Runaway Rita

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Runaway Rita

Armand, Spiral

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An arboretum in New York

Spiral wanders off, and bumps into Armand

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Spiral has been slumped in this rooftop arboretum place that Spidey left her at while he was off to get food (and the cavalry) for some time, or so it seems to her. Waiting patiently however is not one of her strong points, especially given what's been going on lately. She unsteadily gets to her feet, looking around, feeling sick as she tries to concentrate, not sure if Spidey has come back already or if she's still supposed to be waiting for him...

With itchy feet, she eventually heads for the first exit she sees - an elevator - and piles on in, pressing buttons for the ground floor. A short while later and the six armed stuntwoman is crashing out the front door in a daze into the streets, arms pushing people out of the way if they are in it, no doubt causing something of a fuss amongst the other pedestrians. Freakshow coming through!

There's a young man, walking along with his golden backpack strapped across his back and his messenger bag hanging to bump against his thigh. Armand has returned to the city to work for a few hours and then stroll along with a bag of fresh croissants, nibbling on one that's stuffed with a chocolate cream as he chews slowly. His hair has been pulled into a pair of pigtail braids that hang down his back, tied off with orange ties as he wears a dark blue zip up hoodie and a pair of fitted dark blue jeans, orange converse sneakers on his feet as he hesitates when he sees the...commotion, jogging forward a few steps before he catches sight of Spiral and just hugs his bag to his chest. "...mon dieu..." He just stares before moving forwards. "Mademoiselle! Are you...alright?"

Spiral is for her part having a rather tender day. Lots of people gaping at her, a few whispers about arms perhaps. And earlier she was actually attacked, albeit over a misunderstanding, so it was fortunate that Spider-Man was about.

And so at Armand's queston, she shakes her head crossly, fixing her glowing white eyes upon him for a moment. "Do I /look/ alright?" she asks, momentarily irked. "Where are we? New York still?" she asks, looking around. "We're not in Kansas anymore..." she mutters ruefully, folding all six arms. "Something went wrong. Something went /very/ wrong...", she gasps, arms suddenly unfolding and the bottom four flailing around momentarily!

She eventually fixes upon Armand again, though. "You know Longshot?" she asks, faintly hopeful.

Armand stares at Spiral a little longer, opening his mouth and shutting it as he just studies the strange female for a few moments and he doesn't really have words as he carefully shoves his croissant further into his mouth, chewing slowly and selecting a fresh one from his paper bag, offering it to Spiral shakily. "Ahh..." He swallows. "I am not knowing a Longshot, perhaps we should move um... a little further from um, the...people who are looking at all of your well toned and beautiful arms mademoiselle, have a is having chocolate?"

Spiral stares at the croissant as if he's offering her a bomb. ", thanks. I feel sick as it is...". She slowly spins, doing a 360 and looking around the place blankly. "I'm so confused... I just know I have to find Longshot somehow. We went through a portal, but he must have... left me behind, and...". She frowns, a slight edge of paranoia, and maybe something darker, stirring. "He did want to leave me behind at first, I think. I can't remember.".

"And its a city... there's people everywhere." she points out to him, her lower arms wrapping around her waist. As if that makes them less conspicuous.

Armand lowers the pastry and just takes a bite of it himself before blinking and he sighs softly, shoving the rest of the piece of bread into his backpack and shoving the back of goodies into his backpack before he unzips his hoodie, leaving him in a black tank-top as he offers the hoodie to Spiral with some trepidation as he listens and nods slowly and hmms thoughtfully. "Ahh, oui, I am very sorry to be hearing be left behind, someone was either very foolish or forgetful." He takes a deep breath, looking around with wide eyes. "Can...can you remember your name?"

Spiral does at least take the hoodie. But she's actually pretty huge, almost six feet, and thats without all the extra arms. So when she tries to squeeze into it it just doesn't really work, it would be too small even without the extra limbs. She manages to get it over her shoulders at least and she leaves it open at the front, but it still bulges in the wrong places.

And it looks terrible with her fuzzy moon boots, too...

"My name?". She racks her brains. "I don't know... We need to get moving, in case Spider-Man came back. Sometimes he helped, but sometimes not." she mutters vaguely, confused again with all this trying to remember. "...I had a parrot." she eventually remembers.

The young French man just looks uncertain as he turns slightly in a circle and nods to Spiral. "Ahh, is a...looking good. I tink." He blinks and looks around. Armand hmms softly. "A parrot? Okay...we can ah...we can get you another parrot, was it pretty?" He asks as he tries to start walking forward in an effort to start walking.

Spiral doesn't really get the hint, but as he moves, she naturally moves with him, given they are talking. And so she is enticed into moving away from the building where she was left.

"I don't really want another parrot when I already got one..." she says, sensibly enough. "I hope someone was looking after him. Someone was... but I can't remember.". She looks vaguely sick, and she shakes her head, trying to focus, and assuming a determined look. "We need to find Longshot, he'll know what to do.". Not wanting to lose him is pretty much the last thing she really definitely remembers, and with nothing else much to latch on to she's even more singleminded than she usually is...

Armand ohs softly and fidgets with his messenger bag strap as he looks around warily and continues walking. "Okay, oui, finding Longshot." A long pause. "Who or what is a Longshot?" He has to ask! He just peeks around a corner before continuing walking and looking around with some concern.

"Longshot, he's a... an alien, of sorts. He's very good lookng, very kind, and very. Lucky.". Spiral frowns, remembering him, how much she wanted to stay with him, so much so she would risk following him to another dimension. And yet... he's not here. And she's left, alone, like /this/, not even able to remember her own name.

"If you don't even know that..." she mutters, her voice faint, "then maybe I should look somewhere else for him, because I don't think you can help...".
Armand listens and he just scratches his head before tilting his head to the side. "A-an alien...very good, oui well." He exhales softly. "Perhaps we can find a safe place non? Safe for you to wait for Longshot so he can be finding you? Ahh yes, that would be good." He worries his bottom lip. "You are sure you have no name? I am Armand."

"Like where?" Spiral asks sharply. "Thats what Spider Man said, but at least some times following his advice was a bad idea.". She gives Armand a hard look with her glowing eyes. "You too. But bad things seem to happen all the time anyway.".

She shifts beneath the hoodie, finding it incredibly uncomfortable. "I don't know! I said I didn't know. I was standing by a portal, with Longshot, there was some other people there - umm. A doctor. We were going through the portal together, and now I'm here, on my own, with a swiss cheese brain and lots of arm...". She frowns, half remembering something, but shakes her head. Naw. Thats crazy.

Armand looks Spiral over once more before shaking his head. "I was going to ahh be saying a hotel, it is what I was doing when I first come to the city." He rests a hand lightly on his bag before he takes a deep breath. "Then you can rest and maybe after to be sleeping you can think of...ahh, your name and remember more tings." He takes another deep breath.

"Hmm... a hotel. Well - maybe. But it's not going to make me find anybody. I'm not sure just waiting around is really going to help.", Spiral tells him. Though he is making some sense, she supposes, and she could probably use some sleep at some point soon. And maybe some food, if her stomach ever settles.
She closes her eyes, walking along blindly for a moment, but it doesn't really help. "Maybe." she says vaguely. Already pondering alternatives.

"Oui, a hotel and I shall bring you some baked goods to eat and we can begin the searching oui? Search the news, search the records maybe of anybody at the police...any strange sightings...anything suspicious, but you are going to have to be telling me w-what he might be doing if he left you?" Armand is currently slipping a small prepaid phone from his pocket, tapping information into it as he walks along. "I'm sure you have a name and your ah...Long Shot is there."

"Ugh. I don't know!". She lays one hand on the side of her head: it feels good to have something solid there, anchoring her. "He... he was a rebel, a freedom fighter, from another dimension. But, yes... he also made movies here. Because he was so lucky. He did stunts. Though... I seem to remember he didn't like movies so maybe he's not doing that now.".

She glances over at Armand. "If you knew him, you would like him. Everybody who knew him liked him - or, even more than like.". And then, she frowns, her lower arms wriggling around under the hoodie so they can instinctively rest on her hips, making the hoodie splay out around her. "I'm not sure I should be telling you this.".

Armand is quiet as he gets the address to a hotel and he looks up a building before he looks back to Spiral and flashes a charming smile. "I am sure he is very ahh, likeable, I am liking him already and I do not even know him." Then he taps a finger against his chin and nods slowly. "Okay, we get you a hotel room and then you are to rest and then eat and you can find your ahh Longshot, I will leave you a way to contact me so I can be helping."

"Okay..." Spiral replies, though somewhat dubiously. Armand, it seems, is not nearly so likeable. "Lead the way, then." she says, and points down the road, onwards. "And, thanks.".

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