Rat Race

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Rat Race

Deadpool, Dagger, Tanya

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03/14/13 20:41

Subway Station

Deadpool, Rat exterminator

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Tanya sighed as she waited for the train. Despite the nervous looks some may get waiting for a trane in New York, alone, as a female, she seemed pretty much aloof and either oblivious or simply not caring about any

particular dangers. "This is NOT a transit system. Not anymore than a leech is a fish." she mutters.

Deadpool climbs down the stairs, watching the shadows warily. People stop and do double-takes in the middle of their commute, and gives as wide a berth as possible, given the tight space of the subway station. He's

in costume and armed for bear. "Don't worry people, I'm just the exterminator. Hear we have a rat problem."

Hearing the words of Deadpool, Tanya turns that way. Her eyes widen and she stiffens, a hand going to her side. After a long pause though, she starts to relax once more, looking relieved 'And they send a superhero

to? " the spaniard asks, not moving away as others did.

Dagger was munching on on some fries after a job, the only payment she accepted after much insisting but seeing deadpool she crams the last of the fries in her mouth, who knew when she'd eat again. Chewing and

swallowing quickly as she could she shook her head. "I'm afraid not, he's a merc" which wasn't quite as bad as a villain. except from what she'd heard he was bonkers which made him unpredictable "Deadpool right? I

don't suppose you'd consider turning your life around? You could do more fighting for good rather then who had the biggest wallet" least she thought so.

Deadpool stands still listening for a moment, after Dagger's suggestion.

A look at Dagger, and Tanya's eyes glittered with a little amusement "So they send a Mercenary to clean out rats? I heard that the tunnel rats were big but-"

"SHHHH!!!" He cocks his head over again.. "Oh nevermind. I was expecting the 'Lifetime Original Movie' music to play when you suggested I turn my life around."

Tanya stops midway as she was interrupted, then stares at Deadpool. Realization dawned then and she looks at Dagger "Well, that explains that."

Dagger nods to tanya in agreement "Would be pleasant enough to tell us truthfully what you're up to, Deadpool?"

A loud growl emits from a nearby vent, and a rodent of very unusual stature crawls out. People start screaming and running back up the stairs. Forget the commute! It's a monster!

"I wasn't joking when I said it was a rat problem," Deadpool says, drawing a sword.

Tanya tenses, her skin prickling as she turns to stare at the rat. She shuddered, then grimaced "I see what you mean." she notes, her hand twitching as it went to herside. She shook her head 'You can handle this,

right?" she asked of Deadpool.

Dagger nods a bit surprised that he told the truth "Welcome to the side of light, hopefully you extend your stay" the c on her face glowing as daggers of light grew from her fingers and she threw them at the rat

"forgive me" seeming almost regretful that she had to attack.

The rat shudders and collapses as the daggers hit it.

Deadpool is about to charge in, but stops suddenly as the rat's hit by the dagger. "Well. That was anti-climactic." He sheathes the sword.

Tanya sighs loudly in releif "Thank goodness." she stated to both of them, and looks at Dagger as well "That was a neat trick if I can say." she notes, relaxing her hands now as a bit of strange dark shadow flicked


Dagger smiles warmly to them both with a humble shrug "Keep the money Deadpool or better yet give it to charity please. It's just what I do, despite rumors I'm not as bad as they paint me, I'm Dagger" she and coal

were still fighting their public image of their early days but the heroes knew they were good.

Deadpool blinks. "You are? Where's that guy with the monkey tail? I always wanted to see if it was real."

Tanya smiles to Dagger "Tanya, and ahh, you almost met my hero-self, La Sombra." she notes to the woman, then looks at Deadpool, her face utter confusion as she misses the game reference entirely "And you are...


Dagger smiles with a puzzled look, dagger in a scantily placed position on her torso, dagger earrings....and a glowing c around one eye. who else could she be? "Cloak is no money man, he's cloak" trying to describe

cloak wasn't the easiest thing to do. Then smiles offering her hand to tanya "Nice to meet you Tanya" her tone as warm as if she were talking to an old friend.

"Deadpool. Yeah," he sounds a little disappointed. People start screaming again.

Rumblerumblerumble Tanya smiles at both, and offers a mundane business card "It was a pleasure to meet you. Ahh, keep in touch. This appears to be my train. I guess it was delayed by the rat... thing." She remarks,

and waves as she turnst o depart not at all unrelieved at that.

It's funny how no one noticed the screaming until the giant rat was splattered by an incoming train, Deadpool getting the brunt of it.

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