Rise of the Midnight Sons - Prologue 1

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News Post

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10/31/12 22:12


Leviathan washes upon shore.

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AP: Leviathan Washes Upon Greenland Shore

Scientists from all over the world were called to study a massive unidentified sea creature that was found dead and quite decomposed upon the western coast of Greenland.

Initial investigation indicates that the creature was never before discovered and undocumented (in the fossil record). The creature itself is 378 feet long, 54 feet wide at the head, and nearly the same in height. Massive teeth protrude from its mouth. It has fins with a similar layout of cetaceans yet thick scaly skin and hard bony plates about its head indicating a more primitive/prehistoric creature. The scales themselves were black in hue with an oily sheen. The decompositive state of the creature is described in the magnitude of weeks and it's is speculated that the creature had been adrift for at least 24 days before washing upon the Greenland shore.

Experts will have several days, if not weeks to examine the creature. The government of Greenland is planning to move the creature to the nearby fishing village of S'larthic where the creature will be housed in an aircraft hangar refitted for the extensive study.

More news when you want it. Stay tuned for updates.

OOC: See Hellstrom for details.

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