Retaking of Sabretooth

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Havok, Nightcrawler, Mirage NPC: Sabretooth, Winter Guard

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North Canda and Moscow, Russia

X-Factor, well Mirage subdues Sabretooth and the team hands him over to Winter Guard

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[Northern Canada then off to Moscow, Russia]

Fifteen minutes ago (7:32pm EST), the Cerebro alarm sounded and notified Havok of a sighting of Sabretooth in northern Canada. He hit the X-Factor Assemble button and met those available within the Hangar. They were wheels-up 5 minutes after that.

In the air, Havok informs everyone that Sabes was spotted in a remote roadhouse/bar 30 minutes earlier. Tactics are discussed; the need to draw him out into the open is prevalent. So the parking lot of the roadhouse - if he's still there - will have to do.

Engaging the retrothrusters, Havok begins the descent toward the small town of Mooseandsquirrel, Canada. The roadhouse is spotted by the G-Map positioning app and the trajectory is modified. Havok drops the wheels and touches down in a small clearing just on the other side of the highway. It's now 8:04pm, EST, heavy clouds, light frost on the ground (just south of arctic circle).

Havok stands once the engines are winding down. He walks to the side of the craft and pulls up the thermal display. It reveals that there are 54 people inside, 42 vehicles in the parking area, and a mutant - Sabretooth (sitting at the bar). Havok says, "Kurt, you're up. Go in there, image induced, and see if you can't draw him out."

Following around to the thermal display, Kurt gives Alex a nod. "Sure thing, I'm going in comsys on, turn off your mics, that way if I somehow get into trouble you'll know." Saying, if he gets knocked out by Sabes, they'll at least be aware that Victor is aware of others possibly just the same. With some dialing, Kurt becomes a regular trucker, larger, with big muttonchops and a flannerl shirt probably. He even has a John Deere green and yellow hat on his head. That said he goes in to try and pick a fight.

It would seem that a haircut isn't the only change that Dani has implemented, she has also done a complete costume redesign. This one a sleeker body suit in the same black but accented with yellow. It comes complete with a <> shaped ab window.
She arrived quickly, geared up and ready to go. She knows her part in this, take Sabretooth down quickly without a fight if necessary. Throughout the flight she sits quietly, bow out since in this case they will be hitting the ground running. As soon as the jet lands she is up and at the door ready to go at the signal.

As Kurt goes /hipster/ sans the PBR, Alex will look at Dani, "We want him alive. Stunned if possible. We're dumping his ass off in Russia and hopefully we'll get some love for it.". Then will click off his mic and head toward the exit so they can all get into position.

Leaving the two behind, Kurt goes into the bar, gives it a minute, then approaches Sabretooth. He keeps some distance less Victor smell through the image and he announces to the others in the bar, "Must be some ugly convention going on over in Quebic, this guy must be passing through on his way over out east." He laughs, turning his head to glance around a little but keeping an eye on Victor.

Leaning to the left of the door, stifling a chuckle at what she hears through the mic. She has muted hers so her slight laughter isn't heard on the other end. "Turning him over to Winter Guard?" nod "Good plan, maybe they will be able to keep him in custody there. Our people certainly can't manage it.

Turning his head slightly, Sabretooth sniffs the air and then smiles. His eyes find Kurt in his hipster induced image and turns around to where his back is to the bar.

As it stands, most of the patrons have given Sabes a wide berth. Though they still occupy tables, barstools, and nearby pool/gaming areas. The music is country and somewhat low - yet if someone listens closely it's more than just normal country, it's the Crash Test Dummies doing folkish music.

Sabes looks directly to Kurt and says, "I was wonderin when you'd show up. You and your buddies wrecked a pretty sweet deal I had goin, and I'm gonna take it out on yer hide." People start to look nervous as things get quiet. The bartender starts to move toward a bat hung on the wall.

Meanwhile, outside, Havok moves into position within the parking lot. He intends to get a good field of fire and stands on the western side behind the tractor of a semi combination. He intends to act as a distraction to get Sabes' back to Mirage so she can stun him.

Seeing as the gig is up, Kurt doesn't try to hide himself so much. To the man going for a bat, "That won't help ..." Then back to Sabes, "Ja, it was only a matter of time, you're pretty high up on everyone's list of stink. You'll have to catch my hide first." He bamfs within the bar, closer to the door. Meant to lead Sabes out - not to go outside and wait, leaving Sabes in here with a room full of victims.

Mirage has quickly crossed and taken up a position both in line of sight of Havok and the team. She quickly climbs on top of the trailer of a semi and lies on her stomach, watching and waiting for her time to play sniper.

Reactions suddenly shift to greater concern as Kurt demonstrates the ability to teleport. Sabes pushes off his bar stool and removes the long coat he was wearing, revealing his costume and fur beneath. Sabes doesn't have any qualms about property damage as he grabs the bar stool and hurls it toward Kurt <kurt has the initiative to dodge and taunt>.

Sabes then begins to move toward Kurt's position with a low grumble coming from his throat that will become a roar.

The stools flies true only to fall through a wisp of purple smoke, Kurt getting near the door as he can. "Really, I knew your were stupid fruend, but I thought you would know better than that ..." If the roar and Sabes moving is coming for him, he'll save his last actions to port out into the parking lot.

Havok seems to charge up as his fists clench, elbows bend (as if curling a single weight) and he leans forward on his left foot, ready to blast Sabes as he clears the door.

Sabretooth charges through the room toward Kurt and the door. His mouth wide, showing teeth in a snarl. Sabes leaps, the door is shattered by his impact as Kurt bamf's away. Suddenly, Sabretooth is outside - mere 5 feet from the door. He is on all fours looking around for targets, sniffing the air - poised.

As soon as she hears the roar followed by the shattering of the door, Mirage is on her feet pulling back her bow so that the bright psiarrow manifests. As soon as he stills and looks for his target the arrow is loosed to fly in his direction.

Sabes is struck with the arrow, he recoils and collapses onto the ground in a heap of drooling fur.

Havok stands there, fully charged and at the ready. His face goes blank, somewhat dispapointed as he didn't get to do jack. He mutters to himself and then over the com states, "Let's bag and get out of here before the mounties show up."

Bamphing over is Trucker Kurt, "Yeee haw," says he in his german accent attempting bad country accent. Then a serious pause, "You know, if we're going to fly under the radar, we should get image inducer's for the whole team. Just to be safe." Then he's with the group using whatever the brought with them to detain Sabes - straps, real metal cuffs, a big pan to keep him dreaming.

Putting the bow away Mirage doesn't do any of those things that one would expect, no triumphant smile or cheers or anything. She just walks across the top to the tall trailer to where she climbed up and glances down. Getting up is one thing, getting down another, but she proceeds to, carefully, hopefully without falling.

Within a few minutes, Sabes is bound tightly and tossed into the cabin of the Blackbird (II). The team is again within the sky and flying toward Mother Russia on a flight plan to take them over the North Pole. Havok uses the radio and relays his intentions to the Winter Guard who is now expecting the team to deliver the goods north of Moscova.

Havok seems quiet during the initial 20 minutes of the journey, looking out the window at the sheets of ice below.

Mirage sits well away from thier captive...well as far as the jet allows her to sit. Probably still to close for the comfort of her nose. She does keep her hands near the guns on her hips though, she does't trust Sabretooth, stunned or not, as she keeps an eye on him.

Kurt isn't so deterred from being close to Sabes but is still closer to jumping into front seats simply because he probably wants to fly. Regardless, the ride is mostly quiet, he will comment once, "Piotr might of liked to be here for this." That is meeting the Winter Guard again, but still, everyone is in thoughts on keeping Sabretooth restrained as well as wrapping up some business. Minutes later, "Before we turn him over we gonna ask for some names or anything, keep the trail."

"You think he'll tell us the truth?", asks Alex in regards to the name asking. "I mean it would have been nice for Jean or Liz to be here too. But I don't figure he'll share. He's got too many years of covert ops and we'd never break him."

"We would have to check and cross check anything he told us." Mirage looks to the front "We would have better luck getting the information from Val," thoughtful pause, "But not by much. We'll just have to hope that Winter Guard is willing to share anything they get from him.

A shrug, "Oh, I'm sure they have places not much different from Neverland, left over KGB places." As if every day, Kurt just throws it out there, "They'll be about as forthcoming as Sabes and Val combined. Maybe Piotr can put some moves on Darkstar, Russian style, lots of vodka and slapping each other, then figure it out for us?"

There's a pause from Havok as he mentally imagines Kurt's description of Colossus and Darkstar but plays the role of Colossus and plays footsie with Darkstar.. Havok then states, "We're serving him up on a silver platter; they'd better be forthcoming."

Mirage laughs at Kurt's suggestion but other than that has nothing to add to the conversation. She certainly isn't going to volunteer to use feminine wiles to get any information, though she probably could do so with the bear shape shifter if she choose to. But nope, nothing coming from her suggestion wise.

"We'll see, they're still sanctioned by the government," Kurt responds, "Hopefully we get something, but we should still think of our next move." Then he looks a the maps as they fly, "We going all the way into Russia, or the meeting us on some of this floating ice?"

"Moskova. AKA Moscow. Just north." Answers Havok and with a click he brings up the G-Map app of the Blackbird. "We'll be there in 10 minutes. Dani, you may want to stun our guest, for good measure."

Grabbing her bow Mirage stands ready to stun Sabretooth a final time right before they land, that way it won't wear off mid-transfer, "On it." because of the range of the bow she has to move forward so she is practically standing between where Havok and NC sit.

For what its worth, Kurts eyes will go right to the <> opening, no shame at all. But still to Havok, as conveniently right there across Dani's belly now, he responds, "South, its south now ... after you go over the north pole ... that direction is no longer north ...."

Havok grins....
Havok brings the Blackbird (II) down north of Moskova in a government controlled prison facility. There the full Winter Guard is present and waiting in the courtyard. The nose of the Blackbird (II) faces the team and Havok begins powering down the engines.

All around the Blackbird (II) are high security walls, towers, and the prison facility that looks like most others - but this one is for super powered beings.

Stunned again, Sabes didn't have a chance to react like he had hoped, she was too quick with the bow.

Havok pushes the button and the ramp drops down out of the bottom of the aircraft.

Letting the two men man handle Sabretooth out of the jet, Mirage leads the way down the ramp, eyes scanning first the members of WG and then the surrounding area. Once her feet touch ground she moves aside to let the Havok and NC pass by and hand the captive over. As Havok is in charge she will let him do the greetings.

Kurt is on the same page with Dani, he'll help get Sabes down out of the Blackbird as needed but he'll stand behind Alex as well, part of the small team lineup so he can do the talking and prisoner exchange.

The dragging of Sabretooth down the stairs is as it should be, feet first with his head smacking each step as he descends. Then dragging him a few more yards to in front of the aircraft where Havok will release the one foot.

The Red Guardian approaches offering a hand to Havok (leader to leader) and says, "Welcome to Russia." in a thick Russian accent.

Havok states, "Glad to be here, and glad we could make the delivery as promised." trying to get to wave the flag of 'we did it for you and continued non aggression between our people'.

The rest of the Winter Guard stand silently, looking over the slight team of X-Factor, not expecting a fight, but poised.

Flanking the other side of Havok, Mirage's attention is brought back to the Guard as the formal greetings take place. She does note the missing/additional members and that Ursa seems to be in much better condition than when the team saw him last.

Doing the same, Kurt listens to the proceedings.

There is an exchange of greetings as the Red Guardian wishes to confront the team and make nice. Then he will indicate for Crimson Dynamo and Ursa Major to retrieve Sabes and will then state, "Come, friends, let us go inside out of the weather and celebrate our renewed friendship." He will motion toward one of the structures.

Mirage is all for getting out of the weather, be it inside for some team comraderie or back onto the jet to head home. Her new costume really isn't designed for the colder climate of Moscow...of course her other one really wasn't either. Leaning forward slightly she speaks softly, not quite a whisper, "After recent events celebrating something would be a pleasant diversion."

Alex smiles as he hears Dani's response and says, "We'd love to." to the Red Guardian.

Soon, X-Factor finds themselves in an officer's dining hall seated around a large oak table. The vodka flows and they along with the Winter Guard (red guardian, darkstar, starlight, ursa major, Crimson Dynamo (out of armor), & vanguard) share stories over slight inebriation. They discuss recent events/troubles and perhaps talk a little too much (on Alex's part as he's still pissed off about it all) and eventually either people pass out, disappear into private rooms, or continue talking until the next day.

The flight home is quiet (at least on Alex's part as he's hung over) and they will get back to the mansion uninterrupted so that they can sleep more.

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