Sand in Your Eye

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Ambrose and Sandman

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10/27/12 20:26

Upper West Side - New York

Sandman saves Ambrose from a pushy doorman and the two share a meal.

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Ambrose was walking home tonight. He was rather cold, mainly because after an unfortunate incident earlier, he had no bag. And thus, several bottles were clinking together delicately in the bundle he'd made from his jacket as he strode quickly down the street, eyes glancing side to side nervously as he passed by other folk out enjoying the saturday night New York state of mind. He paused, hearing sirens in the distance, but they faded away.

As the sirens fade away, a sand storm can be seen forming in the sky above the area and pointing downwards heading specifically towards Nick’s Restaurant. Careful not to harm or scare too many NYC resident, the sand storm drops from the sky and a large pile of sand seems to plop down right in front of the entrance to Nick’s Restaurant. A bouncer at the entrance seems to roll his eyes as he knows what this is and shows no fear or concern. Just annoyance.

Ambrose himself had just taken hold of the door to Nicks', having intending to go in there himself "Eh? No, these are for later. I just want food. My bag was uh... stolen." he states to the doorman lamely. And then the sandman arrived and he blinked, letting go of the door to hold onto his hat, blinking sand away from his bleary eyes. HE stared at the man a long moment, then was shaken out of it "So can I come in and buy food? I'll tip extra well if you want."

The doorman looks between Ambrose and the pile of sand that begins to take a humanoid shape. He seems annoyed by both, but only one is an Avenger. He moves forward to the stanchion and holds a rope open for the now human hero. He bows, “Mister Sandman, welcome to Nick’s.” The doorman shoots Ambrose a look and mumbles, “Fuck off, drunk!”

Stopping short at that, Ambrose narrows his eyes "I am NOT drunk. " at least, not yet as he glowered at the doorman. "Can I get something to go then if you wont even offer me common courtesies?"

Sandman nods his head as he enters the restaurant, but shoots a confused look at Ambrose and then shakes his head disapprovingly at the doorman. The doorman in the meantime smiles to Sandman and thinking the Avenger has already entered the restaurant, he looks at Ambrose, “I said fuck off!” He moves forward and attempts to shove Ambrose away.

Ambrose staggers back easily at the shove and scowls again "See if I ever give you five stars again on a review." he states simply and angrily as he crouches to pick his hat up off the ground "Cussed at, treated poorly AND implied i am somehow already inebriated. I bet oyu do not even have a diploma!"

The doorman shakes his head, “Man, I have had a shitty night. Keep fucking with me, man.” The doorman pulls out a switchblade and pops it open, “I will cut you!” WIth the appearance of the blade there is suddenly the appearance of a small sand cloud that appears to fly directly into the doorman’s eyes. He drops the blade and begins to wipe at his eyes and he screams about it stinging.

A yelp from Ambrose. Being yelled at by a doorman is one thing. Being cussed at, yeah. But having a knife pulled on him by a Bouncer?? That was somewhat backwards. Startled, Ambrose darts back several feet to keep out of the way now in surprise... and confusion. But also a tiny bit of satisfaction too at this as he glances past, trying to see wehre the Sandman had gone specificlly inside the diner.

Sandman sits at a table close to the window and had a good view of all that has happened. The doorman stumbles to the ground, dropping the stanchion and leaving it open for any to enter the restaurant. Sandman sits at a table with a beer and a satisfied look as a pretty waitress giggles as she too was witness to what happened to the doorman. The two laugh among themselves and then he begins to place his order.

Ambrose smiles a little bit at that and turns now to just walk away from the doorman, his mood quite improved. Entering the establishment - but making sure to not make his bundle too obvious, he looks about. Noting Sandman sitting at the table, he pauses, and then makes his way over "I have a keen suspicion that I have you to thank for my ability to dine sitting down tonight." he remarks."

Nodding his head and grinning, “It’s not that keen of an observation since it was sand that took him down and I am the Sandman.” He gestures for Ambrose to join him as the waitress offers a smile and asks Ambrose, “If he would like a drink?” Sandman offers, “My treat. . .um? I don’t know your name.”

A look of surprise, but Ambrose takes the seat, sliding his things under the table out of sight. "Ambrose Smith sir. Thank you. THAT I was not expecting either. The past twenty four hours have found me constantly surprised at many new things. "A drink? Uhm... Just some sprite actually." he decides, remembering the 'drunk' comment from earlier.

The waitress goes to get Ambrose’s Sprite and as he joins the Avengers, Sandman has a quizzical look on his face as he looks over and studies the man before him. “So what has happened in the past twenty-four hours that has surprised you, Ambrose? Or do you prefer Smith? As for me, you can call me Bill or Sandman.” His id is public knowledge.

"Ambrose works I suppose. A pleasure." he does not offer a hand to shake though "Bill is just as acceptable. And well, first I was mugged, and the person who rescued me... was rather disturbing. Hence why I lost my grocery bag. I ended up quite nauseated and confused. And then well, this Bouncer, who I hope loses his job! And then being invited to dine with you good sir. For me, that's more excitement than I usually get in a month!"

Grinning as he understand and sympathizes, “Well, I am sorry to hear of your troubles. The person who rescued you? I may know that person. Unfortunately alot of heroes, do not always have the prettiest of powers.” The waitress returns with the soda for Ambrose and the meal for Sandman, a large well done cooked steak.

A nod from Ambrose and he then blinks, realizing he had forgotten food as well. A glance to Sandman, and then states "I hear your mushroom burger is quite succulent. one of those, with french fries and mustard on the side? " he asks next. And then to the conversation at hand "Who might he be then? To be honest after using my phone to call the police, he just kind of walked away. Wears red and black, and has one of those asian swords."

As Ambrose describes his savior, Sandman thinks it over and no one in particular seems to come to mind, “Maybe it was some kind of ninja. You would be surprised, they show up everywhere.” He laughs as he slams down his beer. He looks as he is ready to cut into the steak, but waits when Ambrose puts in his order, which the waitress goes to get leaving Ambrose with his soda.

"Very true. THey CAN Be everywhere. And you wouldnt know it. That's what Ninjas do." agrees Ambrose as he waits for his dinner "But how has your last week been, now that ou know the pleasanter details of my own adventures the past few days?"

Blinking a moment, Sandman smiles, “Well thank you for asking. I don’t get ask that much. My last week has been hectic. I and some Avengers were off in Skrull space successfully preventing an alien invasion. Then I got shunted into dimension where some crazy gods wanted revenge on the Avengers for defeating them earlier this year. Ended up in a small time traveling thing against Kang and then did some outreach work in Mutant Town.” He lists those things as if they are common place.

Ambrose stares at Sandman a looong moment, blinking a few times. "Well, that sounds productive!" he states finally with a nod "Ah, were you at that concert that I heard about for school children? They didnt do anything like that for us when I was in school - we all had to pay ourselves, or hitchhike." he chortled al ittle "So the war against 'evil' goes well at least though." he was feeling surprisingly positive this day, as his burger and fries arrived.

Knowing of what school and what concert he is talking about, Sandman keeps that confidential. “No, I didn’t hear of any concert for school children...too busy in the war against evil.” He laughs a bit. “Were there any cool acts? Or what school was it? I didn’t have much of an education myself.”

Nodding his head at the information he was just told, he will have to find otu what happened at the concert, “Well, I am not so bright, but when you are on a team with smarties like Iron Man and Mockingbird, then some stuff might rub off.” When the acts are mentioned, “Oh I love Mick Drago’s music. . .Sombre Tyransaur. . .never heard of them. . .sounds like some old school rock band.”

"Ahh, Iron Man. That's one I'd love to meet someday." murmers Ambrose "Such a genius mind... " he nods "She's american, but apparently grew up in Britain. lists Alice Cooper as inspiration."

“Oh ok, well, I’ll give a listen to her music.” Suddenly there is a beeping sound and Sandman sighs a bit, “Sorry. . .but the war on evil never ends.” With that he stands up and to the waitress he adds, “His meal is on me. Put it on my tab.” WIth that he looks to Ambrose, “Nice meeting you, I’m sure we will meet again.” WIth that his rushes out of Nick’s.

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