Quoth the Raven: It's Phantasm!

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Ares, Phantasm

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06/21/12 08:56


As Phantasm does some recon work of those nasty shadows, he spots a certain God along the rooftops

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-----==[ Midtown - New York ]==-----------------------------------------------

Midtown Manhattan is the single largest and busiest commercial district in the United States. The majority of the city's skyscrapers are located in these blocks, including the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building, along with most of the city's hotels and not a few apartment towers. More than three million people work in this space; Fifth Avenue is here, with its famed shops, and so is everything from Grand Central to St. Patrick's Cathedral to the Daily Bugle to the Museum of Modern Art. This is how you get to Carnegie Hall.

The hours have passed and the city has burned. It has bled and suffered as the shadow army raged throughout. There are few places of peace or rest in its borders now. The streets are deserted save for the few who dare risking the roaming warbands. The sky is mostly empty save for the occasional flicker of shadowy creatures flying across the skyline in search of prey.

Yet during this whole time the man known as John Aaron has remained unmolested. He has moved about the city at times, looking upon what he can, his expression dark and grim. Yet he lifts no hand to stop the carnage, takes no action, and for this the shadows leave him alone. Until tonight he stands upon a rooftop looking out across the city, looking upon the wending tendrils of smoke and flame that drift up into the twilight sky casting the city into a darker haze than normal.

What a shitty. SHITTY few days this has been. Having taken advantage of Sue's, and consequently the rest of the Fantastic Four, hospitality. Mike's hanging out at the Baxter building. But he's sure as heck not free loading. Although he might be plopping himself off in a guest room, he's taking a LOT of naps in order to monitor what's going on outside and relay it to those inside.

Having left the Baxter Building after yet another information relay, Phantasm moves about, once again picking up a page from Sue's playbook. Looking down to the scenery below, his lips would have been a thin line had he bothered to have a face. But, he doesn't. Times like this, it's better not to be see-. Phantasm's gaze upon the bleak scenery moves upon a certain figure on the roof and the moment of stealth is forgotten as he moves towards the God, landing next to him.

"Messenger," Ares' voice is that steady rumble that's familiar to him, the gravelly tone, unconcerned and calm as he rests with his hands upon his hips. He casts his gaze across the burning city, a frown marring his features for a moment, then disappearing as he shifts slightly to turn and consider Mike's avian form. "I am surprised you remain in the city. Then again you risk little do you not?" A curious conversational gambit, and a strange start to such as well.

His change over to the Raven form after landing is quick enough, exposing him visibly. "Phantasm." The observer replies, seemingly expectant of the initial greeting Ares gave him. The beak opens to follow up to the protest but there is a pause as the bird seems to think better of continuing further with that line of discussion, shrugging it off instead. "I've taken my precautions, considering the last time I've come across these things," Phantasm admits, glancing to the scenery below. "But if everyone runs away, that won't solve things much quicker, would it?" The head tilts, looking at Ares curiously, "Another jail-break?"

Folding his arms over his chest, Ares doesn't move otherwise. He stands there, gaze distant and expression reserved. His voice lifts as he replies to the raven formed hero. "The throne of the underworld stands empty, I hold no dominion over these." He looks sidelong towards the creature who shares this conversation with him. "Though I am not to raise hand against them. Such is what must occur." His tone is more distant than those ages ago, less John Aaron, more Ares.

"So, you're basically saying you can't do anything about this." The raven surmises from Ares's only slightly longer response. The bird shakes his head, "Well, that's not good. They seem to be getting a bit more collective with their activity as they go. Got a couple of them getting themselves organized."

"Yes, Marius, Titus. They lead." Ares looks aside then towards Phantasm. He takes a deep breath as if realizing that he is truly there, in the here and now. The tall man shakes his head and then starts to walk to the side of the building, looking out across the wrecked street and the burning vehicles far below. A group of the shadowy creatures rushes across the street, gibbering and cantering with a glee that's obscene.

"On some level it is not mispleasing to see Marius return to something akin to the soldier he was. He was one of my favored disciples in ages past."

The bird's talons walk along the rooftop, making no sound as he follows, hopping on the roof edge to look to what he figures Ares to be looking at. "But still. They shouldn't be here." Phantasm replies, looking to Ares, "So, why isn't anyone taking charge of them? IS someone going to?"

The tall man plants a hand upon the lip of the building and then almost casually vaults over the side. He falls the five stories straight down, plummeting through the air and then /WHAM!/ creates a small crater as debris is kicked into the air in a ripple around him.

The God of War straightens to his full height, those four shadow creatures immediately espy him and then _run_ away from him rapidly, clearly terrified and rushing off into the distance.

Ares waits for Phantasm to joins him, then says levelly. "It is not infeasible that that could occur."

There's the crumbling sound of rubble shifting from behind them then, a weak voice calling out low and pained. "He-Help?" The voice emanating from the wreckage of a storefront that must have been ruined in the opening moments of the attack.

As Ares jumps off the building, general reaction causes for the Raven to fly down after him. Halfway down does the fact that Ares is a freaking GOD and is probably going to be fine registers with the bird, causing for him to slow down his descent, giving a muttered curse as he settles on the ground. Hearing the voice, the bird's attention shifts over towards the storefront. "One sec." The bird's wings spread as he starts to fly over to wreckage, seemingly going through it to look for the source of the voice.

Ares pays no mind to the cries for help, though he does look over at Phantasm and gestures with the wave of one hand. "I will leave you to your tasks. I would offer you good luck on your endeavours, Messenger. If I believed in such a thing." That having been said he starts to walk down the street in the direction that the shadows ran off. There is definitely something surreal about watching a man in t-shirt and blue jeans simply walking amongst such outrageous carnage.

Although no longer seen from behind the wreckage, the mes- err, Raven is quite audible as he gives his own parting response to the God of War, "It's Phantasm!"

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