Sais Fired in Hell's Kitchen

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Hell's Kitchen Scuffle

Elene, Seth, Shatterstar

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09/01/12 11:00

Hell's Kitchen

Elene responds to a fight in Hell's Kitchen

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-----==[ Hell's Kitchen - New York ]==----------------------------------------

Some people call this area the Lower West Side; some people who want to talk it up call it Clinton. A few particularly unwise types call it West Midtown, but they'd better not do that where anyone can hear. Everyone else calls it Hell's Kitchen.
The congested streets are dominated by flat-faced, boxy buildings, three and four stories tall. Between some of them run alleyways - some wide enough to park a car in, some too narrow to give space for anything but ambushing a passerby. The slow transformation of much of the rest of Manhattan into a playground for the wealthy has met its match in the underworld here, which has a vested interest in keeping Hell's Kitchen and its inhabitants poor and desperate as a cover for its own activities, and in the danger of merely entering the neighborhood. After all - though other cities are better known for them lately, Hell's Kitchen is one of the places where street gangs began.

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Elene has arrived.

For the second time in less than 8 hours the call goes out. Possible super-powered shennanigans, involving suspected mutants. This time in Hell's Kitchen, which brings it's own set of complications as it is sometimes...protected.

"Son of a.." Elene just dropped Rod off at home and was on her way home. It's late and she's been working for like seventeen hours but.. that's the sort of call that she needs to respond to. This time it's a.. current emergency, so she clicks on her flashers, activates the built in siren and floors it. The car's grill is flashing brightly reds and blues at the traffic before her, and she is a -good- driver.
Weaving through traffic, she is now in a rush and breaking about every traffic law there is... and she's sure they'll make up a few more to cover other things she's doing. But, she's on a call and is focused on the road ahead of her. That is, after checking in and letting dispatch know she's on the way.
Even the dispatcher rolls his eyes and mutters, "Isn't your shift -over- Tampambulos?" he mutters, but he -doesn't- transmit it.

The car eats up the miles and soon enough Elene arrives at the first sign of the scene - a police barricade consisting of two cars pulled almost nose-to-nose so that they prevent cars from going further down the road. Blocks and blocks away a similar block is set up from cars coming from that direction, and no doubt the sidestreets have been barricaded as well. All SOP when dealing with a super-powered incident. Little enough hope for unpowered police to apprehend a supervillain, but at least they can try to contain them. And to keep the area clear of innocents.

When Elene's distinctive car pulls up, the ranking officer on the scene stands up from where he'd been waiting behind his car and hustles over to talk to her. Somewhere in the background there's the sound of heavy impacts on metal - something slamming into cars judging by the car alarm going off and the faint tinkles of broken glass.

So much for the costume. Elene doesn't have time to change. She just steps out of the car and is already checking the chamber of her 40 cal service pistol before she marches around to the trunk and inserts her key to open it up. "Talk to me Hennessey." she says to the officer on the scene as she lifts the trunk up and reaches in to grab the shotgun she keeps in there and then unlocks the trigger guard and starts loading it one shell at a time. All while listening to the sitrep. Just because she has powers, might as well be armed, right? As she does all this, she eyes the garmant bag with her costume in it and snorts a bit.

Hennessey's trained to look over scenes and people fast, and he only has to look at Elene for a moment to realize she didn't wear the Costume. He keeps his features carefully neutral, too much of a Pro to actually say anything. "Some guy with super-strength duking it out with a couple of people using - get this - swords." He pauses and then adds in a long-suffering tone. "The big one's bulletproof."

"Okay. Got anything else for me?" she asks. After all, Elene doesn't wear that leather and cleavage showing costume when on duty. She's just a detective, not an Avenger after all. It's not her normal mode of dress. Plus, she just doesn't think in those terms but... a person in slacks and a jacket. She pauses and shakes her head, "Okay, they're fighting, but is the area cleared of civilians for the time being?" She's asking if she has time...

Shatterstar shakes his head. "Nobody called out their Super-names, if that's what you're asking. We've got people setting up a boom mike and Jonesy over there's on the know how much he's into the whole hero scene, he might recognize them if he catches a glimpse. But other than call it, Detective."

At that moment there's a particularly loud thud, and a white-and-red costumed individual with a staff and a half-cape is sent flying into view from the alley where he must have gotten knocked out of. The individual (Shatterstar) actually BOUNCES once when he hits the ground, barely managing to keep hold of his staff, which CLANGs loud enough to indicate it's made of metal, then springs back to his feet and LEAPs back into the alley and out of sight again.

Seth has arrived.

"Well, so much for that idea." mutters Elene. She doesn't explain to Hennessey what the 'idea' was, but she just starts stalking forward past the barricade. "Stand down!" she calls out towards Shatterstar. She doesn't know one of these from the other of course, and she has the shotgun in hand. "NYPD!" she adds. She's hoping that this might be this easy, but she also knows that this guy was launched.. he didn't launch himself. But the guy's already back into the alley before she can really even aim. "Damn he's fast." she mutters as she stalks towards said alley. "fuckers might actually respect me more if I -was- in that demeaning, overly revealing leather getup." she mutters to herself, shotgun raised, stock against her shoulder as she turns the corner into the alley, "NYPD! FREEZE!" she yells.

Shatterstar is using his staff to fend off what looks like a long length of chain with a weight on one end and a blade on the other. The wielder of this weapon wears black leather pants, and a mask, cowl and bracers...and little else (Zaran). He has the weighted end wrapped around the neck of a large Hispanic man dressed in leathers (Black Tarantula). The Hispanic's lips are turning blue, but he's still struggling to free himself from the strangling links...only his frantic thrashings seem to be making it throttle him that much harder. The other end is flung out occasionally to menace Shattershot, who manages to deflect each attack with his spinning staff but can't quite manage to get close enough to make an attack of his own.

Eating some chinese take-away as he walks by, he begins to hear all the commotion, cars passing by, all that shebang. "Okay, what now...?" He smirks some. "Life is never dull in this city. Really." He proceeds to run to have a look at what's going on. Well, he runs into an alley, anyways. And once there, that's when he takes flight above the building lines.

Upon reaching the skermish's location, he looks down to the alley to get a better view of what's going on...

Nevermind how the kid got past the police barricades, but Elene is in the other end of said alley, pointing a weapon and such. She racks a round... a sound that is -very- distinctive.... and says, "I... said... FREEZE!" as she starts walking forward. Apparently without fear. "Drop... the... weapon!" For the moment, she is torn between wanting to be taken seriously, and wanting to be underestimated.

Shatterstar does indeed freeze momentarily at the sound of the shotgun. But then he's forced to dodge another swipe from Zaran's chain. This time Shatterstar leaps over the chain, and backwards, adding a flip before landing. He's now far eougn that he's out of immediate reach of the weapon. With this bit of breathing room he can cast a quick glance in Elene's direction, causing his second pause of the fight. Her...again? But then he looks back at his enemy. "Which of us, drop which weapon...?" He grates, although the slight hint of resignation in his tone indicates he's already got an idea what the answer is going to be.

Seth had never seen Shatterstar fight for real, but from the little he saw just now, he is impressed. Was he likely to interfere? It would depend on how good his opponent would be. But Elene's progressive orders for both hero and villain to lay down their weapons just doesn't sit well. She's potentially distracting him. So, to Shatterstar's opponent, Seth aims an arm, from which he fires a big zero-point pulse, which if it connects, could well send the guy careening through the air into the nearby wall.

The attack catches the unwitting Zaran by surprise, sending him flying across the alley, his grip on his chain weapon lost. But while many unpowered villains would by flattened by the attack, Zaran manages to tumble as he hurtles through the air, and hits the wall feet-first. He bends his knees to absorb the force of the collision, then drops to the ground where he immediately draws a pair of sais and looks at the two newest opponents. "That was a mistake," he growls, before flinging one of the weapons at each.

The pressure on the chain released, Black Tarantula is finally able to drag it off of his neck. He seems to recover almost the instant he starts breathing again, tossing the chain to the side and straightening up to his full height.

Shatterstar blinks in surprise as Zaran gets blasted, then cries out a warning as the two sais leave the weapon-master's hands. But is he too late?

Hell, Elene doesn't know hero from villain here. She just sees folks fighting and throwing around enough force to kill people left and right. "Which weapon? Every fucking weapon." she remarks. But since Shatterstar has withdrawn from the combat, she eyes the guy with the chain around the other guy's neck. Then out of the blue comes a blast that sends the guy reeling. "Well, that wasn't what I expected..." she mutters but the moment the weapons are drawn and intent is observed.... she pulls the trigger. She's likely to be too late to stop the throws, and her reflexes are still -normal-. But she is a cop and is taught that if you -must- fire, fire for effect... shoot to kill. Zuran is attacking with what could be lethal force, so she's aiming a buckshot shell at his center mass.

And after she fires, there's an impact. The shotgun's barrel is turned to one side as her shoulder is struck by the Sai. There's a moment when Shatterstar might worry for the cop's life, but she straightens back up and the Sai drops to the ground before her... without any blood upon it. She racks another round into the chamber, lifting the weapon to aim again as she rolls her neck. "You have the right to remain silent." she says towards Zuran.

Well, Seth is a few stories high, enough that he can see that sai approaching, a courtesy of his training. As a result, he hastily dodges the weapon thrown at him, then replying with a firing back at Zaran. A blast using both hands this time! "Time to go to bed, pal!"

Zaran flinches as the shot pings off his leathers, and causes several tiny cuts on his exposed torso and arms. Tiny puffs on the brick of the wall behind him show how the range caused the shotgun's blast to spread and thus spare the villain even more harm. Seth's warning allows Zaran to dodge this time, but he still gets clipped by the blast. The impact is enough to spin the self-styled Master of Weapons around, and then he reluctantly pauses and raises his hands.

A surrender? Seth hmms; it doesn't smell right. It's all too easy. "Careful, officer!", he shouts over to Elene. "It's likely to be a trap and make you a hostage."

"Really now. And who are you?!" calls Elene upwards as she moves towards the 'surrendering' opponent. "How about it? Trade straight up, me for him?" she asks with a jerk of her chin towards Black Tarantula. "If you're planning to try something tricky, it might be a lot easier if you just did this the simple way. Which means... if you're planning to disarm me, just say so and I'll put the weapon down and be your hostage. You're obviously too much for the cops... which means too much for me." She shrugs and says, "I can see that this isn't really going to do me any good... seeing how effective it was already." She shakes the shotgun to indicate it as well, but she is wearing a badge on her belt and she adds, "So, how about it... let them go and take a cop as a hostage? I'll be much more valuable and useful to you."

Tarantula seems to be at a loss. "You...wait, I think you have the wrong idea here." As he speaks the giant seems to gather his wits. "I was the victim here...HE attacked ME." Zaran glares daggers at the much larger Tarantula but doesn't add anything. "I am deeply greatful for your aid, officer..." Tarantula goes on. "All of your aid." His gaze shifts to include Seth, Shatterstar (is there a slight tightening of the expression when he looks at Shatterstar) and then back at Elene.

Shatterstar stands a bit straighter, rising out of his fighting stance now that the fighting seems to have stopped. He also shifts his staff when he thinks that nobody is looking, so that he's holding it in such a way that his own body partially obscures it. A possibly comical attempt to keep the officer from noticing it, maybe.

"Alright... if I'm misreading the situation... then you're all coming in. For questioning." The shotgun is swung about to aim generally towards BT. She steps to one side and says, "You're all being taken in.... I'm not arresting -anyone- yet. But I will get to the bottom of this. Don't make this difficult."

Tarantula grimaces, looks this way and that, speculatively. But then he nods. Zaran seems more resigned, but also a bit more confident about the situation. He's been in this position before, it seems. Possibly many times. Such is often the life of the 'street' level villain.

Of all of the persons of interest in this super-scuffle, it's surprisingly Shatterstar, the alleged hero, who gives the lawful authorities the most trouble. He tilts his head slightly to one side, then smiles apologetically. Then he springs into the air, jumping nearly twenty feet up the side of a building to land on the fire escape, bouncing off to jump even higher and onto the opposite roof. "Sorry, but my ride is here."

Well, Elene's plan was to reveal the true villain of the piece by making him flee. When Shatterstar leaps like that, she raises the shotgun and pulls the trigger. If she doesn't kill the guy then she'll at least make sure he has something to remember her by. Oh, she still plans to take the guys in for questioning, certainly.....

Shatterstar is far enough that like Zaran he only takes a small portion of the blast - and his more complete uniform means none of the buckshot touches his actual skin.

As blare from the shotgun fades, Elene's police radio suddenly buzzes with voices, officers on the scene reporting conflicting sightings - a rocket, no a cruise missile, no no that's a person. Jonesy the hero-buff's voice finally rises above the rest, insisting that he -knows- that one, it's a mutant, no not one of the X-Men or X-Factor but one from the junior team. His name is--


Streaking into sight over the alley, he doesn't even stop, but instead grabs Shatterstar's suddenly upraised-in-both-hands staff, and uses it to yank him trapeze-like up into the sky. At hundreds of miles per hour they're soon in clouds and out of sight, the rocket sounds fading to just a faint echo once more.

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