Reserve Activation

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Reserve Activation

American Dream and Arachne, NPC: Jarvis

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Avenger's Mansion

With most of the Avengers depowered, the Reserves are called in for active duty

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Yesterday, a seemingly inert Super Adaptoid imploded, temporarily stripping many of the Avengers - reserve and active - of their powers. Combine that with SHIELD being at half strength due to sabotage and the situation just isn't good. The call went out for the Avengers to assemble and every member who is capable of operating is out in the field. Well, almost every member. American Dream, one of the newest members of the Avengers, sits in the Main Assembly, clutching a cup of coffee as she speaks into a headset. "Hawkeye, Mockingbird, we've got reports of synthezoid body parts attacking shoppers in Midtown. Sending the coordinates to you now. Hellcat, Falcon, Stingray, please report on the situation in Peru. Machine Man, Crystal, we've got War Wheels hitting Orlando. SHIELD will meet you outside the mansion to give you transport."

Since moving to New York, Julia, in her hero guise has been doing mostly solo work and laying low as she gets to know and learn her way around. It's quite different than how things are on the west coast. Because of her split with the WCA she has been keeping her distance from the local group, mostly out of respect, but also because of safety issues, she has a daughter to think of.

When the call came in though, that all reserve members were being activated due to the current robot crisis, she didn't hesitate and came straight to the mansion to report for duty. So here she is, though in her civvies, reporting to whoever it is that is controling the command center for the day.

American Dream flips a switch and speaks again. "Crystal, keep an eye on Machine Man. So far, he's shown no sign of being infected by the nanites but after the Adaptoid, we need to be vigilant." She toggles the microphone off and then leans back in the chair. "... ugh." When Julia enters, the young flagsuit straightens up again. "Arachne. Thank you for coming." She pauses for a moment and then says. "You look so young... sorry. I'm tired. I'm from an alternate reality and you're older there."

Having remained quiet while Dream directed her fellow team mates, Julia took the opprotunity to study the Assembly room, doing her best not to make comparasions between the base here and the one out west. "You can call me Julia." she replies to the young woman with a warm smile "I hope that I aged gracefully, and don't look like a shrunken old woman where you are from." her tone is amused mixed with curiousty "From the sounds of it, you need all the help you can get.

"No, you look great. I mean, that version of you. Your daughter is beautiful. Her daughter. She's my age and in college." American Dream rubs at her face with one hand. "Sorry. I babble when I'm tired. I sent Ms. Marvel to get a few minutes of shut eye. The robot attacks are picking up. Here's the situation. It turns out all these robot attacks are Ultron. He's built some sort of nanite Ultrons that he's using to take over artificial intelligences. He got to the Adaptoid, who had been reprogrammed and was a member, and the Adaptoid imploded... and sort of sucked the power out of most of our membership. Hank Pym is working on restoring the powers but until then, we need everyone on deck."

Julia nods as she listens to the summation of what has been happening with the whole robot/AI situation "Well I am happy to lend whatever assitance is necessary." she moves forward and around the table "Does Dr. Pym expect that it will take long before the affected regain thier powers?"

"The powers are returning on their own but it'll take a while. He's trying to speed up the process." American Dream sets her coffee down on the console and then stands up to stretch out her muscles. "In addition, Ultron sent Sentinels to destroy Xavier's Institute. No casualties, thank God, but a lot of X-People were hurt. SHIELD was sabotaged. They're down to half strength."

"I heard about the school from the news, Sentinels though. It seemed a little odd that satellite would just drop out of orbit with no warning." her eyebrows go up though at the SHIELD news, that certainly wasn't public information, and sense she has been out of the loop it would be news to her "I wouldn't want to be within 10 miles of Fury within the next few weeks." she turns a concerned look from another look at the consoles to Dream "It seems that Ms. Marvel isn't the only one who could use some rest. If this is the state of the rest of the team I'm sorry I didn't show up earlier to offer help.

American Dream winces. "I'll be alright. I was in the field until an hour ago. When Ms. Marvel returns I'll get a few hours of shut eye. And please, you have a daughter. That's the most important duty a person can have. Which reminds me, if you want to bring her here, Jarvis has volunteered to look after her. I can't think of anyone better qualified to keep a little girl safe.."

She nods once more at Dream "Thank you. I may take you up on that." Julia remarks, her tone sincere, "With the range of the attacks have taken I doubt there is anywhere safer then the mansion will be." she rests her hands on the back of a chair, "Would it be possible for us both to move in temporarly, until the situation is taken care of."

"Absolutely." American Dream presses a button. A moment later, Jarvis, the esteemed butler of the Avengers, walks into the situation room. "Yes, Miss Dream?" He asks. American Dream smiles. "Jarvis, could you please prepare rooms for Arachne and her daughter?" Jarvis smiles and nods to Julia. "Of course. We have a number of toys left over from Master Franklin's stay with us. I will make sure they are put in the young miss's room. Many of them were designed by Mister Fantastic, so I am sure she will enjoy them."

Julia looks from Dream to Jarvis as they discuss the room availability "Thank you Jarvis." she offers the butler a smile "Rachel probably won't be able to keep her hands off them for weeks." unlike more mundane toys, which only holds children's attention for a couple of days, if you're lucky "Could you also provide me with the teams training schedule?"

Jarvis gives a little bow and then heads out to do his job. Always faithful and always on top of things. The man has the best superpowers, ever. Pure awesomesauce.

American Dream motions to the coffee machine. "There's fresh if you want. Also, bagels and cream cheese. Five different flavors. I don't know how he does it. No training schedule right now. We're in crisis mode. I'll make sure you get the schedule when things have calmed down. I hope you'll consider coming back to active duty"

Julia glances at the offered coffee and moves to pour herself a cup, "Of course. We had the same protocol out on the West Coast. I should have figured you would follow the same course of action." she stirs a small amount of sugar into the cup. She gives a noncommital shrug about joining after the crisis "I guess this will be a good opprotunity to see how well I work with your group.

"Absolutely." American Dream checks the screen. "I'd like for you to go and reinforce Mockingbird and Hawkeye, if you would. It shouldn't take long for you to reach midtown. After that, I'll send assignments as needed. There are extra earwigs on the table over there. If you'll wear one, I or one of the other Avengers will be able to rely instructions. If you want to volunteer for a shift on monitor duty, that would be welcome."

Sipping her coffee Julia's attention remains on Dream. "I can be in Midtown to back them up in a matter of minutes." she heads over to the table to take of of the earbuds and puts it in place after studying it for a moment "I'll be more than willing to take a shift for monitor duty, especially if it allows the rest of you to get some much needed rest. If you like I will take over for you when I get back from backing up Mock and Hawkeye.

"Sounds perfect." American Dream says with a tired smile. "Thank you. I appreciate it." She toggles a switch. "Hawkeye, Mockingbird. Arachne will be out there to give you a hand in a few minutes. American Dream, over and out."

With her first assignment as an official, though temporary, full time member of the Avengers given, Julia is quick to leave so she can suit up and give assistance to the others before things get out of hand.

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