Remembering Rita

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The ghosts of stuntwomen past

Armand, Spiral, Shatterstar, Elene

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Central Park

Armand continues keeping a watchful eye on Spiral, and they bump into a couple others

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It is hard to take care of...older people with powers and unsavory/questionable/unknown backgrounds. Today, Armand is walking

along having did his best to coax Spiral from the hotel room after the previous's days search for Longshot ended with a

changing of the minds. He has some fresh cut french fries however, hot and fresh and put into paper bags as he offers one to

Spiral as they walk. He wears a pair of dark blue jeans and a fitted black t-shirt that's practically painted on, a loose

fitting dark green /leather/ jacket tossed on over it and his hair is pulled out of his face with a dark green bandana.

"Here, have a nibble...keeping the strength up, non?"

Spiral isn't really too happy about going out, but Armand proved insistent. And besides, there are a few things she should

buy, really, so she was persuadable. Her extra arms are kept down by her side, trying to look inconspicuous, and failing -

every stare makes her wince. Somehow being a stuntwoman wasn't nearly as bad as /this/.
And yes, stuntwoman! for she now vaguely remembers, a good sign. One hand takes the offered fries, and nibbles. "I'm getting

a real bad feeling again..." she mutters, looking around like she thinks she's being followed or something. "And I need to go

home at some point. If home is still here, I don't know, it seems a little different than I remember. Maybe I've been gone a

while. I need to check my pets! What if they're starving or something?".

The young Frenchman adjusts his hold on his own bag of fries, nibbling on the fried potato and he tilts his head to the side.

"A bad feeling? Non...well oui..I am not sure, I usually had a bad feeling when I am in the city. It is all the eyes, the

unknown." Then Armand's eyebrow raises. "Then you must try to remember where you are coming from then, oui."

Yay, songbooks! An over four month order at a music store is what called Seth to the city. New tabs, all ready to be studied

and practiced! He's in what would pass for happiness and antecipation, so much so he decides to cut through the park to get

to the music store. And, just as he comes around a curve, he stops in his tracks. Armand and the amnesiac psychopath. Armand

is okay, but at the X-Mansion, he already heard stories about her. Plus, her description. 'Mental note', he tells himself in

thought, 'never cross the fucking Central Park ever a-fucking-gain!' And so, he proceeds to go around them, discreetly.

"Yeah..." Spiral replies, looking around, at everything pretty much. Or trying to anyway. "Feels like so many things are

going on, just out of sight, just out of mind. People staring at me doesn't help.". As Spiral locks glowing eyes with Seth,

who is staring at her, after all.

Only to shake her head. Another one. "I need a gun or something, just in case. For the next time some vagrants try and mug me

for being a freak.". She glances over at Armand, and notes, "Just for protection, it's not like I'm some nut after all. But

this cowgirl isn't going to be a victim." she tells him, resolute.

Armand nods politely to Seth as he walks past, raising his voice. "...small world isn't it?" Then he looks back to Spiral. "I

do not tink it will be good for you to have a gun. Do you even know if you know how to use it? We do not even know where you

are from about lets not be ah, the cowgirl, what other woman can you be." A pause. "Without the gun."

"No, thats what I am, I'm sure of it." Spiral tells Armand, beaming. "And yes, I know how to use a gun, no problem.".
Smiling Spiral is soon ruined though, as the smile fades into a frown. And then she suddenly grabs at him, with all six arms!

"What th-!" she gasps, and she runs a few paces across the park, with Armand in tow, before coming to a halt. "What was

that?" she wonders, looking around, and letting go of him. "I think we need to get out of here." she tells him, tugging at

one of his arms insistently.

Shatterstar moves along one of the trails leading through the park, jogging at a brisk pace. While other members of X-Force

are off in the city running errands, shopping or making contact with informants and friends in the City, activities which

don't interest Shatterstar in the least, he persues an activity that does interest him: excersize. He wears a pair of grey

sweatpants and a hoodie with a large faded X imprinted on the chest, smaller letters spelling out the word 'athletics'

underneath it as if underlining the larger icon.

Huh? Gun? Elene is standing at a hot dog cart nearby, and she has just taken a bite of her dog, half of it still in

hand as she peeks around the cart. There are certain triggers for words... sure people talk in the park every day and she

tunes much of them out. But when someone uses the 'G' word, her brain locks on. That's what happens here. She walks away from

the cart, hot dog in one hand, and black coffee in a paper cup in the other hand as she casually strolls closer to the

conversation, brows raising.

Armand hmms softly and nods slowly. "W-well then, we'll need to get you some jeans and some good boo-" Then he's almost

dropping his french fries as he's grabbed and tugged along as she starts running and he gahs softly with wide eyes. "Mon

Dieu-Mademoiselle, what is of your problem?!" The young man sporting the fitted jeans and black t-shirt leather

jacket is being tugged though. When six hands grab you, you do not argue. "...Wh-what is up? Are you okay?" He has to ask,

brow furrowing in concern.

Spiral now merely looks bemused, and lets go of Armand. "Umm... sorry..." she says, and stashes the four extra arms down by

her sides again. "I thought... never mind. I thought there was some ruckus going on, but apparently not.". But she still

seems ultra paranoid, or something, as she keeps looking around with wide eyes, before hurrying off to one side of the park.

"Come on, lets go back inside or something, I don't like this park, too much going on. And see, I need that gun, one of these

days it's really going to happen. I think I had one on me before I arrived in New York in fact.".

"Excuse me..." says Elene as she strolls closer now, both brows raised... "What gun are you talking about please?"

She's being polite, but something in her voice indicates that she is used to speaking with some measure of authority. She

does however, finish that statement by taking another bite of her mustard-swathed hot dog.

Armand peers at Elene as she approaches before turning back to Spiral. "Ahh, okay...if you are wishing we can head back to

the hotel...I can do some measurements and see what size you wear and go to be getting you ahh...some new clothing..." He

nods politely to Elene. "There is no gun, mademoiselle, we were simply discussing how unsafe this city can be..."

Shatterstar slows to a stop next to a fountain, leaning over and cupping his hand in the water. Everything about his demeanor

indicates he's about to drink, but before doing so he pans his gaze slowly across the area. Something - a bit of movement

stands out as different from the regular park-going crowd, the voices raised, or perhaps the woman with six arms - catches

his attention, and he lets the water trickle out from between his fingers before drifting that way.

Ultra paranoid, for a reason, see. Strangers seem to be walking up to Spiral all day long, and not being particularly

friendly. She nods at Armand's explanation. "This place is full of all kinds of trouble, especially given... what the hell

has happened to me. And I used to be pretty good with a pistol. I should get another one.". 'Six shooter' crosses her mind,

but her arms are no laughing matter, so she swallows the joke before uttering it.
"Come on, Armand." Spiral adds, reaching out for his shoulder with one arm urgently. "I need to find the worlds biggest coat

or something." she says bitterly. "Maybe people will stop treating me like a freak then...". Fat chance.

"I suggest that before you just... acquire a pistol, you go through the process of getting a license to carry,

perhaps a conceal and carry license as well." She doesn't elaborate on the fact that such would require citizenship and all

that. Elene just shakes her head and grins, "I don't care how many arms you have, there are still laws in place for a


Shatterstar pauses just at the edge of hearing distance, eyes trained on Spiral. He gets that far-off look of someone trying

to remember something. Then he shakes his head slightly and walks closer. "Who are you?" He says, bluntly. "You remind me

of...someone I used to know." Spoken as if he has no idea how uncommon six-armed women are.

Armand opens his mouth to respond before shoving his fries into his bag as he offers an arm to Spiral. "We...we can leave now

I tink..." Then Elene is talking about licenses and then Shatterstar is approaching and he opens his mouth...and shuts it

again. He takes a deep breath.

"I had one before, a legal one, I'm sure of it." Spiral tells Elene. "It just got... lost. Along with me. And I've already

had four guys attack me because I took their coat by accident.". A pause, and she narrows her glowing eyes. "And it really

was an accident, I barely know where I am half the time." she admits.
And then to Armand, she notes, "You see, listen to me dammit, freaky stuff is going on, and half the time I'm right.". Well,

maybe a quarter of the time. Or a tenth.
Looking up at Shatterstar, she shakes her head. "I got no idea. A cowgirl!" she says with some pride.

Shatterstar stares blankly for a moment, then finally nods, though clearly he's still confused. "I see. My mistake, then." He

looks at Elene and then Armand, before finally going back to another fountain, this one closer to Spiral and the others. He

keeps casting looks back in their direction, keeping an eye (and likely an ear) on them and not being very subtle about it.

Not saying anything more now, Elene just inclines her head and ... watches. She finishes her hot dog and takes a sip

of her coffee. Her shoulders rise in a bit of a shrug and she makes a mental note to check on a few things... most notably

like the whole... six armed woman trying to get firearms...
Armand looks between Shatterstar and Elene and...Spiral and he closes his eyes before looking back to Shatterstar. "Pardon,

Monsieur...come, come here for a moment will you?" He looks back to Spiral. "Maybe he will help you to remember someting like

the person the other day?"

What?" Spiral asks of Armand, bemused. "Hmm.". She peers at Shatterstar. He reminds her of someone. "You know Longshot?" she

wonders, on a hunch. "Because, I need to find him. We got split up, some how... ugh. And then I'm stuck in this city, and

something has happened, obviously..." she adds, indicating her arms. "An accident, perhaps. But I know if I find Longshot

it'll be alright.".

Shatterstar wipes his chin and then comes over towards Spiral and Armand, curious once more. "Longshot? Did you say

LONGSHOT?" He peers at her carefully now. "He's here, on this planet...somewhere. But how do you know him?" Shatterstar's

hand twitches towards his back, where he usually wears a sword. Even when he doesn't intend to use it, he feels better having

it around. But nooo. 'Nobody runs through Central Park wearing a sword', they told him. 'It'll be right there in the car in

case you run into a supervillain. Ahem.

"Are you from the Wildways too?" He peers at Spiral dubiously. Surely if this were the real Spiral she would have tried to

slay him by now.

Armand is quiet as he listens and he tugs a notebook out of his bag and takes notes, listening closely and blinks several


"No, I think I'm from out west somewhere, but I'm not entirely sure..." Spiral tells Shatterstar, though she is piqued.

"Longshot, yes. You /do/ know him. You have the same sort of look, I thought right. So where is he?". As for the how, she

just frowns. "I can't really remember the details. He arrived out of nowhere, and he needed some money. So I helped him, and

one thing led to the next and things got really crazy and confusing, and we ended up separated, and here we are, but...

everything has turned into some sort of crazy nightmare.".

Shatterstar listens intently, nodding. He also keeps his eye on her hands, and occasionally casts a look at her feet. In

fact, every time her feet move the slightest bit, Shatterstar's alertness level seems to go up. When she's finished he shakes

his head. "Then were there when he first came to this world? The records - and the legends - don't say much about

that time..." Then he snorts. "My own journey here went a bit differently than expected. Perhaps that is the way of it when

you travel the Wildways." He peers at Spiral again. "But if you are from Earth...where did you get your arms? I've never

known any humans from this planet to have more than two..."

"I don't know... I was about to travel with Longshot back to his home, and then I ended up here, with the arms. I think

something must have gone wrong. But I don't know. The arms... are not even the entirety of it." Spiral admits, frowning. Her

perceptions are all over the place, after all. "It's not so bad, when I'm talking to someone.".
"So where is he? Do you know?" she asks, single minded. "I'm confused, but he'll know everything, I'm sure.".

Shatterstar shakes his head. "I don't know either. Only that he was with the X-Men for a time. I came to this place looking

for them, and looking for Longshot as well, but haven't met him yet. Perhaps later...the others on my team seem to think our

paths will cross sooner or later." But then Shatterstar seems to remember something. "My team! I was supposed to meet with

them...!" He turns and begins to walk off in the direction that he came. "I will ask them if they have a way to locate

Longshot. And then perhaps someday OUR paths will cross as well!"

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