Rushing Through an Audition

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Havok, Mirage, Nightcrawler, Rush

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12/05/12 10:00

Training Center, X-Factor Tower

Rush auditions for the part of team brick

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-----==[ Training Level - X-Factor Tower/Ship ]==-----------------------------

With the same concept in mind, the Training Center of X-Factor Tower/Ship is very much like the Danger Room. However, instead of a control booth, one steps off the elevator into a large holodeck like area that extends over several floors and perhaps the width of the tower/ship itself. All terminal interactions and programming are voice based and if a terminal is needed, a holographic terminal is produced.

This room is capable of creating any environment known to Ship and generate challenges found in the database. Additionally, challenge levels can be set right along with safety protocols that prevent injury and death can also be established. Just say the word, and let the games begin.



Application was filled out and a brief interview took place with Mirage. Rush was instructed to return the following day as X-Factor was still recovering from a recent mission and the interview process would not resume until then.


Rush returns to find a line of applicants just outside the X-Factor Tower door. Mutant Town is rife with mutants and most of them have useless powers. This is technically the third day of interviews and there are still quite a few people who want to get in and try out for the team. A large percentage of those individuals will not qualify. And, of that percentage, those individuals are well aware that they haven't the required powers - however they still want to get into the tower and check things out as well as try and impress the judges with their talent(s).

Rush stands in line for 2 hours before he gets to the front of the line. Directed by the Holo-Receptionist, Rush is taken to the express elevator and shunted up to the Holo-Deck where he will wait in a green ante-room for the previous applicant to finish with their demonstration. He's not privy to the going's on behind the curtain, so he is left to listen to soothing tunes and offered refreshments.

It comes his turn and the Holo-Receptionist opens the door for him to step out into the actual expansive holo-deck where there is a stage with various weights designed much like one would see on Looney Tunes; (labeled: 500lbs, 1000lbs, 1 Ton, 5 Tons, 10 Tons, 25 Tons, 50 Tons, 75 Tons, 100 Tons). And a large iron cannon a few dozen yards away pointed at the stage.

At present, seated at a long table are Mirage and Havok (in costume) with a third chair empty. In front of them are Coca-Cola labeled glasses filled with delicious drinks. A few stage lights from above shine down to acknowledge Rush and the SHIP announces, "Now on the main stage, Rush!"

Sitting between Havok and an empty chair, Mirage looks positively unimpressed by the last auditioner "That was worse than that guy who claimed he could turn invisible." and at least with him there was a show, sure the guys didn't wanna see it, but its was a show none-the-less. Writing a few things down on the application, noting her rejection she tosses that application aside and glances at the next one.

Both the name on the paper and the one announced are familiar to her. She waits silently as the newcomer takes the stage to show his stuff.

Rush blinks at the sudden lighting. Once his eyes adjust he looks around with interest (not quite 'wonder' - he was expecting something like this). He's not wearing a costume, but rather a set of excersize attire, casual even though they do seem to be brand new.

Rush smacks one fist into the open palm of his other hand at chest height, lolls his neck to either side as if stretching the bones in his neck, and then steps forward. "I'm ready." Despite the words he begins shifting his weight from one foot to the other, each time twitching the 'free' leg slightly to loosen nervous muscles.

Kurt fake covers a microphone and looks at the other present members of X-Factor, "Do we drop the 30 ton dumptruck now?" Then more serious he looks a the newest applicant and offers up, "Start with some weights, pick up the heaviest one you can." IF they're not already in the interview area, more than likely Ship will start to produce some, ranging from 500 lbs up to several tons probably, if not more.

Havok grins and shakes his head, "Nah, SHIP is still trying to get the blood out of the floor and I don't think I'll ever be able to wear that uniform again because of the smell.". Alex then will watch while Kurt gives the new guy direction.

Covering a laugh at Alex, Mirage focuses on the stage, "Andre, nice to see you made it today." she writes a few things down, first impressions and the like from there previous encounter. She will watch the audition, taking notes where appropiate but probably without saying much.

Rush heads over the weights, going straight for the 50 tonner and grasping the handle. He gulps a few quick breaths and then lifts the weight off the stage and presses it in a quick motion. After holding it for a few seconds he drops it with a suitable sound and glares breifly at it. You can tell he almost wants to say something, apparently to the weight, but he restrains himself. Instead he takes a few deep breaths and rolls his shoulders and arms, quickly recovering from the exertion. Next he eyes the cannon briefly before turning back to the table. "What next?" he asks cautiously.

"Ja!" says Kurt, not hiding his enthusiasm at having a possible good candidate. He pretends to reach a finger for a button, "Now the missiles ..." A canine grin a the stong lad, his hand coming back, "That is, endurance testing, it would probably be good to let us know a standard of how much you might endure - fists, hammers, bullets, concussion grenades, the Juggernaut, you know that stuff. But we still have to test ..." Sort of standard danger room testing, safeties in place, though missiles would be fun ...

Actually impressed that the weight was lifted, Havok leans back in his rolly office chair and rocks a bit. He grins and reiterates Kurt's last remark, "Juggernaut test." with a hint of humor. He'll then call up to the SHIP, "Hey SHIP. Begin the testing protocols for resistance."

SHIP responds, "Very well, Havok. Rush, if your defenses are active in nature, it would be wise to activate them."

A transparent force wall is created between the judges and Rush and the assault begins. It starts small and gauges piercing, fire/heat, cold, radiation, energy, as well as blunt force trauma. The process will last a few minutes, giving a second or two between intensities.

Rush nods slowly and pulls off his shirt (no sense letting it get ruined) before subjecting himself to the various attacks.

"Unf, reminds me of getting shot," he remarks at the piercing attack. "Sniper rifle maybe." The test takes some skin off but can't get past his muscle. Next is the heat/cold.

"Mother--!" he begins as his skin burns, and hops up and down slightly in place. He doesn't stagger or fall the way a normal subject would. "Th-th-this is like sleeping in the December" he stutters out at the cold, which turns his skin and lips bluish (it reverts to normal minutes after the cold stops).

The radiation has a similarly temporary affect, Rush looks naseated but doesn't succumb - or throw up.

Finally the energy and blunt force trauma, which again cause some scorching and bruising respectively but by now Rush acts like he doesn't even feel it.

Once the various attacks stop Rush grins weakly, flexes his muscles and then lets out a pent-up breath he doesn't remember when he started holding. "That all you got?"

Sipping her beverage Mirage watches the chain of defense tests, "Obviously he has never sleeped in the Rocky mountains in the middle of winter." she asides about his comment to the cold. She takes notes the whole time, wincing or looking impressed depending, sometimes both at the same time, if possible.

Kurt is grinning the whole time, perhaps assuming on some level he's joking bout the hot and cold, because in order for Ship to actually get to that point, there's a lot being put into it. Still he nods, waiting for more to happen. When he asks if that's all that X-Factor has, he stands up, "Test three ..." Then leaps over the table/divide/etc., running on all fours towards the fellow, "Blue elf shoulder test, engage." He'll flip and leap, trying to land on said shoulder, hopefully Rush doesn't simply get out of his way, otherwise he'll have to bamf before landing on the ground, dejected.

Initially, Rush impresses Havok and even has a few cringes and flinches due to the overal nature of the test in question. Then challenged and seeing Kurt answer the challenge; Havok laughs at the display and yells, "Fastball Special test!" as an indicator for the potential direction of the physical engagement.

Rush's eyes widen slightly, then he braces himself slightly for the impact. He hardly flinches at Kurt's weight, and any reaction is more from the slight change of balance than the impact itself. Rush blinks and then looks at Havok. Fastball Special? That sounds vaguely familiar. Where has he heard it before...? In the instant he takes to try and recall he'll be more or less defenseless in case Kurt has anything more sinister in mind...

"Ja," agrees Kurt as Rush looks around, "Fastball special!" Then the blue elf quietly says to Rush, "Like a fastball - its an American thing, baseball. Throw me as far as you can in that direction." Then he prepares to be thrown, wiggling a little, mentally preparing. What he's really preparing is after he's thrown, assuming he is, he'll wait until he begins to slow and crest, then bamf so that he lands back on Rush, simply for the fun of it, assuming the strong fellow won't mind.

Rush nods hurriedly, recognition flashing across his features. "Cool." He shifts a bit, pointing his free arm and then lobs Kurt towards his spot at the table, throwing arm held for the followthrough. The whole motion was more like throwing a football then a baseball, but eh...close enough.

A moment later Rush jerks slightly as Kurt reappears on his shoulder again. Rush starts to shift for another throw but then pauses. "Very cool," he remarks, once his brain catches up enough to realize what just happened.

A hand comes up to cover her face as Mirage's cracks up laughing at Kurt's antics. She knows that those kind of team manuvers were the norm in his old teams and hasn't been able to do such things on this one. She has been on the thrown end of those manuvers herself, and will leave those types of things to those that enjoy it more then she does. "Well I think you have won him over at least.

"Two things," says Kurt, not quite getting off his shoulder yet. "How far do you think you can throw me, and, do you get quesy easily?" Squatting some, as if getting comfortable, Kurt uses his hands to talk as he continues, "I'm just curious, I mean, with a pair of swords, I could be like a large dart. It could be awesome and quesy ... well, I'm just curious how you'd stand up to me teleporting. If you get the gig," and Kurt is all on board, "I'll be the one getting you around in combat to needed areas as quickly as possible, it comes with the territory. Sure, we have Ariel, but there aren't a lot of doors in combat ... except maybe a murderworld themed on Alice in Wonderland, then look out, Ariel would dominate ... but ..." He could go on, unless he's interrupted.

Rush's mouth opens slightly to answer the questions, but then he hesitates as Kurt goes on. Then his mouth falls open even more, at surprise. Teleport him? Rush looks half-thrilled, half-scared at the prospect. But Kurt's not done yet. Ariel, Murderworld, Alice in...wait, what? "What?" Rush finally does interrupt. "What was that? -Murder-world...?"

"Maybe you should teleport him around the room to find out." Mirage gestures around with her pen. "We have a mop crew on stand by." some of the auditions have been a bit messy. It comes with the territory. "Murder World, think killer amusement park.

"Ya, like an amusement park," grins Kurt, "You'd love it." Then he does just that, teleports himself with the applicant. He doesn't multiport in an attempt to really make the fellow woozy, pausing after the first one, "How's that, not too bad for you was it?" Then when he thinks he's ready for another, he'll give him another free ride near to where he was sitting, "And don't worry, you get use to it." Though it might be hard to know if he's implying the teleporting itself or the accompanying brimstone like smell that accompanies the purple smoke that marks his disappearance/reappearances.

Rush stands up to the stress of teleporting like a champ, certainly better than a normal person would. The smell makes his nose wrinkle, but hey - he's smelled worse. As in, he himself has smelled worse, and he knows it. "That's--that's awesome," he finally blurts, just a step away from gushing. " far can you go like that anyway?" He scans the interior of the testing auditorium, trying to guage the longest distance someone could go and still be inside.

Mirage snorts at that "Yeah if you like it when the rides try to kill you." she certainly didn't care for her last trip to Arcade's version of fun, but then again it was robots and she isn't so useful against those.

As Kurt bamfs Rush around the room, she wrinkles her nose at the stench it causes "No you don't. Though it is better than Limbo.

Looking at Dani and Alex, Kurt ponders, "Does he have clearance to go to the pool deck ... I mean, if I show him the limit of my teleporting, we'll need a landing zone for our return?" Momentum and all that, he's pretty serious too. No comments on what is better than limbo or the smell of brimestone - if there was a time he didn't like it, he's well over it by now.

"Don't see why not." Havok notes to Kurt's request. "I've just got two other tests in mind and of course to see what else he can do. We know he's resistant and strong, but what else?"

"You guys got a pool in here?" Rush queries, even more impressed than he was before. Then he blinks and looks at Havok, mind back on business. And Rush's business here is to convince them he's the perfect man for the spot on their team. "I'm fast, too," he offers. "I can run almost as fast as a cars. And I can run for -- for hours, no sweat. Maybe all day if I need to."

"Speed is certainly helpful." Mirage writes that in her notes "You breifly mentioned that to me yesterday, but does it help with your reflexes in fighting and dodging or is it only for running fast?"

"Sounds like a plan, let's test it, Ship, guide Rush from the pool back to the interview after we land there, through stairwells." Then he proceeds onwards, figuring Mirage and Alex have an idea how fast he teleports, knowing the distance, being able to utilize Ship to monitor and time if needed. So he teleports, a mile up over the city, to a location he is familiar with - don't ask how. Amongst birds perhaps, Kurt grins at Rush, "Assume cannonball position," Then he ports back to the Penthouse level, above the pool, so they can splash down. He lets go as they fall to the pool, so Rush can literally rush back to the interview. He'll port back to see if he beats him.

Rush's eyes widen briefly. The mean now? Oh...well, Rush supposes it's their team, their test, so it's their rules. He braces himself more mentally than physically--

Only no amount of bracing prepares him for suddenly appearing in a cloud of smoke a mile above the city. "Whoa--!" What? Cannonball? Is Kurt going to DROP him?!

But just as soon as the thought crosses his mind there's the smoke again and then suddenly the water rising no wait he's falling and he didn'tevengetabreathof--


Rush emerges from the pool, taking a moment to collect himself and then looks franticly this way and that for the nearest stairs. Then he's off, running up, taking them two at a time, fists pumping and knees rising high. He makes it back to the testing area within minutes, and he barely seems to be breathing hard when he makes it. "WHEW!" he blurts as he finishes, looking around for Kurt. "That fast enough for 'ya?" he smirks. As tough as this testing is, he has to admit he's having fun.

Havok watches the departure and comments to Mirage, "Poor guy. But at least he's gotten further than most."

"And he has some experience working with a team." Mirage stops tapping her pen on the table, in fact she puts it down for the moment "I spoke with him a few minutes yesterday and he told me a little about that. Though I do have a concern or two." she would probably continue but Rush bolts in, probably dripping water now "Looks like we will need to clean up crew for this one too." at least in this case it is just pool water.

Kurt cheats, his bamf occurs in an instant. Though he takes his time to grab a towel, dry off a little, sit in a pool chair and bamf back down, with the chair. Like he's lounging comfortably even. The time drying probably gives Rush the advantage, but at least he's dry. "Wait, what?" He says, realizing how fast the other was, "I call cheat on you sir." Of course he's joking, but at least he has a comfy chair to watch the remainder of tests and to conduct any further questions from.

Rush nods (not eagerly) at Kurt, eyes lingering on the pool chair and the seemingly dried fur. Rush sluices a few more drops of water off of his own head from where they dripped from his damp hair, then looks between the three X-Factor members. His gaze rests on Mirage for a moment then he tries to answer a question he had asked before. "Uh, I can see things moving...I dunno, like bullet-time. You know, from the games? But it don't really help me dodge unless it was pretty slow to begin with. Bullets and stuff, I can tell where they're going to hit but they're usually moving too fast for me to get out of the way."

Havok doesn't interrupt the train of thought, he'll get to his own designs shortly. So he leaves the conversations to the others as they hash things out.

"Bullet time," ponders Kurt, "Bullets, hard to dodge, what about arrows, or knives, or fists even? Perhaps easier, or about the same, its more when you move and plan your move that its beneficial, but other attacks not so much?"

Good questions from Kurt, so Havok listens while taking a few notes on the subject.

Rush shakes his head. "Fists're hard because they don't go as far." He holds up his own fist and then moves it forward a few feet, miming punching someone in slow motion. "If someone throws a knife, I can see it moving, and it's slow enough that I can do something about it." He pauses and then brightens at a thought. "I caught a broken bottle this 'banger threw off a roof one time, I could see it spinning and I could tell just when to grab it. Threw it right back at that..." Rush trails off, wondering if he should be admitting to such a tactic. Instead he tries to grt back on subject. "I never really had an arrow or a dart or anything like that shot at me before."

Mirage has been listening to the back and forth as well, feeling no need to add anything. She does look somewhat impressed by the rebound tactic, there are a few people that she knows capable of that, but most are highly trained and older than the young man in front of them "In most of our fights I'm the only one shooting arrows, there has been the occasional harpoon though. I try my best not to aim at my team mates so far I haven't hit one." she says this assuming she won't be asked to test him, thinking he has been through enough already.

Listening himself, Kurt remains quite while Dani talks about arrows, he plays into her bit, not laughing as if she mostly doesn't hit team mates. Though he's curious, "So, this banger - I'm assuming that's a reference to a gang banger? This isn't something you're actively doing while looking for a real job. You're not actively being a vigilante are you?"

"Hang on a moment." interjects Havok with his one laast request, "We've got one more test before we get into the answer/question part of the interview." he looks at Mirage and states, "Shoot him. We've got to know whether or not he drops like the rest of them."

Rush nods to Mirage, nods to Kurt and then opens his mouth, expression grim. He may have been expecting something like this. But then Havok interjects. Shoot him? Hmm, Rush thought they went through this already. And there's no way an arrow hits harder than a sniper rifle. Wait, what did Havok just say? 'Drops like the rest of them'? Uhh...

All Rush says is, "Okay. Fire away." He turns to face Mirage and squares himself up, ready for the shot.

An eyebrow arches at Havok, "Seriously?" Mirage is assuming he isn't talking about the mundane shooting either, since she doesn't her equipment with her. A shrug is given, "I'll start weak and work my way up until he falls than. That way we have a better understanding of his mental resistance." she gets to her feet. the glowing bow and psiarrow(s) manifest and she goes through the motions of lifting and drawing a bow. She thenproceeds to rapidly pepper Rush with psiarrows, each one stronger then the previous, until he falls.

Rush takes the first arrow to the chest. It's probably the weakest one Mirage can manage, but his eyes fly open at the feeling. It's clear he's never been the target of a psychic attack. Completely untrained and unprepared, it only takes one more arrow before he falls over, stunned.

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