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Aurora and Box IV (emitted by Hellstrom)

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10/31/12 09:14

Department H

Madison and Jeanne-Marie run into one another

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Heather Hudson's office, Department H.

Madison Jeffries has been on sabbatical these past few weeks due to the incident at Neverland where he was brainwashed and used by 'the Director' to build and help maintain a mutant concentration camp in northern Canada.

They have been in a meeting for several hours with various Department H operatives and directors and finally Madison is allowed to step away while they deliberate.

Stepping out of the office into the hallway, Madison looks defeated. He walks silently and slowly down the hallway toward the mess hall.

Madison currently wears his mechanic attire, boots, jeans, and a work shirt.

Jeanne-Marie happens to be walking the halls of Department H, dressed in that matching costume she has with her brother, with the north star motiff. When she happens across a down-trodden looking Madison Jeffries, she stops to approach him, "Madison?" She asks in a caring tone, "eez anyt'ing wron'? Can I 'elp you with somet'ing?"

Initially defensive, Madison quickly realizes it's not Aurora, but Jeanne-Marie. He displays a regretful smile which quickly fades and states, "Oh hi, Jeanne. It's nothin that won't work itself out." and then grunts regretfully.

"You do not look good, Madison, are you sure t'ere eez not'ing I can do to 'elp? W'y don't you talk to s'ouldn't carry zis burden on your own..." Jeanne-Marie insists, reaching to hold Madison's hand as a show of solidarity, should he allow her the gesture. "W'at 'appened?"

His hand is taken and he is turned toward JM. With a confused tone, Madison states, "Wow, you don't know?". He then collects his thoughts and says, "Lemmie try to summarize, eh. Lil and I were kidnapped. I was brainwashed by Mentallo and Persuasion, then made to follow this Director dude's instructions to build a mutant concentration camp named Neverland up near Moosehead. I was more than happy to help him suppress, contain, torture, and even kill mutants for his experiments. Oh, and Lil was one of his subjects; yeah, as in she was also experimented on. Finally, X-Factor showed up and freed everyone and for the past 4 months I've been in New York under Doc Samson's care; trying to get over it... well you know, I ain't getting over it and cause of that, I'll probably never be able to rejoin the team."

"Kidnapped? Mon dieu!" Jeanne-Marie's eyes open wide in horror, due to her ever-changing condition, and her stint in the US, she had missed quite a bit of what happened in Canada. "B-but Madison, zat is none of your fault...zese villains, zey play wit' your mind! You are not yoursailf w'en you do w'at zey tell you to do." Jeanne-Marie tries to reassure Madison, now trying to give him a supportive embrace, "zis is terrible! Just terrible! You're vairy important for Alpha Flight, Box, but...I understand if you must 'ave some time off...I mean, I 'ad my s'are of problaims."

The embrace is allowed, though Madison only returns with a slight placement of his arms around her waist and lower back. That will quickly pass and when they have broken apart he will state, "I understand this. Believe me, Samson helped me to understand that it was not my fault. But still, I was there, I did all of it. I tortured Lil and she will never forgive me for it."

The last thing that they did prior to being kidnapped was becoming engaged to be married. Then the guys went out for a bachelor party and the girls had their bachelorette party (1 issue pre cutoff).

"Mentallo and Persuasion were zere, not you, Madison Jeffries!" Jeanne-Marie repeats a bit more adamantly, looking deep into Madison's eyes, "you did not torture Lil, zat was not you. Trust me, I know a little about people playing with my mind...I have a demon playing with my mind, and she does awful t'ings, but zat is not me! Just like I cannot take blame for Aurora, you cannot take blame for what zey made you do. You would have stopped t'em if you could! You know it, Madison, I know it...everyone in Alpha Flight knows it." Unless of course Madison made the mistake of talking to Jean-Paul, Northstar after all is fully capable to guilt trip him to hell and back.

Madison rubs his forehead with his left hand and says, "Thanks Jeanne." he looks around and then says, "I uh. I need to eat. I'll catch you later, eh? We'll talk about old times. Or something."

"Would you like some company?" Jeanne-Marie asks while withdrawing a few steps, giving Madison some space should he feel the need to be alone, "I understand if not, I'll let you be, but please, talk to me, don't carry your pain alone."

"Thanks but no. Later." states Madison as he walks away, resuming his course to the mess hall.

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