Rise of the Midnight Sons - Part 3

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Satana, Hellstorm, Brother Voodoo, Topaz, Rintrah, Bad Timing

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11/14/12 13:13

Voodoo Lounge

The group meets up, Rintrah fills everyone in, there's an attack

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-----==[ Inner Sanctum - Voodoo Lounge ]==------------------------------------
This is a very large room, though exact size is hard to determine as most of it is blocked off by a large theatrical velvet curtain that runs the width of the room. It is a deep purple and seems to be heavy, blocking light and probably quite a bit of sound as well.
The public side of the curtain is used as a store room. Boxes and crates of booze, snacks and other bar supplies are stacked in an orderly fashion so that whatever is needed can be found with ease. As a storage area the ceiling is open, showing the pipes and beams that go through the building. A few standard hanging lights provide lumination. The walls and floor an undecorated cinderblock/cement conglomeration.
The private area on the other side of the curtain is a stark contrast to the storage area. The floor is tiled in a green marble with gold inlay mystical symbols in each corner. These may be recognized as mystical wards to keep noise from escaping, keep those not welcome out, and another to prevent unwanted magical leakage.
Along two walls are floor to ceiling book shelves filled, not only with books and scrolls, but also other mystical paraphernalia. Along another wall is a heavy wood workbench, over which are shelves containing a variety of jarred supplies. Finally, off center of the room, sitting on a large square oriental rug is a round table, large enough to fit eight comfortably, or more if they got friendly. The requisite wrought iron candlabra stands and candle sconces are around for looks but the majority of the lighting comes from white globes that hang from the ceiling.

Entering the 'inner sanctum', Daimon Hellstrom guides his lovely sister and takes note of Brother Voodoo. He smiles and says, "Well, Had I know it was going to be /that/ sort of party..." and he holds up three fingers on his right hand in the shape of a trident. Forming in that hand is his golden magical trident. In addition, his clothing shifts to wear boots, dark pants, no shirt (showing off his pentagram birthmark) and his stylish red cloak.

Satana is still getting her bearings now that she's back on Earth, but she narrows her eyes as Daimon's display of power brings her attention back into focus. "Excuse me, but I'm still sorting through why I'm even here." Looking towards the tall, dark-skinned man, she offers. "I'm Satana Hellstrom."

Setting the tray of drinks on the table Topaz fully expecting everyone to grab there on while she takes care of setting wards. She heads to each cardinal point, north, south, east then west and touches the wall or curtain in one case and speaks a few words in one of those magical tongues. As she does sigils, inlaid flare into life. They are your standard stuff, to prevent both mundane and magical eavesdropping, wards, etc. As well as one for containment, for Voodoo's spirit 'friend'

Partially watching Daimon transform, Jericho is also curious about Satana, how seems to be in some sort of existential dilemma, not the reason he looks though. Still it catches his interest, "You'll have to catch me during my day job, we can ponder why you are here then, on a comfy couch." No, he didn't bring any regular business cards for his other job. Though he turns back to Daimon, fully transformed, blazing his stylish pentagram for the world to see. "I have committed to this work," he says, in reference to prior conversations with Daimon, "I still wish to give pursuit to this Lilin you speak of, so I have sought some help." He slides the box more to the middle of the table and, as Topaz completes her wards and such, he lifts off the lid. There in is a skull, perhaps human in origin, with tiny fractures showing up almost like a tribal tattoo, a feint blue light originating from the shadows of those fractures.

Coming into the room, uninvited, is a man standing just over 6' wearing a plain suit and having non-descript features. Though he wears a magical amulet that he touches just after breaching the threshold. The amulet glows and he reveals his true image, that of an eight foot tall, green minotaur looking creature (http://sniktbub.wikidot.com/character:342 ). He states in a clear voice, "Greetings from my master, Doctor Stephen Strange. I am Rintrah, and I come to those gathered within this room with a warning. That Lilith, the Mother of Demons, has entered your world and threatens its very existence. I come today, to tell you all that you are not here by fate or by chance, but by the hand of my master for the greater good of this world and to prevent the vile Lilith from bringing about its end."

Daimon turns to the new arrival and smiles, as he and Rintrah know one another. "It's about time you showed up, Rin. Everyone, this creature, friend to all that is law and order is a friend and now it all makes sense as to why we are here, together - even my deliciously hellious sister. Rin, tell us more of our challenge."

Topaz takes the new arrival in stride, especially since she knows him from when she trained with Strange "Rintrah, welcome. It is good of you to join us." she takes a seat at the table, waiting for everyone else to do the same so they can all find out more details about the newest threat.

Seated at the table, Brother Voodoo nods in agreement with everyone. He doesn't add anything in questioning, Satana summed it up pretty well and not being familiar with Rintrah as some of the others, he doesn't feel any need to catch up with an 8' tall green minotaur.

Answering, Rintrah thanks for the welcome then states, "She seeks the Lilin - her children from countless generations throughout the eons since the fall of Atlantis. She wishes for them to impregnate her so that she may give birth to a new strain of her Lilin. When she has gained enough of them, thus feeding her power, she will open an aperture into the netherworlds, a dimensional rift which will be so large, that her demonic kin will spill out into the world and consume it. Thus making Earth the new seat of her power where she can rule all of the living and unliving."

Daimon shakes his head in an irritated disappointment and mutters something about how Lilith is going to make it bad for everyone.

Satana takes her scotch and tosses it back like a man, listening with growing interest. Giving Daimon a sidelong look, she licks her lips slowly and offers to no one in particular. "I -have- missed good scotch." Apparently her mood is improving somewhat. And Hell needs a good distillery. "Well whether I'm here by serendipity or design, demons -are- something I have some familiarity with. But it sounds like we could be going on a scavenger hunt if we're going to track down all these Lilin."

Rintrah continues, "My master has charged Victoria Montesi, Louise Hastings and Interpol agent Sam Buchanan with the location and securing of the lost pages of the Book of Sins, the Darkhold. Such that neither the Darkhold Redeemers and Lilith specifically may not exploit three of its pages to further her goals. The Ghost Rider (Daniel Ketch) has been charged to align himself with Blade and Hannibal King. They are to utilize King's detective agency to offer assistance in clues as to the current whereabouts of Lilith and where she may be staging the opening of the portal. Which now brings me to you four and anyone you may recruit. My master knows that a direct assault between himself and the Mother of Demons will rend this world asunder and destroy all life as we know it. Therefore, he charges you with the calculated strikes against her Lilin to weaken her, and make subsequent strike against her. It is been foreseen by my master that your combined actions will be successful. Yet, he does not know the fine details with which this is carried out. It is up to you, and you alone, to take on this endeavor and send Lilith back to the netherworld with which she has emerged."

Daimon smiles, raises his glass of scotch and states, "A challenge, indeed."

Satana listens quietly, fingering her empty glass. Brows knit and she purses her lips as she works the mental math. "So I have Strange to thank for my... arrival." she muses, with a look that shows she can be patient. "So we go on a Lilin hunt, then. How will we know one when we see one? I mean, do they -smell- different, all have matching tattoos, or what?"

A frown darkens Topaz's face as the Darkhold is mentioned. It's a dangerous book, but is certainly more so in the hands of the wrong person. Better it be in the hands of allies than enemies. "Or will they be possessing humans and using them as puppets for thier evil deeds?

While he mostly sat silent, Brother Voodoo actually kept his hand on the cedar box. As it happens, perhaps anyone who recalls it being opened previously perhaps precogged events yet untold. Now he slides it away from himself on the table. "This may help, yet it comes with no guarantee," he states flatly, "It is why I came in search of Daimon." Looking at the man with the pentagram branded on his chest, he nods, "We had pondered this when at first we met. Before Rintrah confirmed it now, we postulated on the possibility of following leads on the connections between the Lilin and Lilith herself." He lifts the lid, revealing within a skull perhaps human in origin with feint cracks spreading out like spider webs, perhaps as if cracked from within. Feint blue light penetrates from the recesses of where the mind may once have been. "This is Pie, the loa of rivers and floods. He was the closest at hand, so I trapped him in this ouangas. While I have no intention of caging him forever, his power is beyond houdan trappings such as this and he will break free before long. It was the only device I had on hand to keep him."

Rintrah notes to Satana's query, "The Lilin are the children, grandchildren, and direct descendants of the original demons that were spawned from Lilith herself. They are physical beings, many could be mistaken as mutants as they are often malshapen and remotely humanoid in appearance. The original were birthed during the latter days of Atlantis, before the fall. Those that survived the cataclysm inbred with humans for many generations during Lilith's absence and now they reside all over the world, in the shadows, lurking and waiting to strike.

Daimon leans forward to look upon the skull and then questions Voodoo, "And what does Pie do for you? And how pissed is he going to be when you finally do set him free?"

"We should be able to find them once we know what to look for." Satana offers. Looking at the illuminated skull, then, she smirks and adds. "Can Pie help with that, at least? Or maybe even point us in the right direction towards the closest of these Lilin." And for all the discussion about the dangers of caging the Loa, she doesn't seem to be overly concerned with its presence. Waggling the glass at Topaz, then, she asks. "Um, mind if I go up and get a refill?"

Topaz glances around that the group that has banded together "With all the magical knowledge we have in this room we should be able to get a spell working that will expose them." her attention then goes to the glass wiggling at her "No need to go upstairs." she gets up from the table to go over to the shelves. After moving a few bottles around she finds the bottle she is looking for and brings it to Satana. It's scotch too, just an older one than can be found upstairs.

Listening more to what Rintrah say, Brother Voodoo takes it in, he has little to no experience (that he knows of) with the Lilin themselves. He does offer to the group, "He will answer questions as directly as possible. Considering the longevity of the loa and these Lilin, he may have some information for us, if he doesn't know some general whereabouts of any of the Lilin presently. Further still, should we locate on of these Lilin, he can transport us there." Assuming its relates to his mission to protect Voodoo and Haiti, but considering Lilith wants to control the world, there is wiggle room there. "It is possible he could boost our abilities but that comes at the risk of possession, a risk I will not take." He is all too familiar with that.

Rintrah moves to the far side of the room and says nothing, allowing the gathered to formulate plans.

Daimon leans back in his chair taking a thoughtful posture with his left index finger upon his chin. He speaks rhetorically; "Let me get this straight. We need to put a stop to Lilith. She's gathering her forces, the Lilin, to empower her so that she may open a dimensional rift into the netherworlds that will allow the great demonic flood upon Earth. Voodoo has a Loa trapped in a skull that can detect the Lilin and we have allies that are assisting with supplemental work such as the pages of the Darkhold and searching out for other clues."
He then steps away from the rhetorical point of view and states with a smile, "Sounds like a nice weekend getaway. Voodoo, when can you get your piece of Pie to serve us up a Lilin?"

Satana brightens at the sight of the new/old bottle, almost salivating as she accepts it. Splashing a good three fingers' worth of scotch into her glass, she wiggles up onto a table to listen. "I'll pass on the power boost as well, thanks. I've been possessed before, and I think we have enough magical horsepower in the room right now." she offers lightly, sipping the scotch this time. "Let's fire up Pie, find the first one and take it from there."

Having extensive experience with possession Topaz eyes the skull dubiously and puts a bit of distance between her and it. She has no doubt that the loa is under control, for the moment. Something in what Brother Voodoo said sparks her attention, "He can act as a familiar?" a brow goes up but she waves off the question as unimportant for the moment "Would it be prudent to determine the location with the largest Liln population? It would seem that it /she/ were wanting to awaken her children that is where she would strike first?

Moving his hand to the skull, Brother Voodoo palms it, lifting it like a basketball player would the ball - hand on top. "Something like a familiar, it is channeling the energy of the loa for one's personal use. More like enslaving the loa," well, technically, already enslaved and probably pissed about it. "You are familiar with genies, those spirits best known in the muslim world, created by god, free-willed like humans but set apart. Similar concept when one traps a genie from beyond into service in this world, except the loa are more powerful." That probably best explains it. "We can but ask questions, Pie can only tell us what he really knows. If there is such a location where the Lilin gather, he may know of it, but would we be in jeopardy if Lilith is going for the same location?" He leaves the question out there, adding, "When I call forth Pie's spirit from the ouangas, I cannot watch the skull itself. If it should start to break, let me know?" Then he sings a chant under his breath, his eyes going white, before he calls for Pie to speak with him.

Daimon remains quiet as Voodoo starts his stuff. Best to watch and observe than to interrupt and potentially disrupt the flow of magical energies.

Rintrah cocks his head to the side while watching the channeling. He says nothing, but looks anxious (as much as a green minotaur can).

Okay, so now things are getting interesting. Perking up where she sits on the edge of a table, Satana tosses back the rest of her scotch and scoots off of the table. Her attention focuses outwardsly on the skull, but she draws a deep breath and opens her senses to the flow of otherworld energy as well. "It talking with Loa is like talking with bound demons, this is going to be a game of 20 questions. Or, depending on its mood, Truth or Dare." Licking her lips, she certainly does seem to relish the idea.

Topaz is pretty sure that the breaking of the skull is a bad thing and can only hope that the wards of containment on room will hold should things get dicey. Her attention moves back and forth, from Brother Voodoo to the skull as she watches him channel the loa for them.

As Voodoo channels the spirit of Pie, the skull glows more, the feint cracks brighten and stretch, just a little. The cage holds the material form of the loa for now. Even as Brother Voodoo eyes go white, the voice of Pie fills the chamber, "Your time wanes, freedom approaches fast Jericho." Its voice sinister perhaps, with un-foretold threats. Those who see the invisible or are readily attuned to the unseen mystical might see the face of Pie, thick blue skin like the bark of a tree, cracked and filled with green essence. "I do not argue this truth," responds Voodoo, "We call upon you for your knowledge and aid. We seek the Lilin, to oppose Lilith who seeks to master Earth for her own designs. Do you know where one of her children may be, or where they may gather?"
"I can do better, as you know," implores Pie, his voice hissing as if his mouth leaks water. "I can locate one for you know if it means we are done with these questions." If there is no opposition, Pie's presence leaves the room, going beyond the wards. Those with astral senses may detect a wisp of a trial, originating from the skull amulet that houses the loa, and following him to where ever he goes to find the Lilin.

Rintrah seems somewhat defensive in posture - as if he's ready for an attack that may come at any moment. Yet not actively casting.

Hellstrom raises an eyebrow and smiles at the Loa's posturing. He has wisecracks, but chooses not to reveal any of them as it may interrupt Voodoo from his work.

Satana cants her head, perking up like a bird dog put on a scent. When the Loa makes its announcement and the presence leaves, she follows the astral trail by turning her head. "Annnd, there he goes." she declares, hopping off of the table and heading in the direction of the trail. "Astral trail. I've got it."

Brother Voodoo remains in a voodoo state, slight chanting under his breath still, eyes white. Time seems to pause, as if dragging, but in reality, it takes not much at all, minutes at best perhaps, no more than 1/2 of an hour.
Pie's presence fills the warded area of the Lounge, "You're Lilin is here, as Satana Hellstrom well knows now." It returns to the skull, the glow fades, Brother Voodoo loses the white in his eyes, he looks around, now pondering what has happened.

In the main bar, there's screams of terror accompanied by crashing and smashing of fixtures. A celebratory roar is heard from a large male voice that says, "LUCY, I'M HOME!" which is followed by more crashing and more screams.

Rintrah says, "Your Loa led the Lilin back to the lounge!" in an annoyed tone.

Hellstrom stands brandishing his Netheranium Trident. He starts moving toward the exit and announces, "Our first kill of the day!"

For those that are going to the bar:
Within the bar, a disfigured large male ( http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100511003702/marveldatabase/images/0/08/Bad_Timing_%28Earth-616%29.jpg ) is found rending the fixtures apart. Instead of being fixed in one particular location, he seems to teleport all around with amazing speeds, grabbing something, breaking it, then appearing elsewhere and doing the same. A human male is grabbed by the arm and no sooner than that grapple happens, the arm is ripped out of the socket and thrown across the room.

It seems Topaz doesn't have long to puzzle over how the spirit is using the term 'here'. As the screams start she rockets out of her chair and rushes upstairs. A flick of a glowing hand parts the curtain so it doesn't impede the progress of her mad dash, nor will it impede the progress of the others.

Satana is already heading upstairs following the astral trail when the Lilin starts wrecking the place. Balling up her right hand into a fist, she watches the creature teleporting all about the room. "No time for anything elegant!" she calls out, to anyone who's listening. Amethyst soulfire collects in her fist, and she waits for an opportunity. Looking for patterns in the teleportation, she'll take her best shot with the soulfire once she has one. And she'll yell out to distract it, as well. "Hey, big-boy! How about a kiss!"

"I figure dat out mon." replies Brother Voodoo to Rintrah's remark as he stands and jumps into action pulling a few chicken bones from a pouch and a turkey liver from another. He further states, "An' Pie will be uh-payin for his aksons. You can be countin on dat."

Rintrah also starts moving, albeit slower than the rest as he has a longer start-up time due to his size.

Hellstrom breaks into the main bar just as Satana is casting her Soulfire. His own trident is ablaze with Hellfire and makes ready for the attack.

Satana's distraction does serve to distract, he pauses and says, "Any time, babe.". However the Lilin isn't hit. It's almost as if he saw the attack coming. So he was no where near the soulfire blast. Instead he appears in front of Satana and moves to indulge in the kiss offered."
This is a time shifting creature. Striking him directly will be impossible. Area effect attacks are best - however, there are bystanders all around trying to flee yet the disrupted fixtures of the lounge have prevented direct running to the door. The lounge is a mess.

Yes the big bad Liln is a major threat, but Topaz has a strict 'don't let the customers die' policy and having one bleed out would be really bad for business. Besides she isn't much of a fighter, unlike her collegues. She rushes over to where the man who had his arm plucked off has been discarded. Beginning to pull life energy (a little from those in her near vicinity as well as her own) it quickly flows at her command and she channels it into healing energy feeding it into the wounded man.

Satana wraps an arm around the back of the creature's neck and clings to him with demonic strength, pulling him into the kiss. It's lewd. There is tongue. It's sloppy. While she clings to the creature and makes out with it, she tried to draw out its soul.

Topaz graps a frighted customer as he rushes by in an attempt to escape. Giving him a shake she points to the wounded man, no longer at risk of dying, but not totally healed, and it is a shame about the arm. Hope he didn't play an instrument, "Get him out." she orders him sternly. Looking around the notes the exit is blocked by debris from tables and chairs that used to decorate her lounge. Hands glowing once more she faces the debris and throws her arms outward, sending the barrier flying left and right, but not uncontrolably, she doesn't want the odd table leg or other debris to take out a patron. With the exit clear, people begin to rush the exit.

The Voodoo Brother moves into the lounge area summoning power from the chicken and monkey gods to do his wishes. He starts to chant 'ooba gooba, ooba gooba, mecca lecca hi lecca hiney ho, ooma shakka ooma shakka ooma shakka'.

The Lilin is never touched by Satana who tries to give him a loving embrace of death. Instead, he's no longer even there but in another part of the room.

Hellstrom blasts with his hellfire channeled through the trident. It strikes a blank wall instead of the Lilin, who is moved once again to another location to have picked up a normal and then thrown it toward Satana, "Here, suck this!"

Having done all she can to safeguard her customers without using all her magical energies she focuses finally on the battle, and the lack of progress her collegues have made against the creature. Her eyes lock on the creature and a firey, golden glow begins to emit from them as she as her hands make a complicated gesture to trigger a Psychic Blast to erupt in the Liln's mind.

Satana is pissed.

The Lilin grabs his head and says, "OW!" remarking about the pain he suffers from the mental assault. Yet, just as quickly as it begins, it passes and he is no longer standing in the wrecked lounge.

Brother Voodooz continues chanting as he summons the magical energies of the native Haiti gods. Yet, when the Lilin is no longer in the room, he stops and his eyes clear. With several chicken bones strung together by twine in the right hand and a turkey liver in his left, he looks about and says, "Now dat is a shame. He be gone before I could be havin' 'em reeled in."

Hellstrom looks about the bar and the injured patrons who are in need of calming and a forget spell, he says, "Please, everyone calm down. It was only a show - part of our murder mystery dinner theater. All that you just saw was an act and we're actors in the play. Thank you for your participation and drinks are on the house!"
Then under his breath he says, "Topaz, darling, I hope you've got a forget spell in your bag of tricks."

Topaz moves her hands again, preparing another spell to unleash to the Liln, when it suddenly disappears though her motion stops and with a gesture of negation she sends the magical energy back into the aether. A look is given to Hellstorm as he makes his announcement about it all being a show "Laadla, that is going on your tab." that being said her bracelets chime as a wash of calming emotion goes through the room, mostly for the patrons benefit, or at least those who are left.

Satana frowns then the Lilin ducks away from her kiss, hands on her hips. "Story of my life..." she mutters. And then the human is hurled at her. Taking a moment she braces herself, catching the person with a grunt before setting them down with minimal fuss. "Not even the ugly ones like me." Flashing a grin to the startled patron, she moves towards the bar.

Hellstrom states, "I'm going to check outside." and moves to exit.

Despite his poorly executed accent, Brother Voodoo isn't quite done. His eyes fade white and he summons forth Daniel, the spirit of his deceased brother. Apparently the show isn't over yet. As Daniel's incorporal self appears, Jericho speaks with him, "See if you can trace where that Lilin has gone. If it could follow Pie back here, we may be able to follow it." As Daniel does ghostly things, Brother Voodoo's eyes return to normal, and he asks of the ladies (as Daimon has gone outside), "Do either of you have a way to trace the properties of that Lilin, we should follow it to whatever hole it is hiding in."

"With some preperation time I could." Topaz begins to answer, "It is not immediate and would take an hour or so." most of her immediate magics are limited to personal affects, certainly nothing in which to track with. While she can't do anything to assist in the tracking of the Liln, she can do something about the state of her lounge. A word is whispered and her fingers flick out the result, a semi-coporal humanoid being forms, near her and she asks it to tidy up. Solidfying, the non-distinct figure does so, as Topaz's employees see to getting the customers one last drink and out the door.

Satana gets another drink in a fresh glass, then turns to make her way over towards Topaz. "I can help you with the ritual, if you'd like." she offers. Noticing that the customers are clearing out, she nods with approval. "Yeah, that's probably a good idea. Sometimes people can get... uncomfortable... with these things."

With a nod to Satana, Brother Voodoo seems to be in agreement with hour long ritual. "Yes, I doubt Daniel will find much, if anything at all. It looks like our best option. An hour gives it time to recover soom, but if we are tasked to stop them in order to prevent Lilith's plans from coming to fruition, so be it. An hour wait today is better then more field work come tomorrow." He moves to take a seat, making no move to help with anything ... there's already a magic servant being doing that, drinks are handled, his work here is done.

Topaz nods and goes to give some quick instructions to her staff regarding closing for the night and clean up. They may not have the expereince of the mystics in the room, or even be capable tof magic themselves, but she just didn't pick any random people off the street to work in her place. They were picked for their ability to handle to weird..sometimes really weird, things that could pop up.

"The workroom would probably be better for the casting." out of the way of clean up and distractions.

Satana nods slowly to that, already hooking a thumb into the waist of her low-riding pants. "Again, a good idea. What sort of casting did you have in mind, by the way? Where infernal things are concerned, I'm much better at summoning and banishing than seek-and-finds."

Certainly not one to complain about spending time in rituals with two lovely ladies, Brother Voodoo stands again, in agreement. "I would argue I am only good as concerns Voodoo," says Jericho, echoing Satana's sentiment, "But I am guessing we are being called to look beyond our areas of expertise as the threat of Lilith rises. I will lend what I can to this ritual, but I am unfamiliar with how this shall work, so I must be led." He'll wait for the ladies to descend the stairs before following them down. "It was unclear, did Strange mean for us to destroy her offspring, or simply banish them from this dimension?"

Heading downstairs Topaz shrugs, not sure herself "I would like to know more of there nature. Do they even know what they are?" she bypasses the storage area and goes directly to the bookshelves and peruses them as she speaks "Or are they more like.." she pauses mentally searching for the proper term "sleeper agents, not aware of their true nature until someone threatens them?" she pulls a book from the shelf and flips through it searching its contents

Satana follows Topaz downstairs and winds her way through to the bookshelves as well. "Are you suggesting that Lilith planted her children here like little ticking bombs, and didn't even tell them what they are?" she replies. Flashing a wry grin, she adds with a roll of her eyes. "Parents manipulating their children. Who would've thought?"

Returning to the bar empty handed, the Son of Satan will join his companions downstairs and with a look of disappointment, "Lost him. That guy is fast."

"We shall have to conduct more research on the topic," offers Brother Voodoo as they make their way to the private area for the ritual. "However, time is limited, we should trail this Lilin if we can. For if they do communicate with one another somehow, they will now have warning that we are seeking them. This could prove fatal to Dr. Strange's mission."

Rintrah, having helped with the cleanup and passive spells on the occupants of the bar, he too meanders downstairs and will say with resolution, "It is the nature of creature with which we take arms against. The Lilin have been alive for thousands of years, they will not be an easy foe to face. My master has great confidence in all of you to achieve the goals set before you. You will truly overcome the enemy.

"That is one of many possibilities." Topaz says to Satana as she moves to place the open book on the table. "This is good. It is easier for me to deal with something that realizes it is evil and is that way by nature." of everyone assembled she would hazard to guess she is the least morally bankrupt, in fact her ledger would be quite in the black. Her finger moves down the page in the book and she begins to gather what she needs for the incantation from around the room.

Satana steps up close to Topaz, peering over her shoulder at the book on the table. Flashing the woman a wry smile and a wink, she offers. "You and I should get along famously, then. I've always embraced my nature." Looking over the list, she tries to be helpful and then realizes she has no idea where anything is kept. "What we need to do, though, is more than just follow this thing. We need to find it, yes, but we also need to anticipate it's next move or we'll always be a step behind."

Hellstrom looks about and seems to have missed a few things of the conversation. He queries, "What's the plan?" to the general populace.

Rintrah silently leaves - thus allowing the heroes to do what they need.

"She is onto something," considers Brother Voodoo. "If the ritual takes an hour, we have time to ponder a plan. Without precognition, we cannot logically guess its next move is what I anticipate." As if that is settled, then again, he doesn't know everyone's ability. Instead, he pauses and offers, "What if we anchor it somehow, that it cannot escape again?"

"I am doing an incantation that will hopefully follow the magical wake left by the Liln." Topaz says in answer to Hellstorm's question as to what is going on "It will take at least an hour." she gestures around "Make yourselves at home. Staff should have left already do help yourself to beverages or anything else you may like." she then goes about setting up.

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