmm" walking toward the shore and stopping at the waters edge.

The Hellicarrier collides into the top most part of the temple and through it, careening into the ground and creating a giant crater and an massive explosion akin to bombs being dropped. It causes the whole island to rumble, shake, and quake. The effects of being so close to it may have an effect on Ultragirl.

The child continues to scream out as Aquatica informs Mercury of his presence, but those few seconds add danger as the screams stop and the child arms is the only thing sticking out of the water as that two now goes under as well.

Flint looks out towards where the child is screaming, but the rumbling and the explosion get his attention moreso. “Hey Mercury, come on. The explosion is more important. Forget the kid. He reaches his arm out to grab Mercury and Blindfold by their arms and nudge them into the jungle area of the island to get to the temple.

Mercury finally hears the child. At least, his last screams, and her eyes widen. She was about to rush toward the sea when the whole island rumbles with the explosion, enough to give the metallic girl some pause to keep herself from falling. When her arm is grabbed by Flint, she frowns at the kid, "Are you nuts?" she asks, as she pulls her arm from his grasp. "There's a kid in the water!" she points at the water, "You and Blindfold go investigate the crash site. I'll go with Aquatica to find the kid." she says, before waiting no more moment to run into the sea, "Let's go get that kid, Aquatica!", and then she dives in, her legs fusing into a semblance of a mermaid's tail to help her swim as fast as she can!

The shockwave of the explosion send Ultragirl reeling backward through the air. The tops of few more trees get taken out before she gets control of her flight and begins to fly back to where she left the others.

Aquatica is known to be a bit of a softy, and she is running further into the water and ignoring the callus remarks of the teen boy. "Mercury wait.." she's to late, but its no matter. Spying the child's arms she concentrates on the water, this is her thing, hydrokinesis, she causes two tendrils to form and wrap around the child's wrist and then pulls upward in an effort to get his head above water until Mercury can reach him.

Blindfold pulls her arm back from flint with a frown "I'm sorry no, shame on you. We don't turn our backs on people, we help them, yes please" stumbling on her feet add the ground shook. sadly swimming wasn't something she was good at.

Flint shoots Mercury a nasty look and mumbles something unfriendly under his breath and he turns to Blindfold. His hand still around her arm and putting pressure on it, “Come on! You heard her! To the temple!” He is almost dragging her along into the jungle.

The tendrils created by Aquatica lift the boy’s head from the water, but he appears almost lifeless as he is not breathing by the time Mercury reaches him, which is surprisingly fast.

More explosions shut up, a chain reaction of the Hellicarrier going down, as various engines and tech simply explode, causing the island to quake and shake some more. This proves no problem for Ultragirl though as she is in the air and unhindered by the quaking ground.

Blindfold friends as she stumbles along with flint "ow, please if you would ease your grip?" the shaking ground making her progress difficult and the tugging from flint didn't help

Mercury was swimming quite fast, but then she sees the water being pulled up, and she stops and blinks. "Well... do I have egg on my face..." she says, blinking again, surprised with Aquatica's abilities, before resuming swimming toward the kid. He might need some immediate attention Aquatica's powers may not be able to provide. When she reaches the kid, she notices he's not breathing, and her eyes widen, "Aw, crud..." she says, before holding the kid in her arms, and starts swimming back as fast as she can, while keeping the kid above water, "He's not breathing!" she says once she reaches the beach. "He need CPR!"

Flying back to the group Ultragirl finds them split up, two in the water, and the other two debating something near the jungle line. Shaking her head she flies to Blindfold and Flint, since the other two seem to have everything under control and working as a team even. "Let her go." she tells the boy, flying down to hover in front of them, "The helicarrier was empty. Right now we need to help Mercury and Aquatica and see if we can find a safeplace to sit out the earthquake."

Once Mercury has the boy in her arms, the tendrils disappear and she moves forward to Meercury to help other girl get the child to the shore. Being in the water she is less effectd by the shaking of the ground though the waves it causes are a pain and she has to concentrate to keep the water around her and Mercury calm.

Once she starts CPR on the boy, he begins coughing roughly and then spits out water. He pushes Mercury off of him and continues to cough as he sits up. The boy is wearing a green and black striped shirt and khaki brown shorts. He cannot be more than 9 years old, “Yuck! I kissed a girl and didn’t like it.” He sticks his tongue out at Mercury and seemingly unfazed by nearly drowning the boy hops up, “I’m Marko. Let’s play.” The quaking, explosions, and smoke rising from the demolished temple seem to have no effect on the boy.

Nearly dragging Blindfold to the edge of the jungle line, Flint attempts to push her into the jungle itself through some plush flora and fauna. When Ultragirl drops down and hovers, “Ok I let her go.” He grins and looks up to Ultragirl, “Flatscan alien girl. . .you don’t belong here!”

Mercury manages to administer CPR and revive the kid, only to be pushed away, causing her to blink, especially with the kid's reaction. She turns her head to look at Aquatica, "Are you having this feeling something's really wrong here, Aquatica? This kid coming out of nowhere... then an Helicarrier falling out of nowhere, on fire and completely empty of staff..." she then stands up as she looks at the kid, her legs reforming back to normal. "Are you alright, kid?" she asks, tilting her head at him. Due to distance and the sounds of wave crashing, she doesn't notice what's going on with Ultragirl, Flint and Blindfold.

Blindfold stumbles forward off balance. Ruth tries to catch herself as she has a split second warning but tumbles thru the foliage and right into a gaping sand pit with a cry.

Flint laughs as he looks to Ultragirl and his body begins to shift completely into sand and falls into the sandy area of the beach. Marko does the same by Mercury and the island continues to shake and quake until a big chunk of the island rips apart. One half of the island containing Ultragirl and Blindfold and the other Mercury and Aquatica. Wall of hardened sand shoot up to form a maze of barriers and walls. The sand moves incredibly quickly as suddenly forming a dome over each separate maze.

On the side with Ultragirl and Blindfold, sand shifts, walls pop up and sink down levels change and near Blindfold a sudden forming staircase will appear leading her up and towards Ultragirl. Flint’s voice can be heard though no body is present, “You b*****s, want to find me. . .I’m at the temple!”

On the side with Aquatica and Mercury, similar things happen. Sand walls shift up and down Mercury. As Aquatica was still in the water, large hand of sand rises up from the water, grasps her in a fist and then tosses her ashore near Mercury. Surrounded by various sand walls domes, and obstructions, Marko’s voice rings out, “Come play with me! I’m at the temple!”

Those paying close attention may notice etchings, scribbles, and drawings on the wall.

Mercury's eyes widen when the kid simply melts into sand, "Aw, crud..." she goes again, "Guys!?" she calls toward Blindfold and Ultragirl, "We got a bit of a--!" but she's interrupted as the island literally splits in two, separating the group, and Mercury and Aquatica find themselves locked in a maze. "... situation." she finishes her earlier phrase with a deadpan, before sighing, looking at Aquatica, "Are you alright? I guess the only way out is through the maze." she says, before looking at one of the walls. "Unless..." she says, and changes her hands to sand shovels and tries to excavate one of the walls.

Ultragirl doesn't rise to the bait of the taunting Flint. She was handpicked by the Avenger's to be at this school, she isn't going to risk loosing this opprotunity because of some close minded meanie. She remains hovering while everything shifts around her and when Blindfold starts to fall shoots forward in flight to catch the girl and sets her back on her feet. "You alright Blindfold?" is asked as the ground shakes more and forms the walls, "Why you son of a ...." she cries as boy the rescued and who seemed to be a school mate disappear.

Letting out a cry as she is lifted out of the water and dropped to the sand, Aquatica can't help but agree with Mercury, though doesn't vocalize it, "I think the crash was just for looks." she says softly as she gets to her feet, without success as the ground once more starts to shake and the walls spring from no where.

Blindfold smiles and nods to ultragirl "I think so, yes thank you. I'm sorry, please forgive him, we're not all so closed minded and prejudiced" putting a hand on the girl's shoulder to steady herself. then tilts her head "etchings...a story...this is part of sandman's past. Flint and the little boy are the two halves....there used to be more sandmen....the two lured sandman to the temple, held prisoner. Flint and Marko are the same person but divided"

As Mercury begins to dig, she will find though that with some difficulty she is indeed able to dig through the sand walls. A small hole will reveal the jungle and a path to the temple.

As Blindfold correctly interprets the etchings, they suddenly scramble. The drawings shift and form an arrow pointing left for Blindfold and Ultragirl.

Mercury blinks as her digging actually pays off. "Wow." she says, blinking as she has a clear view of the temple. "That was easier than I though. I was kinda half-expecting the sand to just close back the hole." she says, looking at Aquatica, "Come on, let's take the shortcut." she nods, as she starts digging more to widen the hole, enough for the two to go through.

"That explains a lot." Ultragirl says with a bit of sarcasm "Two options Blindfold, I can try to punch our way through the walls or we can walk. I vote for the first one." she does note the guidance arrow in the wall with a frown "I'm not sure if I want to take directions from a wall." she won't do anything but walk in the direction the arrow pointed, to scout it out until Blindfold puts in her two cents.

Aquatica does her best to help Mercury dig out, but she only has normal hands, and without that large body of water in sight she can't do anything power wise. "Well I not going to complain about it." once the hole is big enough for them to crawl through she will follow Mercury out.

Blindfold turns her head toward the wall then the maze "If you don't mind please, yes punching thru it will be quicker over all"

Taking Blindfold’s request, Ultragirl flies up a few feet and pounds at the sand, though it is hardened she is able to break through with her super-strength. “Ask and ye shall receive.” The blond alien human hydrid offers as she swoops down to Blindfold and picks her up, “Easier if I carry you and fly us there.” They soar through the air and towards the temple.

With the hole large enough, Mercury and Aquatica are able to exit and a clear path is created for the two to head straight towards the temple.

Mercury looks at the path toward the temple, "Doesn't this all feel too easy for you?" she asks as she starts to head toward the temple, "I hope Blindfold and Ultragirl are fine." she says, looking momentarily toward the other maze, before looking back toward her path and the temple. "What do you think is going on around here, Aquatica?" The metallic girl asks, over her shoulder, trying to make conversation during the walk toward the Temple.

Aquatica responds, “I have no idea, but this is all sand. Isn’t Sandman your mentor or something? He has to be running this, but this exercise seems a bit more than usual.” She offers before she begins her way down the path, carefully watching out for any traps and feeling confident. She waves to Mercury, “Come on!” She starts to run towards the temple.

Blindfold gasps as she was picked up and flown off, wrapping het arms around ultragirl's neck "Didn't think we'd learn about sandman's past though, he seems kind of...withdrawn, yes thank you"

Mercury nods softly, "Yes, he is." she says softly, "I mean, it's him controlling this scenario from the Control Room." Or at least she assumes the man's there. "Also, yeah, this scenario is more elaborate, but, then again, there are four of us, instead of the usual two or solo runs." she says, smiling as she follows after Aquatica, quickening her pace into a run to keep up. "Let's see what we'll learn in the temple!" she nods, still smiling.

Ultragirl girl carries Blindfold and they arrive first near the temple, but Ultragirl pauses and hovers in place, “Ruth, do you see anything or sense anything before we go in?” She asks the precog as she looks down below to see where Aquatica and Mercury are. Catching sight of them on the clear path, She flies down with Ruth. “Ok, well we have survived so far. . .who wants to take the lead?” She asks the three female mutants with her. Aquatica shakes her head in the negative, “You know Sandman better than I do.” She says as she looks to Mercury.

Mercury rubs the back of her head, "He's my mentor, here, but I don't know much about him, no." she says softly, "What I know is mostly what I read in the news, and what little he shared. I understand why he keeps his past in the past." she says, shrugging gently, before looking toward the entrance of the temple. "However, we won't find out much standing out here. Let's go inside this temple and find out, once and for all, what's going on here."

Blindfold turns her head toward mercury and aquatica "I can go first if you all want please. That way you can attack from behind me and even if I don't see terrible before we find it least my cane will thank you yes." then tilts her head "multiple sandman, only one is real, each a different color, he's trapped inside. the story was that once there were many sandmen. One of them was taken to an island, flint Marko, he was divided into two parts. two halves of a whole, each made into a new form, one a little boy and the other a teen. They lured sandman to the island and held him prisoner in the temple. This is his past"

“Ok Mercury, go plan and good strategy, Blindfold. You both lead then.” With that Ultragirl takes the back while Aquatica makes a friendly joke about the blind leading the blind. As the women reach the edge of the temple. Sand begins to flow, a rainbow of sand as a variety of colored sand pours in and starts rebuilding the temple. A the top of the temple, the teenaged Flint and the child Marko pop up, “Come and get us, if you can!” They sink into the sandy roof after challenging the girls.

Mercury nods to Blindfold's explanation. "I didn't notice if there were any real inscriptions on the walls on our maze. I just immediately started excavating our way out. Thanks, Blindfold." she smiles, nodding, and then starts heading into the temple, but she stops when it starts reforming. Then she sees the two kids up there, taunting the quartet, and then she frowns as they merge back with the sand. "How will we be able to find them if they keep merging with the sand?" she grumbles as she resumes walking into the temple, "Unless... we're not after THEM, but actually their real selves..." she hmmms.

Blindfold grins shyly as she takes the lead, chuckling at the joke "Wouldn't be the first time, yes thank you" then the sands swirls and Marko and flint taunt "Please, let sandman go. I know you must be lonely and it wasn't fair that you got split in two, it must be confusing but we need sandman....we need him as a teacher and he makes the world better in his own ways, please thank you" then turns her head toward mercury "not selves, self...they are one person in two pieces, sorry thank you"

“You want Sandman. . .come and get him.” The side wall of the temple come crashing down causing a large sand cloud to pop up. Small pieces of hardened sand fall to the ground and some with etchings depicting the SHIELD Hellicarrier and Nick Fury and Dum Dugan bringing Flint and Marko here.

Well the sand cloud disperses three sandmen appear. A green one to the left. A black one to the right. And a red one in the center. The green one leaps up over the three mutant girls and goes straight for Ultragirl who flies up to collide with it. The black one transforms into a small sandstorm and spins towards Aquatica, spinning fast attempting to scour her with hardened sand. She screams out in pain. The red one grows double the size of the others and runs forward towards Blindfold and Mercury.

Mercury is taken by surprise by the appearance of the three sandmen, and watches as the green one goes straight at Ultragirl, but Ug is strong and can take care of herself. She then sees Aquatica getting scoured by the sandstorm, and she frowns, gritting her teeth a bit as she looks at the incoming red one, with its enlarged size. "Oh, no, you don't!" she says, both her hands clasping together and forming a bit mace, and she starts spinning and delivering a big blow at the red sand guy's gut, hoping to disperse the guy.

Blindfold coughs covering het mouth from the sand before ohhing in understanding "shield split you? but how was that sandman's fault, please if you don't mind, please tell us? maybe we can help but he's a friend of ours and wet need him" holding her cane in both hands like a sword she stood in front of mercury and swings at the red one, just like bittersweet had taught her in her sword lessons.

Aquatica begins to scream as her flesh is suddenly begin to be cut apart as harden sand lashes out at her. As strong as Ultragirl is, the green Sandman continues to pound on her as he has an island-ful of sand to use against. As Blindfold’s cane-as-sword trick cuts through some of the sand and Mercury’s mace cause the Sandman to disperse, he simply reforms and continues to press towards the two heroines.

Mercury would spit if she had any saliva. "Ok. Plan B." she says, and looks at everyone. "Everyone! Let's get away from them! We can't beat them! Into the temple, we must find Sandman!" she says, before she looks at Aquatica, and the metallic girl runs into it, being immune to the sandstorm due to her metallic body, and will attempt to scoop Aquatica in her arms and get away, "They won't stop coming back, no matter what we do!" she says once she's out of the sandstorm.

Ultragirl is held under the massive mound of sand and unable to move as she struggles before she is fully crushed. Mercury is able to free Aquatica is is all but unconscious and bloodied from the sandstorm that literally rended her flesh.

As Blindfold catches the grain of sand the combined voices start to laugh, “So you have us, girl. You can’t contain us. There is no metal to hold us.” They start to laugh as the green and black sandmen stop their attacks, but the red one suddenly charges for the all but knocked out Ultragirl.

Mercury stops and blinks, "Metal?" she turns her head, looking at Blindfold, figuring the girl figured something. "Blindfold!" she says, and she gently eases Aquatica on the ground before rushing back, her hand going to hold Blindfold's, her form flowing through her fingers to capture whatever she has in her hand, to keep it fully contained, hoping her metal form works, "Come on, what do I gotta do!" she tells the blind girl.

Blindfold nods humbly "maybe but I will still try" holding right to the particle of sand she smiles add mercury got the idea "surround it, block it offs from the others, please thank you" her fingers spreading out as mercury oozed into her fist "contain it, please yes"

The tactic works. The mutant teens teamed up and are able to contain the grain of sand. When it is contained the entire area is suddenly set dark. Light go out and then turn back out and the four students find themselves in the Danger Room. Ultragirl is the first to fly up, “Woah! That was the hardest session yet.” She flies down to Aquatica who is not injured but reacting harshly to the exercise. “It was just a training session.” Ultragirl helps her friend up, “Thanks for running it, Sandman.” She takes Aquatica out and waves as she leaves. She will be fine. Sandman in his usual garb leans against a metallic chamber having been in the room and providing the idea and some of the sand for the scenario. He starts to clap his hands, “Good teamwork and leadership, girls.”

Blindfold looks toward the other two "Take good care of her thank you please" then smiles as she blushed unwittingly "I only did what I could to help, thank you yes"

Mercury blink-blinks softly as everything goes dark and then they're back at the Danger Room when Mercury grabs that tiny spec of sand. "What the...?" she asks, confused, blinking again. The metallic girl remains confused even after Ultragirl and Aquatica left, "Um..." she then notices Sandman clapping at them, "Uh... what just happened?" she asks him, then turns to Blindfold, "How did you figure this all out?" she asks, before she opens her hand to see if that spec of sand is still there.

Blindfold nods with a wave of her hand add sandman headed out. "All that he is is contained in a single grain, it is his weakness yes thank you. I saw which particle and where it was and I knew it was important. if we were fighting sandman like him the same rules applied, thank you please"

“Alright, well good job.” With that Sandman heads ot the observation room to review the footage and prepare a report.

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