Relaxation Time with X-Factor

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Havok, Nightcrawler and Mirage

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Ship - XF HQ

Dani and Alex update Kurt on happenings as they lounge by the pool

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--[Ship - XF HQ]--

So, he'd probably been doing blue imp stuff. That probably leaves one to wonder consider Kurt has no official role at the school and his mind is clean so he's not out with black worms having date night or something. Sure, there is Kitty, but that can't account for that much time. Regardless, here he is up in the lounge area, wearing comfy sweat pants and comfy hoody, all blue, no shoes. He might be pondering if Ship heats the pool, but the chair he's found is rather comfy, his tail has found loose slats in the back to triwl laxily behind him. It can't get much better than this.

Considering her latest altercation, Dani decided that she would take the day off. One more day of recovery time couldn't hurt, right? With her e-reader and a six pack of beer she ascends the steps into the pool area, ready to spend a rare free weekday in relaxation. She is dressed for the occasion, swimsuit over which she wears a short robe. Having not seen the blue fuzzy member of the team in a while she is suprised to find him doing exactly what she had in mind "Well nice if you to finally show your face." she says with a surprised grin.

"Aww," grins Kurt, too much to be sincere perhaps, "You missed me." Then his yellow eyes turn down about the six-pack and he sits up, just a little, "Someone came prepared it would seem." He doesn't make comment towards the e-reader however. Himself preferring a good old movie over having to read, maybe reading feels too much like working. "So, the bathing suit, that for general hotness factor, or maybe you've tested the waters and the pool is kept warm?" It was on his mind, he figures why not ask.

Dani gives a light hearted chuckle at the response and claims a lounge chair next to Kurt by sitting on it. "It's heated." she offers over a beer "I was thinking of doing some laps. The docs have cleared me for exercise, though they suggested nothing high impact, so swimming it is."

Turning his upper torso to look directly at Dani, Kurt contorts into one of those weird positions were it looks uncomfortable but for him its actually comfortable still. "What kind of swimming is this that it isn't high impact. I could get some red rubber balls and we could make it a real work out. High impact dodge-ball laps." While its meant in jest, that the elf's canines are starting to appear at the upturned corner of his mouth gives credence that he's really pondering such an event now.

"As tempting as that sounds, I'll pass." Dani grabs a beer for herself and pops the cap off with the bottle opener she had stashed in a robe pocket. No twist off cap beer for her. "I was stabbed in the thigh a few days ago, the docs just don't want me running on it for another day." she sets the bottle opener near the six pack before stretching out in the lounge chair "So where have you been hiding yourself?

Ding goes the elevator as it reaches the floor. Swish goes the doors as they open. Slap-slap-slap goes Alex's flip flopped feet as he's walking across the tile.

Taking note of his comrades in arms, Alex (who wears swimming trunks, t-shirt, and flip flops while carrying a towel) smiles and says, "Hey hey." in a casual, friendly greeting.

With a chuckle, Kurt says, "Oh, here, there, a little bit inbetween." That was pretty directly, but he does offer, "There may have been sword play involved though. Not the serious kind that draws blood, at least not on purpose, but you know." Then flip-flopping like nobodies business, Alex arrives with a Fat Albert stylized greeting. "Hellooo Boss." He responds and leaves it at that, then comes back to Dani, "What, you were stabbed in the thigh?"

Sipping her beer as Kurt explains his abscence with as few details as possible "Amoung other places and things, yes." she gives a non-commital shrug. She looks from Kurt to Alex when we makes his entrance and offers a welcoming smile along with a beer "Hey Alex, join the party."

Alex will do just that with a light smile. He takes a seat and will lay the towel in his lap. He doesn't wish to interrupt the flow of things so he remains quiet to let them sort out the conversation - and he can also catch up on the already asked questions.

"So hold the foam," says Kurt, "How many times and how many places were you stabbed?" Half a grin, "Its a better story than me haning out with old friends - I really don't think anyone cares how much time I spent with Logan lately, or Kitty, or a little catch up with family or something. That might put Alex to sleep if I went into details. I'm curious about who you've been knife fighting girl?"

"What was her name?" she glances to Alex, for input before continuing "One of those Serpent Society people I think. It didn't end well, for me especically" she frowns at the recent memory and takes another drink of her beer "You missed quite a bit more than that though.

Alex chimes in, "Fer-de-Lance. AKA, Evil Mean Bitch. Dude, you should have seen the knives she had on her arms." and leaves it at that, letting Dani fill in the other details.

"Fer-de-Lance," repeats Kurt, nodding his head a little, "Serpent Society. So, that's the latest agenda, getting on their good side?" He turns to Alex, "Is Dani going to join, as like the Water Moccasin?" Half a grin, but back to Dani, "But you and Alex took care of her, or is she out seething right now, pondering Ship and how to sneak on board ... and what else have I missed?"

There is another shrug at the question, "Isn't that the standard MO?" Dani doesn't seem overly concerned about it at the moment. "She is much more recognizable now though, with that nice slash across her face." she lets Alex field the rest of the update.

Alex snorts then chuckles as silently as he can with Kurt's Moccasin joke but then snapping from that says, "Nah, I got Dani back here asap. By the time I'd gotten back, the snake had slithered away."

Nodding, Kurt responds, "Then we should sort of be on alert now if we decide to leave Ship publically?" He could always bamf away, he's just curious if he should start expecting snake ninja-mutant ladies waiting for X-Factor personnel to leave Ship.

"Quite probably. I'd be wary of any remaining MLF members too. A few are bound to have escaped and they won't be happy about their base being taken, amoung other things." Dani sets her empty bottle down, but doesn't go for another. She does eye the pool though, obviously debating whether to get in or not.

There's a silence of reflection that overtakes Alex. He considers the last few words and their rammifications. He does not start a new topic, not yet.

"Oh wait, so Serpent's and MLF too? Does this mean Genosha is back too?" Kurt is actually curious.

Dani gives a shake of her head "No, that would have made headline news. You would have heard about /that/ no matter where you were." she sends a glance to the pensive looking Alex and then leans over to Kurt "Do you smell smoke?" she stage whispers to him.

Alex looks up to Dani; "Shut it." is said in a teasing tone as he grins, "I'm just thinking back and hope we didn't miss anything."

Pondering that, Kurt asks, "In what sense is that? You hope you didn't miss anything when someone from the Serpent Society got back to the Society or with the MLF when there might be unknown MLF agents still running around somewhere?"

"Or more worrisome that Cable found something and didn't share." Dani herself of course wouldn't know, she was unconscious the whole time. She wouldn't put it past Cable, though it would be surprising for Sam and Roberto to keep something important from them..or her at least, if they knew.

"Cable just needs to go away and those kids need to come back home." is pretty much all that Alex says on the matter as he's very anti-Cable.

"Cable is neither here nor now. Unless you're trying to say we suspect he'll be out there with MLF and the Snakes, waiting inline to pummel us?" Kurt turns back to look at the pool for a spell himself. "Its a growing line, and one he'll just have to wait his turn in. I guess I'm going to have to put in orders to Stark Industries, or whatever they're called these days, for threat detection devices now, so it can at least detect bullets and missiles are something that are fired at me."

Nodding her agreement to both comments about Cable Dani stands and removes her robe. The pool is proving to the to tempting for her so she walks over and dives in, leaving the guys to talk amoungst themselves for a bit.

Dani lazily floats around the pool on her back, staring up through the glass ceiling at the cloudy sky above. Unfortunately for her, her relaxing comes to an end when Ship informs her of a call from Xavier's. Dani sighs, "Thanks, I'll take it in my office." a few swim strokes has her out of the pool and she gathers her robe, towel and e-reader, though leaves the beer "I'll see you later guys." she then hurries to take care of school business.

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