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Mercury and Sandman

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12/02/12 14:00

Cliffside - Xavier Estate

Mercury and Sandman share and race.

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Sunday afternoon. It is a cold chilly day, but Sandman stands outside as if he cannot feel it. He stands at the edge of the cliff and peers over the wonderful view overlooking New York State. Dressed in his usual green striped shirt and brown trousers, his arms are crossed as he silently stands there and stares, a contemplative expression on his face.

Mercury is out for a walk, to enjoy the not-so-cold weather, wearing thick clothes, too. She was just aimlessly wandering throughout the campus, until she finds herself walking toward Sandman's direction. Blinking, the metallic girl reaches a hand up to straighten out her hood before deciding to check up on the man. "Mr. Baker?" she asks, tilting her head softly as she approaches him, "Is everything alright?"

Hearing the soft voice and instantly recognizing it, “Cecily. I am fine. Just enjoying the view. I was out in space recently, so it is always good to come back down to the Earth and appreciate it firsthand.” Bill Baker smiles and turns to face her, “How are you doing?”

Mercury arches one eyebrow, but smiles lightly, "In space? How did you get to go into space, Mr. Baker?" she asks as she starts once again walking toward the gene-altered man. "And I am doing fine, just... taking a walk while the weather isn't freezing." she comments softly.

“Oh. Avengers stuff. We were basically clearing out some old alien garbage in space. Back in the day there were some alien wars. Somehow they like to do this stuff near Earth. We took care of it though. I hear some students got to go into space earlier this year, so who knows, maybe you will get to go someday.” Sandman smiles a bit.

Mercury nods gently as she moves to sit close to Sandman, "I see. How is it? Being in space, I mean? The weightlessness and everything must be a bit... disorienting." she nods, and smiles, "I kinda missed our training sessions, was wondering where you went."

Offering an expression of surprise and then a smile at Cecily’s comment, “Well, thanks and sorry. But as much as I like teaching and have a strong commitment to the students. We’re Avengers, first. Had to clear that debris before it entered our orbit and fell on someone.” Sandman pats her shoulder, “Space is weird, but I was in the confines of the Quinjet. Not sure how I would do outside it and a spacesuit.”

Mercury nods softly at that, "Not sure how I'd fare, as well. I don't need to eat or breathe..." she tilts her head softly, then she looks up as a hand is laid on her shoulder, "I wonder if I can survive up there. Who knows. Not sure if I want to try that, though. The consequences of me being wrong are... well, not exactly something I'm looking for." she chuckles softly.

“Same here, but considering the aliens that regularly visit Earth and here, in particular, so maybe our next training session, we’ll do a space adventure.” Sandman nods, “You would be surprised how many different types of aliens are out there.” He laughs, “Some are good. Some are not.”

Mercury smiles, "That's kind of a given." she nods, "Not everyone is good and not everyone is bad in the universe. Kind of balanced out." she nods as well, then she looks back at the mansion, then back at Sandman as she rubs her gloved hands to try to get some warmth to them. "So why are you outside, in the cold? Doesn't it bother you?" she asks, curious.

“Not really.” A cool breeze stirs up and flakes of sand blow in the wind, which he absorbs back into his body. “It was something to do.” He starts to stand up, “We can go back inside if you want.” Bill then answers her question, “I can feel the cold, but not as much as everyone else when I am in a sandform, which I am partially in at the moment.”

Mercury nods softly at the explanation, "I see. Well, since I'm always in this liquid metal state, cold is somewhat annoying to me. It's not that I feel it more than before. I feel it the same as before, kinda, but now it's easier, and faster, for me to freeze in the hard cold." she say softly, chuckling, "Which means going for a visit in the North Pole to save Santa is out of the question." she jokes, smiling.

Laughing as he stands up and gestures for her to follow him. “While neither of us needs to eat or drink, how about we pretend and have some hot chocolate or something yummy.” Sandman pats his stomach, “I may not need to eat but I can definitely taste some good stuff.”

Mercury smiles and stands up to follow Sandman, "I'd go for that, yes." she nods, smiling. "Like I said, I don't need to eat or drink, but I do that like normal because... doing that makes me feel more human." she say softly.

As they make way their way back, Sandman continues the conversation, “Normal. . .I hate that word. There is no such thing as normal. It implies that we are abnormal.” He sighs and shrugs, “But hey. How has the school been going? Things well? Getting good grades?”

Mercury smiles, "The abnormal is the new normal, I guess." she says, "But I don't know, while not having ot eat or drink or breathe have its advantages, it makes me feel less human than being made of liquid metal does, you know?" she explains, looking at the taller, bulkier man. "So I eat and drink to make myself feel less... inhuman." and shrugs gently. When asked about her grades, she smiles, now. "Well, I'm not exactly honor student, but at least I'm not in the bottom half of the student list." she nods.

“Ok good.” He stops a moment as he looks to Mercury, “You know. I recently learned that Mercury aside from a planet is also the name of a god of speed.” He smiles, “I wonder. . .let’s have a little race and teach a lesson. Think you can beat me to the kitchen?” Bill laughs and points to the mansion.

Mercury nods when Sandman accepts her explanation, and smiles when Sandman mentions the Roman God of the same name as the girl, but has to blink at the next request, "Huh? You mean... rush to the kitchen?" she blnks, looking at where Bill is pointing at. "While I'm not exactly slow, the cold kind of makes it harder to move. And a temperature like today's makes me feel a little bit stiff, sorry. We can charge, though, if you want."

Nodding understandably, Sandman bows and gestures, “Ladies, first. Go ahead and lead the charge!” He ponders yelling, “Avengers Assemble” but he refrains and takes a position as if he is going to charge the mansion. Sandman says, “On your mark. . .get ready. . .get set. . .”

Mercury chuckles softly and decides to go with Sandman, and she gets in position to dash, and then she yells, "GO!" before starting to run toward the cafeteria. She's a pretty good athlete on her own, and not needing to breath means she won't be panting for air as time goes on, but the cold does slow her down a bit, along with the thicker, heavier clothes she's wearing. So, if Sandman is a decent athlete, his size might give him enough advantage to catch up with her and even run past her.

Letting her run ahead, he makes no move to follow instead, his body starts to shift into his pssammic form. His body then suddenly crumbles apart and grains of sand fly through the air and towards the mansion. Though Mercury is still in the lead. Sandman’s disembodied voice rings out “I’m catching up.”

Mercury keeps running, and when she hears the voice she looks back over her shoulder, and she doesn't see Sandman, which confuses her. Correction: she doesn't INNITIALLY see Sandman, but soon she notices the flying particles of sand in the wind, "Hey!" she exclaims, "No fair!" the girl says, eyes wide, but she smiles, anyways, and start running a bit faster, forcing her pace.

Despite the wind blowing fast, Mercury is still in the lead and she reaches the mansion first. The sand riding the wind then finds a vent and goes through it trying to get to the kitchen first through the vent system.

Mercury indeed reaches the mansion first, but when she looks behind herself she finds no trace of Sandman's form, "Where did he go...?" but then she figures he's taking some kind of shortcut, and she blinks, before starting to speed up again, running fast toward the cafeteria, hoping to get there first!

By the time, Mercury reaches the cafeteria and finds no trace of Sandman. But then in the kitchen area, noise can be heard as Sandman is seen sitting at a small table eating a sandwich, “Well. Alright, What took you so long?”

Mercury would be panting if she had lungs by the time she arrived to the cafeteria. A quick look around confirms to her that she's the first to get to the cafeteria, and-- the kitchen? She heard a noise in the kitchen and rushes in, only to find Sandman well through his sandwich, "... You cheated." she arches one eyebrow, but then she relents and smile, "How did you get here so fast?" she asks, curious.

Winking, Sandman offers, “I am a teleporter too.” He munches on his sandwich enjoying it hearitly. “Nah, I just rode the wind and then went through the vents.” He smiles and laughs a bit. “Want a sandwich?”

Mercury arches one eyebrow when the man mentions being a teleporter as well. "Yeah, right." she counters as she sits down at the table adn reaches for a sandwich for herself, "Thanks." she nods, "And I couldn't do that what you do. I can't simply float in the wind, and while melted I move slower than running." she says, shaking her head softly. "Not to mention by doing that I'd end up losing my winter clothes. Bad, bad." she chuckles.

Smirking, “That would be embarrassing. But good old genius Reed Richards invented something called unstable molecules. They work in a way that let you keep your clothes while using your powers. Should talk to the administration about getting you some.” Sandman ponders if it is within Mercury’s potential to break apart the way he can, but given all that she has been through, best not to test that, at least now anyway.

Mercury smiles, "The fact I'd be naked, in this situation, would be less of an issue than the fact I'd have no protection at all from the cold." she says, smiling and shaking her head at that. Then, at the mention of unstable molecules, she smiles again, "I've been told that. But so far, apparently, the 'unstable molecules' don't work well with powers like mine. I always end up losing my outfits when I melt. They're working on something that will work for me, I hope." she nods.

“Well, if anyone can discover it, it’s good old Reed Richards.” Sandman chuckles ,”But yeah, naked and cold don’t work. Especially in Westchester winter.” He continues on his sandwich.

Mercury nods, smiling, and she chirps in, "And even worse if your body has a tendency to literally slow down and freeze in the cold." she chuckles, before she takes the first bite off her sandwich.

“True true. Well, it is getting late and I have to head back to the Avengers mansion to fill out some paper work about the alien we encountered who wanted to kill us.” Sandman finishes his sandwich.

Mercury nods gently, as she hears the man say he must be going, "Ah ok." she nods before taking another bite off her sandwich, "Sometimes I wonder what happens to what I eat..." she says, looking at her sandwich, but then back at Sandman, "Anyways, when will you be around again, Mr. Baker, to continue our training sessions?" she asks with a smile.

As he makes his way out, Sandman hmmmns a moment, “Well, I should be around soon, Cecily. But I don’t want to give you a specific date or time, but I’ll see you this week and. . .” He hmmns and pulls out a special cell phone from his pocket. “Here. Take this and you can reach me anytime. . .” He pauses, “Unless I am in outer space or on another planet.” After giving her the phone he heads out.

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