Rookie Vs. Snakes

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Rush and Mirage - Simulated: Anaconda, Fer De Lance, Coach Whip and Black Racer

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Training Room - X-Factor Tower

Rush has another training session, this time with Mirage running the show

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True to what she stated last week, Mirage has taken over the breaking in of the newest team member from Kitty. She waits in the training room proper for Rush to show up.

The room is programmed to be all to familiar city of Manhattan, though without all the people or cars messing up the place.

Rush shows up in his workout clothes, by now looking pretty worn after working out nearly every day since he's been here (and then using SHIP's facilities to wash them). Clean, but worn. He looks around, blinking at the detail and accuracy of the surroundings. "This is awesome," he mentions, not quite gushing but still sincere.

"You haven't been issued a uniform yet?" Dani asks as she eyes the approaching Rush "We will have to do that after we are done here. If you can still stand up." she looks around "Yes looks just like the real thing, even got the smell down.

Rush sniffs a few times to see for himself. He doesn't seem to register the scent either way, but nods. Then he adds, "Wasn't sure what kind of uniform I should go for," he says. "Mask, no mask...maybe some gloves or forearm guards, that sort of thing." Finally he shrugs. "But maybe after this I'll know better?"

Dani gives a nod in understanding "You can try on a few as well, see what works, what doesn't." she then gets down to the business at hand "I figured since our next planned mission is to go after the Serpent Society I would throw a few of that group at you so you have a better idea of what we will be up against.

Rush nods and then cracks his knuckles. "Serpent Society...I heard of them." He actually seems relieved, as this is probably the first time since he came here he's heard a name or team he actually recognizes. "They get around." Rush rolls his head to the right and then the left, then takes a few deep breaths. "I'm ready."

"Probably why they are so hard to capture." with that comment she is off, heading into the control booth to watch the session, instead of getting involved in it directly. Dropping into the chair in front of the control button she cues the computer to start the scenario.

The once empty city suddenly teams with life. People walk to and from on the sidewalks, and the streets are the usual traffic jam of cars, cabs and occasional bikes. Nearby is the corner of Broadway and 5th Avenue, which means Times Square, the busiest part of the city, is just around the corner. The sun is high in the sky, so it must be near noon time, or maybe just after. Everything is peaceful and pretty status quo until the sound of squealing tires and rending metal is heard over the normal city noises.

Rush jerks slightly in surprise as the people appear. He takes a moment to study the first few, but doesn't seem to see anything out of the ordinary. No snake tattoos, no giant hunched figures wearing oversized coats and hoods. Snorting at himself, Rush starts to move the crowd when he hears the sounds of tires and metal. His expression hardening, he starts to look this way and that to try and pinpoint the source of the noises.

The noise definantly came from a few blocks back and as Rush looks around he will see a figure, going at a high rate of speed, weaving in and out of the vehicles on the street going toward where the commotion seems to be coming from. There is a general scream of panic and the usual chaos ensues while people try to flee the scene.

"Outta my way." a voice bellows and a car, a minicooper, by the looks of it flys through the air, its occupants screaming in terror.

Rush breaks into a trot at the sight of the figure, then nearly misses a step when the car is sent flying. Grimacing, he suddenly changes course and accelerates to his full speed, running to try and position himself beneath the car where he can try for a catch!

The timing is spot on and with a sizable gap in the cars when the traffic light goes from red to green, Rush is able to easily catch the car and set it down with no harm to anyone, though the airbags do go off. Once the car is safely on the ground the driver and passenger are seen to be unconscious, probably from the shock of it all.

Rush will find himself surrounded by four members of the SS, after he puts the car down. Anaconda's stretchy arms flail out in an attempt to wrap around up but miss as do the attacks of Fer De Lance with her wrist blades, Coachwhip with her metal tipped whips and Black Racer as she runs by attempting to clothes line the large man.

Rush seems surprised at the sudden appearance of the Serpent Society. Or maybe it's the numbers, although mentally he kicks himself again. He doesn't so much evade their attacks as get lucky enough not to get hit - maybe the simulation is set to go easy on him (he doubts it), or maybe the Serpent Society is 'programmed' to have random levels of skill and they came up short (that seems more likely). At any rate he runs after Black Racer and trying to shoulder-check her aside as he nears her. After the beating he took the other day, surrounded by robots, he wants to try and keep moving rather than rely on Dani's dog to come to his rescue.

Rush's quick attack on Black Racer is effective and she stumbles and falls smacking her head on the pavement hard to enough where she is going to be seeing stars for at least a round.

Anaconda lashes out again, this time catching her arm around Rush's wrist after he slams into BR. Coachwhip sends her weapons lashing out as well, both will rake across his back as he runs after BR, slicing into his shirt, but the damage is minimal due to his durability. Fer De Lance misses her attack again.

Rush struggles to raise the hand Anaconda has caught, but before he can do anything he flinches at the whips lashing his back. They tear rents in his shirt but only light scratches on the skin underneath. But they seem to have stuck a figurative nerve. "Whips?!" He takes a few steps towards Coachwhip. His movements are hampered by Anaconda's grip on his wrist, but he's strong enough - and mad enough - to drag her along if he has to. Before he even gets all the way over to Coachwhip he's flailing at her, a poorly controlled swing that hits nothing but air. "WHIPS?!"

Anaconda yanks at the wrist in an attempt to pull Rush off his feet, but she can't manage it with him moving and attacking at Coach. The other two are as ineffective as Anaconda in thier attacks with whips and blades and Black Racer is still down. Both Coach and Fer are getting pretty upset at the fact.

Rush leans back out of reflex as blades and whips go whizzing by, one practically inches in front of his nose. He tries to get his hands up to protect himself, but Anaconda's still hampering his movements. Turning, Rush launches himself towards her, trying to use the tug against his arm to aid him in ramming his own body into hers...but at the last second he stumbles and can't connect. "DAMN IT!" he swears, frustration evident in his voice. Any thoughts he might have about this being a simulation are gone - he's really in it now.

As Anaconda is rushed by the larger man, she lashes out with her other arm, wrapping the appendage around his neck and she begins to constrict.

Fer De Lance stil hasn't managed to connect with her blades yet.

Coach spins the whip and when she sends it back readying for another attack the tip wraps around the antennae of a car behind her, getting tangled there.

Black Racer is finally getting to her feet, shaking of the last of the stunning effect of hitting her head.

Rush gasps for air as the second arm wraps around him, this time cutting off air. With no other choice Rush reaches up with his free arm to try and pull himself free. His strength is so much greater than Anaconda's that not only does he tear his arm away, he actually twists it so that now he's in a position to apply painful force to her limb. A look of triumph flashes on his face as he starts to do just that.

As the fight has gone on below, Mirage has sat in the control booth, watching the scenario play out. When it looks like Rush is starting to let his emotions take over she quickly hits the speaker "End program. Rush stand down." with those words the city, with all its buildings and people fade, as do his opponents "Guess I will have to turn up the level next time, this seemed a bit to easy for you." there is a bit of humour in her voice at that, "Meet me at the elevators, then we will get you suited up in a proper uniform.

Rush breathes hard, not so much from exertion as from adrenaline. He fingers the tears in his shirt and nods. "Yeah...uniform'll take a little more punishment, I hope." Then he heads for the elevators, looking around at the now-empty room where a only moments ago he felt like he was fighting for his life.

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