Rooftop Hacking (MGH)

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Brief Title:

American Dream, Network

Scene Runner/Watcher:

IC Date:
04/26/13 03:03

Rooftop near one police plaza

American Dream has a job for Network

Social or Plot:


Again, a message was left through the auspices of the internet, asking Network for a meeting. This time, on the roof of a building not too far away from One Police Plaza, primary headquarters of the NYPD. American Dream waits there, calmly watching the traffic as it passes by below. This is the city that never sleeps, after all. Even in the early hours of the morning, the streets are never empty.

Not too long after the message is placed, the buzzing and humming of Networks armor can be heard as she hovers up to the rooftop, a pot of starbucks coffee in her hand. "I hope the reason is good enough to skip on some hours of sleep." she answers with a slight yawn as she lands next to the heroine, pushing the faceshield far enough open to take a sip of her coffee. Even if the light is dull up here, it is highly possible that network is of afro american origin. "So, what you got?"

"Network. Thank you for meeting me." Dream says. Then she gets right to business. "Topaz had a small sample of the mystically enhanced MGH. ULTIMATUM tried to get it. The question is, how did they know? Topaz assures me she didn't tell anyone about the MGH sample. The only people I told were the detectives in charge of the investigation. They've promised me they didn't tell anyone, either, except their superior. I'm fairly sure none of them are dirty so, the question is, who? We need to know who accessed the case files besides the detectives on the case and the head of their department. I'm hoping you can do that without tipping off our mole."

"If none is dirty then that is impossible. If they knew, there is a leak." Network claims, taking another sip. "Not nessecarily the detectives in charge, but maybe their superiors or theirs... But well, if we want to search the rat, why not do the most simple trick? We give each one with a fake information that is just a tad different from the others... like... hey, tell them you found out about an MGH delivery that should come in, and each person you inform get's an other day of the week. Then we just wait. The other possibility is not that friendly, but a bit faster. And you might not want to know how many laws it bypasses."

"Start simple. Move on from there." American Dream says. "You'd be surprised how often that works. Even though only the detectives and their superior knew directly, the information was inputted into the case file. We find out who accessed the case file and we have a lead we can investigate. Try that, please?"

"Still illegal, you know, Dreamy?" Network remarks a bit cynical, but with a grin "And they don't usually store the files on accessable devices through the network... well, if we can get in ther it is much easier. And if I get the file number, it is even faster."

"I realize the legality. I consider it a lesser evil than tipping off the mole and ULTIMATUM." American Dream says, "And we can't go inside. Same reason. But, hey. If you can't do it from here..." She shrugs. "I'll go ask Vision or Iron Man to do it for me. I thought you were the person to go to, since you were already involved."

Network says, "hey hey, stop your horses there, honey. I didn't said I can't, just that it is not too easy if they should store their stuff on some harddrive and then unplugged it or if they just use paper. Cause then I would have to hack the cameras and search the saved files on video or get close to the HDD to read it. And Vision would go in there through the wall Dream. But if they kept it on their working network, it's easy, as long as I get the info which file you want. Or should I just download the whole Police database? could do that too, and guess what, I will do that so I can hang up some corrupt cops to dry, if you don't object."

"We just need to know who accessed the file. The detectives in charge of the case are Sanchez and Dwyer. It should be the only case file that mentions American Dream, Network, and MGH. My guess is a keyword search will lead you to it and, from there, you can find the access log for the file." American Dream explains. "All we need is a name."

"First of all we will get an IP, and then we will get a name. Any unpayed parking tickets you want to go while I am at it?" Network muses, setting up a voice changer Program so she can call at the station with, claiming to be an officer on tour. "HQ, here is Detective Bonnasera. Can you check for me who owns the cellphone number 01852-7159176? A suspect sais that is her dealer." she claims, knowing that the number is a prepaid cellphone she owns herself - and has with her. If all goes right, they should ping it to try to get the numbers, revealing her some possibly open port and giving her an access point to intrude the system for the search.

Dream watches as Network begins her task. However, it isn't quite as simple as she had expected. The operator behind the station questions Network's identity as a detective, causing problems. She detects a line trace by some rather sophisticated equipment and is forced to log off before she can install a back door through the IP trace.

Network does pull back her assault, trying it on an other way. Deleting the phones simcard with a short mental command, she pulls out her hard programs, going to her knees so she can concentrate better. In the computer systems her persona flashes up, her whole brain now linked with the various parts of the internet. Even if it gives full awareness to everything and speeds up her processing to rates of a supercomputer, it was not without risk after all, putting strain on her brain. But in this state she did trace all the phonelines and airwaves of the Police at once, eventually managing to pick up an FBI code block that she copied and manipulated a bit to open herself a wide open backdoor to the system, so she could channel her data in and out much easier...

American Dream stays silent. She's worked with enough techs to know better than to interupt their focus and concentration.

Network smirks a bit as she easily slips her datta search through the backdoor, searching for the exact file she had been told to search. It's not hard with the high awareness status of her armor, even if she sacrificed some other capabilities to reroute the power there. Carefully pulling a copy of the file she manages to slip in and out without notice, taking the copy with her to read out who accessed it in quarantaine. Pines, Patrick? A quick aditional search revealed, that that is an undercover Cop. Pulling Back to the real, she asked Dream "What you know about 'Monkey'?"

"You'd need to be more specific. There are a number of primate themed super-villains." American Dream says with a frown. "None of them known to work with ULTIMATUM."

""Ok, does the codename Monkey ring a bell? or Patrick Pines?" Network asks, searching her lacking pockets for some aspirin "That's the one who accessed the files. An undercover with the name Pines."

"It doesn't. But I'll do a little hunting." American Dream fixes the names in her mind. Monkey. Patrick Pines. "Thanks, Network. You did a good job, here. I'm going to investigate and, when I have more information, I'll let you know." She takes a step towards the roof edge and then pauses. "Also, a piece of advice? If you're going to try to inhibit your enemies in a fight? Make sure it doesn't also cause harm to your allies. Those flashing lights at the Voodoo Lounge could have turned to the tide against us."

"Aye, tell me when I am free to hang up this Pinces to dry for his corruption. Seems that he is with ULTIMATUM." Network remarks, nodding on the remark "and so add some pockets to the armor. I will need a ton of Aspirin today."

Dream lifts an eyebrow as her advice is seemingly ignored. "We don't know if he's guilty. He's a lead. Assumptions lead to injuries and death. Also something to remember. We'll talk again, Network." Then she leaps off the building. On the way down there's a number of acrobatic stunts involving flagpoles, ledges, and canopies. Once she's on the ground, American Dream hops on her motorcycle and roars off into the night.

Network did not ignore the advice, just added a cynic remark herself... That the flashes turned out worse than they helped she knew herself.

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