Run Off Some Ruffians

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Tanya, Night Thrasher

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07/26/2012 "Evening"

Along the Hudson River, NYC

Drawn to a parked car by gunshots and noise, Night Thrasher convinces some young ruffians to leave!

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It was just after evening. Tanya hadn't MEANT to stay out this late, but she had gotten lost on the way home, and then she felt a terrible irrisistible urge as a car squealed by, booming loud music that almost muffled the sounds of the *pop pop* of the gun. She didnt see the target but she had already dove for cover the moment it came arond the ben.

Whe she rose a few seconds later, the black armor, so inky that it looked more like a void or shadow than black armor, had enclosd her.

The car didnt stay going fast for long - it had slowed don almost immediately aroud the corner, idling, its engine quiet and lights turned off, in the dark of an alleyway.

Night Thrasher has been on a patrol through this area of the city for most of the evening. Why did he choose along the Hudson and surrounding neighborhoods? Because he's following a lead. When the squealing tires and gun shots erupt to break the relative silence of the evening air, that lead gets shoved to the rear-most back burner of Thrasher's mind.

Thrasher had been skulking around a shipping warehouse when the noises gained his attention. He made a mental note of where he was at and then proceeded to run away from the warehouse in the direction of the noises. As he ran, he popped his skateboard off the backpack assembly of his armor. He expertly hopped on and rode the board on his approach to the vacinity of the noise.

Just around the corner, on the opposite side of the building of Thrasher, Tanya peered around. You couldnt tell it was her though, clad in black, with the helmet on... and a black horse behind her. She stared at the car, scowling darkly as several large, tough looking guys climbed out, laughing and puffing on cigars. It seems tonights' shooting wasnt intentinoal - it was goofing around! which only made it SLIGHTLY less repulsive than intent itself, at least to her. She counted quietly, trying to consider what to do, her entire body tense, wanting to simply leap out into view...

The approach of Thrasher on his skateboard isn't really what one would call 'stealthy'. The clear, recognizable sound of a skateboard careening over poured concrete persists until Thrasher picks up the sounds of the people leaving the car around the corner. He hops off and clips the skateboard into a spot on his forearm; It kind of looks like a makeshift shield in that position. He peeks around the corner of whatever building he is adjacent to in order to regard the people talking and carrying on. Infrared View Finders in the helmet allow him to spot the individuals and the warmth of the car that they used in their little joy ride. Thrasher narrows his eyes behind the visor of his helmet and slips around the corner. Now he quietly approaches. Sure; They're not doing anything illegal right now... but they've clearly demonstrated they are dangerous.

Her eyes widened as she saw Night Thrasher simply... walking out. She twitched and moved back behind the wall... still visible on infrared. The armor LOOKED dark, but it really was normal and just looked pretty. Well, that and it kept her safe. Not wanting to endanger the man she instead climbs into the saddle, before peering around the corner again, the horse turned sideways to avoid sticking his OWN head out.

One of the men finally notice Night. He spits his cigarette out "what the hell are you doing here kid? You'd best mosey on your way." he waves coldly.

Thrasher's body language was that of someone trying to be stealthy and silent; Stalking or skulking if you want to call it that. When he is noticed by someone from the group he approached, that body language fades from stealthy to confident stride. Thrasher stifles a 'humph' of amusement, "Mosey? Who the hell talks like that? You're in New York; Not Cowboyville Texas." He points a finger at the one who spoke and then sweeps it to the side to gesture at the others in the group, "I heard squealing tires and guns firing. You people wouldn't happen to know what that was all about?" He knows the answer, just interested to hear what answer they'd give. As he approaches his free hand discretely reaches for a satchel around his waist.

The men exchange a look. One smirks and shakes his head, another leans against the car. Mosey replies "not a thing. We were just cruising around, our bass droppin and all that 'cool city stuff' ' he replies back to Night. "You know, ghetto stuff..." he was obviously trying to make fun of 'street kid ghetto', and Night Thrasher itself.

TAnya rolled her eyes, shaking her head out of view. At what, it was hard to tell.

"If you wanna go find out, go ask the cops."

Thrasher shakes his head and stops his forward progress, "I ain't asking the police. They are not here; They would not know. You, though, are here. So I direct my questions to you fine, upstanding morons." He turns his head to look at the car, "So why all the 'ghetto stuff' here? Shouldn't you be causing this kind of noise in your own neighborhoods?" He walks over towards the car with an almost casual swagger.

"This IS our own neighborhood. Also, its a warehouse district. We wont upset any babies, you know." the others chuckle at that, shaking their heads "Ghetto, really, what a load." one lit up another cigarette, exhaling a loud cloud of smoke "So you gonna skedaddle or not? WE know NOTHING about any gunshots around here, boy. " the nearest one slams the car door shut.

Thrasher humphs in humor yet again, "I suppose those gunshots I heard just originated spontaneously." he shrugs his shoulders at the 'boy' comment and answers the man's question, "No. I don't want to 'skedaddle'. What the hell is a Skedaddle?" He looks towards the guy that slammed the car door, "Now; No one calls a warehouse district their neighborhood." He reaches the car, specifically the rear of the car, and puts his gauntleted hand down on top of it. He asks, "And no one works this late. All the jobs here are union jobs, afterall. What are you really doing here, huh?"

-CLICK- the doors all automatically lock. Mosey shrugs again as he leans on the other side of the car "Who said we're Workin. We were joyridin. Enjoying loud music, smoke cigars, that kinda thing... we do it here so we dont wake anone up. " the humor though, was quite gone, one now on either side of the car, flanking Thrasher as they glared at him.

"Ah. Ah ha." Night Thrasher says as he deliberately makes it apparent that he's messing with the keyhole for the trunk of the car. Thrasher continues, "What are you, Twelve? You see those kinds of activities in crappy C-Movies and you're like 'I wanna live that glamorous life'?" He shrugs his shoulders and says while working at the keyhole, "Suppose I should call the cops and talk to them afterall. They get bored, you know? Like to chase off hoodlums that are loitering in places they shouldn't be."

Finally, one of them walks over to push - not right over, but try and simply move Night Thrasher away from the trunk "Hey! Get the hell out of there now!"

The other one growled 'You seem to be mistaking us for people who do things just cause we think 'its cool'. We enjoy smokin' and joyriding cause we enjoy it. We dont need the TV to tell us what we like." he folds his arms "Get way from our car now, or you're impeding on US."

"Oh, I know I am impeding on you. I'm trying to." Thrasher allowed himself to be shoved back from the car. He's got a bemused grin on his face. He continues to goad them, "And you don't do things 'cause you saw it on TV? Really? 'Cause you're acting like a parody of something I'd see in some after school program." He looks at the person who shoved him, "Big man hiding something inside? I'll just call the police than. Let 'em know some 'hoodlums' are hanging out in the warehouse district up to no good. What with their cigars and loud music."

"Ever hear of 'making fun of something you dont like'? " asks Mosey again, arms folded coldly "That's what we were doing, in case it wasnt obvious. " "Let 'im go Moe. Moods' killed anyways. We'll go somewhere else where we're not automatically suspected of being troublemakers just cause we dont let total strangers snoop in our car."

"Oh whine, whine, whine." Thrasher says as he crosses his arms over his chest, "Boo-Freakin'-Hoo. The dude in the armor won't let us sit around a warehouse that isn't ours, loiter and show the man we're walking/talking cliches. You know what?" Thrasher says as he tilts his head slightly to one side, "How 'bout I get my group of friends and go find the place you call home and just sit around outside next to our car making noise for the hell of it?" He pauses and adds, "Get the hell out of here."

Mosey rolls his eyes again "Look up the word 'satire' and 'making fun of' sometimes, boy. You'll learn a few things about having real fun than poking into business that aint yours." he spits on the ground, waving the others into the car. One stays outside the car though, making sure that trunk is secured until it was out of reach of Thrasher, before climbing in while the vehicle was moving.

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