Roughouse Gets Roughed Up

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Cloak, Mercury, Thimble and Mirage NPC: Roughouse

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Commercial District - Madripoor

Day 2 for the New Mutants in Madripoor have them meeting Cloak and Roughouse.

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==[ Commercial District -- Midtown -- Madripoor ]==

Hustle and bustle. Wall Street has absolutely nothing on the Madripoor's famed Ko-shai Lo, a.k.a. 'the Avenue of Commerce.' Fifty years ago it was named the 'Avenue of Whores, Thieves and Bankers,' telling you how much they thought of the financial professions. Though your average native of Madripoor would tell you the soul of this area hasn't changed, a half-century, a new 'social awareness,' and, most importantly, billions a year in Pacific trade have effected major plastic surgery. Gone is the warren of shops, all wood and tile, with their incense and silken robes and medieval manenners cloaking usuruius gold trades. Here is the forest of these towers to Babel, all glassy and tall, with their ionizers and silken suits and medieval manners cloaking rebellious arms trades. This place is a reminder that Madripoor has, is, and always will be, all about Profit. It's just that the pirates in /this/ neighborhood like living uptown.

It's supper time in Madripoor, and after a long day of sightseeing and learning about the good and bad of Madripoor, Danielle, if not her student charges are ready for eats, even if their stomachs as techincally on EST. While a majority of the New Mutants and other students that came along wait in the hotel room, Dani and whoever wanted to accompany, have ventured back into town to get take out from one of the local establishments.

Running into the local establishment a shy and not normally seen young black man pushes past tourists and patrons. He is breathing heavily when he suddenly falls to the floor, Tyrone Johnson is tired and weak and very frightened. Continually looking over his shoulder, he gets up and pushes past some more people and runs into the ladies restroom, not really paying attention to where he is going. He stands in front of the door keeping anyone from entering and anyone who is in the restroom from exiting.

Janie had seen some small bazar from the bus, and so she did wrap a sturdy "belly warmer" around her, which was actually some kind of karate armor. Just she had given it an other use: as a hidden stash for a couple of Balisongs and some reels of sturdy silk yarn and some small straps of cotton fabric. Never be unprepared, right? As Mirage mentioned to visit the Bazar, Janie did join her group with not too much comment. "They had some silk."

Mercury looks around, following closely to Mirage, with her valuable possessions (namely, her wallet) firmly hidden within her right thigh, away from any pickpocket's reach. "Ms Moonstar? Will we run into more of those... scorpion guys again?" she asks softly, trying to keep her voice loud enough for Mirage to hear, but at the same time, low enough to be heard by just the group.

"No, none of them. They have been warned and will stay away from us." Dani answers in an assured tone to the question. "Some of the finest silk that can be purchased if you know who to ask...and can afford it." she begins to open to the door to a restaurant, but gets knocked to the side by someone that Tyrone has pushed on his rush through. She doesn't recognize the out of context Tyrone immediatly, though gives a concerned look in the direction he came from to see if there are pursueers, and then hurries in "Stay close, this could be trouble." she says to Mercury and Thimble.

Pressing his body against the door to the ladies' restroom, the seemingly bewildered American keeps the restaurant staff from entering. A lone woman screams at him in her native Madripoorian language. "Sh. . .Sh. . .Shut Up! He's. . .com. . .com. . .coming." The clearly frightened teen continues to push against the door as his life depended on it. The woman grabbing her purse, starts to strike him with it, but he remains fervently holding back the door.

As Mirage is slightly nudged out of the way by a perturbed patron, a behemoth of a man, comes charging and barreling down the road towards the restaurant. While not a juggernaut, this more than mortal Roughouse is clearly the cause for Tyrone s fear.

Janie instinctively pushes a hand into the belly pocket of her hooded pullover, reaching through a seam she had opened there so she could get a hold of one of her Balisongs withing little more than a second. Roughly a draw time someone with a gun would have, but without doubt slower than Dani or Dagger with their construct weapons. On Dani's order to stay close she just answered with with little more than an "Aye." The rest was action, moving to a position right next to Mercury's left shoulder, the own left hand aquireing a grip to the still closed Balisong in the hidden carrier on her belly, signaling that she was ready to move or fight with a slight nod.

Mercury seems surprised by all this, her eyes widening at the sight of the commotion, "Shouldn't we, y'know... interfere?" she asks softly, her voice low for just the group to hear as she watches as Roughouse tramples in.

Dani might not have dealt with the large man herself, but she has read, enough of Logan's mission files to recognize Roughouse and the trouble he could cause for a frightned teen and her own students. At his stammered warning, she finally recognizes him, "Thimble clothes, your normal weapons will just piss him off more. Mercury, crowd control." she snaps her orders to the girls, though isn't convinced that they will be followed. "Ty, where is Tandy?" she asks as makes a grab for the purse the woman is using as a weapon to toss it away, hoping the woman will follow it.

The woman does indeed follow her thrown purse, as she curses in her native tongue at the whole situation.

Tyrone exits the restroom when he hears his name called. He looks about. Almost as if a stranger to this world, nay this dimension, the African-American youngster looks over the Native American mutant, "How. . .? How do you know me?"

Roughouse has reached the entrance to the eating establishment. Madripoorians are familiar enough with him, that they simply scatter or exit, leaving only a few patrons who know to hide and not get involved. Noting the mutants, he commands out, "I don't want fight! Give me Cloak and get out!" A confused Ty whispers, "Why. . .wh. . .why is he calling me. . .Cl. . .Clo. . .Cloak?"

Janie lifts an eyebrow. Ty... Tandi... Who were those again? Even as the order was no normal weapons, she does pull out the Balisong, flinging it open with a twst of her wrist "His or backup?" she asks as she switches the hand of the opened blade, pulling out a small roll of sturdy cotton fabric. It might not be enough to bind him, but she was wrapping an end of it around the knife's handle and adding a tight knot, so it could add as a weight to throw the fabric faster. After all, levitating it over would take some minute, tossing not even a second.

Mercury figures she won't have to do much 'crowd-control' here as pretty much everyone scatter away from Roughouse's path, leaving the place more or less deserted, save for the X-people and said bad guy. Even so, Mercury breaks away from the group to help the rest who is too scared to move out of the restaurant.

"You don't always get what you want Roughouse, and you certainly won't this time." Mirage puts herself between Roughouse and the Ty that doesn't seem to recognize her. She'll deal with that part later once the large guy is taken care of "Wolverine is going to be so disappointed he missed this field trip." as this was a field trip she doesn't have any weaponry heavy enough to hurt Roughouse she has to go with her other type. The psibow flares to life as it manifests in her hand.

Laughing softly and then a bit louder, "I am familiar with you, little Valkyrie indian. . .You are unworthy of that and you are unworthy of me. . .I will have the boy!" He slams his fist into the ground. With strength that few can manage, his fist slams hoping to shake the ground enough to toss the mutants aside to allow for easy access to his prey. Speaking of which, Tyrone regrets coming out of the bathroom as when the ground is hit, he easily falls over onto his back. "Sh. . .Shit!"

Letting the fied fast roll of fablic drop to the floor, Janie switches the knife back to her main hand. The right takes a loose grip around the ribbon tied to her weapon, while she takes a rough aim at the brute's leg. Or at least close to it. "He's Logan's bud?" she asks alout before whispering something to the still close Mercury. "How about a liquid Fastball Special?"

Mercury has just finished getting everyone out, and returns just when she hears Janie's whisper. Her curiosity is peaked. "What are you planning?" the liquid metal girl asks, arching one eyebrow, knowing her friend has a plan. She just need to be let into it.

Janie kicked the still rolled up end of the fabric to Mercury's feet as she gave her a movement of the head to come closer. "Logan and Peter's signiture move. Can't lift you, but can build you a bridge." she muttered over to her, taking aim on the floor next to the leg again before tossing it as strong as possible at the spot. Not to actively hit the groundshaker, but to get the fabric wrapped around the Balisong there.

A glance toward the girls out of the corner of her eye is enough to show her that they are planning something, and it is enough to cause her to grin at the words instead of get angry "You are hardly the person to be making such a judgment call." the shockwave going through the floor at his fist, sends her stumbling back against the counter, her hand landing next to a pot of what passes for coffee in the island city "Ty, behind the counter." she picks up the hot carafe of coffee and throws it at Roughouse, if only to keep the attenion on her and away from the younger ones.

Using the shaking, he lunges forward. Try as he might to do what Mirage has suggested, Tyrone is not nearly as quick as the Asgardian Rock Troll descendent. Roughouse grabs Tyrone by his collar. Though when the hot coffee hit his square in the eyes, Roughouse drops Tyrone. While not burnt, anyone who has coffee in their eyes will at least be momentarily distracted.

Janie kicked the still rolled up end of the fabric to Mercury's feet as she gave her a movement of the head to come closer. "Logan and Peter's signiture move. Can't lift you, but can build you a bridge." she muttered over to her, taking aim on the floor next to the leg again before tossing it as strong as possible. Not to actively hit the groundshaker, but to get the fabric wrapped around the Balisong to the right position so she can work with the fabric much closer to him. Off the hard metal flies, the tip aiming for the wooden boards of the bar. Hopefully Mercury did get the hint, as Thimble makes just sure that the ribbon unrolls smoothly untill it hits the boards of the bar. If all goes right, the fabric will be close to Roughhouses leg - and allow Mercury to speed-sneak to him near invisible.

Mercury looks at the cloth, then at Roughouse, then back at her friend, and then she nods to Thimble, smiling, before she quickly melts, flowing out of her clothes as she flows around the offered fabric to give it strength for whatever Thimble is planning! She uses it to then move right onto Roughouse's legs, and then quickly tries to bind said legs together to keep him from moving, and hopefully fall on his face!

While Roughouse may underestimate her abilities, Mirage is confident that she could drop the man at any moment, and its that fact alone that has kept her from doing so. Her new team of New Mutants need a practical exercise in team work and Madripoor never falls to provide valuable lessons. Yesterday's be careful who speak too, today's sneaky teamwork is better than 'every man for himself.' With the half-troll distracted for a few brief moments with coffee eye, Mirage moves to Ty, quickly pulling him to his feet and shoving him in a behind the counter direction, with herself between the two once more "Like I said, you aren't getting what you want today."

With the coffee wiped off his face, he notes the two lesser mutants working as a team. A string is tired around his leg and a liquid metal maiden attempts to ensnare him. He laughs as the rock troll reaches down and attempts to grab the metallic woman and cleave her into two parts, "If I do not get the boy, then the girl will have to do!" He attempts using his all his Asgardian strength and speed to reach down rip Mercury from his body and rip her literally in half, laughing the entire time.

Tyrone is taken and goes to hide behind the counter, "Who are all of you and what do you want from me?" His stutter is gone as his eye begin to go completely black.

"Lungs!" Janie screams out as she tries to pull the fabric around his legs so he is at least hindred in his movements, reaching out for his trousers and underwear, which she has indirect access to through the cord held, to give them a special reshaping slowly. It will take some seconds, but what when even Frank Castle and Logan do have problems when someone goes for their balls, so will a warforged Asgardian. Hopefully.

Mercury keeps a tight hold on Roughouse's legs, while any attempt to grab at her with hands is met futile failures, as the fingers just pass through her as if they're going through gel. However, by bending down to grab at her, it does give her a more interesting target! His arms! She quickly flows onto the man's arms, and then quickly onto his head, forming a dome around it as she tries to flow into the guy's lungs to cut his oxygen!

"You will have no one today Roughouse." Dani announces as the psibow flares to life in her hand once more, but she only raises it, as the two girls go onto phase two of thier team work. Her eyes meet that of Ty as she glances his way, she has realized that this is most likely an alternate version that has a bare clue of what he is or will become should he get the chance whereever it is he is from "Give'em hell Cloak." she tells him noting the change in him.

His body bathing in darkforce energy and swirling about his, as the weak and meek teenager is gone and in his place is Cloak. A stern authoritative almost inhuman voice speaks out, "Mirage, have your students break off from the fight." Already hovering in the air and towards Roughouse.

As he feels a pressure unlike in down below, Roughouse yelps as liquid metal dome forms around his head. Using his strength to pound at it, he struggles.

Mercury's liquid dome around his head is not hard at all! Actually she made it quite liquid, so Roughouse's first go right through the liquid to pound straight at his own head, actually! Meanwhile, Mercury keeps her metallic liquid body flooding the man's lungs, hoping to knock him out soon, unaware of Cloak's impending attack!

"Mercury, Thimble fall back, now!" Mirage orders loudly as the familiar entity manifests itself in place of the teen. "Let Cloak handle the rest.." the psibow is still ready though, just as back up though she doubts it will be needed.

"Wu doth say thee Nay!" comes it from Janie with a rather strange try to immitate Thor's voice as Janie gets closer, pulling the fabric around the poor Roughouse's gonads tighter. Tyrone's demands are anwered with a glare and a try to force the captures trousers even tighter.

Conking himself in the head with his own strength, Roughouse begins to wooble and teeter he starts to cough up chunks of liquid metal as he attempts to cough up the parts of Mercury that are inside of him. As he coughs for air his trousers put pressure on his nether regions. All this as Cloak looms forward, "Students, listen to your teacher," Cloak's cloak opens up and a blackness appears ready to engulf and feed on Roughouse.

Thimble looks with hard eyes at Cloak "Don't want to plant a bamboo up his rectum first?" she asks him seriously, intent to by her friend some time to finish him off. Or at least to make the sicko infertile before he... gets handled by Cloak. What did Dani say about him? Mentioned some kind of Cloak and Dagger maybe, but that was the Zorro-Film-Genre. "Merc, come back, but take yourself a souvenir. Maybe some parts of his lungs or a blood sample if you want to." She eventually asked her friend, still pulling the fabric around the guy's testes tight. They came on him like a surprise, as it seemed.

Mercury fills the man's lungs to the max with her mass while the rock troll bonks his on head repeatedly, but when she's told to retreat, she all but jets herself out of the man's body, splashing down on the floor near Thimble. The silvery puddle wiggles a bit before reforming herself. Since they were all in civilian's clothes, Mercury's clothes are still on the floor away from her, so... she's naked! At least she covers herself with her arms and legs, keeping them crossed as she remains seated on the floor. She would be blushing RED if she still had any drop of blood in her. "Jeanie, some help...?" she asks in embarrassment.

Janie looks over to Mercury, then the fallen giant and Tyrone "Wait a sec." she sais, using her powers to get the guy's jacket off him to toss it around Mercury. "You earned it."

Mirage stands quietly by as the girls fall back and leave the bad guy to Cloak. She will have to remember to have a talk with the girls and everyone else about she is one to talk. Once they are clear she will circle around the restaurant to join them as Cloak does his thing. "This is Cloak, him and the New Mutants go way back. For future reference, don't get in his way." she explains in a whisper to the two girls.

With Mercury expelled from Roughouse's body, he has all but one second to note the arrival of Cloak. He lets out a loud scream of fear as he attempts to crawl away from Cloak, "No. . .NO . NOOOOOOOOOO!" Cloak's cloak animates and grabs the behemoth. Under the cloak, it appears little demon hands are reaching out to grab Roughouse. The Predator within Cloak lets out a sinister laugh as the demons overwhelm the Asgardian and literally rip his body apart. With the villain inside him, the cloak wisps about as it shows Roughouse being reassembled and then disassembled as he is fed upon. Cloak looks to the those gathered, "Thank you. I shall return the favor." He smiles, his voice still slightly demonic sounding, "So. . .how're you?" As his cloak whips about, small screams of anguish and suffering from Roughouse can be heard as whispers.

Mercury smiles and wraps the oversized coat around herself, which allows her to stand up, as just her legs are shown from the jacket, "Thanks, Jeanie." she says, smiling to her friend, before her expression sobers, and she gets a disgusted expression at what happens to Roughouse. She'd throw up if she... y'know. "You don't have to tell me twice..." she replies after listening to Mirage's warning.

"If he was going to kill him anyway, it does not matter if we break him a rib beforehand. And this was Teamwork. Our Fastball Special." Janie remarks to Mirage. Ok, they did not break him a rib but tried to castrate and suffocate him, but Mirage can't have seen him getting blueballed, especially since he was not able to scream. "I need to ask Dr. McCoy to patch some cloth even tighter and lighter. Did see some good idea. Monofil from Zippers, but on a reel. MAybe with some kind of teflon coating..."

As he speaks to the mutants presently, a Roughouse's head pops out momentarily under Cloak's cloak. "Please. . .God! No!" His face is ripped apart as little demonic insects rend the flesh and force the head back in as in explodes within the cloak only to reform as Roughouse is fed upon. Cloak simply smiles at those present. "Are you having a pleasant time in Madripoor? Enjoying the sites?"

Depsite having seen it before, Mirage still winces at what happens to Roughouse. She did warn him though and gave him amble opprotunity to change his mind. a hand goes to her stomach "Ya know, I think I have lost my appetite."

Usually Janie does not complain about anything, but this was even gross on her scale. "You heard Dani, we better make a run for it. Before the Madripoorians want to burn us at a stake." What reason is there to bring up the bad feeding habbits of Cloak? So she lets fall the cloak of silence about the topic.

Smiling, Cloak waves at them, "Well, it was nice meeting all of you." He smiles and whisperings of "Please just let me die!" "Oh god!" and some Asgardians cries are muffled under the cloak. "I hope you enjoy yourselves here. We should totally hang out. We can do lunch. I'm always hungry." He waves agais and then just like that, he s gone.

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