Roof Meeting

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Blindfold, Thimble

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Roof of Xavier's


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Thimble had chosen herself the roof to just gaze up to the early winter sky. The first snow had come with the storm this morning, but close to the chimney there are spots free of snow and on one of those Janie Wu had taken a seat. Somewhere she had gotten a thick jacket, which she wore over the T-Shirt that was at least one size too big and the fitting jeans. Still she was not using her powers to fix that size problem - which would be not too problematic.

Blindfold bonked her head on the hatch, a soft muffled 'ouch' might be heard before the inevitable squeak of cold metal as the roof hatch opened up and a ragamuffin girls head poked out. Wearing a warm down jacket for the winter, gloves and earmuffs....yes even her signature blindfold. Ruth turned her head this way and that "Excuse me please? Janie? Are you up here, please I hope I'm not intruding? I can go if you like?"

The head of the Chinese girl turned, eying the hatch carefully as it opened. Odd, opening a door to a slippery roof and not seeing something "Where you know my name from?" she just asks, the legs pulled up against her chest. Sending people away was not useful at all. She couldn't fight people away anyway.

Blindfold smiles tentatively "I saw the orphanage, I saw the horrible things that went on and what happened to those who disappeared, I'm sorry, forgive me but I had to tell someone or you would have been next"

Thimble narrows her eyes, shaking her head to clear it "pardon? I asked where you know my name from" she answers confused. That sentence made so no sense without the context. And she didn't knew that.

Blindfold slowly clambers out onto the roof with a folded up white cane in one hand and closes the hatch before turning back to the other girl. "I'm sorry, my apologies, I'mRuth. I heard your name in a vision and then I told Ms. Moonstar, I hope you don't mind please?"

Thimble sighs and turns to the sky, gazing up "Should I?" she asks, following a late bird with the eyes. Free... and still not. Some thick hanndbook of rules... though she hadn't taken a look into that 'school handbook' she got from the one teacher she met till now...

Blindfold frowns "I'm sorry this place isn't everything you want, I was hoping you would like it here, forgive me for that, my apologies. This school if far better then the orphanage you came from though and despite the handbook we do get alot of freedom. They're just protective of us here, not abusive"

Thimble just nods after some considderation, following the bird with the eyes "I see..." she answered a bit stressed, still not getting the info why and what happened totally. "why you say so? can you read my thoughts or somthing simmilar?"

Blindfold didn't feel comfortable venturing over the snow covered roof to the chimney area so she sat herself down by the hatch and nodded "I try not to but I'm sorry, I apologize that sometimes I overhear. I know you're not happy and want to be free and you're stressed, I'm sorry you're not happy, you're welcome. If I can help in some way please let me know thank you. Mostly I see the past and the future though, thank you yes"

Thimble sigs slightly "so you admit to have read my mind?" she sais, sounding a bit as if she does not like the very thought being read like a book vey mutch. "as if you know..." she mutters more to herself, meaning that Blindfold surely can't immagine what was going on in her. happy? when she had known happyness at all?

Blindfold sighs "I'm sorry please forgive me, it was not intentional. It is why I am here, to learn to control my abilities. I saw what went on at your orphanage, I saw you, what happened to the others that disappeared, you were going to be next. I'm sorry my apologies but what happens to them is worse then the orphanage and I did not want the same to happen to you. Now you have a chance, they all will have a chance....the orphanage will end and the children will be betyer treated"

Thimble sighs as she keeps her eyes on the sky, seeming to follow some bird "only for the best..." it sounded like the sentence used when she got there. "The overseer said they shut it down..."

Blindfold nods solemnly "They were abusing you all and paying people off to look the other way, now the kids have been reassigned and are better taken care of, yes it's a good thing. I know it's a lot to take in at once, but here...we learn to use our powers to defend ourselves and others. When we graduate it may even lead to more, chance to make a real difference on the world, for the better of all, yes I think that would be nice, don't you? If you don't mind my asking that is? One of the teachers here, if it helps had a similar power to your own. If you give me a month or so...I'll have a surprise for you. Personally if you don't mind my saying so, I'm glad they were able to get you out, I'm glad you're here, I was worried..." Wrapping her arms around her knees as she tilted her head toward her feet, no sense looking up st a sky you couldn't see after all

---suspended for late time---

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