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Vision, Scarlet Witch, Ms. marvel

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08/13/12 22:00

Den, Avengers Mansion

Three Avengers in down-time, getting reacquainted.

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-----==[ Den - Second Floor - Avengers Mansion ]==----------------------------

If any room had a 'kick back and relax' feel, the den would be it. A large rectangular room, the den provides enough room for every member to stretch out after a hard day of whatever they did. Also, another aspect of this room is that it's not as kept and tidy as the others are, with a slight trashed look to it couches, recliners, and seats of all sorts and shapes are strewn throughout this area. Also a table sits in the far corner where members can get together for a friendly, and sometimes not so friendly, game of cards.
In the very front of the room, a large home entertainment centre sits with all the attachments and extras anyone could ask for. From a 80 inch projection television to a 15 disc, CD changer and surround sound stereo system, this is the ultimate in home entertainment where members are known to sit hours on end glued to the TV. A small refrigerator has been placed in the far corner to house drinks and small snacks.

Scarlet Witch
The Vision
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[O] - Corridor - Second Floor - Aven

The mansion's been abuzz with activity since the robotic situation and its seeming conclusion. Active and called up Reserve members have packed into the mansion. With the crisis over, though, some of the reservists are going back to their own lives... and others are coming back into the active fold.

Vizh was active before the robotic mess but after the events of the crisis, he's kind of been a pariah. People have left him alone ostencibly to heal. It wouldn't be a surprise that people are keeping their distance from him due to trust issues. Presently the Synthetic Avenger sits alone in the den. He's nestled into a cushioned chair, has a book on the side table next to him and another book in hand, opened to somewhere in the middle.(repose for Carol)

Wanda walks into the den, looking around as if getting used to being here again, then smiles over at Vision, "You always did like that book." She is out of uniform, wearing a more casual outfit as she moves towards the refrigerator for a drink. Her eyes flicker back to Vizh, "I heard about what happened. Are you feeling okay?"

Dressed for sheer comfort and the relaxation of not caring who sees her or what they think about it, Carol Danvers wanders into the den, padding on bare feet as she makes her way to the fridge, nodding at Wanda. "Hey. I got the email from security that they'd buzzed you in. How are you doing?" she inquires, fetching a soda and popping it open. A part of her would love a beer right now. That's what her instincts are crying out for right now. But she resists the urge. It's not easy. "Hi, Vision. You look good. Back to your old self. I like it." She doesn't apologize for the damage she did to him. She doesn't apologize for draining his power core dry. She knows that's what he wanted her to do, to stop Ultron from using him as a weapon against his friends. She won't belabor the point. "Sorry. Am I interrupting?" Hey, they are entitled to time together, after all.

The funny thing is, The Vision wasn't even looking at the opened book in his hand. He was kind of staring off into space, nominally in the direction of a bookshelf. Perhaps he had looked over there in order to consider a different book? Whatever the reason he was gazing in that direction, he's snapped out of it by Wanda's voice. He turns his head and attention towards her and slowly closes the book, keeping a thumb in the book to hold his place. The Vision considers her question and nods, "I am recovering. My solar gem has been working non-stop in an effort to collect and replenish my solar energy stores. I am not often nearly completely drained. I have forgotten what it is like to be 'running on empty'." Vizh turns to regard Carol. He doesn't apologize for anything, either. He nods to her in response, "Hello, Carol. Yes, I'm getting back to my old self. I am not there yet. I am taking it easy, as it were." He then looks to Wanda and back to Carol, "You are not interrupting. I am tired of the solitude of my quarters. I ventured out in order to interact with everyone."

Wanda looks over at Carol, "Yes, I thought I'd come back to active duty, if there was still room for me in the mansion, anyway." She smiles a little, taking a Snapple from the fridge and opening it, "And you aren't interrupting at all, Carol, honest." She then looks over at Vision, a bit of concern still on her face as she regards the synthezoid, "Working through everything has been... rough, but I think I'm in a place where I can go active again."

"Glad you decided to come out. Staying in doesn't help much o anything, except to allow everyone to get hat much more uncomfortable with you." Carol opines to Vision, sipping her soda. She rests her hand on his synthetic shoulder. "I'm glad to see you." She turns to look up at Wanda, smiling broadly. "For you, Wanda, there will always be room in the Mansion. I've ben trying to gear us back up after our significant losses during the crisis. I'd love to add you back in. We've signed Scott Lang to rejoin us as well. With Iron Man out of commission for who knows how long, we needed the technical know-how in the field. And I refuse to push Vision into the field until he is sure he's ready." Carol doesn't question Wanda's psychology. She probably has a detailed report from Samson in her room.

The Vision slides his thumb out of the book, completely closing it. He sets it on top of the other book on the side table next to him. He turns his head and cranes it upwards to regard Carol. He nods, "I am healing. I feel I am not on the downward slope of the hill, rather than the uphill climb. So to speak. So I feel I will be ready to go within a week. That does not mean I can not help out the team in any capacity at the mansion. I do not have any disability towards working a computer in my present state of repair." He purses his lips, "However, it is probably best that I not push myself too much, too fast."

Wanda smiles wryly at Carol, "That's exactly what Jarvis said... he even remembered that I like the cinnamon apple muffins in the morning." She still has a bit of concern as she looks at Vision, "Well, take it easy, it is still a lot that you've been through." Apparently, she heard some of the recent reports as well, as she looks back to Carol, "Well, Len said that I need to 'get out and do something'... and really, this is what I do best. So, here I am."

Carol sips a bit more of her soda, giving Vision a nod. "Well, if you feel up to it, why don't you put in a few hours tomorrow, helping out with the comm center. We have a lot to juggle, and not a lot of personnel resources to go around and deal with them. So having someone who can adapt to the rapid parameters and direct our resources efficiently is always a benefit." Carol would still override as needed - it is her authority, after all - but it's a lot of trust she's offering Vision, whenever he's ready. "Until then, relax. Spend time with friends. It's just really good to see you out and about again." The blonde stands, then, and walks over to embrace Wanda, smiling. "I'm very glad you're back with us, and feeling better. We'll get your physical taken care of tomorrow morning, and then you'll be approved for active duty immediately." With all attendant benefits, to be sure. "You have been missed too. Just so you know."

The Vision turns and looks back to Wanda. He nods and a feint smile forms, "We are happy that you decided to come back. The whole team certainly could use you, right now. Morale boost. With friends going away after the crisis, it is reassuring that some old friends come back." His hand was left on top of the book when he placed it on the table. His fingers drum against the hardback cover, "Perhaps I will take you up on that suggestion, Carol. There is a finite number of times I can read some of these books before they cease being entertaining." He humphs, finding something mildly humorous about that. He looks between the two of them, "Perhaps I should not exert myself too much more? I have been 'out and about' most of the day."

Wanda returns Carol's hug, sighing a little, "Thanks, I can't wait to get back to active duty. And Jan even sent me a new costume, along with a few sarcastic quips about my old one." She rolls her eyes at that, then smiles at Vision, "You know yourself best. You shouldn't over-exert yourself, though it is good to see you out and about." She moves back to sit down on the couch, sipping from her Snapple as she looks at Vision, "And I'm definitely happy to /be/ back. It's been too long."

"Take things at your own pace, Vision. I'm just glad to have you back in any capacity. Even couch potato." Carol offers, She chuckles at Wanda's news and shakes her head. "That Jan. She ran herd on the whole shebang during the crisis, and still had time to critique my wardrobe. I love her."

Wanda smiles at Carol, "Yes, she even tried to teach me about fashion design. That... did not go quite so well. Though she was nice enough about it." She watches Vision go, and looks a little sad for a moment, before she shakes her head, "Jarvis did set me up in one of the guest rooms for now, until we figure out where exactly I will be staying in the mansion."

Carol chuckles with Wanda, nodding. "She tried to teach me, too. It's just not in my blood. Too much jet fuel in there, I'm guessing." She sits down beside Wanda, sipping her soda as they chat and visit. "Well, I'm pretty sure Dream is living in the room you were staying in the last time you were staying here. But we have plenty of rooms, so I'm sure Jarvis is just working on getting one fixed up for you. We'll pull your stuff out of storage, whatever we have, and move it in tomorrow once Jarvis decides which room. I'll help you hang things." Hey, no ladder and no hammer required with Carol on hand.

Wanda tilts her head, "Dream... wait, American Dream? She's not Steve's sidekick or something, is she?" She grins a bit, sipping her Snapple as she considers, "Well, I need to go through a lot of things that I still have, but I'll be fine for now. Jan made sure to have me pack my costume in my suitcase." She finishes the drink, and gives Carol a squeeze on the shoulder, "But, it's getting a bit late, and I have to adjust from West coast time. I'll see you tomorrow." With that, the Scarlet Witch makes her way out of the den, tossing her empty bottle in the glass recycler on the way out.

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