Rooftop Run-Ins

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Rooftop Run-Ins

Psylocke, Beta Ray Bill, Sandman, Shadowcat, Cyclops, Jean Gray

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12/04/12 20:00

X-Mansion Rooftop

A few people meet each other on the roof, and then somebody brings up the wrong name around Psylocke.

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A contemplative moment...such are few and oft-treasured in the strange life of the Korbinite's champion. He sits on the rooftop of the mansion in his native form, his walking stick laid by his side, his legs drawn up in front of him, arms folded across them, and gazes out across the grounds, as far as the lake. The sky above has a few clouds, and it is cold, he wears a blue topcoat over his normally simple attire...were he in his THor-form he'd not notice, but he wanted the sting of the chill to keep him alert...if he is to stay here, in this state, he figured he should know it.

Thunk, the audible sound of somebody opening the hatch up to the roof from the observatory. And up climbs Betsy Braddock, dressed casually for the weather, with a coat that covers whatever it is she's actually wearing. She had sensed someone was up here when she decided to come up herself, and was expecting a student really. Looking towards Beta Ray Bill, she blinks faintly, mostly in surprise at seeing another adult at the school she isn't familiar with, apparently she has been away too long. She begins to step that direction, a smile on her lips as her low-heeled boots tapping against the ceramic tiles.

As she draws closer, it is likely evident to Betsy that this adult is not...typical. His bald head is uncovered - he really should be wearing a hat, and his utterly hairless skin is a rich, deep orange. There is a surprising strength and masculinity to his features even without such 'frippery' as external ears or a nose.
But it is the -mind- within this body that may get a more curious response from the telepath. It is controlled, even in repose, with a will like few others she has likely ever experienced, but the imagery which flashes here and there as his thoughts wander in a review of his long life is astonishing...and even though he does not turn or acknowledge her presence at first, his -attention- turns with a laser-like focus in her direction, assessing, keenly aware of another with him, weighing...and ultimately drawing back a touch, and waiting.

And all that peace on the roof is interrupted. Psylocke may recognize the thoughts if not the sandstorm that brews above Xavier Mansion and Institute. Though it is smaller and more localized it is still as furious as ever. Stopping directly above the two. The storm unlike any other simply hovers spinning in its own cyclonic circle as it peers at the two. And then a disembodied voice speaks out in a horrifying tone, "Sup!"

A booted foot scrapes against the ceramic tiling of the roof a little awkwardly as Betsy draws nearer and reaches out tentatively like any good, nosy telepath does and promptly stumbles half a step. She pauses, blinking as her dark eyes asses the orange-skinned man.
Foreign, alien, however you wish to put it, the man's consciousness is unlike anything Betsy has experienced. She lets out a soft breath, and is promptly distracted by the sandstorm, which actually sends her into an ever so brief panic when coupled with the oddity of encountering Beta Ray Bill. The tall Japanese woman collects her calm and tilts her head up to eye the storm, one hand settling upon her hip, "Mister Baker, a pleasure to run into you again."

Ah, at that, the alien Bill looks skywards towards the sandstorm, "Greetings, Bill." he says cordially, a hint of amusement at the name even after all this time. He rises to his feet smoothly, his left hand taking up the wooden stick by his side almost as an afterthought, playing the tip across the roof tiles with a soft sound. His eyes seek the woman sharing the roof as well, expressive, despite being pure white (an adaptation to protect them from the shining greatness of the Burning Galaxy, now long gone), and he looks her over, taking a moment to identify her...he has done his reading after all, and the purple hair (ah, how useful to tell humans apart sometimes, this hair) is a clear indicator. "Greetings, Lady - Elizabeth Braddock?" he says politely and to confirm, "You have not been here for a time, insofar as I am aware...I am Beta Ray Bill." there is a strange courtliness to how he speaks, it -should- be at odds with his appearance, but somehow seems to fit.

"Yeah, Bill is the other Avenger. He's all Thor, but alien." With that the storm stops and begins to take a humanoid form. Sandman still dressed in his usual garb from earlier drops from the sky, landing with surprising grace on the roof. "Bill is also teaching and helping out at the school." He offers to Betsy. He then looks to the other Bill and salutes him in a way that Korbinites would salute each other. He then quirks his brow at Betsy, "You are a lady? Like the title? Royalty?"

"Well, not royalty, no, but my father did bear the title of Sir, back home in England, and..Was a noble of Otherworld before he came here. Add that to my list of long stories." Betsy responds to Bill Baker before looking towards the man who almost made her trip over her own feet, looking him over briefly and letting her eyes settle on his face. She can't really resist and reaches out a bit more directly towards the orange-skinned man's mind, intending to take a peek, specifically as to who and what he is, and speaking even as she does, "That is me, yes..What gave me away?"

The mind she meets is like a wall of...not even iron is a suitable metaphor...try -uru-. He is not shielded per se, but that incalculable strength...that's the word...strength. Strength of will, strength of body, strength of -character-. There is much to him, but one element may stick out to the British telepath, he has another body, at some point in the past he underwent a process not entirely unlike what she went through, though it lies in the past, behind a curtain of dark agony likely not easily approached.
But who and what he is...there is so -much-, a starfaring empire, a stunning threat, meeting Thor, Sif, Asgard, Ego, a new world for his people...
But he answers her with a slight gesture to her hair, unsurprisingly, "This feature comes in such stunning variety amongst you. Yet yours is atypical and striking, even so." It isn't said in any way that she usually hears from men, it's a statement of fact, and accompanied by a still-extant sense of pleasant wonder at such differences.

Rolling his eyes and shaking his head, "Hey, Horsehead. It took me all day to learn that salute." Sandman loudly sighs and looks to Betsy, "This is the Korbinite way of flirting. They are mighty warriors who conquer other planets so they can exist. . .He is able to walk among gods. . .but when it comes to flirting. . .his people know nothing." He then laughs a bit.

Thankfully, Betsy is standing still at the moment. Even trying to poke at Xavier's mind when he's shielded doesn't really feel like that. Her surprise at what she does see is, suffice to say, rather clear with the widening of her eyes and brief parting of her lips before she quickly locks down, withdrawing from the man's thoughts. Her mind where it belongs, in her own head. She wets her lips, nodding to the unusual man, attempting to watch his expression to see if he is aware of her little peek, " hair." She takes a soft breath, "Gives me away, yes. Even around here."
She glances to Sandman after a moment of collecting her wits, "Korbinite? And, really, Mister Baker, I highly doubt that." She shakes her head a little, "You're both Avengers, then? It is certainly..interesting to learn about the union between the school and the Avengers. A surprise, really. A good one, though. I hope."

The alien did indeed notice the salute, but protocol demanded the lady be addressed first. He does seem pleased by the gesture though, as he says, "I did indeed notice, friend Bill. Your thoughtfulness is appreciated, and you are indeed a worthy comrade in my sight."
He does add, "Thought your humour oft reminds me of Fandral a'times." What he's saying is Sandman's snarky.
Those gleaming eyes turn back to Psylocke and a very small smile curves his thin lips upwards, "Not quite what you expected, mayhaps?" he asks, there is no indication he feels it a threat or violation at all. He knows more than one mid-reader here quite well, in fact, the place is awash in them, it seems. There is an easy confidence to him that seems almost infectious.
At her question he replies, "I am indeed honoured to be counted among their number. My oath-brother cannot speak highly enough of their number, and to serve in his stead while he is otherwise needed fills me with pride." Again, this should sound at least a bit silly, but it just doesn't seem to with him.

Suddenly he has a look of shock on his face, while he did the salute, he is surprised to be referred to so highly by Beta Ray Bill, which of course makes him uncomfortable. He reacts with a frown and another roll of his eyes, a?"eah yeah yeah." Sandman looks to Psylocke, "And he does the fancy Shakespeare speech too." He grins, "We got all types in our group."

Phasing up thru the roof Kitty rises with a purple dragon on her shoulder "Everything alright up here I hope?" giving Betts a warm smirk.

Psylocke returns BRB's smile tentatively, "Not quite, no." She pauses, a soft laugh escaping her, "In all honesty, 'not quite what I expected' does not even begin to come close, Beta Ray Bill." The JapaBrit uses the full name she was given, not entirely certain how to address the man. "The Avengers are supposed to be the best our planet has to offer, and not just in terms of strength. - Oath-brother. ..You mean Thor?"
Her dark purple hair sways as she gives her head a shake and looks to the more human-y Bill, "Do you spend much of your time around gods, Mister Baker?" She trails off, glancing towards Kitty, and then smiling as she steps that way, "Hey, Kitty! How are you? And yes, everything is fine up here."

"Indeed. The Mighty Thor and I have shared much." and for a moment an inappropriate thought flickers through Beta Ray Bill's mind. Well, not -inappropriate- as such, but they have indeed shared much - such as the affections of a certain ebon-haired warrior-goddess. But that is in the past. "You may call me merely 'Bill' if you wish. My name is..." and for a moment he recalls how to translate the -concept- for a human, "The first part is a designation. I surrended mine own name when I became our champion. And retroactively so. It was generous of our leaders to allow me to retain what I did." and this sounds sincere. His culture is...harsh in some ways.
At the entrance of Shadowcat he turns to regard the young woman, who he has seen about but being occupied had kept them from interacting much. But the that he looks keenly. A rarity indeed...and he was just talking of dragons to Jean Grey earlier this week. But not from here, or even Asgard.

Kitty chuckles giving Betts a big hug "Good, it's nice to have you back Betts." then looks to beta ray bill and bill baker "Nice to meet you both, I'm Kitty ad this cute lil guy is Lockheed" reaching a hand up to pet the dragon between his wings. As lockheed looked with yellow eyes at Beta ray bill, returning that intent look with an intelligence in eyes.

Being around gods and aliens are nothing, but seeing the little dragon, makes him blink a minute, " that a real dragon?" Sandman seems shocked like a kid finding something really cool. He moves to go pet Lockheed, but then stops, "Does it breathe fire?" He asks Kitty and then shakes his head, "Sorry. I'm Sandman. Thatas Beta Ray Bill. We're Avengers, so we're cool." He then responds to Betsy, "Yeah, I have spent and gotten my butt kicked by a few gods, but then meeting the likes of Sif and Kelda make it worth while." He grins.

Returning Kitty's hug, Betsy smiles widely at the younger woman, "Good to see you too. I heard you're off with Alex and his team these days, huh?" She steps back from the other X-(wo)man and looks back to the Bills, "Bill. Seems such a..plain name." Betsy frowns a bit as she listens to the alien's explanation, then nods, "And..your leaders are alright with you helping Earth?" Sandman's comment gets a light, melodic laugh from the tall Japanese woman.

Kitty giggles "As real as a dragon as straight from a fairy tale and yes he breathes fire, but he's the best xdragon ever" giving the cat sized dragon on her shoulder a hug, then nods to Psylocke "Yeah, I came home with Ray to help rebuild here, the lighthouse was getting alittle crowded and they didn't need me as much. I do more good here, though I coulda popped Alex when he suggested I work with the new mutants. I think scott was a little disappointed Kurt introduced me to alex before him." then grins to Baker "Lockheed's smart though he won't hurt you" Lockheed seemed quite pleased with his little self as he preened under all the looks....vain dragon tsk.

"Ah. Kellllllda." Beta Ray Bill says thoughtfully, not an uncommon reaction among the Asgardians, as it happens. "The name is a basic monosyllabic component of a tripartate name, as is our convention. It would be surprising if no names were shared in common among humanoid races throughout the known universe." and here he switches from an almost antiquated-seeming manner to cultural traits in an instant, "My leaders-" and he hesitates a moment, and there is something of a very deep and complex concern there, something that looms quite large in his life at this time, "I would not call why I am here 'exile', for t'was voluntary, but the situation on my people's new homeworld is...complicated, and I am a complication they do not need for now, unless called upon."

Patting his friendas shoulder as he is somewhat aware of what is going on with Bill and his leaders and the situation with their planet. Sandman then looks over to Lockheed, "Hey there." He goes to gently pet the dragon's head, "So dragons on the X-Men. That's something we don't have on the Avengers." He smiles, "Cute critter."

A soft chuckle escapes Betsy at Kitty's introduction of Lockheed and she looks back to BRB, "That sounds..unfortunate, Bill. I am sorry to hear that." Her curiousity gets the better of her again, and she reaches out telepathically for any thoughts regarding the Korbinite's exile and presence here on Earth, at the same time offering a telepathic comment to the orange-skinned man, >> I have to admit, I have met all sorts of people, both human and not human, but you are certainly unique amongst that list, Beta Ray Bill. <<

Lockheed reaches out his head to sniff Baker's hand before accepting the petting and begins to croon as he positions himself proudly. As though the little dragon understood what was being said about him. "I was an xman, then I worked with excalibur now I'm home again and I work with X-Factor" and smiles to BRB "Well, I can't see you ever being a unneeded complication round here, we're glad to have you"

Beta Ray Bill nods once in response to Bill Baker's gesture, "Skuttlebutt tells me she is doing well, though. She's getting a complete overhaul and due to her absence, the engineers are being very thorough in their work. But she yearns to fly free of orbit again. On the other hand, she does give me hyperwave updates straight from New Korbin. Some of the issues are solving themselves - with time. The statue commemorating the journey which we both figure into is..." and here he pauses again, "I am honoured by the gesture." obviously not one for high praise, this one.
t the telepathic contact he replies simply, in his own mind, <<So I have been told. the Lady Jean has said as much as well.>> a term of respect due to her position, apparently.

Remaining silent for a few moments, Betsy lets her eyes fall closed as she spends the time briefly skimming some of Beta Ray's thoughts regarding what lead to his self-imposed Exile. The purple butterfly mask of psychic energy flares and covers her face until she opens her eyes, struggling to keep her thoughts focused and not wandering about in the expanse of a 'god's' mind. She takes a soft breath as her eyes open, the purple psychic energy dissipating. The tall woman's lips curve into a sad smile, "I imagine you will be welcome here, and with the Avengers as long as you wish, Bill."

Nodding his head to Bill, but really just playing with Lockheed, "The critter is playful like a puppy, but fierce like a lion. Pretty cool. . .um, is it a boy or girl?" Sandman smiles and looks around, "X-Factor, huh. I met Alex and Kurt. They werenat too pleased when I compared Cyclops to Havok."

Kitty chuckles at the comparison "Well if you had a brother who was the opposite of you would you like to be compared to him?" then looks to lockheed curiously "Y'know..I've never figured that out. I came back from a mission and he came flying out of my bag to come find me, little stow away" she says affectionately of the dragon

Beta Ray Bill replies to Betsy after a moment, "Many here have been most generous and welcoming to me. It was the kindness of those in 'Mutant Town' when I chose to stay there for a time that opened mine eyes to the plight of your ilk here. I could not stand idly by in the face of such an injustice, one that cannot be solved by force of arms."
He does turn to regard Lockheed, "Most curious. He resembles...but not -quite- so. 'Tis rare to see a creature both familiar and yet unknown." He steps a bit closer, holding the handle end of his wooden walking stick towards Lockheed, to see how he reacts just to the proximity, and the -newness- of the little dragon seems to genuinely pleases the ancient warrior.

Kitty smiles as Lockheed chirps happily at the proximity of BRB "You're such a glutton Lockheed" Kitty tells the lil dragon with a soft chuckle "People of this world can be quite contrasting. Just as welcoming and generous as they are harsh and unforgiving. I'm glad we made a good impression on you Bill" then smiles to Baker "Yeah he's pretty special, comes in handy in a fight, the brood absolutely hate him"

"I think Mutant Town opens a lot of eyes, even for some of us. And about more than just the plight of our people." Betsy comments quietly before tilting her head to watch the two men and Kitty with her dragon, a smile curving her lips again, "I'm personally curious why he's stayed so small. I'd expect even a baby dragon to..well, be bigger than a cat."

Continuing to play with Lockheed, Sandman catches snippets of the conversation, "Brood? Aliens, right? Wow. It seems they are like us, for every good one like Beta over here...there are bad ones. Vision and I encountered a Kree earlier this week ready to destroy the Earth." He shrugs, "Took care of him. But yeah, same with humans and mutants. Wanda and I were doing outreach work in Mutant before Hurricane Sandy hit. And one mutant. Some weird six-armed lady with was there heckling us. She looked weird." He gives a description of Spiral. "But she left us alone."

"It could very well be he -is- mature, or nearly so." the Korbinite notes of Lockheed. To Sandman he explains, "The Brood are a race of sapient parasites. Hive-minded, bioengineers, slave-keepers, technologically advanced to a limited extent. Their fleets are no major threat - often starfaring organisms mostly kept against their will -, but their own -nature- is. They refuse to consider other options beyond taking fully-developed sapient hosts for their young to infiltrate and take over." His tone makes it very clear what he thinks of all that. "I have never had opportunity to encounter them directly. But their threat is well-known."

Kitty grins at Lockheed, the little dragon squirming and pawing as he plays with Baker, the dragon's tail wrapped lossely around her neck. But the description of spiral gets her attention "That'd be Spiral, from the mojoverse. Insane and evil, I wonder if she got her memory back somehow?" Lockheed though chirps now and then at BRB almost as though asking for the korbinite to come join the pettings and playing.

Betsy nods at BRB's comment about Lockheed being mature, "I think he is, he certainly hasn't grown any, has he, Kitty?" She trails off, glancing to Sandman as he describes the six-armed heckler. She wets her lips nervously, frowning and adding after Kitty, "Insane and evil does not even begin to cover it! What was she doing in Mutant Town?"

Noting Psylocke's reaction and looking to Kitty, "Did I say something wrong?" Stopping with playing with Lockheed, he turns to Psylocke, "I don't really know who she was. But Wanda was careful around her. She was antagonistic, but otherwise harmless." When he realizes what Kitty describes, "Perhaps we should have captured her?" He looks to the other Bill as he is not sure what he should have done.

"I am not familiar with that one. But is there any -active- hunt for her?" Beta Ray Bill asks, quite reasonably. "In addition, were circumstances such that bystanders may have been injured should she have struggled? What are her capabilities?" He isn't making excuses for Sandman, far from it, but his tactician's mind is at work here...'absently' well, seemingly so, he does lay a large, four-fingered hand on the little dragon's head as he thinks.

Kitty shakes her head softly "Nope he ceetainly hasn't gotten bigger, though he sometimes puts on a bit of weight. I've learned to limit him on some foods that he really likes, but pinnacle of wash and wear" kitty giggles about lockheed. "You can bet Spiral wasn't there for anything good" some how as bad as spiral was, the tone in Kitty's voice wasn't nearly as venemous as when she spoke of Emma though. Kitty grins at Baker "No, you didn't say anything wrong, Spiral just has a large history with the X-Men. Kurt and I offered to help fix her memory but she declined when we informed her of the recautions we'd have to take with bringing her here" Lockheed though attempted to regain the attention he'd lost, pawing at Baker and chirping rumblingly but the large hand on his head from BRB sates the dragon as the little purple thing croons rubbing his head against the big hand as he sniffed BRB's scent. "She can be violent and definitely has no respect for life. People are just toys of entertainment to her"

"Spiral is a fiend, I really can not put into words.." Betsy takes a deep breath, then turns wide eyes and stunned expression to Kitty, "You and Kurt /what/? I do not care what precautions you take, do not bring that witch here! Even if it's after I cut her head off, she has no place here!" The Japanese woman takes a deep, deep, deep breath, "I am going to have to spend an extra hour meditating tonight, or go play in the danger room." She remains silent a moment, and says softly, "Spiral needs to be removed from this world, she has no place here." To Baker, she comments, "Spiral would have the starring role in the long story about why my accent and my body do not match. Why my mind, thoughts, and memories are not entirely my own. Among the many things that witch has done to me, that would be the most significant."

"Oh. . ." Sandman takes in all that is said and then responds, "Well, she was no harm at the moment. Wanda felt no need to incite her and we were more worried about the hurricane. She left on her own. . .though she does know that boy Armand. The one who associates with Loki. . .Oh jeez, that stupid kid." He sighs and then blinks at Psylocke, "Well, perhaps the Avengers should take this up. For her sake as much as yours. I don't know know what she did to you, but you have murder in your voice, Betsy."

The alien listens quietly to the outburst. In warriors, passions can often run deep, as can hatreds. But one element -particularly- piques his interest. He lets her finish, of course. "So." he begins in a quiet tone, but one that carries, "You also bear the burden of living in a body other than that you were born in. I knew that for long and long. But this sounds not of your will. I am sorry." There is -such- genuine empathy and compassion as he speaks of it, and an unspoken offer of help.

Shadowcat puts a hand on Betsy's shoulder "At first we didn't recognize her and she'd lost her memory, only remembered Longshot. We briefly spoke to Scott and he was willing.." well there really was no explaining it, it was like trying to explain to kitty that Emma was a good person "suffice to say Spiral is from a different world and a different dimension. She's a recurring trouble for us, I could show you the files we have on her though. that's likely the easiest way to explain her, words just don't suffice. They were all standing together on the roof as Lockheed was on Kitty's shoulder. BRB's large hand was on the dragon's head and the dragon was trying to get more petting from Baker, such an attention glutton.

From the side of the mansion by the library, Jean and Scott float quickly into view, suspended in a telekinetic bubble as Jean makes it to the roof, her thoughts flickering to everyone, >> Is everyone alright? I heard the... commotion. << Seeing that Beta Ray Bill is in his 'civilian' outfit, the psychic relaxes a little, lowering Scott and herself onto the roof proper.

"She is always a danger. She only does things because they amuse her, or Mojo tells her to. And they are generally only amused by suffering." Betsy says, shivering slightly as Kitty puts her hand on her shoulder. The tall Japanese woman is clearly on edge, clearly wanting to spring at something despite the softer tone of her voice. She nods in response to Sandman, "Spiral is completely insane, but she is not stupid, and I doubt even we really know what she's capable of. Given the chance though, I /will/ kill her." She falls silent a moment before addressing the alien man, "I was not going to say anything, as I imagine a decade of it for me would seem rather paltry to you. But.." Betsy trails off, shaking her head, and then looks towards Jean, "We're...everything is fine, Jean, sorry. I suppose thinking about cutting someone's head off or hiding under the bed and crying leaks out a bit."

With the arrival of the headmasters, Sandman frowns. He has heard enough about them to know this sort of conversation is not to be had around them. He exhales, "Everything is fine, Ms. Grey. Mr. Summers. You may have heard me earlier. I travel better as a sandstorm, but it can whip up quite a ruckus." Sandman has been on campus as one of the teachers for the joint Avengers/X-Men school, but has not formally met the headmasters. He goes back to playing with Lockheed. "Howare things with both of you?"

"True hardship is -never- paltry, Lady Elizabeth." Beta Ray Bill says sympathetically. He is not one to compare suffering as though it were a contest, "Least of all so rare a sort as you have known." He goes on, "While I can return to my native form -now-, I had to learn certain techniques, and many were built into my engineered neural a telepath, it may do you good to scan those neural pathways to glean what you might from them - when I am in that form." The mysteries of Asgardian 'magic' can solve much, but the power it took to do so was almost incalculable.

As he settles onto the surface of the mansion, Scott glances between each person found on the rooftop, his expression one of curiosity and focused calm. He doesn't feel the need to speak: Jean handled that. Instead, his gaze flickers towards Betsy at her words, and ... well, you can't see with the glasses, but an eyebrow rises. He crosses his arms in front of himself, observing to Psylocke, "Relax. It'll be all right. Has she been spotted, then?" His gaze flickers towards Sandman, and he nods towards him, "Sir."

Kitty grins toward the two "Yeah, she seems to be hanging out in mutant town, Kurt and I ran into her when Armand was trying to reach spider-man and...for some reason the message was forwarded to xfactor. At the time she'd lost her memory, no telling if she's regained it though. Armand seems niavely generous" Lockheed though happily plays with sandman and even flies over to BRB to contiue playing with Sandy.

"I am trying, Scott. And..yes, though I'm not even sure when. But both the Avengers, and Kitty and Kurt running into her in the city does not bode well for her simply visiting and disappearing." Betsy clenches her hands into fists, and then unclenches them, slowly. She nods at BRB's words, "It would be worth looking into, though the problem is...My native form is in bloody use. Which is an entirely separate long story." Bloody! How unladylike.

Jean winces at the mention of Spiral, then shakes her head, "And I know what she did to Rachel as well." Her fists clench just a bit, "She can be a serious threat, even if she's not working for Mojo anymore... which I find somewhat unlikely, to say the least." She does have a few memories of Spiral, but that's not from her perspective.

Looking around at everyone as he plays with Lockheed, Sandman cannot help but feel a bit badly for not attempting to capture her, but at the same time, if she is as dangerous as they describe her, then things could have gotten out of hand, "Well, with regards to Spiral, the Avengers are more than willing to help out. We can keep an active eye out for her. With our combined might and resources. We can take her."

"There is more to this than I had imagined." Beta Ray Bill replies after taking this information in from Betsy, "Nevertheless, should you desire aid, I shall gladly provide it." He leaves it at that, he isn't one to dwell or encourage others to do so, "Good e'en, Lady Jean." he does get around to saying to the -other- telepath, and as he looks to the man who accompanies her a hint of a smile crosses his -this- is the man who she holds dearer than 'most all dour of mein, "Ah Scott, it has been a time...I daresay you should enjoy the company of my friend Hogun if you have not met him afore." Yes, that was actually a bit of a -joke- about the man's obviously serious nature.

"It's something that should be dealt with," Cyclops says after a moment's thought. "How, however, is something we need to seriously think about." He considers, "She lost her memory?" He asks Kitty. "I wonder how true that is. Losing one's memory would certainly be a good way to throw others off-balance, as it were." He tilts his head towards Beta Ray Bill, and says, "I'd be glad to meet him," he says to him.

Nodding to Beta Ray, Betsy lets out a long sigh, "It is a mess, yes." To Sandman, she says, "Do /not/ underestimate her. The six arms are not what make her dangerous." Betsy takes another deep breath and then takes a couple of steps away from the little group, looking out over the grounds of the estate and thinking to herself.

Jean smiles over at Beta Ray Bill, "It's good to see you again." She gives the Asgardian a friendly nod, then shakes her head slightly at Sandman, "With her magical abilities, we'd be best off not forcing a confrontation until we find out what she's up to, if anything. And having a few magicians of our own." Her eyes flicker over towards Psylocke, concern evident in her thoughts as she watches the resident ninja.

Kitty gives Lockheed a smirk "traitor" she says, the dragon simply sticking his tongue out at her as he perched on BRB and plays with Bakers hand "Well least when Armand was giving her a hotel room to stay she seemed to. she only remembered traveling with Longshot she said, they went thru a portal and she lost her grip on his hand, wound up coming out of the portal without him and found herself in new york, she definitely didn't seem herself, more like a normal traumatized person" looking to Betsy "You want to spar in the danger room in a bit Betts?" then chuckles at BRB "If Hogun is the serious type, that might be too much seriousness in one room." then glances to Jean and scott "I'll see if excalibur can send over the fils on Spiral from our encounters with her"

"When last I hard heard of the amnesia, I wasn't sure whether to believe it." Scott says musingly, "If she's still using that excuse, it could be accurate. But I still think it's more likely to be some kind of ruse." It's what he'd do in her place. And don't think about that too hard. A slight shake of his head, "The first thing to do would be to find out whether or not she truly has amnesia. And go from there."

"Good point. We'll just keep an eye on her for now." Sandman smiles as Lockheed gets more playful, but then he too looks over at Psylocke and sighs. He just met her today and already he has come to learn so much about her and genuinely feels for her. He looks at Beta and with the whole body switching thing, he would be best able to deal with this.

At the mention of 'magic', one of Beta Ray Bill's heavy brows arches upwards. He does reach up to pat the little dragon's haunch as Lockheed perches on his broad shoulder, "I have found in my not-inconsiderable experience that what is often termed 'magic' is oft a term of convenience used to describe -exceptionally- esoteric forms of energy and reality manipulation." He senses a challenge, and it's hard to resist. He turns his head to look towards Jean and Scott, "I would learn more of this Spiral - should you have material for me to peruse sometime." The interest in him is clear.

Jean glances at Kitty and smiles a little at the mention of the files, "That would be perfect, Katherine. And thank you." She then looks over towards Scott, "I don't know if I'd be able to penetrate the chaos of her thoughts to determine her sincerity... or even if I could tell if she was sincerely suffering from amnesia." Her eyes flicker to Beta Ray Bill, and she nods, "We can definitely share the information we have, of course. She is... not to be trifled with, to say the least."

Psylocke turns back to the group, with a shake of her head, "Sorry. I knew she was still out there, but I guess actually hearing she's lingering around nearby is..different." She lifts a hand to tuck a stray lock of hair behind her ear, smiling at Kitty, "And a spar would be good, I'll probably take you up on that." She does pause, glancing to Jean, "Jean, I would truly recommend not even trying to touch that woman's mind. unlikely to end well."

"Well, all this talk about Spiral and I only meant to come back for a few moments. I am on duty tonight. Carol and Jarvis will have my tail if I don't get back soon." He scritches Lockheed and looks to those gathered, "Thanks and it was good seeing you all." Sandman turns to Psylocke, "Betsy, we'll talk soon. I promise." With then, he walks to the edge of the roof and steps off it. Plummeting to the earth, his body shifts into sand and he rides the wind in a sandstorm form headed towards New York City.

A single nod from Scott, and he says dryly, "I think that touching her mind would be a bad idea, if all that I've read about her is true. I'd prefer you to not be rendered insane." That is humor, such as it is. He's dealt with that once. Twice, technically. A third time would not be pleasant. His gaze flickers towards Kitty and Psylocke, then over towards Sandman as the man flies off in a coruscation of sand.

Kitty smiles to Jean abd BRB "I'm sure getting the files will be no trouble. Is there a way to tell if she has amnesia wthout doing a mindscan?" waving to sandman as he departs and Lockheed looks to BRB for more attention, rubbing against korbinite's neck and trying to play. With a smile Kitty nods to Betsy "You bet, it'll be fun to see what you've picked up since I left"

Jean Grey gives Scott a bit of a wry look, "Which would be the reason why I wasn't even going to attempt it." She smiles a little, "I should get things put away and go to bed for the evening. I suspect tomorrow is going to be a busy day." She looks about ready to step off the roof, then pauses and looks over at Psylocke, "Oh, Betsy, I'm giving you Finesse to train in unarmed combat techniques. Don't go easy on her." She grins a little bit, giving Scott one last look before saying, "Good night."

"Good e'en to you, Lady Jean." Bill says as she departs. After a moment he slips out his Avengers card and sends a short message to the Sandman, who left before he could say his goodbyes, and suggests he try the mint tea Jarvis had made earlier, it was exquisite.

Betsy flashes a grin at Kitty, "What -I've- picked up? Somebody's been taking it easy on you, huh?" She appears to be over her foul mood, or at least is pretty good at putting on a smile. She waves to Jean, "What are you going to do, send me all the trouble students to be beat on? I thought that was Logan's job."

"Sleep well," Scott tells Jean, looking over towards her and offering a smile, before observing to Psylocke, "Don't go easy on her, no. From what Jean told me earlier, she really needs to think things over more ... stringently before acting." This is an understatement. His gaze falls upon Beta Ray Bill. "Are you one of those who are teaching? Jean told me she was gathering some others to do so."

An amused thought-flash comes from Jean at Betsy's comment, >> With the Canucklehead on leave right now, you're the best one we have to do it, Betts. And yes, Finesse need to be taught some hard knocks. << And with that, Jean easily descends down the building, going back into the library through the window.

"It is, at least in part, also some of my job, apparently." Bill notes with some wry amusement, "At least the better-behaved ones, the ones with less of a yen for aggression. As well as tactical thinking." he seems strangely mixed of mood in that, pleased to be instructing again, but perhaps a bit regretful it is -necessary- for the more peaceful to still need it. "
I am also teaching them of the wider universe beyond this world. Xenopolitics, history, and some basic aspects of technology - considering the integration of Shi'ar machinery in this place." he explains.

Shadowcat chuckles at Psylocke "Well, Shatterstar was a bit envious that xfactor got to go into outerspace and out clubbing regularly and he and logan had to babysit students. X-Factor tends to get some down time to have fun, sides with Logan on leave I can't hit him up for a sparr" waving to Jean "sleep well Jean, I'll see ya later" then starts to wonder "I wonder what finesse did?"

"Oh, so she sends you the ones who actually listen?" Betsy comments with a soft laugh, "And that is good, I think. Particularly teaching them about the universe. It is depressing to see how many of the children take our strife and turn around to at times become as thick-headed as the worst of those we deal with. That phrase 'flatscans', for example." Betsy simply shakes her head before looking towards Scott with a smile, "Sorry if my little fit scared you and Jean, you probably needed the fresh air anyways."

"Violence is always regretful," Scott says with a shrug. "Unfortunately, until the world becomes a utopia, necessary sometimes." He wrinkles his nose at Betsy, observing, "I had a great deal of fresh air on my trip, you know." He sounds amused, rather than anything else however. To Kitty, he adds, "You could always try some of the more difficult simulations. Some of those would probably be a work out - though nothing beats a human mind as the opponent, I admit."

The response to that is a soft and good-natured chuckle, "Truly?" the tall alien asks with evident amusement.

Kitty grins at scott "Or a fellow ninja, though I think Dani has developed a dislike for robots and space now. Maybe you'd like to join us Bill for a sparring match sometime?"

"Speaking of sparring, it might be fun to have a little bout with someone who runs around with Asgardians. I'm sure I could learn a few things." Betsy looks to the tall, orange-skinned man as she speaks, and then nods to Kitty, "That would be good. Even though I imagine he could take us both out with his hands behind his back."

A considering look. "I don't know," Scott says, glancing between Kitty and Betsy. "In a straight-up, face to face fight perhaps. But if you fought well and used your environment, possibly not." His gaze flickers towards Bill. "Unless he decided to just destroy everything around him, but that tends to cause ... issues." To put it mildly.

Ah that. "Firey Skartheim still bears the marks of my greatest clash with Thor." Bill does admit, "But remember, afore I was granted my engineered form, I was as you see me now, and my knowledge and skill were what won me through many a day - and the Trials at the very last. And Thor and I fought on even footing, despite our power." That seems a fond memory, well, it is -now- at any rate, with the passage of time.
"I learned not to rely on my new form's power overmuch. A most -useful- tool, yes. An advantage, to be certain, but in the end, one can never know what one might face, and that is where the best warriors are made."

Kitty chuckles "Well I heard some of the students whisper that he beat thor in a fight once but if we're using powers..." Hmm that made it a much closer contest. Lockheed slid down Bill's chest in the hopes of being held and get in a position for more playing and attention getting.

"Kitty, dear. If we're using powers, I don't think the two of us would have much hope. Unless you phased him in half or something, and that's just downright mean for a friendly spar." Betsy laughs, shaking her head, "Thank you all, and..sorry for the scene. I think I'm going to go meditate and then get some sleep" She smiles at Bill, "It was a pleasure to meet you, Bill. I'm sure I'll see you around the school."

"It was my pleasure as well, Lady Elizabeth. I hope you are not much troubled by your present difficulties. It is clear how find the others are of you, and that is high praise, as I have seen." Bill says to her in a most genteel fashion.

"Have a good evening," Scott says to Bill, and glances towards the ladies. "Good luck with your spar. I have a great deal on my desk to catch up on, and I should get some of it done." A slight shrug, and he nods towards Bill and the ladies.

Kitty chuckles reconsidering her statement "Very likely, electricity and I just don't mix, maybe next time I can give you a tour of Shipa, Betts" giving the fellow ninja a wave "Thanks Scott, let me know if you need a computers teacher" then holds a hand out and Lockheed croons as he flies over to her shoulder. "It was an honor to finally mmeet you officially Bill. We'll have to do it again"

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