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Merry Christmas from Steve and Wanda

Captain America, Scarlet Witch

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12/25/12 21:00

Avenger's Mansion - Den

Cap's Back! (Warning: Diabetics should not read this)

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On the sound system, Christmas carols are still playing, the Rat Pack out in force as the classic singers croon out about the holidays. Still wearing a red-felt Santa hat from earlier in the day, Wanda is sitting on the couch, legs kicked up as she takes up a fair amount of space there. A book is open in her lap, as she reads quietly through it... the woman seeming a tad down this holiday season, now that no one is watching her be cheerful for the press or the like.

A certain absent Avenger arrives shortly thereafter, parking his Harley near the mansion's service entrance. Dressed in civilian attire, Steve Rogers un-bungees his duffel bag and hard-shell portfolio from the bike's rear seat, then swipes his ID card through the lock and makes his way inside. He moves through the mansion's corridors, a bit taken aback at the emptiness of the place, but he then remembers that many of the team has families and loved ones to visit for the holidays. The sound of familiar crooning catches his ears then, and he follows the sound towards the den. He inches his head into the doorway, and sees the forlorn Wanda reading alone. He's almost feeling guilty for interrupting her solitude, thinking that may be what she wants, but the sadness on her face is too much for him to simply ignore. Opting for the humorous response, he simply says to her, "Have to say, you do make that hat work."

Normally, Wanda is pretty unflappable. Between family issues, the "kids", Chthon, and everything else... it's hard to startle her. However, when Steve speaks up, she yelps and falls over the couch with a bit of a thud. After a moment, she peeks around the couch, "Steve... STEVE?!? You're back!" Her sadness seems to vanish instantly, as she smiles brightly, "I... um, I didn't think you'd be back before New Years."

Steve winces a bit at the sight of Wanda falling off the couch, but the expression becomes a sheepish grin that matches her own smile. "Honestly, neither did I. Found myself back in town sooner than expected. Which is good 'cause I think I've spent one too many Christmases away from home." He still has his folio and duffel hung on both shoulders. "You okay there? I mean I've seen you take nastier spills than that, but..." He shrugs and trails off, looking at her with a bit of bemused concern.

Wanda wobbles up to her feet, then smiles, "Um, yeah, I'm fine... just... er... wow, you're back." She looks a little skittish, and a bit bemused herself, "Well, yeah, you're... wow, yes, you're back." The smile grows a little nervous, as she stands there looking at Steve with a somewhat sheepish expression.

Steve smiles and drops his luggage off his shoulders, the folio gently considering its contents and the duffel with an unceremonious thump on the floor, then steps forward and embraces her, planting a lengthy kiss on her that feels like he's had it in reserve for months. He pauses the moment to smile to her and say, "I missed you."

Wanda mmmms a bit, slipping her arms around Steve's shoulders as she returns the kiss. Her grip tightens a bit, and she murmurs, "Wow... I can tell." She gently strokes his cheek, "And here I was worried that you missed me, Steve." Wanda then grins up at him, "If this is just seeing me in a Santa hat, I can't wait to see your reaction to your Christmas present."

Steve smiles, a hand resting gently at the side of her neck. "Yeah, I hope you like yours too... I was kind of strapped for time to shop while I was away." He then looks a bit regretful. "If there was any way I could have had you come with me, Wanda, I hope you know you'd have been more than welcome. I'm just happy to see you again."

Wanda smiles and leans in, "Next time you road trip, I'm going to definitely come with you. I wouldn't mind a break myself." She nestles up against Steve, resting a hand on his chest as she sighs, "Wow. That was... wow." Okay, she's still a little dazzled by the kiss.

Steve grins and just holds her in his arms where they stand. "You sure you're okay?" he asks, stroking her hair. Ever the humble gentleman, he's not going to verbally presume that his romantic gesture swept her off her feet, even though he has an inkling.

Wanda laughs very softly, "If I say no, does that mean you'll stay with me until I feel okay?" She leans up and places a slow, soft kiss on Steve's lips, a gentle passion there as she seems to be recovering quite nicely, thank you.

Steve returns the kiss, breaking it just long enough to tell her, "I'll stay with you even if you say yes." He then kisses her long and soft once more, his arms wrapping around her at her lower back.

Wanda smiles into the kiss, breaking the kiss long enough to murmur, "Best Christmas present ever, Steve." She clings tightly to the super-soldier, closing her eyes as she just sighs, looking absolutely content with anything and everything right now.

Steve just holds her, tightly but obviously not with his full strength. "Hope I didn't make you worry while I was gone. You looked kind of down when I came in."

Wanda nods slightly, "I was, but seeing you... well, it does make me feel a lot better to have you around, you know." She smiles, "And no, it wasn't because of you... well, not just that. Frankly, I was feeling a bit lonely with everyone having their own things to do."

Steve nods, cocking his head a bit back towards the adjoining corridor. "Yeah, I'd noticed how empty it was tonight. I guess it's a good thing that everyone had someplace to be for the holidays though.:

Wanda hmms, "I suppose it is. But, I do have my present for you, it's in my room though." She considers, still wearing that smile on her lips, "Or did you want to wait on unwrapping it until later?" Her eyebrow arches just a little towards Steve, as she looks up at him.

Steve grins, a bit devilishly or as devilish as he can manage. "Well, I certainly wouldn't object to spending some time getting caught up on things since I've been gone... and maybe making up for lost time in other respects."

Wanda smiles, then giggles a little, "Steve, I have to tell you, you look way too cute when you try to be plotting." She leans up and kisses the corner of his mouth, "And frankly, it's absolutely adorable. Personally, I am completely in favor of making up for lost time."

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