Rise of the Midnight Sons - Prologue 2

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News Post

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11/02/12 08:14


Leviathan opened, scientists dead

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AP: Mystery Surrounding Leviathan Leads to Mass Murder - S'arthic, Greenland, (follow up report to Leviathan Washes Upon Greenland Shore)

Seventeen scientists and 22 support staff were found dead within the makeshift research center created to study the leviathan which washed upon the shore earlier this week. The cause of death is unknown, but investigators suspect some form of predator. However, wildlife on Greenland does not support such a creature or creatures that are suspected.

Investigators are still searching for leads regarding this grizzly massacre.

The hero team, Super Heroes of Europe dispatched Weisse Kreuz (White Cross) and Oracle to the scene to lend a hand.

No further information has been divulged at this time. However, an unnamed source indicated to our offices that the Oracle was traumatized by something unseen by normal perception at the scene.

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