Rest and Respecting Boundaries

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Rest and Respecting Boundaries

Yishi, Spider-Man

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06/23/12 20:30

All over Manhattan

Yishi and Spider-Man work together on search and rescue efforts. Then Yishi drags the Spider-Man off to get some much-needed rest.

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It's been so long, such a long week. These last four days have been hell, almost literally. The city of New York has endured so much, and it's going to be a long process to recover. For most of the citizens of New York it's just been one long nightmare and for the Spectacular Spider-Man it's no different.

He's perched on the roof of an apartment building that's seen better days, one corner of it having collapsed under the impact of something during the shadow army's invasion. He's leaning forward, hands planted on the lip of the wall, straining as if it'd help his spider-sense pick up someone, something.

For the last twenty four hours he's been running search and rescue as well as repair duty for the shelters of the city, looking for survivors, at times even finding them. But the time is taking its toll on him. He doesn't have a healing factor like Wolvie, isn't a god like Thor, he's just a spidery kinda guy, dangit. He's snatched what sleep he could for rare catnaps, but it's just not good enough.

Tiredly he looks out across the distance, the city's at least no longer burning. But he still has a lot of ground to cover, best to get to it. He leaps off the building and gets underway.


No one knows how long the lightly armored form of Yishi has been up. She doesn't say. The rescue workers who have encountered her rarely get much advanced notice. She just seems to slide past the safety barricades (by knowing right where to be at the moment when those who are supposed to be watchful will be watching somewhere else) and then directs them to locations where they can find those still in need of aid. By the time they have reached those folks, she is usually gone again

But sometimes, Yishi hangs around longer. This time there is no search and rescue team present. Instead, Yishi is working at it herself, struggling to clear rubble that has collapsed the front entrances - and exits - of a building that most believe was abandoned. The small, black-clad figure has put away her batons and is shoving bits of stone away with main force - which takes a lot of grunting and no small amount of leverage, given her small size. Apparently that fancy-looking armor doesn't include super-strength or anything like that.

It takes just a tingle, like a small sonar ping. It's just enough to snare Spider-Man's senses and tilt his head to the side. In mid-swing and arcing through the air he catches Yishi's predicament with just that feeling at first.

He lands upon a radio antenna, perching there as the siren sounds in his mind, then his head snaps around to lock on her location from above. A gal, kinda short (not that he can talk), in a uniform of some sort trying to move earth. There's gotta be a reason and in a time like this, everyone can use a hand.

Dropping from his perch, Spidey falls into the valley between buildings, firing a webline and snaring the edge of a rooftop. It's just enough to give him the momentum needed to land behind her, executing a flip and settling lightly in a crouch with one hand with splayed-fingers arresting his fall.

He straightens up, "Heya. Need a hand?" No pithy comment, no humor, give the guy a break he's tired. Without waiting for her answer he's already moving toward her to do what he can.

If Spider-Man is paying attention, he might notice that the small armored figure actually starts turning around towards him //before// he lands, and well before she ought to have been able to hear or see him. She nods - wordlessly, for the moment - as he offers aid, and points back to the rock. "You are stronger than I am." She says that without hesitation, in a techno, altered voice. Like she knows it personally, somehow. She points out different pieces of rock, and then helps with each. What might be interesting is that so long as Spidey moves to the pieces she points to or touches, he won't get another vibe of Spider-Sense danger. No collapses. The pile remains stable, until finally it is clear enough to get one of the doors forced open.

"It is safe!" Yishi shouts inside. As she does so, about ten people move into the bit of light afforded by the open door, filthy and exhausted, a few of them injured. She slips into the gap and helps the people to make their way up and out of the building.

In moments like this, where lives are at stake, the weariness falls away. Oh it's there, in the back of hid mind, wailing and screaming derogatory comments at Spidey. But he's able to focus, to ignore it and he lays a shoulder where she gestures, moves the boulders with enough pressure and he does so gingerly just in case.

As for the girl, there is something that's vaguely familiar about her, he even sneaks a few glances at her from time to time but can't quite place her. Probably someone he teamed up with before. He teams up with everyone.

Once the people are free he steps back, "One block south folks, there's an aid station. Anyone not ambulatory? I can get them there. Free spider-rides?" He makes this vague attempt at a joke, but his heart's just not in it.

He steps back as the people file out, helping one young woman through and then looking across towards Yishi.

"Good work, ma'am." No way he can tell how old she is with the armor on, or perhaps he's just that darn tired. He rests his hands on his hips, following the movement of the people and quick to help should they need any.

"Thank you for your help, Spider-Man." Yishi offers, on behalf of those they have rescued. "I do not believe I could have moved all of that by myself." Maybe with a car, or if one of her teammates had responded. But she didn't have either of those. She got a Spider instead. She offers a gauntleted hand. "I am Yishi." There. At least now she's not 'ma'am', right? "Is there anything I might do to help you, in return?"

The wall-crawler takes her hand in his and gives a firm shake, not trying to be all macho and aggressive, more passive and just giving a small squeeze. The mirrored lenses of his mask give her image back to her as he says simply, "I dunno, do you have a time-dilation device that'll give me a full night's sleep in about five minutes?" He asks her this with a hint of a return to old form, humor coming back just a smidge.

"No? Darn. Well I'm..." He grimaces and walks around the rubble, taking up a perched seat on some of the rubble and looking across the wreckage of the city. "Well just watch my back for a few while I take five, warn me if like Dr. Doom is trying to sneak up on me or something."

"Time dil ... no. I am afraid I have nothing like that." Yishi answers, deadpan, as if she completely missed the joke. The helmet/mask thing allows her to get away with a supposedly straight face. "But I can watch your back. You might find it more comfortable with a bed, however." She's not going to argue, beyond that. If the Spider needs a nap, she can guard him. No problem. She's good at it, as a matter of fact.

"Nah, just lemme..." Spider-Man grimaces behind the mask, the expression hidden and transformed into just a wrinkle of the fabric. He crouches there on a large chunk of pipes and concrete, resting his forearms on his knees and perching almost like a gargoyle. He takes a steadying breath, then finishes his sentence. "Just catch my breath. I'm gettin' too old for this stuff." He takes a look around and lifts his eyes towards the skyline, "Too much fried food."

He nods solemnly at that pronouncement, then looks across the way at her, "What's your story, Yishi?"

"My story?" Yishi inquires, almost like she doesn't know what he means. "I suppose the simple answer is, I am a mutant. I did not realize that for a long time. But I have been using my abilities to help. A friend, Telemetry, tracked me down and asked for my help. Since then, I have joined the New Warriors. My sensory abilities have enabled me to help find those that are trapped." Which is why she was able to locate those folks in need. "You sound quite tired, Spider-Man. I believe that you perhaps need more rest than merely a few minutes. You must remember you will do others little good if you yourself fall due to exhaustion."

"Oh hey, the New Warriors," Spidey cocks his head to the side, "They're some good people. I always thought if I was going to go like for a team thing I'd talk to them. Well then or the FF, but that Torch guy, what a schlemiel. Am I right?" Though he does make light, it's clear he is tired, and what's more his costume is a bit ragged. Then again it's also been a dog's age since he's taken a shower. So he might not be the most pleasant person to be around at the moment.

"But thanks for your concern and all, you're right. Here let me call up the Ritz-Carlton and book a suite." She can perhaps make out just the ghost of his half-smirk under the mask. Then he shakes his head and slouches where he perches, rubbing the back of his neck exhaustedly and then asks of her. "How are the rest of them doing? Everyone alright after all this craziness?"

"I definitely consider them 'good people.'" Yishi answers, for the first time a smile evident in her altered voice. "I am sure you must be right about Mister Torch, but I am afraid we have never met." On to the humor portion of today's discourse. "I am sure that a safe place could be found for you to rest, Spider-Man. If you cannot find one for yourself, perhaps I could be of some assistance?" Rather than belabor the point - she's sure he'll turn her down, as she is an //excellent// reader of other people - Yishi instead answers his other question. "All of the members of my team are well. Night Thrasher is rather tired. But he has been getting sufficient sleep now that the immediate crisis is over. Firestar and Telemetry have been quite helpful. Darklight has been helping friends below-ground, since they already know and trust her."

"That's good to hear," Spider-Man rubs at his shoulder for a time, wincing faintly behind the mask. But then he murmurs, "Welp, no rest for the wicked." With that he rolls off of the rubble and extends a hand towards her, "Hey, not to be like nosey or anything, but you have like special sight of some kind right? Since you were angling me at the right boulders and things. You want to go swinging and when I pick up something we can handle it together?"

To his mind there are several good reasons why this'd be a good idea. She'd speed up the time, make it safer if they found anymore buried people, but also if he falls asleep in mid-swing her screams will wake him up.

Yishi pauses at that offer, considering it as she helps Spider-Man back up to his feet. She's stronger than that small stature would indicate, but not super-strong by any means. "Swinging? I have never tried that before." she admits. "Firestar has carried me flying once or twice. But I should explain that my sense for things tends to be more accurate when I am closer. I do not know how well it would do when I am so high up." She's willing to try, assuming she doesn't puke into her helmet. But she'd better be honest up front. Good thing she's no telepath, to already know about the 'sleeping/screaming' part of this plan.

"Well," Spider-Man accepts her help and gains his feet, dusting off his hands as he rises to his not so considerable full height. "Here's the thing, I have this sort of danger sense thing, I call it spider-sense. So it'll let me know when we're passing around someone who needs us while we're swinging. But to narrow it down, then that's where you come in. Once I get us there, voila. Kick in your Super-Yishi-Sight and there we go."

As he says this he takes a few steps forward into the street, then turns back to her and extends his hand. She might see that half-smile again under the mask manifesting itself in a series of crinkles. "Are you game?"

Yishi follows Spider-Man into the street, nodding as he explains. "Actually, you can just call it 'Yishi'. That's what it means: Awareness." she offers, as she accepts his hand now in turn. "Hopefully I won't barf." she comments, as they find a way for her to hold on while being slung through the air like a small black sack of potatoes. This is crazy!

She might hear a little twinge of hurt in his voice as he says, "You don't like Super-Yishi-Sight? I made it up just for you." Alright she can probably read him well enough at this point to tell he's just being goofy. But once she takes his hand he kneels slightly and gives her his back, letting her wrap her arms around his neck as he says to her, "Yah, if you barf you're totally paying for the dry cleaning."

Then, without warning, he lifts his hand and there's a //Thwip!// The webline lances up towards the nearby building, the line connecting, tensing, and then abruptly _snapping_ them forwards and up into the air. It's almost like they're flying for a bare instant, then gravity takes hold and turns their flight into a slow arch. Another webline fires as he reaches his free arm back to make sure she's safe as they spin smoothly, letting him shift their angle and their trajectory with the next web-zip-line that adds to their momentum.

Thankfully enough, it seems Yishi is not prone to sufficient motion sickness to actually puke into her helmet at the motion of the swinging on Spider-Man's lines. Nevertheless, it is a rather jarring experience, not quite like flying with Firestar. Even so, they travel across the City quickly and easily, covering a great distance. Several times, they find a location in need of their attention, and swoop down to apply both of their talents to the needs at hand, rescuing those who are trapped and bringing first aide to some not yet located by the first responders. Yishi apparently does have a radio communications unit in that suit of hers, and she calls in help as they are leaving each location, to let aid workers know where to find those they have assisted.

Eventually, however, the efforts they have expended are sure to wear down Spider-Man even further than he had already been. Added to this is the challenge that while Yishi may not weigh much, she is still more mass, moving without his same instincts, making even swinging more tiring. Yishi can read the growing exhaustion within him, and resumes trying to encourage him to rest. "I can take you somewhere safe and let you get some sleep, Spider-Man. A few hours of real sleep, a chance at a meal and a shower are sure to do wonders for you." And she can even provide that while providing for the secrecy of his identity, if he'll let her. But that has to be his decision. "Even if you must go home - wherever your home may be - I think it is time."

They're in mid-motion as they speak, but the swinging is more leisurely as they move, less acrobatics in transition from one line to the other. But what is more, she's right. He's finding even this to be tiring, and to be fair he has covered most of the city in his first few sweeps before he found the miniature marvel that is Yishi.

"You might be right," He says to her quietly, almost grudgingly. He glances over his shoulder and by now she can read him, his expressions under the mask, there's that smile that causes the fabric to shift just so. "You know it's rare that I'm the muscle in a brains brawn equation. Nice change of pace."

They twist through the air and he holds onto her, just light with a hand at the small of her back to make sure she keeps her grip, then back to the swinging at hand. "What's your idea?"

Yishi explains, simply, "My idea was to have you land over there somewhere. I would blindfold you, and take you to Warriors Central. Our base has plenty of extra rooms and facilities. I could prepare a meal for you and leave it at your door, and you would be safe inside the room to remove your mask, take a shower, and get sleep undisturbed. Then, you can be refreshed and ready to head back out. And I will go with you to help, if you like." Or not. She won't impose, and she knows he's quite capable of doing a lot, and might do it faster without her.

There's a moment while they're still swinging that he takes to consider her words. She can almost imagine the two aspects of his psyche that'd pop up on his shoulders to make their arguments for and against her suggestion. Luckily, this time he goes with the angel and he says over his shoulder, "Alright. I mean I understand the whole secrecy thing, but I won't tell folks about your clubhouse." They slowly start to descend, a webline fired upwards to ease their descent as they reach the sidewalk. He helps set her down there and then turns to face her. "I'll keep my mask on though, the sight of my mandibles and ovipositor even for a second tend to terrify even the most stalwart of individuals!" His voice takes on a heroic tone as he says the last few words, then he says, "Ahem, but sure."

Once they land, Yishi nods. "Of course you would not. But while I would trust you, it is not just mine to give." That said, the trip isn't long. She did get him into the right neighborhood, and she takes the blindfold off immediately once they are fully inside with the outer door sealed. "I agree that you should keep your mask on, Spider-Man. I appreciate the need for secrecy, and fully intend to respect it. Allow me to show you the way. No one will enter your room once you are inside, until you leave."

Yishi shows Spider-Man down a hallway full of doors, each with a label. 'Yishi's Quarters', 'Firestar's Quarters', 'Darklight's Quarters', 'Night Thrasher's Quarters' and so forth. Included are a few without labels, and it is to one of these that Yishi leads Spider-Man, opening it to show him inside. It's not exactly posh, but there is a full-sized bed, a small desk and chair, and another doorway on the far side leading to a small but full-service bathroom. "I will bring your meal and leave it outside the door in four hours." she promises. "Sleep well, Spider-Man. You have earned your rest."

As he was led through their base of operations he gave it a good once over, considering his surroundings with curiousity. Once shown to where he's to bed down he gives a nod towards, "Alright. And hey, Yishi. Thanks." As he says this he gives a small wave, then steps through the door into those spare quarters.

Once inside he goes straight to getting a shower, then from there he //fwoompfs// into bed. Unless there's an alarm in four hours he most likely oversleeps, and even if there's an alarm if it's not a particularly loud one he'll just sleep and sleep and sleep sleep sleep.

Yishi does knock on Spider-Man's door in four hours, as promised, and leaves the food behind. When it hasn't been taken in an hour, she gathers it back up and leaves a note behind, so that he will know what happened to it should he emerge to find the food missing. She shares the meal she made with other teammates, and waits. But after about a full ten hours, she prepares another meal and delivers it to the door. But this time, she engages the public address system, and sounds some very loud and aggressive alarms to awaken her guest. She can't just let him sleep away the day, after all. He wouldn't thank her for that.

On the other side of the door she'll actually hear him snoring at times. But then when the alarms and public address system key up, she'll hear that snoring abruptly stop, followed by an entirely too high-pitched shriek followed by a sound of, //thubba-thubba-THUMP!// as he rolls rolls, and falls right out of bed.

A second later, perhaps even two the door to those quarters is yanked open and jutting through the entranceway is Spidey's masked face. He's holding the covers to him for modesty's sake and looks back and forth... then down and espies Yishi as well as the food. "Oh, uh, hey."

The door closes, then re-opens as he steps out in a bathrobe and mask, carrying his dirty clothes under his arm and looking a bit confused by his body language. "Umm, how long did I sleep? Is everything okay?"

Despite everything, Yishi admirably restrains herself from indulging in laughter or humor, as Spider-Man reacts to her wake-up call. Instead, she merely waves her hand welcomingly when he emerges. "I let you sleep ten hours. I realize you may still be quite tired. But I did not feel you would thank me to allow you to sleep an undefined period of time. I rather promised not to do that." That's how she views it, anyway, even if poor Spidey might disagree. "I have your meal ready, as promised." The second one, but she doesn't guilt him with that. It would be so mean.

"No, no, that's fine." She can tell he's still a bit confused, a little distracted as he recalls things, letting them fall into place. But then he looks at her, "Wait you said ten hours?" And he abruptly looks stricken. He steps back into the room and grabs for his belt off of the dresser. From it he takes his comm unit and then dashes over towards the bathroom. He leaves the door to the room open but shuts the door into the bathroom most of the way.

If she listens she'll hear his phone call, "Hi, it's me. I am _so_ sorry." There's a thump thump thump of him hopping on one leg while he tries to hold onto the phone with his head and his shoulder, pulling his costume back on as he tries to juggle these tasks.

"No no, I told you, I've been in Jersey, safe. It's been totally fine." There's a clang, clank, clack as he almost knocks over the ceramic top of the toilet. "No really. I've been staying with some friends. I'm fine. I'll be home tonight or so, promise." The door fwumpfthumps as he runs into it, but then he steps out of the bathroom, still talking on that commphone. "Ok."

"I said I was sorry, but ok."

Then Spidey looks almost guiltily towards Yishi, then back to the phone and says. "Alright, milk, eggs, butter, chocolate chips, and a Weekly World News, got it. Love you too."

And with that he hangs up.

There is no sign on Yishi's helmet/mask of her expression, and she prefers it that way. Anything less would do dishonor to Spider-Man by causing her guest additional discomfort. Instead, she merely offers, "My apologies. I did bring a meal after four hours. I should have awakened you then. But when knocking on your door did not stir you, I assumed you //needed// the sleep more than being awake. I should have considered your need to get in touch with those important to you. And to whom you are important. Please, accept my apologies for my failure."

"No, no. For real, totally not your fault." Spider-Man opens the door for her, now back in his costume but looking much the better. He's got energy, he seems to be aware, alert, and what's more he doesn't smell quite as bad. He steps out into the hall even as he clicks that belt into place. "My own fault, I actually do have an alarm function on this thing. I must've been really tired."

He takes the tray of food and then says, "I was... well just..." He tries to figure out how to relate what was up, without giving away sekritive identitive properties. Finally he says, "I thought I was late, but turns out I wasn't. They postponed. So it's ok, so really no badness or rush or anything."

"I am glad that your family is not distressed." Yishi offers. Yep. Just that simple. She doesn't need to know names, or ages, or locations. Nothing else. 'Family' is all that is required, and she figured that out all on her own. Did we mention that Yishi is the detective on her team? "Take your time, and eat, then. When you are ready, leave the dishes. I will get them after I let you out. Just follow the hall back to the main room. I will wait for you there, to show you out."

"Actually," He rests a hand on the back of his neck and manages to look sheepish, "Can I trouble you to just throw it in a doggy bag? There are some things I should grab and they may be time sensitive..." He steps out in the hall and looks up and down it, oh yeah, he came here earlier. That's right. "If you want I can get stuff squared away them come grab you. Here hold on. If you dial this number..." He checks his comm again as if making sure, of course on the back of it is a Fantastic Four logo, "##774337, dial that and it'll go into the FF comm system and you'll get me. Alright?"

"I believe I can pack it up to go, if you need to go so quickly. Come with me to the kitchen?" Yishi offers, as she picks up the tray and carries it there. She doesn't seem to jot any numbers down, but from what Spider-Man has already seen, chances are she'll remember that phone number until a few days after the end of time. She does indeed pack it up pretty neatly, though she removes her gloves to do so. The hands inside are small and potentially feminine, given their lack of visible hairs. The nails are neatly trimmed and kept short, however. Once she is done, she gives Spider-Man what amounts to a small box packed tightly with the food she prepared. "I will see you out, and then clean up the room. Take care, Spider-Man. I wish you and your family well."

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