Researching The Gods

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Researching The Gods

Blindfold, Mercury, Seth, Phantasm

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03/11/13 17:30

Potter's Books

Hi I'd like to research Native American Gods. Which tribe? The A-hole tribe…

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3/11/2013 17:30

-----==[ Potter's Books - Greenwich Village ]==-------------------------------

Shhh. Shhh. "Listen, my children, and you shall hear" "many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore," "and frankly, we do give a damn." Yes, all this and more.

Welcome to a whispering place. It has all the bounty of your local library and then some, but without the modern convenience of free borrowing. Yes, a bookstore, but a rather nice one indeed.

Strategically lit by curious candlebrums and lanterns, this place gives an overall feeling of nostalgia, but 'nostalgia of what?' you may wonder. The walls, all but the front of course, are lined fully with massive oak shelves, containing the knowledge and imagination of centuries. Quite impressive. The front contains the window looking out onto the busy avenue, and bearing the usual 'sale' signs and bestseller displays. The floor is done in a shining rosewood, kept in meticulously good conditions despite its many years of use. The alphabetically arranged volumes here are quite plentiful, really, the room having more shelves in the centre as well.

Quite surprising for such a small store. Well, it just goes to show you, great things come in small packages.

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Blindfold comes in after dinner with Dr McCoy looking like he was in a toy store, her cane tapping along the ground. Seems to be a group outing as seth and Cessily had come too. "Hmm mike...research on native American gods.."

Mercury didn't see much use leaving the school, but she just couldn't say 'no' to Ruth. "Why are we looking for books on native US gods...?" she asks, her arms crossed behind her head, as she doesn't seem too excited to being on a library, of all places. "I mean... never mind." she shrugs softly, letting Beast and Ruth search for what they want.

Seth was here to actually do a research on a few Alter bridge tabs, maybe even buy a sheet music on their albums. He stops in his tracks as he looks at Ruth. "Wait, what thing about Native American gods now?"

With the store being near the home, Mike figured that stopping here would be much quicker than the library. Without a word, the knit-capped musician walks in, allowing for the door to swing shut behind him as he turns towards the culture section of the store. He does not seem happy, but he does give a wave to the blue furred chaperone before going back to task.

Blindfold grins sheepishly "Mike is here researching native american gods, yes thank you all. Native American gods are in an uproar about how their people have been treated by 'the white man', we could ask miss monetary a thousand questions about native American religion and history or we could do or own research, yes please. The gods are rallying together to wage war on new York, I saw the city in ruins, and anyone without native American blood being slaughtered, it was...horrific and bloody, genocide, yes sorry" sniffling a bit at the memory "It's not a subject I know much about"

Mercury hrms, "I don't even have blood!" she says, chuckling, shaking her head softly, "Alright, fine, I'll take a look around, Ruth, and see what I can find on the subject... but I really don't know exactly WHAT we're looking for. I bet there are dozens of books about it going about the subject in a number of different ways..." she says as she looks around.

Seth frowns, "Native American gods...?" He asks the question: "Why now, after all this time?" He sighs, heading over to the Native American section. "Okay, shall we start naming them, then? Nanabozho...? Manitu...? Which ones?" He's not even sure those are the names of deities at all.

Mike glances over as Blindfold gives a narrative about his research objective and arches an eyebrow, "Ruth? Do I really need the voiceover?" He sighs, pulling out a book on totem animals.

Blindfold nod with a smile to them as beast headed over to do his own research "miss Moonstar chewed nanabozho out, but yes thank you both that is the question, why get upset about things after all this time out was a agreement made for long term that fell the recently?" grinning toward the sound of Mike's voice and waves "Hello mike it's good to meet you again. Sperry my apologies if we're intruding?" her abilities make things awkward yet again

Mercury just finishes putting a book about native north-american tribes on a small table next to her, when she notices Mike's arrival, thanks to Blindfold's words, "Oh, hey man." Mercury says, smiling toward the guy. "Didn't expect to find you here." she says, nodding, as she reaches for another book from the shelves.

Seth is wondering, now, "There was an agreement...?" He scratches his head, but looking at the drummer, he waves at him. "Heya there." He starts searching. "Hm... Native American lore..." He again asks BF, "Any tribe in particular?"

"Any tribes that have a higher dose of assholery than the other?" Mike mutters, glancing over to Seth, giving him a nod before looking over to Blindfold, "Got a phone call from Armand. Apparently there was an attack on Staten Island and he was there when it happened. He's freaking."

Seth suddenly remembers something. "Wait...", he looks at Mike, "The attack took place right here, in the city of New York...?" He waits for confirmation. (repose)

Blindfold shrugs to seth "I don't know for certain that there was a agreement, but it would explain why the gods are in an uproar now, sorry yes. Though what kind of agreement could have been made for such a long sighted plan, I wonder yes thank you? First attack was in Manhattan when miss moonstar chewed nanabohzo out. maybe we should be looking for which tribes had a beef with people here, if you don't mind my asking please? Dirty my apologies mike I don't know which tribe is at fault" wincing as she hears about Armand "Poor Armand, I hope he's alright, yes?"

Mike nods, frowning, "He's shaken up. Based from what he described, a lot of defenseless people died." He turns back to the books, looking through the rest of the display.

Mercury hmmms, "Considering all tribes got basically kicked out of their lands when the Europeans came to colonize the US... I'd say pretty much all of them." she says as she adds to the pile another book about Texan native US tribes and their totems.

"Actually, that's just what I was thinking, Ruth", Seth explains. "I remember being said in history that the island of Manhattan was bought from the Algonquian tribes residing there. That could've been the agreement in question."

Taking the book on totem animals in hand, Mike moves over to the animals section and starts looking over there before pulling out a photography book on animals.

Blindfold nods "Could be though certainly ask the tribes have a gripe against caucasians and rightfully so, but if it's about an agreement then why the centuries long deadline and what did out side agree to that hasn't been met, please if you don't mind my asking?" before walking over to the desk to ask about books on the subject in braille, returning with a stack of books on religion and history and the Algonquin

Books in hand, Mike moves towards the counter, "Got to head back. Don't want the kid to have a heart attack thinking I ran into some pissed off God on the way there."

Blindfold nods to mike with a wave "Please if you would, give him a hug for me, yes thank you?"

Mike does not answer that and instead pays for the books in cash before heading out.

Seth nods, "That, Ruth, is precisely the question. We don't know if there was ever something signed in the background, unaware to the eyes of the public." He explains, "Some occult pact." He waves to Mike as he heads out. "Later, man."

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