Raking It In

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Raking It In

Suzanne Endo, Sebastian Shaw, Emma Frost, Sally Blevins

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08/15/12 21:00

Inner Circle Council Chamber

The Hellfire Club's secret Inner Circle discuss opportunties and challenges in the wake of Ultron's defeat.

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"So, I think our opportunities here are quite wide-sprad, and with amazing depth of field if we can capitolize upon these openings quickly and accurately." Suzanne Endo offers, almost finished with her presentation to the Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club on business opportunities that will spread the reach, power and wealth of the Circle and those within it in the aftermath of Ultron's attacks on the world. "The three highest-yield targets I see are defense systems contracts to respond to the need for systems better defensible against similar attacks; cybersystems security for similar reasons; and disaster relief efforts for personnel in the affected countries and within the affected agencies." Finished her presentation, the new Black Bishop takes her seat, awaiting the response and opinions of the others.

"Excellent summation, Suzanne." The Black King notes. Ah, the enjoyable mix of business and the off-kilter 'informality' of the Inner Circle, "And no one forget the benefits of sub-contracting work out to associated companies once we begin picking up contracts. I've already started getting inquiries from the SecDef about upgrading some of the Sentinel security systems -plus- a desire to move the timetable up on the remotely-operated units, so I've had some of my people start drafting mockups for Endo Electronics' legal team to look over for the latter." He looks over to the regal blonde sitting closeby, "Emma, one supposes that you could 'urge' any additional items we may be missing back into the fold. I believe Sally might find it educational to research any such items for us." He claps his hands and rubs them together, "Well. Overall, I'm in a damned fine mood after all of this." and well he should be. Manuel has returned, he faced down one of his old fears and triumphed (with the not-inconsiderable aid of the rest of the Inner Circle), and now it's time to dive into the cleanup.

"Agreed, Miss Endo, on all points. Frost International has already received requests for bids on two relatively minor but potentially quite profitable defense contracts," the White Queen adds. "You can guess what they're in relation to. I'll be in touch with you about a potential subcontract for advanced electronics."

She looks to Sebastian. "Sadly, there are a few less joyful items sure to come up. How badly were /we/ hurt? I don't yet have any reports about our own losses. Can anyone shed any light on that at the moment?"

The big bad robots. Sure a little destruction, fear, all for those who did have not. She went through it all, no fear, mostly annoyed at the whole ordeal, and then it was over. The only 'fear' was when the Ghost attacked, and almost shot her. She's still a touch sore over that. Right this moment, Sally's been listening, learning, watching. Her time on the club floor, where the deals are made and struck. She sits back, looking over the material, and then looking between Emma and Shaw as she's brought up.

"As far as I am aware, we have suffered no significant losses." Suzi responds. "None of the students were injured. The damages to the grounds of the Academy have already been repaired. No one was killed during Ghost's attack, miraculously enough, and Ms. Gerard is recovering nicely from her injuries. None of our companies or holdings suffered significant damages during this incident. The biggest potential problem we face according to current estimates is the risk of exposure of some of our number to SHIELD spies due to our choice to become involved in the resolution of the crisis. But our involvements have yielded us incredible opportunities for advancement in the wake of the crisis, far exceeding the risks of our exposure."

"S.H.I.E.L.D. Knows when -not- to pry too deeply." Sebastian notes, "Fury's many things, but he's no fool and knows we aren't to be prodded lightly. Too much at stake in terms of national and potentially global destabilization." He takes a moment, and then adds, "Actually, there -has- been a loss-" funny, but he doesn't seem too bothered by it as he goes on. "Our 'dear' Selene seems to have wandered off again. Intel places her heading South at last contact, which tells us she's likely holing up in that regrettable throwback of hers again."

"I can take care of some of those leaks, if needed. Discreetly," Emma offers softly. "Though I agree with Sebastian. I'm sure the boys in blue will be too busy plugging holes in national security to give /us/ any trouble."

She almost smiles as Selene's departure comes up. Almost. "It seems I'm going to have to take over the school once again... I was hoping to avoid that. But one less headache is never a bad thing."

She sits up a touch as Selene is mentioned. The one she never got to meet, or even talk with, but, such is the way things will be, will end up. Sally makes note of it, note to have to look her up. She continues to make a few more notes about the presentation, noting Emma's...annoyance at her taking over the school, "Emma, you might want to just hire someone, someone you can trust, to run the school, someone with less obligations than you." She offers up, "It won't do well to have you spread thin, making the pushes that Frost Enterprises will need to capitalize on events that just unfolded, and handling the school, with classes beginning to start back up here soon, someone needs to run the school."

Suzi hadn't met this Selene either. Black Queen, as she understands it. She too will have to ask questions, learn what this other woman was about, what made her a good fit here and important, what she offered and why she might have left. All of that will merely be in an effort to better understand all of this, her place in it, and others that may be of value to this organization. "To be fair, I think Sally has a point. Ms. Blevins' analysis is accurate. The business needs for your attention are going to skyrocket, as mine are as well. I recognize the importance and value of the program, and that it needs to be kept close to the vest, as the expression goes. But it also requires a full time administrator and guide, for the safety and hope of the program's future." Not that Suzi has any suggestions off the top of her head for filling that post. But she'll do some research.

"Never enough hours in the day." Sebastian notes sympathetically. This from the man who can go days on end without sleep. But he -does- fill the time, doesn't he? "Unfortunately, you're all quite correct. We can't neglect our responsibilities there." he actually sounds fairly serious about his committment in that regard, "And I was considering making another push towards 'special' recruitment fairly soon, hide it under all the scrambling post-disaster." Interesting, this is the first he'd mentioned that.

"All well said, and were it not for that Coney Island affair I'd be in complete agreement," Emma replies, a bit regretfully. "But Frost International is largely in good hands. More than I can say for the Academy... I should never have left it strictly to Selene for so long. Well, live and learn, I suppose. I'll have to be there until such a person can be found, at the very least."

She looks about to interject again, but sits back and holds her tongue for the moment. "Alright." she says over to Emma with a smile. She shifts a little, and looks back to the notepad in the day planner she's come to have only inside of the club, jotting down several more notes.

Unaware of the 'Coney Island Affair', as she has come rather late to the party, Suzi can only shrug and nod. She doesn't agree, but it isn't her fortune, her company, or her choice. If that is what Emma wants, Suzi will deal as best she can with the other woman's seconds. "I would have to agree that it might be worth our time to step up recruitment in the wake of this, find those of properly open mindset and potential and start them early."

"An unsurprising bit of support from our newest member." Sebastian notes, teasing the Chinese woman just a bit, "But as we've found it so advantageous to diversify with regards to the Inner Circle itself, we should keep that in mind with the next generation as well."

"I should also commend Sally's handling of that matter once more, as it can't be emphasized enough. Good sense and initiative deserve as much praise as can be given," Emma adds, softly, with a faint smile to Sally. "As for recruitment... I've found notes on a few potential good ones. We should be able to have them in our fold easily enough. And don't worry about any overflow, Suzi. I can teleconference the worst of it, and my company seconds are all good enough to handle anything else I might miss in my absence. I didn't train them in Sally's sort of initiative and judgement for a lark, after all. Feel free to ring any of them if you find yourself overwhelmed anytime."

She tugs a tiny device from a concealed pocket on her cape, glances at it, and turns toward the door. "It seems I'll be needed sooner than I expected for one of those contracts, and a new one that's come up. I'll keep you all posted on any relevant details," she says, over her shoulder, "but for now, I must jet. Send me a secured email with any other future developments, please." With that, she steps out of the chamber at a brisk stride.

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