Rookie Vs. Robots

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Rush, Mirage and Havok

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Training Room - X-Factor Tower

Rush in a training session

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==[ Training Level - X-Factor Tower/Ship ]==

With the same concept in mind, the Training Center of X-Factor Tower/Ship is very much like the Danger Room. However, instead of a control booth, one steps off the elevator into a large holodeck like area that extends over several floors and perhaps the width of the tower/ship itself. All terminal interactions and programming are voice based and if a terminal is needed, a holographic terminal is produced.

This room is capable of creating any environment known to Ship and generate challenges found in the database. Additionally, challenge levels can be set right along with safety protocols that prevent injury and death can also be established. Just say the word, and let the games begin.


The surroundings in the training center are currently modeled after New York's own Central Park, only it's a scene of mechanized mayhem. The simulated civilians have all fled the scene by now. A few disabled robots based on spiders (except they are the size of a van) litter the area. But there are a half-dozen smaller humanoid versions still giving Rush a run for his money. He is very close to being surrounded - while he trades blows with a pair in front of him, one robot bashes him in the back of the head, and Rush responds by slaming an elbow into it's torso and knocking it back a pace. The two in front step in closer, and the remaining move in wherever they can find space to approach him.

Sure Dani knew that the training room was in use and by whom, but apparently she is curious as to the situation and how the newest team member is handling himself. Because of the nature of the room, when there is a scenario in action the entrance and exit will be naturally part of the environment. In this case she is leaving a maintenance shed, one of many around the park. In her arms she carries a small black and white miniture poodle, which she usually keeps elsewhere, but for some reason she has brought him along.

The robot now in front of Rush punches at him, causing the youth to raise his arms up to shield his face. He catches the shot on his forearm like a boxer covering up. The robots behind him now reach forward, one grabbing each of Rush's arms and pulling them back and away. The robot in front proceeds to launch another completely unsporstmanlike blow at his gut. He flinches at the blow - as much as he can while being restrained by the others that is.

Dani does nothing to call attention to herself or intrude. She simply watches for a few moments probable to gauge is fighting skills and tactical ability.
A sympathic pained expression comes to her face as Rush is grabbed by the robots.
She is pretty much useless power wise when it comes to robots. Something that has been proven a couple of times since she joined the team. The poodle in her arms growls and squirms so she tightens her hold on him. Since he isn't exactly what he seems it isn't easy for her. "Let me know if you need to me to tag in." she finally speaks up. As this is his scenario and not out in the real streets, she isn't going to jump in and help unless it is requested.

Rush is trying to squirm back and forth now in an effort to escape the grip of the robots holding his arms. He turns his head in the direction of Dani's voice, a pained expression on his face. Apparently the session has been tuned so that the robots have just enough strength so that they don't seriously injure, only to hurt. A lot. " it..." Rush grunts, then finally twists and pulls one arm enough that it slips free of the grasp of the robot holding it. Almost immediately he grabs that robot by the scruff of it's robotic neck and then shoves it forward at the one punching him, causing both to stumble and fall over each other. He has a moment to grin in triumph before the third robot twistss Rush's arm and then applies pressure, forcing him down to his knees.

There is a nod from Dani at his initial refusal of assistance, so Dani instead starts to mentally list the things she sees the young man will need to work on in the future. There is another grimace from her as Rush is taken to his knees, though that could easily be caused by the squirming poodle in her arms.

The dog finally has enough of being held pulls out all the stops, short of biting his bearer and manages to get free of Dani's graasp. To him the robots are essentially moving chew toys so he hits the ground running and goes after the feet of the one holding Rush down. He bites down on what is essentially the ankle of the robot with what would be a ton of biting pressure and starts to shake his head back and forth as dogs tend to do.

Being a simulation for Rush, Alex will become a casual observer as he walks into the area's monitoring booth. He will check the schematics and other details to ascertain what level Rush is fighting at (based on the X-Men's own Danger Room settings). He will then observe the action from his elevated location through the transparent metallic windows. Remaining standing, his right arm will cross over his stomach, the other will rest it's elbow upon it and his thumb will brush his stubble filled chin.

Rush feels the pressure on his arm suddenly ease up. He jerks his arm free while also pushing off of the ground with his free hand. By the time he's struggled to his feet and turned around he's ready for another round with the robot...but he's not ready for the sight of the little dog gnawing at it's foot. He's also not ready to get attacked again by another pair of robots that he wasn't looking at. Blindsided yet again, Rush is forced off to the side and away from his heroic rescuer.

The poodle is pretty content now that he has a robot to chew on and he is adamant on not letting go, and Dani doesn't stop him since she is doubtful that the robot can hurt the asgardian creature.
With Rush free and having to deal with a new set of robots Dani is now quick to give whatever assistance to Rush that she can. In this case it is going to have be of the physical variety. She isn't much of a physical toe-to-toe fighter, something she has to work on certainly. She picks up the torn off leg of one of the previously beaten robot and uses it club like to smack at a vulnerable joint of one of the robots.

There's a sign of agreement as he watches the Asgardian poodle do things to the robot and then his attention is turned back to Rush as he's blindsided. Havok recalls such times of when he himself was new to the danger room and the troubles he had with it.

Attacking the joints seems to be the 'right' strategy for this scenario. Dani's blow seems to disable one of her target's limbs. Along with not getting outnumbered, and maybe not getting distracted. When Rush's other robotic opponent turns it's head towards Dani to assess the new threat, it gives him a perfect opening. He raises one forearm, held horizontally across chest height and then suddenly bursts forward, practically clotheslining his target to the ground. As soon as it's down Rush kneels and slams stiffened fingers into it's torso, the strength behind the blow turning his hand into a spear that tears into the robot's chest.

If her continued attack on the robot is any indication Dani really does not like robots and Rush may even her her muttering under her breath words to that effect. The robot limb, stiff now that it doesn't have electricity or any other signals going through it, has made an effective club. Though the robot has one non-functioning limb that doesn't necessarily mean it is incapcitated and she will swing the makeshift club at the robots head.

His vision narrows as he winces to the clothesline move of Rush and ponders just how much that would suck to be on the receiving end of such an attack. Then smiling, Havok has seen enough. He turns and departs the monitoring booth for other locations within SHIP.

Clobbering a battle-bot type of robot in the head is less damaging, and the blow barely registering beyond a slight turning of the head. But the attack is still effective. Rush steps up behind it and makes a chopping blow at it's shoulder, the one that is still functioning. He holds his hand flat so that edge acts almost like a blade, practically tearing off the robot's 'good' arm. "Guess a little help wouldn't hurt," he remarks. The scenario seems to be all but wrapped up, working together the trio (can't leave out Dani's poodle) can easily make short work of these robots, who rely more on swarm tactics than skill or actual power.

Once all the detestable robots are down and out, Dani whistles to the dog and throws the limb into the distance. Quite willing to play a new game the poodle leaves off gnawing on the robot he downed and chases after the thrown limb with puppy like enthusiasm.
"It had to be robots." she says in a deadpan tone to Rush.

Rush dusts off his hands and then gives Dani a look. "Yeah...that's the toughest fight I've had since I got my powers."


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