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Mirage & Havok

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11/07/12 08:12

Medical Bay, X-Factor Tower

Dani wakes from her fight. She and Alex talk about plans.

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-----==[ Medical Level - X-Factor Tower/Ship ]==------------------------------

This large room is totally white from the ceilings, to the walls, and to the floors. The middle of the room is filled with many medic beds of all sizes and shapes. Each is covered in white sheets with a white pillow. Along the walls, many cabinets, drawers, and tables are found. Located all over are medical equipment of all sorts and of the utmost quality and very advanced for its time. Anything from a stethoscope to a heart monitor is located throughout. Several monitoring devices, IV's, medicines, antibiotics, and other such chemicals and the like are also located in different types places. Along the wall, hanging up, are several containment suits to allow medical attention when exposure to the patient is harmful. Also fire suppression gear as well as climate control is through the medical area. The door is air-locked and can be completely sealed off if the need ever arise and unable to be opened unless from the outside.
There are offices linked from this room as well as medical isolation/quarantine and ICU suites. There is even a surgical suite with four bays.
The main thing to consider in this environment is the holographic/hard light staff that serve to maintain the health of Ship's occupants. The staff are skilled and knowledgeable in all things medical, research, and life science and usurp the need for actual human personnel when treating patients.


Beep, beep, beep, beep goes the EKG which counts out the beats of Dani's heart.

She spent all night within the medical bay underneath the regen-o-matic to help repair damaged tissue. However, due to the nature of yesterday's injury (internal damge), it will be a little longer of a recovery.

Next to her bed is Alex Summers who is typing on the touchscreen of his super-smart phone. Minding his own business and waiting for her to wake.

The transition from sleep to wakefullness is a quick, yet groggy one. There is no confusion for Dani this time. She knows exactly where she is, though it doesn't stop her from a groan of dismay at finding her self in medbay..again. Turning her head to look around she discovers she isn't alone "Hey." she doesn't make any other movements since the regen contraption probably prevents that.

Putting his phone into the cargo pocket of his uniform, Alex stands and moves to the edge of the bed, "We gotta quit meeting like this - people are gonna talk."

"And what will they say? Dani asks, amused by the comment "That you are thinking of quitting the heroing stuff to become a nurse?" she pushes at the regen-o-matic with a hand "Get this thing off me. My back is starting to hurt from laying here so long.

Alex will move the machine's emitter and allow her space to rise. Even offering a hand to help her do that too. "Yeah, so we have a plan. Aside from wrapping you in bubble wrap, wrapping that in plastic, then kevlar, then cement and then titanium. We, Kurt and I, are gonna go talk to Calisto to look for underground clues as to where the Society is nesting."

Taking the assist Dani sits up, rather stiffly and takes a moment to stretch as she is told the plan. A frown comes immediately to her face "I see." she doesn't seem overly happy about that. "And what will I be doing while you guys are investigating the group...that are after /me/?

"Hanging out in the bubblewrap tower of protection." Alex says with the hint of a tease. Then gets back to the truth, "You'll be busy getting over this latest encounter. The doc said they jacked you good."

"So I am stuck here on Ship for the foreseeable future or does Xavier's count?" Dani asks for clarification, her brow furrowing. "I may be fine with that on the condition that I am not excluded from the assault.

"That's between you and the doc. You don't want to tear your inners up. But I'm pretty sure Xavier's is do-able. I mean you've got all those snotty kids to shoot." Alex says with a last minute tease.

A playful punch is aimed toward is arm at the teasing "Extenuating circumstances." Dani isn't defensive in her statement "And they have been on thier best behavior since. The two girls are actually acting civil to each other..or rather ignoring each other completely and pretending the othe doesn't exist.

"Better than cutting one another - cause that's what girls seem to favor, lately." Alex smiles with another fun taunt. Then adds, "Anyway, that's the plan and we're all sticking to it. If Callisto has information, we'll organize and move on it. If not, we hit up the Avengers for information."

Dani doesn't refute the statement, to much evidence to support it going around "We could go at it from both angles. If I'm stuck here for a few days I can get in touch with Ms. Marvel while you and Kurt try to get information from Callisto.

Pondering the offer, Alex nods and says, "That sounds like a good idea. She's probably still pissed about the paintjob of the quinjet we borrowed."

"Well at least you didn't crash it." Dani jests, starting to feel like her normal self now that she has been upright for a bit, "I'll send her a quick email to set it up, and head over to the Avenger's Mansion while you two are doing your end." she holds up a hand to forestall any argument about her going out in public, "I'll fly over or have Ship slide me. I'm not going to risk going out by myself again.

"Cool." Alex intones regarding her decision to be safe and doesn't have to go down any argumentative roads. "Anyway, time to head out. Do what the doc tells you."

"Right." drawls Dani "If I don't does that mean no ice cream?" she slides off the bed she has been stuck in for, well to long for her comfort, she gives a smirk for a moment, before going a touch serious "Be careful. I wouldn't assume that I'm there only target.

As he walks toward the exit, Alex notes, "I'll wear my bubble wrap." and then passes out of the room and to other adventures.

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