Richenda Learns of Traitors

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Richenda Gray & Havok

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Ready Room - Xavier Mansion

Havok recruits Richenda to talk with Hellions and tells her of Kurt's corruption.

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A text was sent to Richenda's communication device (or cell phone or whatever) to come downstairs to the Ready Room where she is to meet Havok.

Havok is found in costume seated in front of a console. Beyond the console is a larger monitor that covers much of the wall. The screens share the same images.

Those images are of Selene, Emma, Amora and Shaw on the left, with smaller images on the right of the former Hellions (now dead except for Empath).

Chenda is quick to arrive, though not out of eagerness. The gypsy girl wears an air of resignation like a black velvet cloak with her denims and longsleeved tee, and it fits with her personality about that well.

Her mood doesn't improve when she sees the images on the monitor. Emma Frost she knows. Selene she knows as well, and her eyes widen with dismay at the sight. Nobody else seems familiar. "You... called for me?"

Turning to see the new arrival, Havok says, "Richenda, please, take a seat." He motions to the fixed office chair to his left as he swivels toward her in his own.

"I've been reading up on you." He starts out in a direct tone. "Seems you and Miss Frost go back."

Chenda slips into the chair, wincing faintly. "If by 'go back', you mean that she was headmistress of the Academy when I was there, that's true," she replies. "We were never friends or anything like." A strange expression crosses her face, almost like pity. "Sometimes I think she wanted to be, but she didn't know how."

There's a silent smirk of sarcasm from Havok as he hears the last line, "Honestly, she doesn't want to be friends with anyone. But that's not why we're here. I invited you here to recruit you for a mission."

Chenda ignores the sarcasm. "For a mission. Not for a team?"

"Correct." he turns slightly and pushes a button. New pictures come up (mostly distant shots with zoom lense). Current students of the Academy. "You were lucky. You got out of there just in time, Emma got her first class killed and now she and her buddy Selene are at it again. Creating a whole new class of canon fodder, or worse, buffet for Selene's psychic vampirism. These new students are nothing more than sitting ducks and need to be extracted."

Chenda frowns at the reply, but turns her attention to the monitor. Her eyes widen at the sight of two of the faces. "'Kara-chan... Armand? I only met him last week, in Brooklyn..." she murmurs, staring at their faces a moment before she looks at the rest, and back to Havok. "Extracted, you said. You want to get them out?"

"The deal is, we can't go into that snake pit without being detected. Surely Amora, Selene, and Emma have heightened security and have a very diverse set of skills that allows them to detect without normal electronic means. Further, I have no intention of putting you in harm's way. I however suspect you can relate to the students on their level. Tell them of your discoveries at the Academy and your experiences here. This is only after we isolate and engage one outside of the academy."

"Well, I know two of them," Chenda murmurs, when the expected tirade about fraternizing with the enemy fails to materialize. "I'm fine with talking to them. I guess I can tell them it's comfortable, the food's good, and the student camaraderie is great..." Good parts she's seen, so far.

"Yeah, that's what's missing out with you new kids. You're not here because the food's good, camaraderie is great, and it's a great place to live. It's because it's Xavier's Dream that we learn to use our powers for the improvement of mankind. To bring about a new cultural experience where Humans and Mutants live together in harmony. Not because it's a great place to live." Alex gives pause for a moment?. "But you're welcome to add that they're just cattle for Selene to eat when she gets hungry enough. Something we're not doing here."

"First time I've heard about /that/ since I spoke to the Professor himself," Chenda ripostes. "And I thought /you/ were gonna tell them about Selene. But okay, if that's my job, that's my job." She ticks it off on her fingers. "So... cause, camaraderie, caring, lack of Selene, assuming I'm not missing something. How are we gonna find someone outside of the Academy? My run-ins with the student body have been in New York, by chance."

"Oh I'll tell them, too. I figure coming from you will help. These people need to be given a chance." he pauses and notes, "I've got people on the tracking of the students. We're not sure how they are able to get to and from Massachusetts to Manhattan, but we suspect it's by Teleportation. The moment they're spotted, I'll contact you and we'll move in."

"Teleportation would be secure and subtle enough for Emma's tastes," Chenda muses. "And Selene could manage it. Maybe she wouldn't even have to go along." Funny how she knows that, not being much of a reader. She looks to Havok again. "How will /we/ get there?"

"Our new ride." Alex says with a smile... then segues "One other thing that you need to know and this may come as a shock." He pauses for her to ready herself, "I suspect that Kurt has been compromised. He's willingly submitted to Selene and her companions and he is not to be trusted. Don't let this worry you, but since Xavier is gone we do not have the ability to scan Kurt for corruption, but being that he's spending half his time at the Academy, then we have to suspect that he's been corrupted by either telepathy or magic."

There's simply no way to prepare yourself to find out that someone that close to your heart might not be honest with you, yours, or even himself. Chenda's dark eyes widen in shock. "K-K-Kurt? Compromised?!! By Selene?!!" She stares at Havok for a moment. "No... no, that can't be! Not Kurt!"

"I hope it isn't true. But as it stands, he's suspect and we're all keeping our eyes on him. I know you two are friends, which is why I tell you. Just be careful. He seems altruistic. But, him suddenly going to the Academy and signing on to be one of Selene's lackeys comes at a very convenient time - right after Xavier's departure. It seems planned and nefarious. He could just be a rouse, anyone could be compromised at this point. Selene, Emma, and Amora are not ones to be anywhere near due to their corruption powers."

Chenda shudders, and falls silent for a long moment. When she finally looks up, she only says, "Please excuse me... I feel sick..." And that faint, greenish tinge to her face can't be faked.

With a nod, Alex states, "Understood. And keep your phone handy." then he turns back to the console and does not detain her any longer.

Chenda stumbles to her feet and hurries out, lacking most of her usual grace. Sure enough, the bathroom down the hall is her first stop, the door clanging shut behind her.

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