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Red White and…green??

Lyra, USAgent

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11/28/12 23:15


USAgent meets Lyra

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-----==[ Morningside Heights and Harlem - New York ]==------------------------

Harlem, for all the folklore, all its reputation, and all the films and documentaries set there, has a curious lack of physical character. It's dominated by high-rise apartment buildings with stores and restaurants on the ground floors, much as can be found elsewhere in New York. The key to the neighborhood is not its appearance, but its people. Harlem's status as an African-American mecca has been known for decades; it's still a center for jazz and blues, for art and for activism.
Over the last twenty years, Harlem's once-infamous crime rate has dropped substantially as the drug trade in the area decreased. To the southwest, the Morningside Heights neighborhood, home of Columbia University (and several other colleges and two seminaries), stands middle-class and quiet. At the other extreme, the northeast section of Harlem - across from the South Bronx - still houses derelict buildings, homeless, and gangs fighting over drugs, territory, and internal power. Between the two, a slow wave of gentrification is in the process of pushing up from the south with its rent spirals and renovations, and the future of the neighborhood as a whole is becoming unclear.

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[BA] - Lobby - Barrister Apartment Bu [E] - El Barrio - New York
[GM] - Grant Memorial Tomb - Mornings [GT] - Gem Theater - Harlem
[ML] - Moniques's Loft - East Harlem [N] - Westchester County - New York
[ND] - Non-Descript Warehouse - Harle [PA] - Paradise Apts - Harlem
[RK] - Thunder Dojo - Harlem [S] - Central Park - New York
[SE] - Upper East Side - New York [SU] - Subway System - New York
[SW] - Upper West Side - New York [TE] - Tito's Eatery - Harlem

USAgent is riding a skycycle a few dozen feet above the streets, just skimming the rooftops here. The low altitude flying tends to serve a couple of purposes - it helps to mask the already soft sounds of his vehicle's engines, and it lets him keep a close eye on the streets below. He's heading for a specific intersection, the last reported sighting of...well, he wasn't sure he believed the tip. But his gut told him it bore checking out.

Lyra is walking along. She pauses now and again to take a look at different buildings and such, in windows that are meant to be looked in and all that. She is humming a bit to herself. She does stand out, something about the whole six and a half feet, and green with red hair.

USAgent lands his cycle on a building a few blocks behind Lyra and quickly engages the security systems before climbing off with his shield strapped to his back. Agent peers over the edge of the building at Lyra, then vaults over and drops to the street three stories below. He lands with a muted thump, his legs flexing to absorb the impact, before he straightens up and begins walking after Lyra. It's all done with almost casual detachment, as if he's done this a dozen times before - if not a hundred times before.

Lyra turns to glance towards USAgent. She knows someone is there, mostly due to her enhanced senses. She cocks her head to the side. The person does have some familiar designs and she might have read something in the things she has been trying to study, "Hello." she says softly.

USAgent's brow creases briefly as he's quickly spotted, but then calms himself and picks up his pace, catching up to Lyra and standing in front of her. "Hello yourself," he begins neutrally. "You must be 'Lyra'."

Lyra cocks her head to the side and then nods, "I suppose the Avengers passed word of me to others. Yes I am Lyra, or Teenhulk, either works really." she smiles a bit and dips her head, "Can I help you with something?"

USAgent chuckles humorlessly. "I think maybe you've got it backwards. I'm here to help you." He turns and scans the surroundings briefly. The streets seem pretty empty, many of the buildings dark and quiet. "But that depends on you -- and what you're doing out here.

Lyra blinks and then shakes her head a bit, "I was just out exploring a bit, easier as it gets darker not as many people staring." she says and shrugs a bit. "Why would you think I need help?" she asks, her pride rising a little afte rall why would she need a guy's help.

USAgent grimaces slightly. "Yeah, about that...people might not be out on the streets, but the ones looking out their windows're still on the lookout for things that don't belong. Like Hulks, teen or otherwise." He pauses, then tries what for him is a concilliatory tone. "So if you want to explore, there's less conspicuous ways. That's how I can help."

Lyra sighs a little, "Its not like I am going to get angry and destroy something." she shakes her head. Her hands go to her hips and she just sighs a bit, "Oh. and what ways are those?"

USAgent eyes Lyra for a moment, then turns his gaze very deliberately towards the nearest building...and then up towards the roof of that building. "I've read all the files on the, er, first Hulk -- how high can -you- jump?"

Lyra cocks her head to the side, "I suppose that might be a bit more kind for the people in the streets." she says and then looks at the various roof tops and then braces and leaps up, picking one of the roofs within her leaping range so not too high but still about 80 ft up.

USAgent 's expression is unreadable as his eyes follow the flying green figure. Then he sighs slightly and follows her towards the building. Only he has to walk to the base of the structure, then leap a few stories up, hands latching onto a feature on the outer wall. he repeats this action, making a series of smaller jumps until he's also on the rooftop. Examining the roof beneath Lyra's feet, he nods. "Less damage than the Hulk - that on purpose? Or just lucky?"

Lyra left little to no damage, "little of both, I am a lot lighter, less mass." she shakes her head, "So I don't fall as hard." she shakes her head a little. She shrugs, "That is alright yes?" she asks, a little uncertain.

USAgent nods in what seems to be satisfaction. "For now," he remarks. 'Until we figure out what we should really do with you,' he adds silently to himself.

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