Role Reversal

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Cloak, Dagger, Deadpool, and Scalphunter

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IC Date:
04/20/13 03:13

Bowery and Lower East Side - New York

An alternate Cloak and Dagger with reversed powers and Deadpool engage Scalphunter

Social or Plot:


Lurking the shadows on a ledge Dagger's dark shadowy eyes tracked a person on foot like prey. Night often brought out the less then pleasant types within the city.

On the roof of the building, a light, bright enough to light a small city, shines. A white cloak hiding the form of Tyrone Johnson, he too seeks someone, but like souls destined to find each other. Tyrone seeks out Tandy. A small light dagger forms under the cloak and speeds out in search of his lost love. She must be hungry, and so he is ready to feed her.

Dagger blinks raising a hand to shield her eyes from the bright light, smirking as a light dagger pings into her. Disappearing from the ledge to reappear up on a rooftop, looking around for that bright light. Hunger gnawing at her s she tried to reign it in, the dagger only wetting her appetite.

“Ah, my love has come to feed.” Tyrone smiles, his white angelic cloak seems to grow like a mini sun and while it would blind most, it does not blind Tandy, but does subsume her to feed. “And what beckons you out in the night, Tandy? Other than hunger.”

Tandy crosses over to him with a hungry grateful look "There are always people in around who most wouldn't miss and others that would deserve to go 'missing' " half closing her eyes with a low groan as she became more tangible, soaking up the light as it shone "Thanks for the beacon...I almost killed him, I would have if one of your daggers hadn't found me"

“Well, Mr. Negative’s change to you has taken full effect, I see. Don’t worry. We will go through this together.” Tyrone walks towards her, his cloak dragging across the floor as he stops short. His face aglow as he leans in to kiss her. “A closer touch will satiate the hunger a bit more.”

Wrapping her arms around him so to speak she kisses him back with a low moan as the hunger fades "We'll help each other just like always dear and we'll get thru this"

“Like always. . .” His glow diminishes a bit as he steps back a few inches and looks at the night sky and views the city, “Does something feel. . .off?” Tyrone looks around. “Like a small haze in your head.”

Dagger looks around blinking slightly "I thought I felt like something was off but then...Things are different with the two of us and there's bound to be some adjusting"
“True. . .I thought it was more than that. Well, when we get the chance we should contact the Avengers or X-Men. They might be able to help us adjust. Maybe Dr. Nemesis will know a thing or two.”

Down in the alleyway, screams can be heard as a mutant child runs out, screaming for help, but a blast from some energy weapon strikes the kid.

Dagger nods staying to mull it over "I can talk to Dani, she'd love to see you again" but at the sound of trouble she growl darkly and runs the edge of the roof. Someone broke up a moment with cloak?! ohhh they would pay!

With their intimate moment broken up. The shooter reveals himself down on the street below. Scalphunter of the Maruaders walks out. An energy weapon in his hand as he moves to the body of the now dead child. He kicks it to make sure he is dead. “Another Morlock down.”

From the roof, “Tandy, get us down there!” He rushes towards her, his cloak aglow as he readies his light powers for battle.

Dagger wraps her arms around him tenderly as shadows engulf the two and in the blink of an eye they reappear in the shadows behind the marauder. "Guess you should have saved the snack, he could make a nice meal" a sinister grin on her pretty lips as her eyes glittered darkly.

Deadpool hears gunfire. And to him, gunfire equals trouble. And trouble equals fun, thus gunfire equals fun. He enters to investigate.

As Tyrone is engulfed by the shadows, it takes him a moment to adjust. He is usually not on this end of the teleportation. The two vigilantes appear directly behind Scalphunter. Cloak begins to glow, “Surrender, evildoer!”

Scalphunter shakes his head and starts shooting at the two as he runs off trying to put distance between him from them. Unfortunately, he is running right towards Deadpool without knowing it.

Dagger sighs exasperated "Why do they always run? Such a waste of time.." then the gunfire starts "Careful Cloak!" running after the man as shadows in the alley stretch from her , coming to life add they chase the man, reaching for him grasping for him "Don't run, you'll only die tired" a malicious smile stretching her lips into a sneer.

Dagger sighs exasperated "Why do they always run? Such a waste of time.." then the gunfire starts "Careful Cloak!" running after the man as shadows in the alley stretch from her , coming to life add they chase the man, reaching for him grasping for him "Don't run, you'll only die tired" a malicious smile stretching her lips into a sneer.

"Oh hello!" He says to the man running towards him, following up with a wild haymaker to the man's head.

The unexpected strike catches the Marauder by surprise and he drops to the ground. The energy weapon goes off as it drops. Tyrone leaves Scalphunter to Deadpool, “Tandy, take care of him. I’m going to see if I can heal or save the kid with the light powers.” He kneels down by the child’s body, his now angelic white cloak, glowing as it drapes over the child.

Dagger frowns "Rather anticlimactic..." the shadows wrapping around the marauder and pulling him toward add she approached. "Now for my own form of justice" the shadows enveloping the man as she smiles. Pulling back the shadows slide off the man like a blanket as dagger rubs her tummy with a leer, the man noticeably older and thinner "Too bad he was cold for the trip, but least he'll think twice next time before trying to pick purple off and ruin my night" sympathy? mercy? not a shred for this piece of filth from the underbelly of the city.

"Ooh. That was kinky." Deadpool observes. "So... Who did I just deck in the face anyway? You see, I have a policy of punch first, question later... And I have no clue what just happened."

When the white cloak loses its glow, Tyrone Johnson kneels by the child, who is breathing but barely. Already sirens are heard in the background and she he rushes to Dagger, “Quickly. Let’s go.” He looks to Deadpool whose questions are unanswered when the two teleport away. Police arrive and quickly help the child. Scalphunter teleports away as well.

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