Random Act of Violence

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Exodus & The Vision

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09/28/12 10:00

Midtown, Manhattan

Exodus threatens innocents.

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In the city that never sleeps there's always people on the walks and streets. Even moreso during the rush hours. It's morning, just before eight and people are moving, hustling, bustling, and trying to get to their destinations. Most are annoyed that others are within their way. While few would do anything about it - even if they did have the power; there are some that will - and do.

An explosion wakes the people of Midtown Manhattan. The explosion was one that caused the ripping of the sidewalk and the side of a building in such devastating ways to fling dozens of innocent bystanders in all directions. It wasn't a fiery explosion, but one of physical shock. Near to the explosion is a man wearing a blue and purple costume with gold trim and a lengthy cloak. He seems enraged as both of his arms are bent at the elbows, hands turned up and open - yet gripping as if he's about to tear something apart. And then there's the yellow orange glow that extends about an inch off his body and of course his eyes wreak of purplish energy.


Yeah, it was he who blew up the pavement. And now everyone scatters trying to flee Exodus' very location.

How appropriate that the city that never sleeps has a costumed protector that never needs 'sleep'. This protector is in the form of the Synthetic Avenger known as The Vision. The once ghostly Synthezoid is now back to his garrish green and yellow costume. He wasn't out on patrol, as that is more of a Spider-Man thing to do. However, Midtown isn't far from the Avengers Mansion... especially for someone who can ignore the natural paths and roads of a city and just fly strait from point A to point B.

It didn't take long for the Avengers hotline to light up with reports of Exodus's appearance and apparent rampage... so it only takes minutes for the Synthetic Avenger to arrive on the scene. Vizh lands a few feet in front of Exodus with his cape drawn around him.

The two cloaked individuals standing across from one another, Exodus scans, finds nothing and says out of curiosity, "What are you, hollow man?" addressing the Vision as if he has nothing within his skin (which happens to nearly match one another as both have red or reddish skin tones).

"I am the Vision." Comes the Synthetic Man's response to Exodus's question. Vizh's eyes light up as he performs his own scan of Exodus. The Vision asks, "And what are you? Are you the embodiment of what humanity fears in a superpowered individual? Are you a common terrorist out to ruin everyone's Friday?"

Those words come as a challenge to Exodus who snarls and with a twist of his right hand, he reaches out telekinetically in an attempt to take hold of the Vision and crush the synth. While doing this, Exodus calls out, "I am all these things, as I am MUTANT!"

The reaching triggers the Vision to almost instinctively go intangible. The Vision has total control of his synthetic molecules and can go from one extreme of density to another with just a thought. The Avenger cocks his head to one side as he looks at Exodus, "I know many mutants who are not those things. They are upstanding, solid individuals whom I am proud to call my friend. They are an excellent example of how Mutant-king can be a positive change in our world." The Intangible Avenger waves a hand to indicate the damage Exodus has wrought, "This, however, does nothing but reinforces dangerous and ineffective stereotypes." The Synthezoid's eyes narrow as he regards Exodus, "I must ask you to stand down and submit to the local authorities over the damage that has been caused here."

Realizing there is nothing to grab, Exodus' telekinetic hand recoils and the unstable mutant lifts into the air to gain an altitude of 120 feet. Both hands recoil and then extend downward toward the Vision's position and from them expels a pyrokinetic blast that will slag and then explode the concrete beneath the Vision's feet. "DIE HOLLOW MAN!" Exodus yells.

The Vision has disappeared in the aftermath of the pyrokinetic explosion. When the dust settles and the fires die, the area where Vizh was standing is devastated and devoid of the Avenger's presence. For the briefest of moments Exodus might think that the 'Hollow Man' did as he commanded.

The reality of the situation is that the Vision, still intangible, dove under the asphalt and concrete of Midtown. He emerged several feet away and floated up into the air to catch up to the position Exodus took high above the ground. "Stand down!" The Vision reiterates before firing on Exodus, "Or you're being taken down!" And to punctuate what he said; the jewel on his forehead lights up. Solar energy is diverted to it and a thin beam of red lances out towards the mutant terrorist.

Hearing the voice, Exodus turns and is struck by the beam of energy from the forehead of the Vision. That energy is deflected from the force field that surrounds Exodus' skin and the mutant looks down at the impact point for a brief moment before looking back to the Vision and smiling, "It would seem that my powers have no effect on you just as yours do not effect me. Yet I have the advantage, still.

The right hand of Exodus rolls outward and a scream is heard from below. Exodus has telekinetically taken hold of a female news reporter, lifted her 40 feet off the ground and continues to keep her aloft. She is maintained a good 100 feet from their current position.

"I understand that you believe are the hero that would protect these flatscan humans. While, in your hollow eyes, I play the role of villain. In this, you should know that I will not hesitate in killing this woman if you yourself do not stand down."

The Synthetic Avenger turns his gaze down below at the prompting of the woman's scream. Vizh's eyes turn back upward to Exodus as he gives the Avenger his ultimatum. The Vision's responds, "To what end? Your assessment of how I regard our scenario is astute and accurate. However, everyone else witnessing your tantrum and our encounter will regard me in the sympathetic light and you in an unsympathetic one. So, to what end are you working for? The people of New York City aren't going to simply submit to your will. What you are doing is pointless. You further no goal." The Vision's cape is cast outward as he no longer holds it wrapped around him. He reaches out towards the woman being telekinetically held, "You need to reassess your tactics and your approach. Simply demonstrating your power does not work in furthering your agenda. It hasn't in the past... why should it now?"

Enraged, Exodus inhales with a scowl on his face, "Then my tactics shall change." is commented before shifting his right hand and casting the woman toward the Vision. "Catch." is intoned just before Exodus disappears in a subtle flash of purple light.

All that remains is the destruction and the woman who hurdles toward the hollow Avenger.

The woman that is hurled towards the Avenger is caught. The Synthezoid's arms solidify enough to grab the woman. The two of them descend slowly towards the ground, "Everything is alright, ma'am. I've got you." The Vision's descent will take him to a moderately damaged area, but nothing that will cause a problem for footing. The asphalt is cracked, but the woman should be able to walk off to a the police line that is forming. When the woman is off and walking, Vizh turns his head and looks upwards to where Exodus had been floating. His eyes glow as scans are taken, clearly trying to determine if Exodus is truly gone. His inhuman brow furrows with concern.

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