Recruiting Rita

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Spiral meets Ares, who is putting a team together

Spiral, Ares

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A street in NYC

Spiral meets Ares, gets recruited/dragooned into a new government team.

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There's a light rain drizzling down from a slate grey sky over the city, not that it's done anything to deter the many people

clogging the streets around Midtown. One of those people might stand out a little over the rest though, despite her attempts

to hide it - a white haired, glowing eyed Spiral, her arms half hidden away behind a black coat she found.

She's walking through the streets in a daze, occasionally knocking slightly into someone, until she comes to a halt before a

cinema, and pauses in the rainy street, looking over at the posters. Some western movie is on, it seems.

In the faint drizzle of the rain, a tall silhouette comes into view behind her. Little more than a faint shape in the

reflection of the glass that holds the movie poster in place, it might take her a moment to fully focus on him.
He's tall, stern of feature, a black great coat covers his form and what can only be considered a strong frame. His

hands are in the pockets of that coat and his dark and calm gaze meets her eyes levelly enough. For whatever reason this New

Yorker isn't intimidated by those glowing eyes, nor the subtle other-worldliness of this woman. Instead he waits for her to

turn before she'll hear his voice.
"Ms. Wayword? Or do you prefer Spiral?"

Spiral turns from staring at the poster, to stare at the tall man who until now was standing behind her. "Who knows! I can't

be Spiral, I shot her - in the back. I remember it.". She rubs at one arm beneath her coat in memory. "It really hurt." she

mutters. "So what do you make of that?" she wonders, before turning back to stare at the posters again, apparently not too

fussed about the man, and definitely not recognising him for anything special.
"Some time ago I was making movies, like that. Maybe I still am, out there somewhere. In fact, I think I know I am.". She

frowns, feeling vaguely sick. Why is this guy asking her difficult questions like that. "At least you're not wanting me

locked up for my own good or anything." she notes drily. There is that in his favour.

There's a steady blink as he considers her, dark gaze level and a faint gleam visible just there in the depths,

something akin to flame. He lifts his chin and rests the considerable weight of his regard upon her as he gauges her, stands

almost in judgement.
There's a slight tilt of his head to the side, then a calm rumble of words that offers little beyond them. "My name

is John Aaron, Spiral. I would like to offer you a chance at a measure of redemption, if such matters to you. If it does not

then there is also self-interest, as well as the possibility for you to do right by your fellow man. If that matters too."
"Redemption? It's Longshot who needs redemption, not me." Spiral tells him, half turning to look at him with narrowed eyes.

"I don't know much, but I know that. He's got something to do with all these arms... And my head. I feel it in my bones. And

my fellow man..?" she wonders, glancing around at the people on the street around them. "Not any more, unless miracles

happen. I've had enough people staring at me since I arrived to know that - no fellows here for me, nobody to help.". She

shakes her head.
"So what's this about self interest?".

Stepping forward to stand next to her, John Aaron considers the image before him. It's definitely a Western, there is

the ubiquitous horse, cactus, salloon, native American guide. All of it depicted in 3-D glory and only besmirched by the

flying saucer slashing across the background.
The older man grimaces a touch, then looks back at her, levelling his gaze upon her heavily and telling her easily

enough. "You are wanted for a variety of crimes. You're considered an inter-dimensional felon of sorts." Ares lifts a hand

and gestures to the side absently, as if tossing that all away. "None of that matters to me. If you come work with me then

you will be granted a pardon after a year's time. You'll be able to stay on after that time and make a good living if you so

choose. But you will have the chance to make a difference. The least of which will be for yourself."
He pauses, then he looks at her directly. "I do not care about your mental state, your desires, your wishes for

vengeance, or how many people you have killed. I want access to your unique abilities and your willingness to stand at my

side. Are you capable of such?"
She turns as he steps up to her, to look over the poster, and she points out the flying saucer. "Some things never change,

and that's the lack of talent of movie directors, with their stupid ideas.".
At the wanted felon bit, though, she slowly turns to give him a sidelong glance. "I... am?" Spiral asks. "I guess so... I

didn't think that was this dimension, though." she tells him, eyes wide. "Or even real at all. Hah. Unique abilities?" she

wonders, shaking her head at him. "I remember... dancing. But that's all. More than I remembered last week, though, if it

really was last week.".

There's a small nod as Ares shifts his attention back towards the poster. "Your dancing has given you access to some

intriguing options in the past." But then he steps back and away, starting to walk down the sidewalk even as the rainfall

patters softly upon the shoulders of his coat. He seems to expect that she'll follow, and if she does so he continues. "We

will be a group of individuals seeking to protect this planet and those living on it, but there will be no kudos, there will

be no faces on the sides of lunchboxes. If you're lucky you'll survive the year it takes to absolve you of your sins."
Spiral gets the hint, and trots along after him. Really, it can't be much worse for her; she's arrived in a somewhat

unfamiliar place, every other person seems to want her in jail, she has six arms, she can barely think straight and when she

manages it someone seems to be even worse... and she barely even has a proper coat. This guy must be with the government, or

something, for some reason that at least is familiar.
"You want me to protect the planet?" she asks, a little incredulous. "Huh. We're not in Kansas anymore..." she mutters,

disconsolate, and looks around. "So... you seem to know a lot about me. You must have files on me, right? I want to read

them. Some of them, at least. And then we'll see about protecting the planet.".

"You're welcome to come with me then, if you like." The tall man keeps walking and as he moves he tells her sidelong,

"If nothing else then you'll get out of the rain."
Ares pages: figure that's a good point to draw curtain for now. He'll lead her to the base that's being converted, Doc Ock's

underwater thing and she'll be given access to her own files.

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