Rush meets Mercury

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Rush, Mercury

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Mutant Town

Rush meets Mercury

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-----==[ Mutant Town - New York ]==-------------------------------------------

Mutant Town, also known as District X or M-Town, has become the mutant haven. This section of town located just south of Hell's Kitchen and slightly west of Chelsea doesn't judge you based on your race, species, or appearance. It accepts all mutants no matter their powers or the way they look. Most all of the businesses in this 10 square block area are mutant run and caiter to mutants. Ranging from convience stores, clothing shops, restaurants, night clubs, specialty shops and general stores. The buildings in this districts are rarely over 6 levels tall and most offer housing for mutants on the upper floors. There are even public schools dedicated to educating mutants - for those who have been oppressed elsewhere. Other public services include a local police and fire department. Overall, the area is fairly run-down and needs more upkeep. However, this is a section of town where mutants can feel safe and welcomed.

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Rush stands in front of a casual clothing shop looking through a couple of 'clearance' racks on the sidewalk outside. Mostly he just flips through without really looking, but occasionally he pulls out an XL sized shirt and holds it up, considering.

Mutant Town. One of the few places that Mercury often goes out to visit, since she doesn't feel so displaced there, due to her mutation. The metallic girl does not leave the school that much because of it. But, right now, with her chaperone visiting other stores, but still remaining in close enough range to react in case something happens, Mercury is allowed some sort of freedom, as she walks the streets, looking around lazily at the many display windows of the stores in the area.

Rush blinks at something bright out of the corner of his eye. He looks that way out of habit, expecting some bit of chrome on a passing car or the reflection from a door opening. He takes a longer look when he sees it's actually a shiny shiny person - Mercury. Rush looks briefly surprised, but then glances around and notices nobody else is unduly shocked by the girl's appearance. This makes him try to hide his own reaction, though he does glance up a few more times as she draws nearer.

Mercury is either used to the stares, or is not noticing Rush's stare, and she happens to stop right at the same store the black man is in front of. The girl looking through the displayed articles of clothing, hmm'ing softly. One of her hands go to her hoodie, which is, for now, hanging from her neck, but she lets it go, apparently deciding notto wear it for now.

Rush looks down at the clothes he was examining, then looks up at Mercury again. He's got a question in his eyes now, and as Mercury is so close you can tell he almost can't help from taking the chance and asking. "What's it like...does it get...I dunno, cold? Or hot in the sun?" He seems to remember himself. "Uh...sorry, don't mean to be insulting or anything. Just never seen anyone like you."

Mercury blinks as she hears an unfamiliar voice suddenly speaking, and first she looks at her left, and sees no one close enough to talk to her, before looking at her right, and finally noticing Rush standing there. She blinks again, looking at the guy with an impressive build, and hesitates for a moment before speaking, "Umm... sorry?" she asks, tilting her head a bit.

"Your skin." Rush taps his forearm to demonstrate. "Never seen anyone with skin like that. Just wondering what it's like."

Mercury blinks again, before her mind finally processes the question and the information given. "Oh, ah... well, it's just the same, I guess." she says, smling a bit and bringing a hand to the back of her head. Actually, it's not quite the same, but she was taught to not reveal any potential weakness of your mutation to strangers. "It's just... the same, yeah." she repeats, nodding, hoping the guy buys that.

Rush nods slowly, apparently not perceptive enough to notice any kind of sneakiness. "Oh. Well what do people think when you walk by? You ever try to get on a plane looking like that? Get pulled over by a cop?"

Mercury rubs the back of her head again, thinking on her answers. She momentarily looks at the shop window again before addressing Rush again, "Well... I try not to think about it much. I kinda grew used to the stares." she finally says, shaking her head. "Cops pull me over all the time... but that's probably because I'm a mutant, and... I have never been on a plane ever since my mutation showed up..."

"I hear that," Rush offers. "Same for me." He pauses and then considers, eyes drifting back to the clearance rack he was looking at earlier. "Guess for me it's more becuase it's so damned expensive though. Uh...anyway." He shakes his head. "Sorry if bothering you. First time I ever been here in Mutant Town."

Mercury shakes her head slowly as she smiles, "It's ok, it's not a problem, I had people ask me much worse questions." she says softly, and she turns to look at the guy. "What's your name?"

Rush says, "Andre," He holds out a hand to shake. "You?"

Mercury smiles, "Cessily." she says, reaching for the handshake. If Rush goes for a normal handshake, the girl's hand behaves like a normal hand should, despite being encased in a glove. But if the man goes for a much stronger hold, he might find her hand squeezing like paste.

Rush doesn't go for a strong hold, he's got a firm but not-too-firm grip almost like he's on a job interview. He does seem interested at the feel of Mercury's skin. "So you know your way around here? Anything I should go visit?"

Mercury returns the hand shake in equal measure, "Hmm... not really... mostly I just know one of the bars here, but that's it. I don't get out much, obviously." she chuckles a little bit, shaking her head slowly.

Rush purses his lips thoughtfully. "Bar? I don't really go to those." Because he's too young, but he leaves that part out. "So you don't even come here much, huh? Thought this'd be the one place where anybody can fit in." He doesn't seem to be being deliberately mean, just kind of thoughtless.

Mercury nods softly, "While that's technically true, someone with a mutation like mine... do tend to stand out, so even here I get some weird looks." she say softly, chuckling a bit. "That's why I don't leave home too much. Hooray for internet." she chuckles again.

Rush chuckles too, but it's kind of a 'heh heh' sound out of politeness more than a real laugh. "Guess so." He takes another look up and down the streets. "Still, gettin' weird looks, who gives a...who cares?" Language, Andre. Language. "Not like people ain't giving each other looks. I bet you could learn to ignore it if you try hard enough."

Mercury smiles a bit as she looks again at the store. Through the reflection of the window she can see Rush as well as the people that walk past her behind the girl. "We never really get used to the stares. We just learn to ignore them." she says softly, shaking her head softly. "And for someone with a mutation like mine... the stares come in greater number, and greater strength. Some... do get to you after a while."

Rush shakes his head, expression sour, but lets it go. "So...anything good?" He rattles the rack of clothes a bit, making the clothes sway. "Even out here, gear's pretty expensive."

Mercury looks at the displayed articles of clothing, "It gotta be." she says, "Because the clothes are made to fit mutants, so not everyone has the same body type." she explains, "Most are custom-made." and she points at a shirt being displayed at the far corner, "See that red one? That's tailor-made for someone who has spikes coming out of their spine." then she points at another shirt, "That one... for someone with more than two arms." she chuckles.

Rush nods slowly, examing the clothes that she points out. "Guess I never thought of it that way. Figured everyone with spikes and stuff would just wear a big coat or something. Makes sense though." He glances up at Mercury suddenly. "Wait, more than two arms? Are you for real?"

Mercury has to chuckle at the reaction she gets out of Rush, "Well... yes." she says softly, "It is possible, and it has happened. Haven't you seen in the TV news when some six-armed mutant girl caused chaos in the city some time ago?" she explains, "More than two arms is possible. Just like it is for someone to have a tail." she says, pointing at a winter pants with an actual sleeve for a tail.

Rush's eyebrows creep up his forehead as he listens. "Crazy," he remarks. "Guess that'd get some looks too, huh?" He seems to think of something, then quickly skims over the clothes on display again. "Wonder if they got anything for mutants who run super-fast." He pauses, considering. "Or fly. You know, if they move too fast it can ruin normal clothes. What do guys like that wear?"

Mercury hmms, "I figure material for clothes like that would cost more than normal fabric, but... for people that fly I guess normal clothes work, unless they can speed to breakneck speeds." she shrugs, "In that case, soemthing strong like jeans pants and leather jacket would be good, I think." she says, rubbing her chin, "But for people that can run super-fast... I don't know."

Rush nods. "I ain't -super- fast...but I do a lot of running. I go through shoes way too fast." Then he shrugs. "Maybe I should check it out inside. See if they have a sports section."

Mercury hmms softly, "I think I'd be more concerned with your shoes than with your clothes in that case." she says, smiling, "I reckon you go through shoes pretty fast if you run a lot, then." she asks, looking at Rush again.

Rush has moved up to the window of the store by now, peering inside with his hands cupped around his eyes while also pressed to the glass. "Yeah," he replies. "Might have to start running barefoot if this keeps up." Then he turns away from the window. "Didn't see anything in there." He looks at some of the signs on other stores on the street. "I guess maybe I should keep shopping. No point wasting my money on clothes that'll get ruined anyway."

Mercury nods softly. "Well, I think there may be a shoe store more down the road... not sure, though." she offers with a smile and a gentle shrug of her shoulders, "Thanks for the chat, Andre." she says, nodding, "I'll stay around here for a bit longer before deciding there's nothing I can buy and leave." she chuckles, "I'll see you around. Take care."

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